A Question Of Honor

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Jaken had become quite accustomed to seeing his life flash before his very eyes, and though he was loath to admit it, he had led a very pathetic existence, indeed. But, the instinct to survive had quickly arose when the foreign inu youkai cornered him and he ended up bellowing out to his lord for help.

Balthazar waited patiently for the silver haired laird to arrive and when he did, Balthazar quickly allowed his body to ready for a battle. He watched as the laird sent the toad away and then closed the door behind him.

“In this palace, you will not threaten any of my staff. Am I understood?” Sesshomaru asked, his tone cold. He watched as a grim smile crossed Balthazar’s face.

“Ye are a coward. Ye think that by housing the poor lass in yer keep will erase the crimes that ye committed against her. Let me tell ye this. Ye will ne’er harm her again. I will no’ let ye victimize her, nor will any of the other lads.” Balthazar sneered, his accent thick.

Sesshomaru simply gazed at the inu and then turned on his heel, shutting the door on his way out. He did not need to be reminded nor judged of his crimes. He knew that he had been in the wrong, and despite the words that were just flung at him, he would not cease contact with Kagome.

Balthazar smirked and then turned towards the bed. He removed his weapons and sat upon the fur that adorned the huge bed. A knock at his door caught his attention and his eyes widened a bit when a curvy female entered the room.

“Forgive my intrusion, my lord. I have been sent to see to all of your needs. Would you care to visit the hot springs?” the female asked, her fluffy tail swaying lazily behind her. Balthazar nodded and stood up. He followed the female out of his room and down the hall. As they passed by Dageun’s room, he could hear the sounds of heavy panting and moaning from the lad and an unknown wench. Apparently, Dageun had made himself right at home.

The female finally stopped at a set of double doors and then turned to him. “If you would please step into this room and then strip out of your garments, I will take them to be laundered. I will bring you a set of clothing to wear while yours is being cleaned.” She said.

Balthazar nodded and stepped into the room. He quickly shed his clothing before the female and heard her stunned gasp. He was very proud of his physique and he could feel the female gazing at his form. Turning, he fought back the arrogant smirk that was threatening to cross his lips and he said, “Are ye done looking at me body, lass? If so, I wish to be alone.”

The female quickly scooped up his discarded clothing and ran out of the room. He shook his head. Females, no matter how beautiful, were large pains in the arse. Sure, they filled his needs for a very short time, but then their usefulness was over.

As he washed his body, Balthazar ran his claws over the many tribal tattoos that adorned his body and he recounted the reasons why each of them were there. One tattoo had been placed upon his back the day his father died. Another tattoo adorned his neck because he had become well known for his ways with the sword. All of his tattoos told a story, and he could be sure to be adding yet another tattoo once they returned to Scotland.

After he washed, Balthazar leaned back and relaxed. He had a feeling that he would not get much time to relax in the coming days.

Payton rocked the sobbing girl as she cried into his chest. Kagome had awoken once again from a night terror and had started screaming. It had gotten so bad that Ewan had burst into the room, his sword drawn, only to find him battling with the little lass.

It took both males to make her sit down, and once Payton had sat beside her, he pulled her into his lap and slowly rocked her, praying that sleep would once again visit with her. Ewan had asked if he was alright, and then left.

Payton could tell that the lass was overly exhausted. Hell, anyone would be if they could not get a full night’s slumber. This lass, he knew, had probably not slept well in several weeks. Karin’s hands were going to be full with this wee lass.

As he rocked her, Payton softly introduced himself and began to explain to Kagome why he was there and that he was her friend. That only made the lass cry harder. It suddenly dawned on him that others who had proclaimed to be her friends had maliciously turned their backs on her and that was the reason why she was in so much pain.

He quietly assured her that she had done nothing wrong to warrant their betrayal and told her that she was not at fault for anything that had happened. The lass seemed to be listening, and when she lifted her head, he could clearly see the pain that lived within her.

“I am a burden. That is why they left me behind. I am stupid, weak, ugly, and I get in the way.” She said, choking on her words. Payton quickly shushed her by placing his lips on her forehead. Tenderness was what she needed now. Understanding was long overdue. Compassion would be his weapon against the lass, who so desperately needed to be cared for.

