A Question Of Honor

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Kagome sat in the gardens and watched as little pups chased each other in a game of tag. She had explained the game to the youngsters when she had over heard them claiming to be bored. In many ways, watching them lifted her spirits and she lost herself in the game.

She had not been sitting there long and was waiting for Balthazar to show up. He had told her to wait for him and then they would go for a walk; something that had become a favorite pastime for her.

So, when a hand fell upon her shoulder, she allowed a smile to cross her lips and turned to greet the dark inu, but was met with a pair of shining green eyes.

“Ayame!” Kagome gasped, her eyes widening at the red wolf. The wolf princess appeared to be uncomfortable, but then sighed and asked, “May I sit down?”

Nodding, Kagome scooted over and watched as Ayame sat beside her. For a few minutes, neither female spoke. Then, Ayame said, “Kagome, the wolf packs feel horribly about what happened to you and we are sorry that it was one of our own that aided in your attack.”

Kagome turned to look at the princess and then replied, “The packs are not responsible for what happened to me. Naraku is responsible for my assault. The others are guilty of horrible judgment.”

“You know, I had heard that you had forgiven Lord Sesshomaru, but I never thought that you would forgive the others.” Ayame remarked.

Quietly, Kagome said, “I have not forgiven them. I will never forgive them for betraying me. What they did was beyond forgivable. They stabbed me in the back and left me behind, knowing that something could happen to me. So, no, I have not forgiven them.”

Nodding, Ayame replied, “If it does any good, Kouga was exiled. And, from what I have heard, the monk has given up his robes and the slayer has given up her profession as well. They are not welcomed in any village and will probably spend the rest of their lives shunned. No one in Japan will lend them aid, not for what they did to you.”

Kagome did not reply. So, they lost something as well, did they? Good. Why should she be suffering alone? She heard Ayame tell her goodbye and that she would see her later. When she was alone, Kagome let out a deep breath and then glanced down at her slippers.

Damn it. She was not going to feel badly. Not for them. They did not deserve her pity or anything else. As her mother use to say, let them lie in the bed that they made. Besides, it wasn’t like she had put them there. So, why weren’t the feelings of pity going away? Why was she saddened to hear that Kouga has lost his tribe or that Miroku had lost his calling? Why was she sympathetic to them when they had cost her so damn much?

As she mulled over her thoughts, she did not notice a large shadow appear over her. When a gentle claw ran over her cheek, she jumped and looked up to see Balthazar staring down at her.

“Thinkin’ deep thoughts, are we, lass?” He asked, his voice softer than she had ever heard it.

“Not really. Are you ready to take our walk?” She replied. She simply wanted to forget. Forget that she was feeling badly for what her former friends had lost. When the dark inu nodded, he offered her his arm and then led her from the gardens and onto a path that led into the woods.

Kagome glanced up and had to smile. Though this was supposed to be relaxing, Balthazar still carried his weapons on him. He had once told her that he would never make the mistake of being unarmed. Still, despite his gruff exterior and his cold attitude towards most people, he was warm and compassionate, at least towards her.

Balthazar could feel the lass’s eyes upon him. He had been struggling with his heart and body for the last couple of days. Ever since she had proclaimed Conner and Laird Sesshomaru as her generals, they had been in counsels and that left him alone with the lass. At first, he thought that he could control his instincts, but after the previous night, he had admitted to himself that he was getting in over his head. If he was no’ careful, he would lose his warrior heart.

Neither spoke for a while, but then Balthazar came to a halt and then placed his finger to his lips.

“Shhh, lass. Look over there. Do ye see it?” He whispered. Kagome’s eyes followed his finger and she gasped. A vixen and her kits were lying in the shade and she was bathing them gently. Kagome could hear the soft whines of the kits as each strived for its mother’s attention.

Balthazar quietly led Kagome from the endearing scene and when they were far enough away, he said, “”Tis nice tae see ye in a better mood, lass.”

Kagome smiled. “I don’t know of anyone who could not be in a good mood after what you just showed me. It was so sweet. But, it makes me miss my mother.” She replied, wistfully.

