A Question Of Honor

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A/N: Please refer to my bio for information about my updating in the next couple of weeks. Also, thank you so much for the reviews. I really enjoy them and ask that you keep them coming. Also, I have a surprise for all of you who are wanting Kagome to get with one of the scots. At the end of this story, I will be doing 2 special oneshots with Balthazar and Kagome(the lucky bitch) and with Conner and Kagome. At any rate, please enjoy the chapter and for those of you who are wondering what Naraku promised to Kikyo, you will find out in a future chapter.


He moved slowly over the lass, his powerful body pressing her smaller, softer one into the bed. He growled softly at her, his tail wrapping around her nude form as his lips descended upon her neck.

“Balthazar.” She whispered, her long fingers threading into his hair. His claws gently trailing down her alabaster skin as they learned all of her curves and crevices. As he moved down to her breasts, she arched up in silent invitation and he accepted, his mouth eagerly allowing one of her globes to enter. He suckled at her breast as his claw moved to touch her intimately. He could feel her acceptance of him as her legs parted and she began to pant.

Sweat glistened on their skin as he moved from one breast to the other. He could hear her whispered pleadings, but he paid her no mind. He began to make his way down her body slowly until he came to the place where she was burning for him. He could smell her arousal and he hissed as his own painful erection reminded him that it needed attention, as well.

He glanced up at the lass and allowed his tongue to slip out and taste some of the nectar that she had produced for him. He savored the sweetness of this wee mortal woman, his woman. He suckled the small piece of flesh into his mouth and allowed his tongue to flick it as a single finger entered into her body.

Crying out, she arched up against his mouth and he grew ferocious as he continued with his exploration. It was clear that she needed to reach oblivion, and while he wanted to do nothing else but bury himself inside of her, he held back and increased his efforts on her clit.

When she climaxed, it was his name that poured from her lips and he smirked. His woman’s body was shaking with the force of her pleasure and he decided that it was time that he receives his own pleasure.

Moving up her body, he felt her wrap her legs around his waist and whisper to him that she loved him. Love. He had ne’er had a lass tell him such words. Now, he ken that he would ne’er let her go. As he positioned himself to enter, his mouth moved to her neck. Just as he was about to penetrate her body and neck…

Balthazar awoke with a start. He looked around wildly and then looked at Kagome. The lass was still asleep and from the looks of things, her dreams were peaceful.

He growled softly as he recalled his dream. This was getting’ ridiculous. There could ne’er be anythin’ between him and the lass, yet his mind would no’ listen. He wiped at his brow and grimaced when he realized that he was awash with sweat.

Thankfully, the door opened and Payton came into the chamber. The inu glanced down at him and lifted a delicate eyebrow.

“No’ havin’ pleasant dreams or are the dreams tha’ arousin’?” Payton asked, a smile forming on his lips. He had often wondered if Balthazar preferred male companionship to female. After all, it was no’ often tha’ one go’ to see the dark inu around lasses and seeing him look so distraught while watchin’ their charge was fascinatin.’ Looks like Conner was no’ the only one with feelin’s for the wee one.

Balthazar bared his fangs at Payton and stood up. “Ye will be keepin’ yer mouth shut. Ye donna ken what ye are speakin’ about.” He snarled.

Payton gave him a grin and shrugged. “Wha’ ye feel for the lass is yer business. Donna let anyone ken tha’ ye desire the lass. Conner would hae a fit.” He warned.

Snorting, Balthazar picked up his sword and turned to the door. “If she is needin’ me, I’ll be in me room.” He said, his tone hard.

Nodding, Payton watched as the inu left and closed the door. Sighing, he sat down and looked at Kagome, who has slept through the entire conversation. Shaking his head, he could not help but wonder wha’ it was about her that could force a mighty warrior and laird to their knees.

He decided to keep his own opinion to himself and wait to see wha’ happened. And, he could no’ wait to see what Laird Sesshomaru did about the two males who were sniffin’ around his ward.


Kikyo glanced around and shrugged. Naraku’s castle was crumbling and she knew that it would only be a matter of time before the hanyou found other accommodations. He had decided that it was now time to strike against that reincarnation of hers, Kagome.

Kikyo sighed. All those years of living to a higher esteem and she had betrayed it all based on the promise of an enemy. Oh, yes. She had known what Naraku had planned, but what she had not counted on was feeling the smaller woman’s anguish afterwards.

It had been so easy to get Inu Yasha and the others to turn on Kagome, but after the betrayal had been committed, and Naraku had jeered about what he had done, she could not help herself and had quickly returned to the younger woman’s side.

He had not lied, this time. Naraku had ripped every bit of innocence away from Kagome and had made sure that she would never forget who had orchestrated her fall from grace. It wasn’t that she hated Kagome. On the contrary. Despite her actions, she was curious about the young woman and was amazed to find that Kagome had been much like herself in her younger days.