“Nay. Ye are not ugly. In fact, ye are a fetching young lass who has probably caught the eye of many lads. I can also tell that ye are far from stupid. Nay, ye would not have survived for long in this world if ye were stupid. Weak? Again, nay. Ye are clearly not weak. Ye have survived the most heinous of crimes that one can commit against a lass, and ye are here to talk about it. The weak ones are those who betrayed ye. Ye cannot believe that ye get in the way. I donna think that ye could ever be in the way. Kagome, ye are not a burden. Ye are human. ‘Tis natural for your race to be weaker than demons or youkai as your people call us. Ye were not in the wrong.” Payton said, his tone soft.

Kagome felt the tears begin to stream again. Never before had anyone spoken to her the way this inu youkai had. But, then again, he did not know her. He did not know that it was she who had broken the shikon jewel. He did not know that she was not that good with a bow and arrow, even though she had been practicing. He could not know that she had been failing school in her era because she could not keep up with her class work. No, he did not know her, and could not know about all of her shortcomings.

Payton felt his heart clench when he sensed Kagome’s aura drop. She had once again buried herself in despair. He looked up when the door opened and Karin walked in.

“Lad, you may leave now. Kagome and I have some talking to do and I think that it would be better if the talk were lass to lass.” Karin said, her smile warm.

Payton nodded and gently lifted Kagome from his lap. He placed her on the bed and stood up. He walked over to Karin and felt her hand upon his arm.

“I heard what ye said to her, lad. Have patience with her. Rape is something that takes a very long time to heal from. She will ne’er forget what happened to her and must be taught to live with the memories. In time, she will come to accept that what happened to her is fact and there is nothing she can do to change it. Until then, all ye can do is show her that she can trust ye. I believe that ye made a tiny bit of progress, and the fact that she even spoke to ye is a step forward. Keep the faith, lad.” Karin whispered.

Payton nodded and walked to the door. He opened it to find Dageun standing in Ewan’s place and his scent told Payton that he had tupped a female. After closing the door to Kagome’s chamber, Payton asked dryly, “Ye couldn’t wait to sample the foreign treats, could ye?”

Dageun grinned. “Of course no’. I am, after all, a male. Try it sometime, ye might like it.” He said, knowing full well that Payton had no desire to touch any female.

Wrinkling his nose, Payton shook his head and saw a maid approach him. She offered to show him to his chamber and he followed her. He saw Laird Sesshomaru coming down the hall and Payton narrowed his eyes. He did not care for this laird. Both males locked eyes as they passed each other, but did not say a word. Once he arrived at his chambers, Payton sent the maid away and went to the bed. He quickly undressed and closed his eyes. It had been a long day.

Sesshomaru stood frozen. When he passed by that inu, Payton, he picked up Kagome’s unique scent and it was clear that Payton and Kagome had been in close contact. His protective instincts rising, Sesshomaru found himself turning and glaring at the inu’s back. An amused chuckle from behind him snapped Sesshomaru out of his glare and he turned to look at the blue-haired male who was standing outside of Kagome’s chamber.

“Ye needn’t worry about Payton. He’s no’ into lasses. My guess is that the wee one awoke and he restrained her. Nothing more.” Dageun said, his eyes watching Sesshomaru carefully.

Sesshomaru squared his shoulders. He walked to Kagome’s door and was about to enter when Dageun stopped him.

“All due respects, Laird Sesshomaru, but Lady Karin is inside with the lass and ‘twould no’ be wise to disturb them. Lady Karin is very skilled at helping others, so let them be.” Dageun said, the smile quickly dropping from his face.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at the inu, but then sighed. “Tell Lady Karin that I expect to see Kagome at the dining room table this evening. She has a bad habit of attempting to starve herself and I won’t allow her to go without a meal.” He said, his tone not revealing his anger at being kept away from Kagome. When the male nodded, Sesshomaru turned on his heel and walked back down the hallway.

Dageun rolled his eyes and grinned at a maid who happened to walk by. He slowly licked his lips and purred loud enough for the female to hear him. He saw the female blush and he winked at her. Scottish males were not shy about their lustful needs and the females of Japan were in for a rude awakening. The female giggled and she hurried down the hall, her tail swishing wildly about.

Dageun sighed and shook his head. Females were fun to flirt with. He was about to look around for a chair, but something collided with his legs and he heard a gasp.

“Rin is so sorry. Rin did not mean to bump into you, but Rin was running from Jaken. He doesn’t like Rin very much and Rin thinks that she is in a lot of trouble.” The little girl said, her eyes brimming with tears.

Dageun smiled down at the wee pup and knelt down beside her. “Tell me, lass. Why do ye think that ye are in trouble?” He asked, his eyes trained upon hers.