Balthazar nodded. “Aye. There are times when I miss me mother as well. She died when I was just a wee pup. My da was no’ a very lovin’ male, and taught me and me kin tha’ all tha’ mattered was war and glory. But, there were times in me youth tha’ I wished to feel her arms around me, especially when I was lonely.” He replied.

Kagome knew Balthazar well enough by now that he was not looking for her sympathy over losing his mother. He had accepted it years ago and now, she would have to accept her loss as well.

As they continued on their walk, they spoke about many things, and they would have continued, but the sound of giggling stopped them dead in their tracks. Kagome’s eyes widened as they took in the scene before her and she found that she could not take her eyes off of the couple.

A male and one of the palace maids were locked in a very intimate embrace. His claws were upon her breasts as his tongue darted in and out of her mouth, causing the female to moan with delight. The male was already nude and soon had the female’s clothing off as well before lifting her and wrapping her legs around his waist. It was clear that both were highly aroused and as Kagome watched, he lowered the female upon the part of him that was proof of how much he desired her.

Balthazar could smell the arousal coming from the pair before them and grabbed Kagome’s arm. He quickly led her away, and winced when the female let out a shill shriek of pleasure.

Once they were far enough away, he turned and looked at Kagome, but instead of seeing disgust upon her face, she looked sad.

“Kagome, I am sorry, lass, tha’ ye had tae see tha’.” He said, his claw gently brushing away a piece of hair that had fallen against her cheek.

“She looked so happy. Is that how a female is supposed to look when a man makes love to her?” Kagome asked, her eyes wide and curious.

Balthazar sucked in a deep breath. Oh, boy-o. How in the name of Dagda was he supposed tae explain this? No’ bein’ one for beating around tha’ bush, he said, “Aye. When a male and female desire each other, then tha’ is how they behave.” He replied.

Kagome sighed and stared at the ground. “Balthazar, what if I am never able to feel that way? What man is going to want me after everything that happened and then to top it all off, what if I am now frigid? What happens to me then?” She whispered, tears forming in her eyes.

Balthazar regarded the lass for a few moments. His mind knew tha’ wha’ he was abou’ tae do was wrong, but his heart and body rebelled. Withou’ thinkin’, he stripped his weapons off of his body and then stepped closer to the wee female before him.

“Ye desire tae ken if ye can be touched and can touch in return, aye? Then, come here, lass.” Balthazar commanded, his tone gentle. He needed her to see tha’ she was no’ broken and tae do tha’, he would gladly help her in any way tha’ he could.

Kagome bit her lip and hesitantly stepped forward. She could feel the dark fingers of fear beginning to curl around her, but she took in a deep breath and stepped up to the inu before her.

Kagome allowed her eyes to travel over his chest, and could not help but think that besides Conner and Lord Sesshomaru, Balthazar had to be one of the most magnificent males she had ever seen. He was everything a woman would desire, and though she still felt nervous, she could also feel her tummy beginning to tighten.

Balthazar reached down slowly and grasped her hands. Withou’ a word, he placed them upon his chest and held them there, making sure tha’ one of her hands was directly over his heart.

“Ye see, lass. Ye can touch and I can smell a faint scent of arousal upon ye. Ye are no’ frigid, as ye feared. Ye ken I will no’ hurt ye, nor will I force ye into anythin’ tha’ ye donna want.” He whispered. He moved her hands over his broad chest and watched as her eyes widened and the arousal in her scent spike. He moved closer to her, and then smelled her nervousness. He stilled and allowed her to get used to his close contact.

Kagome ran her hands over his erect nipples, marveling at how hard they were and she knew without having to look down that he was aroused, as well. She felt him come closer to her, and she felt her body tense. Damn it, not now. She hated feeling like this. What she would not give to erase her fear all together.

Balthazar waited a few moments more and then slowly wrapped his arms around Kagome’s soft body. She tensed, and he whispered, “Ye ken I will no’ hurt ye. Donna pull away. Just let me hold ye.”

Kagome was fighting hard against her fears. When his arms contracted, she felt herself brought closer to the hardness of his chest and felt her soft breasts crush against his lower stomach. She could feel his stiffened arousal pressing against her belly and just as she was about to panic, Balthazar leaned down and began to purr softly in her ear, calming her and gentling her. As she started to relax, his arms tightened and she closed her eyes. This was a totally new experience for her. She had never had a man really hold her. Inu Yasha and Kouga did not count.