She had tried to heal the girl, but like Kagome, her miko powers had been stripped. Another of Naraku’s deceptions. He knew that if Kagome lost her abilities, because they were bound together by the small piece of soul that she held, then she, too, would lose her abilities as well. The monster had played a good game and now, she was itching for a rematch. When she discovered that there was nothing she could do, she left and hoped that the group would return to take care of the girl.

Even though she could not call upon her holy powers, she was still a master archer. She did have two surprising allies against Naraku and both Kagura and Kanna made sure that his attention was diverted whenever she would approach the castle.

Kanna had revealed to her that Kagome now had protectors from another land. Good. She would need those protectors. Naraku had slipped the last time they had met and he had revealed that he intended on forcing himself upon Kagome once more. It seemed that even though he hated the girl, he had also become quite obsessed with the idea of claiming her as his own property.

She had learned that Inu Yasha and his little pack were trailing her, and so, she slowed them down by telling the villages what had happened. Of course, she left out her part in the matter, but it had worked.

Regret. That was an emotion that she was used to feeling when she could not help someone. Regret. Now, it was all she felt. She had betrayed the teachings of the miko and had betrayed the warrior miko, herself. Midoriko. The mother of all mikos.

Had the legendary miko been alive, she knew that Midoriko would not have hesitated in tracking her down and taking what life she had left. The teachings that Midoriko had left behind stated that no miko shall turn her back upon a sister, and that was exactly what she had done. She had turned her back on Kagome.

She had attempted to visit Kaede, but her younger sister would not even look at her. She knew the truth. All the woman would say was that her sister had died over fifty years ago and would be appalled to know that a look-alike was running around using her name and reputation.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

She turned and walked up the stairs and was surprised to find Kagura waiting on her. The wind witch’s arms were crossed over her chest and she glared at Kikyo.

“It took you long enough. Don’t worry, Naraku isn’t here.” Kagura said, her eyes narrowing.

“Where is he?” Kikyo asked. She watched as the witch stood up straight. “He has decided that it would be in his best interest to spy upon that miko, Kagome. His obsession with her is getting out of hand.” Kagura replied.

Kikyo cocked her head to the side. “How so? What is he doing?” She asked.

“Well, for starters, he made me dress up in a miko’s outfit and then made me lay there as he fucked me. And all the while he was calling me Kagome. I feel sorry for that girl if he gets his hands on her. He isn’t just wanting her for a quick fuck. This time, he wants her for keeps.” Kagura said.

Kikyo shuddered. Being mated to Naraku would mean that Kagome would never escape the hanyou’s grasp. She would be forced to endure his advances and bear his unholy children. No. She could not and would not allow such a monstrous event to happen.

“I am going to the western palace. I will speak with Sesshomaru and tell him what is going on.” Kikyo stated, her voice firm.

Kagura began to laugh. “Have you forgotten what part you played in all of this? Sesshomaru will rip your head from your body and shit down your neck before he listened to a damn word you said. Face it, Kikyo. You have burned all of your bridges.” She snapped.

Shrugging, Kikyo turned away. “I have to try. I-I need to atone for my part in this. I don’t care what the others feel for me and I don’t care if Kagome knows that I am the one who brought him the information, but I need to try and make some sort of effort.” She explained.

Kagura’s voice softened. “It hurts, doesn’t it?” She asked. “It hurts to know that you could do something so horrible and have to live with the regrets afterwards. That is how I feel about what I did to those wolf youkai. But, I have to live with it, and so will you.”

Nodding, Kikyo began to walk away, her head bowed. She could remember that thief, the one that had given her a lock of his hair. He had said that he regretted much of his past. She now knew exactly how he felt. She regretted her past as well.

Death was too good for her at this point. All she could do was make amends and then after her debt was paid, she would quietly slip back into oblivion, where she should have stayed.

The road before her was long and hard. She would have to call upon that patient strength that she had once been known for and use it. She would make Sesshomaru hear her. She would not let Naraku get another chance with Kagome. And, if need be, she would go to Kagome’s new guardians. They would probably wish to rip her limbs off, but as long as they listened then they could do whatever they desired.


Sesshomaru held Kagome’s hand and led her towards one of the blooming bushes. He listened intently as she gasped and then moved towards the delicate flowers.

“Oh, they are beautiful.” She said, her fingers running gently over one of the petals. “Where did you get them?”

“They come from one of the mountains that rests in the north. Do they please you?” He asked, his golden eyes taking in the sight of her smile.

“Oh, yes. I like them very much.” Kagome whispered. She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Their fragrance reminded her of her mother’s garden. It was a comforting smell.

“They are your, then. My gift to you, Kagome.” Sesshomaru replied. He was glad that he had listened to the monk when he began to list all of the things that Kagome liked. Flowers, it seemed, held a special memory for her.

Kagome gave Sesshomaru a shy smile and moved closer to look at her gift. The flowers were a soft blue and purplish color. She heard the taiyoukai moved closer to her and felt his hands upon her shoulders.