“Rin is not supposed to run in the palace, but Rin heard that her lord’s visitors had finally arrived and they are supposed to help Kagome-Chan. Jaken heard Rin asking about the visitors and he yelled at Rin and told Rin to get lost, but Rin can’t get lost. Rin knows this palace by heart. So, Jaken said that he is going to give Rin’s bottom a spanking that it had never known.” She whispered, her voice trembling.

Dageun growled. So, the wee toad thought to threaten a pup, did he? He heard the miserable excuse for a servant calling for the pup and Dageun told her to call out to the toad and stepped into the shadows. Once the toad saw her, he came stomping down the hall.

“There you are, you miserable excuse for a human. I told you that you were to go to your room, and now, you are going to get punished. You are such a brat. You are no use to anyone. Why our lord keeps you around is beyond me.” Jaken hissed, his beady eyes narrowing.

Dageun had heard enough. He stepped out from his hiding place and reached down to grab Jaken by the back of his neck. Once the toad was in his grasp, Dageun looked down at the lass and said, “Run along, wee one. This is not something a lass should see.”

Rin nodded and moved around the large inu. She ran down the hall and headed for the stairs, but before she got to them, she heard Jaken’s shrill squeal of pain and she grinned. It was about time that the stupid toad got his comeuppance.

Dageun glared at the toad. “Ye know, each time ye open yer mouth, it gets ye into trouble. Does it make ye feel like a man to threaten a wee pup? Does it make ye feel powerful to cause fear in the lass? Let me tell ye that I will no’ stand fer it.” He growled.

Jaken was about to reply, but when he heard the voice of that other inu, Balthazar, he felt his body rebel and then heard the splatter of liquid on the floor.

Dageun shook his head in disgust and threw the toad down at Balthazar’s feet. “The wee toad pissed himself. Ye deal with him. I hae no desire to touch him anymore than I already did.” He hissed.

Balthazar grabbed Jaken up and smirked. “Ye should know better than to piddle in ye laird’s keep. This will teach ye.” He said. Without further warning, Balthazar turned Jaken around and rubbed the toad’s face in the liquid that he had produced. As Jaken was forced to endure the punishment, he once again thought that this had to be part of his punishment for what he had done to Lady Kagome.

Once he had been released, Jaken scurried down the hall and did not look back. He had heard Dageun’s warning about how he dealt with Rin, and he decided that he would not try and discipline the human child anymore. He would leave the punishing up to Lord Sesshomaru.

Satisfied that they had taught the toad a lesson, Balthazar walked back into this room and glared at himself in a mirror. He tugged at the crotch of the trews that he had been given and he sighed. He was simply too gifted in the male department to wear such small trews. How Japanese males could wear such clothing was beyond him.

When dinnertime came, Lady Karin and Connor escorted Kagome to the dining room. The other Scottish males were sitting at the table and quickly stood up when the walked into the room.

Sesshomaru moved to pull out Kagome’s chair, but Connor beat him to it and quickly seated the young miko. Griffin seated Lady Karin and then returned to his own seat.

Connor sat across from Kagome and glanced around. He was surprised to see a wee human girl sitting between Dageun and Balthazar, but neither male seemed to mind the fact that the child chattered away and they answered her questions as patiently as they could, and for Balthazar, that in itself, was a miracle.

“How did you learn to talk like us? Jaken says that you are from a different place and that you talk funny, but Rin can understand you.” Rin said, her face flushed from talking so much.

Karin laughed. “Ye see, lass. Our clan prides itself on being educated. Me lads and I know several different languages and have met others from different lands.” She explained, her eyes twinkling. The lass reminded her so much of her own wee daughter, but tragedy had struck and had taken the pup from her before she could walk.

As Rin questioned Balthazar about all of his pretty markings, Sesshomaru looked over at Kagome. As usual, the miko was silent and was staring at her lap. She had been placed in a different kimono and her hair had been pulled up. She looked rather lovely.

When they had been served, Lady Karin noticed that Kagome had not yet taken a bite from her meal. She reached over and gently grasped the miko’s hand.

“Lass, ye need to eat. Pick up ye fork and try some of yer rice.” Karin instructed. She had already prepared herself for the battle that was about to occur and she held her breath, waiting for what Kagome would do next.

Kagome did not reply. Instead, she turned her head and did not look at Karin. She fisted her hands in her lap and shuddered. The thought of eating made her ill and she had found that if she did not eat, and could focus on the pains of her stomach, it took away from the pains that her memories caused.