Balthazar could hear his inu growling softly within his mind. It was clear tha’ the beast within him was happy tha’ the lass had finally relaxed, but when the lass’s arms encircled his waist tae hold him, the inu within frolicked merrily, somethin’ tha’ it had no’ done since he was a wee pup.

Pulling back slightly, he looked down and watched as Kagome tipped her face up to look at him. He forgot who he was and wha’ he was supposed tae be doing. His head bent and he slowly lowered his lips to gently caress hers, but before their lips could meet, a throat cleared, and destroyed the piece of serenity tha’ he and Kagome were sharing.

Throwing a vicious glare over at the intruder, Balthazar’s eyes narrowed as he took in the form of Laird Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru was clearly angered. However, his face remained stoic and he called to Jaken.

“Take Lady Kagome back to the palace. I wish to have a word with the Scottish inu.” Sesshomaru growled.

Jaken nodded. “As you wish, my lord. My lady, if you will come along with me.” He squawked. He motioned for Kagome to follow him and waited patiently as she glanced up at Balthazar.

Balthazar was seething. He felt Kagome’s arms contract around his waist and that was the only thing that kept him from lunging at Laird Sesshomaru. Instead, he gently released Kagome and kissed her forehead.

“Go on with ye. Go with tha’ annoyin’ toad. I will be up tae see ye in a while.” Balthazar said, his eyes softly caressing her face.

When she nodded and released him, she walked over to where Jaken stood and then bowed to Lord Sesshomaru.

“Good afternoon, my lord.” Kagome whispered. She knew that he was angry, but why, she really did not know.

“Good afternoon, Kagome. Return to the palace and we will speak of this later.” Sesshomaru replied, his tone even. He would not show her or that damn inu how angry he was. Besides, it was not Kagome’s fault. He had a feeling that she would one day wish to discover if she were capable of loving, but he had always seen himself as the one she came to for such a discovery. Nonetheless, he would not upset her, but he would put a stop to these outings.

Kagome nodded and followed Jaken, leaving the two powerful inus alone. When Sesshomaru turned back to face Balthazar, he saw that the inu had donned his weapons once more.

“Ye had no right to disturb us.” Balthazar growled, his body still throbbing with need. If this kept up, he would have to find a damn wench to take care of the problem quickly.

“Kagome will not be used to satisfy your disgusting agenda. Find yourself some common whore to dally with. You will not touch her ever again.” Sesshomaru said, his eyes locked upon Balthazar’s dark ones.

Balthazar’s hand went to the hilt of his sword. “Angry tha’ it was no’ ye tha’ she went tae? Jealousy doesna’ become ye, Laird Sesshomaru.” He spat. He drew his sword and watched as Sesshomaru drew tokijin.

“Highland inu, I have grown tired of you. You will not be missed.” Sesshomaru growled, and then lunged at the dark inu.

Balthazar easily dodged the attack and rounded on the taiyoukai. Neither male was willing to let the other land the first blow. The sounds of swords clanging echoed throughout the forest and soon attracted the guards.

As the two powerful males fought, they were unaware that they had been surrounded by Lord Ashitaka’s guards and then finally, their host lord appeared.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Ashitaka thundered. He glared at both males and snapped, “Lord Sesshomaru, what is going on?”

“I am simply teaching this inu which one of us is superior.” Sesshomaru calmly said, his eyes never leaving Balthazar.

Balthazar snorted. “Ye are no’ me superior. Ye are no’ even in me class. I am a warrior, ye are nothing but a traitor. Kagome may have forgiven ye, but I ken tha’ it will only be a matter of time before ye betray her again.” He snarled.

Before Sesshomaru could reply, Balthazar shoved his way past the guards, only stopping to throw over his shoulder, “And the next time ye interrupt me time with Kagome, I will no’ hesitate to slaughter ye sorry arse.”

When he was gone, Ashitaka glanced over at Sesshomaru and said, “So, I see that you have competition for the shikon miko’s hand. Tell me, what are you going to do?”