“Let us sit down.” He suggested. He escorted her to a bench and they sat in comfortable silence for several moments. Finally, he said, “Your guardians have been doing an excellent job in watching over you. But, I would like to give them a day to rest, so I would like to invite you to go to a meeting with me that is being held next week.”

Kagome blushed. To her, it sounded as though he were asking her out on a date. She lowered her eyes and took in a deep breath. If she were to go with him, perhaps the other lords would see that there was no animosity between them and decide that they had been hasty in their decision to pull away their support from Sesshomaru.

Her decision made, Kagome looked up and said, “Yes, I would like to go with you.” There. She had made yet another step forward. She could see that he approved of her decision and sighed with relief when he stood up and announced that it was time to retire for the evening.

As they walked into the palace, Kagome gasped and looked up at Sesshomaru. “Conner brought me Kouga’s shards. Isn’t that great?” She asked, a smile lighting up her pretty face.

Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed. He had decided that he would approach the wolf on Kagome’s behalf and request the shards, but that damn inu had clearly beat him to it. He managed a simply nod of his head and did not say another word until they stopped right in front of Kagome’s chamber.

Kagome saw a familiar figure waiting for her and she laughed softly before letting go of Sesshomaru’s hand and running into the inu’s arms.

Conner let out a hearty chuckle and glanced up at the taiyoukai over Kagome’s head. “Thanks tae ye, Laird Sesshomaru. We will no’ be needin’ yer assistance this evenin’.” He said, his eyes narrowing in a silent challenge.

Sesshomaru knew exactly what that damn mutt was doing. He was positioning himself in Kagome’s life so that she would grow accustomed to having him near. He would make it impossible for Kagome to let go when the time for the Scottish guardians departed back to their land. Clearly, the inu desired Kagome and from the way he was silently issuing a challenge, it would probably be a long and drawn out battle.

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome pulled away and glanced over at him. “Thank you for a lovely walk, Lord Sesshomaru. I had a very nice time and I love my gift.” She said, shyly.

Sesshomaru nodded and gave her a slight bow. “Pleasant dreams, Kagome. We will speak more in the morning about our impending journey.” He said. He cocked his eyebrow up at the inu and dared him to say something, anything about the trip, but Conner kept a straight face and smiled down on Kagome.

“Come, lass. ‘Tis time for ye to be settlin’ down for bed.” He said, guiding the young woman into her chambers. Before the door closed behind them, Conner turned and glared at Sesshomaru, his eyes bleeding red as he stared down the mighty taiyoukai. Once the door was closed, Sesshomaru squared his shoulders and walked down the hall to his own chambers. He would have to do something to put that snotty lord in his place. Kagome was his. She would never belong to anyone else.


Kagome sighed with happiness and snuggled down into the furs that lay upon her bed. She peeked over the furs and asked, “Why are you watching me? I thought that you weren’t allowed.”

Conner chuckled. “The other lads are in a meetin’ with me mother. Seems tha’ there was some trouble and she merely wished to inform them. I already ken about it, so there was no reason for me tae be there.” He explained.

For several minutes, neither spoke, finally, Conner asked, “Wha’ was Laird Sesshomaru talkin’ abou’ when he mentioned a journey?”

Kagome shrugged. “Well, he asked me to go to a meeting with him. He is planning on giving you guys a break from me and wanted to know if I wanted to go with him, and I said yes. Besides, if the other lords see me with Lord Sesshomaru, they might change their minds and help him.” She replied.

Conner had to bite back a snarl. There was no way in hell tha’ she was leavin’ with the bastard. He wouldno’ allow it. He gave Kagome a shaky smile and motioned for her to lay down.

When she had finally drifted off to sleep, Conner’s smile faded and he bared his fangs at the thought of Sesshomaru escortin’ Kagome around as though she were his mate. Well, she was no’ his mate and he would no’ be takin’ her off without him.

Smiling, Conner came up with a plan and nodded as he thought out the details. Yes, he would spoil Sesshomaru’s chances with Kagome and in the end, she would see who tha’ better male was for her.


Naraku chuckled as he listened to his little spy. The insect buzzed away after giving his report and he shook his head. So, Lord Sesshomaru thought that he had found a way to keep him from his prize? Well, he would show him. He, too, would attend this meeting. In disguise, of course. But, he would attend and he would claim the former miko as his.

He should have marked the bitch when he had the chance, but he had been too eager to taunt Inu Yasha, and now, he had to make up for his mistake. He could just imagine all of the nights that he would force Kagome’s legs apart and drive himself inside of her soft body.

He would make her lay beside him all night and bow to his every whim. He had gone too long without the female, and it was time to do something about it.

He gave one last look at the western palace and then allowed his miasma to surround him. He would head home and deal with his frustrations the best way he could. Kagura would be sore in the morning, but as long as he got what he wanted, then who in the hell cared.

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