Unfortunately for Kagome, Karin was also aware of this very same theory. She was not going to be ignored, nor was Kagome going to punish herself for something that she had no control over. Reaching over, Karin grasped Kagome’s chin in her hand and pulled her face down towards her plate.

“Listen to me, lass. Ye will no’ turn away from me. Ye will eat, or so help me, I will be feeding ye and ye will not enjoy it. Now, take yer fork in yer hand and eat yer dinner.” Karin instructed, her voice firm.

Kagome yanked her chin from the female inu’s grasp, and she turned once more. The female inu had asked her a lot of questions, but she had not answered a single one of them. She simply wanted to be left alone.

Connor watched as his mother and Kagome waged a battle of wills. He knew who the winner would be. His mother was a woman who did not take defeat. She, instead, handed out defeat and he knew that Kagome would be her latest conquest.

Sesshomaru watched the scene with curious eyes. Though his demeanor remained impassive, he was interested to see the female make Kagome eat.

Now that they were the center of attention, Karin knew what she had to do next. It had been done to her, and while she had hated the one who had helped her, in the end, she had been grateful for the intervention that she had received.

Standing up, Karin stood behind Kagome and wrapped her arm around Kagome’s neck. She forced Kagome to turn her head back towards her plate and she picked up the fork. ‘Twas for the lass’s own good and by Dagda, she would no’ let Kagome win. She could no’if Kagome were to get better.

Kagome began to struggle and then began to scream. She clawed at the female’s arm and tried to call forth a barrier that would separate her from the female, but just like all of the other times, her powers failed her. She could feel the tears streaming down her face as she cursed the female, but the forkfuls of food that was being shoved into her mouth muffled her curses. The female would shovel the food in and then clamp her hand over Kagome’s mouth to keep her from spitting the food out, so all Kagome could do was cry, chew, and swallow what was forced in her mouth.

Before long, Kagome’s plate was clean, but both women looked as though they had fought a hard battle. Their hair had come loose and their kimonos were stained, but when Karin sat down, she had a satisfied smirk on her face.

“And that, Laird Sesshomaru, is how ye get the lass to eat.” She said. She lifted her own fork to her mouth and savored the cold rice that she had been forced to ignore. She had won a very important battle on this night and knew that she would have to continue to fight it over and over again until the lass decided to feed herself, but it was well worth it.

Sesshomaru lifted his cup of sake to his lips and took a delicate sip. His eyes were trained upon Kagome, who was sitting in her seat, crying quietly. He was impressed. Normally, it took up to two hours to feed Kagome, and the female had done it in less than thirty minutes. Fine, he would sit back and watch.

Connor nodded in approval as his mother sat down. He knew that she would win this fight. The human lass was too far gone to understand that she needed to care for herself, and that hurting herself was not an option nor a tool to forget the crimes against her.

Once dinner was concluded, Balthazar had stood up and walked to Kagome’s side. Karin instructed him to escort her to the springs and to wait with her until she arrived. Kagome, she had said, was going to give herself a bath.

Sesshomaru’s eyebrow lifted and he shook his head. Kagome did not care to eat, so why should she care to bathe? He had forced her into the springs and had ordered his maids to use gentle force with her to get her clean. On more than one occasion, a maid had stumbled from the springs with either a black eye or a busted lip due to Kagome’s elbow or a head butt.

Balthazar nodded and gently (well, gentle for him, at least) helped Kagome from her seat. He led her out of the dining room and could be heard growling savagely.

“’Twould that the wee toad has crossed paths with Balthazar once more. I would suggest that ye tell the toad to avoid Balthazar at all costs. He canno’ stand cowardice.” Karin said.

Sesshomaru did not say a word. Instead, he told Rin to go and use his personal hot springs and that he would see her off to bed.

Once she was gone, Sesshomaru looked at Karin. “Tell me, who was the one who raped you?” He asked, his golden eyes trained upon Karin’s.

For a moment, no one spoke. Finally, Karin said, “I suppose that I should have expected that question. Alright, if ye insist upon knowing, it was a cousin of me mate’s. We had not yet been mated and his cousin lusted after me. When I turned the lad down, he forced himself upon me, and took from me the gift that was to be me mate’s. When me mate-to-be found me, he was the one who took care of me and while I recovered in his bed, he went to his cousin and took the lad’s head. Is yer curiosity now abated, milaird?”