Sesshomaru did not reply. Instead, he sheathed his sword and began to walk towards the palace. Perhaps it was time to inform his co-general about the dark inu’s infatuation.


Inu Yasha sighed and looked up at the sky. It had been several days since he had confronted Kikyo and now that he had said his piece, he felt somewhat better.

“Hi, Kikyo. Going somewhere?” Inu Yasha asked. He watched as the undead miko’s eyes widened and then she stepped back.

“I have not come here to cause trouble, Inu Yasha. I simply wished to pass on information about Naraku.” Kikyo replied, her bow held cautiously in front of her.

“I say we slaughter the bitch and scatter her ashes to the winds.” Kouga growled, his eyes tinting red. He had waited for this minute for a very long time and now that it was here, the mutt had better not fuck it up.

Inu Yasha regarded Kikyo coolly. “I agree.” He said. “But, I want to hear this information that you have. After all, you owe us, Kikyo. You owe us for the trouble you caused. Had it not been for you, our anger would not have been directed at Kagome. You made sure to antagonize us to the point where we would eventually explode, and let me tell you, it worked. So, what is it that you have to say?”

Kikyo looked over at the monk, but his eyes were cold and he, too, was out for blood. Sighing, she said, “Naraku has decided that he wants another go at my reincarnation. He has been spying on her and is just waiting for the right moment to strike, but this time, it isn’t for a quick screw. This time, he wants her as his mate.”

Miroku’s face paled. He shook his head and glanced at Inu Yasha. “Ok, there is no way in hell that we can just stand here and do nothing. I won’t have her put through that again. I would rather Naraku fuck me than Kagome. I am going to go and see Kagome. I will make her listen.” He said, his tone hard.

Kouga nodded in agreement, but it was Inu Yasha who said, “I agree, but we will not approach Kagome. Instead, we will speak with Sesshomaru and tell him what is going on. Kagome doesn’t need to see or talk to us. She needs a life without constant reminders of what happened to her. I won’t hurt her anymore, and I refuse to force myself upon her.”

Both males looked at the hanyou, but then nodded. When he turned back to the undead miko, his face was a mask of ice. “Thank you for the information, Kikyo. But, know this, I hate you. I will not be going to hell with you. You can rot all alone because I will never allow you to come near me or my heart again. I really should kill you, but seeing you standing before me makes me realize just how pathetic you truly are. Get lost, bitch. You have served your purpose.” He snarled.

The three males had turned away and was almost out of ear-shot when Kikyo’s soft voice said, “Not yet, I haven’t. When I have, then I will go back to hell, until then, I am here to stay.”

He didn’t realize it at the time, but now that he thought about that meeting, it was as if Kikyo were trying to make amends in her own way. He also thought back to that day when they had come running back to find Kagome violated. He had thought that he had detected Kikyo’s scent, but had dismissed it to the back of his mind.

As he sat brooding, the others came outside. Sango was sporting a long scar down her cheek. She would carry that scar for the rest of her life as a reminder not to fuck with a berserker. She had also decided to go back to her slaying ways, but would not take any pay for it. She could do the most good by fighting for others as a way of making up for not fighting for Kagome. It would never be enough, but then again, she had many long years to try.

Miroku’s wind tunnel was just itching to be released. He would use it against Naraku and if he had to, he would follow the beast into the void to make sure that he would never harm the young miko ever again. It was a small payment on the large debt that he owed.

Kouga spoke to his two companions and ordered them to return to the tribe. This fight would probably be his last and he wanted to make sure that both Ginta and Hakkaku were safe. He thanked them for their loyalty and wished them well in their lives. Both males were hesitant, but then agreed. They had done all they could and now, it was up to Kouga to fix this mess. The exiled prince of wolves watched as his friends trotted off and he had to bite back a sob. He had made the greatest mistake of his life, but would no longer allow Ginta and Hakkaku to pay for it.

Inu Yasha studied his companions and then shrugged. Well, it was time to go. He gazed over to the west and saw that it was nearly time for the sun to depart for the day.

“Are you ready?” He asked, his tiny ears twitching in anticipation. When they nodded, he sighed. “Alright. Let’s move out.”

They began to journey towards the palace where they would find Sesshomaru. It would be a long journey, but none of them cared. They had all finally accepted their lot in life. Now, it was time to put their personal feelings aside and fight for the young miko who had loved them without condition.


Conner was leaning up against Kagome’s chamber door when he heard the toad squawking about how lovely Kagome looked that day. He allowed a soft smile to cross his lips and when the toad finally departed, he stepped up to the miko and grasped her hands.

“How are you, lass?” He asked, his voice coming out in a purr. He saw her bite her lip and then caught a scent upon her. Taking in a large breath, his eyes narrowed and he had to stifle a growl.

“I think that I may have gotten Balthazar in trouble with Lord Sesshomaru.” She whispered, totally missing the angered gleam in Conner’s eye.

“Why do ye believe tha’, lass?” He asked. He could feel his inu trying to surge forth. Balthazar had touched her, held her against his body. It was the only explanation for why his scent was so strong upon her body.

“Well,” Kagome began, “Balthazar allowed me to touch him to see if I could handle touching another person and he hugged me to show me that I could be touched. But, then Lord Sesshomaru appeared and well, he looked angry.”

Conner regarded the innocent lass before him silently. Finally, he gave her a soft smile and asked, “And, can ye be touched, lass?”

Kagome smiled softly. “Oh, yes. It’s nice to know that Naraku didn’t take that away from me as well. And, I have you and my other guardians to thank for that.” She whispered.

Conner grinned and gently pulled Kagome to his chest. “Ye donna hae tae thank us for anythin’. Ye are worth it all.” He whispered.

A loud snarl snapped Conner to attention and he glared at the dark inu who was strolling towards them.

Kagome paled when she saw both males baring their fangs at each other. What in the world was going on? Why were they so angry at each other?

She was about to speak, but Lady Karin beat her to the punch. “Ye will go tae ye’s chambers and wait for me.” She ordered, her eyes flashing angrily.

Both males glared at the inu female, but were silenced when Griffin stepped forward. “Ye heard Lady Karin. Be off with ye.” He snapped.

Balthazar growled loudly and barked at Griffin to stay the fuck ou’ of his business. Griffin shook his head and barked back at Balthazar tha’ Kagome was his business. The dark inu glared at Conner before turning and looking at Kagome.

“I’m sorry if I got you into trouble.” She whispered, her voice tiny. The dark inu glanced over his shoulder and then gently stroked her cheek, earning himself a snarl from Conner.

“Donna ye worry abou’ me. Ye did nothin’ wrong, lass. I will deal with this and then we can go for another walk.” He replied. He bent forward and kissed her lightly on her forehead before turning and walking towards his chambers. Along the way, he passed Conner and gave him a glare that promised retribution.

Conner glanced at his mother. “When did ye arrive?” He demanded. He didno’ need this.

Karin shrugged and said, “Tha’ is none of ye’s concern. Now, be off with ye.” When her son opened his mouth again, Kagome quickly said, “Please. Just do as she says. I don’t want anyone else to get into trouble.”

Conner gave Kagome a soft smile before turning his back on his mother. He walked down the hall and disappeared, leaving Kagome to face Karin and the other lads.

“I’m sorry.” Kagome said, her eyes filling with tears. “I never meant for this to happen.”

Karin’s eyes softened. “Ye are startin’ tae break ou’ of ye’s shell, wee one. “Tis nothin’ tae be ashamed abou’. However, their actions are no’ of ye’s doin’. Donna think that ye are responsible. Now, Ewan will be guardin’ ye as I speak with Laird Sesshomaru. Donna leave yer chambers, lass.” She said, her tone telling Kagome not to argue.

When the female inu was gone, Kagome glanced at Ewan, who had a large grin on his face. “What is so funny?” She demanded.

Ewan’s grin got wider and he shook his head. “Lass, in all of me years of life, I hae never seen Conner and Balthazar tha’ angry over a lass. Both want ye, and if I am not missing me guess, Laird Sesshomaru is also wantin’ ye as well.”

Kagome paled and shook her head. ‘Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Kagome.’ She thought.

She turned and walked into her chambers. She needed a nap.

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