Sesshomaru gave a curt nod. He had known it. The female knew how to deal with a victim of rape because she, too, had been a victim. Now satisfied that the female would help Kagome, he stood up and left to go to his study. Kagome was indeed in good hands.

Balthazar stood silently behind the miko and watched as the servants got the bathing supplies ready to use. When Lady Karin entered, she glared at the servants and said, “Ye will no’ be needed. Leave me to my ward.”

The servants quickly rushed out, and left the two Scottish inus and the miko behind. Karin glanced at Balthazar.

“Ye may stand at the entrance. I donna want to be disturbed. I have a feeling that Kagome is going to want to play again.” Karin said, her voice low.

Balthazar nodded and quickly exited the springs. He heard Karin order Kagome to undress, and when the young lass did not respond, he heard a loud splash of water. Clearly, Lady Karin was not one to wait for her orders to be carried out.

Kagome came up sputtering and she glanced up at Karin, her eyes asking the female why she was being so cruel to her.

Karin sighed. “Ye will no’ get sympathy from me, lass. Ye were a victim. Ye are continuing to be the victim. When are ye going to start fighting back?” She asked, her eyes narrowing at the lass before her.

“You don’t understand. I tried to fight back. I couldn’t.” Kagome whispered, her eyes dropping from the furious glare of the other female.

“So, ye are going to allow the bastard to continue to rape ye? Fine, then do so on yer own. I donna wish to be helping ye anymore. Get well on yer own, lass.” Karin said. She turned on her heel and stalked out of the springs. She grabbed Balthazar’s arm and led him away. Once they were away from Kagome’s range of hearing, Karin dropped down and began to watch the door of the springs intently.

“What are ye doing, Lady Karin? Ye are just gonna leave the lass?” Balthazar asked, his confusion evident.

“Nay, lad. I am simply making the lass fend for herself. To get dry and go back to her room, she will be needing to remove her kimono and dry off before putting on another kimono. The only way for her heal is to start caring for her own needs.” Karin explained.

After several long minutes passed, the door to the springs opened and Kagome emerged. Her hair was in a high ponytail and she was indeed wearing a new, and dry, kimono. Her head was bent low and she slowly shuffled down the hall, the scent of her raw pain lingering in the air.

Karin stepped from her hiding place and grinned. “I swear to Dagda. That lass is gonna be the death of me, but it is well worth it.” She said. She happily walked to the springs and went inside. She quickly undressed and got into the hot springs. After an half an hour of relaxing, she climbed out and twisted her hair into a long braid. She toweled herself off and then reached for the kimono that she had carried with her into the springs. However, it was not where she had left it. She looked around frantically, and then thought back to the kimono that Kagome was wearing. It was the very same kimono that she had brought in for herself. Sighing, Karin shook her head and quickly dressed in the dirty kimono that she had hoped to discard. She left the springs and hurried to her chambers, passing Payton, who was standing at Kagome’s door, on the way.

Once she was changed, she went back to Kagome’s chamber and grinned at Payton. “How much trouble did the lass give to ye?” She asked, her mind already picturing the worst.

Payton cocked his head. “Ye know, ‘twas the funniest thing. Connor and I met the lass as she came back from her bath and when Connor told her to go to bed, the lass went, and without a fight. Conner tucked her into her bed and sat down, and the lass hasno’ moved an inch.” He reported.

Karin’s eyes went wide and she motioned for him to move from the door. She opened the door and walked inside. She was shocked to see her son sitting next to Kagome, and a smile on his face.

“Ye know, mother. Mayhaps ye should fight with the lass every night. It seems to wear her down enough for her to fall asleep quicker.” Conner teased, his eyes dancing.

Karin cocked an eyebrow at her son, and then grinned. “Come and get me should the lass have a night terror.” She said. When her son nodded, she turned and walked back to her own chambers.

Once she was settled in her own bed, Karin grinned. Score two victories for her, and none for Kagome. She could not wait for the morrow.

Inu Yasha shook his head. “This is getting us nowhere. We need to go back and request Sesshomaru’s help.” He growled.

“You promised your brother that we would not return. You know what happens when Kagome looks at one of us. Why would you want to go back and allow her to go through more pain?” Miroku asked, his hand rubbing the side of his jaw.

Kouga nodded. “I agree. Kagome doesn’t need to see any of us. The only reason why we agreed that Sesshomaru should take her is because he did not do as much to her as we did.” He said.

“Don’t you think I know all of this already? I know that Kagome is hurting. I know that we put her there. I know that each time she sees us, it kills her in the inside. I know that we are responsible for her pain and I know that we should simply walk out of her life and stay out, but we can’t. We need help in finding Naraku.” Inu Yasha growled.

Sango sniffled. She reached up and touched the tender area around her eye. Earlier in the day, they had gone into a village to see if Kikyo had passed through. They had discovered that it was Kikyo going from village to village and telling the people there what had happened. It was clear that she was attempting to slow them down.

She had tried to speak with the village miko, but the miko had turned her back on her and refused to look at her. When she tried to press the issue, a training miko had come up behind her and spun her around, punching her in her eye.

“Leave this village, you vile whore. You have no right to speak to our miko, especially after you betray your own. Do not come here looking for answers. We would not help you even if we had the answers that you seek. Now, leave.” The training miko hissed.

Miroku had quickly come to her side and led her away from the furious miko. The other villagers had gathered behind the young girl and had brought their weapons with them. Kikyo was clearly doing her job well.

“I think that we should forget about Naraku and leave Japan.” Sango whispered, her tears streaming down her face.

Inu Yasha grunted. “Oh, I see. You want to run away, is that it, Sango?” He demanded. He watched as the former slayer winced. He was not blind nor deaf. He knew that Sango was the one who took the brunt of the anger. She was a woman and had betrayed Kagome, but not only that, she was a slayer and had vowed to protect those weaker than her. The villagers clearly felt that her transgressions were far worse than anyone else’s.

“I’m sorry, Inu Yasha. I can’t take this anymore. I just wish that I could trade places with Kagome. I wish I could be the one suffering and that she were safe in her own time, untouched. I just want all of this to stop.” Sango whimpered.

Inu Yasha simply shrugged. He understood Sango’s position. Hell, he would love nothing more than to run up to Kagome and throw himself down at her feet and beg for her to forgive him. He would gladly endure being whipped if it would help her forgive him. However, he knew that it would never happen. He doubted that Sesshomaru would let him tell Kagome hello.

Kouga glared at the ground. He had lost everything simply because he was so damned impatient. He had lost his temper and ended up losing the one woman who ever held his heart. He deserved to suffer. His suffering was nothing compared to Kagome’s.

“Will you suck it up? Damn it, Sango. We put ourselves here. We made the choices that led us down this path and now you are having regrets. Well, you know what? Shut the fuck up and deal with it.” Kouga growled. He was so damn tired of the former slayer acting as though she was the one who had been wronged.

Sango stood up and stomped over to where Kouga stood. She heard him growl in warning and wisely kept a few feet away from him.

“Don’t you dare stand there and tell me what to do. Yes, I am aware that we put ourselves here, but when will we have paid for our sins? Everywhere we go, we are treated like garbage. We did not rape her. We did not beat her. Naraku is the one to blame. All we did was tie her up.” Sango cried as tears of frustration coursed down her face.

Kouga nodded. “Yeah, he was the one who raped her and we are the ones who served her up on a silver platter. We created the situation. We took a woman who had been nothing but loving and gentle and turned her life upside down. We are not the victims here, Sango. Kagome is. We will probably never escape the stain that is now on our names, so the only thing we can do is learn to live with it.” He said, his head shaking.

Inu Yasha stepped forward. “The wolf is right. Sango, we have to deal with this and not run away. Kagome can’t run away, and neither will we. We will find a way to make things better, and the only way to do that is to enlist Sesshomaru’s help.” He explained.

Miroku had been silent throughout the conversation. He agreed with Kouga’s words. Hell, even he felt disgust for himself and for his companions. Perhaps if he were allowed to speak with Kagome he could find some way of easing her pain along with his guilt.

After further discussion, it was agreed. They would return to the western palace and speak with Sesshomaru. Hopefully, the western lord would have heard information that would help in finding Naraku and Kikyo.

With hopeful hearts, the group turned around and began the long journey towards the west. They could only hope that they would find solace there, and not ridicule.


Dagda – A celtic god

Bairn – Baby

Mayhaps – A mix of Maybe and Perhaps(God, I love reading highlander romances. I keep learning new words and sharing them with all of you. LOL)

‘Twould – It Would

‘Tis – It is

hasno’ – has not

Trews- pants/ hakama

Hae - have

Nay - No

Aye- Yes

Lad/Lass - Boy/Girl

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