A Question Of Honor

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When she cried out, Conner quickly was beside her, his large claw running gently through her hair. He murmured to her in a soft voice until she relaxed enough for him to lift her up and into his lap. As he continued to sooth the lass, Balthazar opened the door and stared at him.

“Yer mother said for us to retrieve her if the lass should awake. Do ye want me to fetch her, or do ye have the situation under control?” He asked, his voice gruff.

Conner shook his head. “Let me mother sleep. She has had a long day and this wee one is sure to give her many more. I’ll be dealing with the lass.” He said softly.

Balthazar shook his head. “Ye canna’ do this, lad. Ye canna’ start to care for the lass. She doesna’ need a male sniffing around her nor does she need for tha’ male to start havin’ feelin’s for her.” He said.

Conner shrugged his shoulders. “All I am doin’ is comforting the lass. Tha’ is all, Balthazar.” He replied.

Balthazar snorted and shook his head. “No, ye are lookin’ at the lass with a fool’s eye. She canna return any affection that ye hae for her. She has been dealt a rotten lot and now she must deal with it. Be the lass’s friend, but nothin’ more.” He advised.

Connor lifted his brow. “And since when did ye start carin’ about other’s lives?” He asked.

“Since the lass came under my protection. And she is under yer protection as well. Ye should no’ be thinking of her in any other way other than yer charge. She is still hurtin’ and ye will be doin’ nothin’ more than hurtin’ her if ye persist with ye behavior.” Balthazar said, his eyes narrowed.

Connor simply shook his head. “Go back to yer post, lad. I’ll be fine, and so will the wee one.” He murmured.

Balthazar snorted. ‘In a bloody pig’s eye.’ He thought. However, the large inu closed the door and crossed his arms. Conner was crossing a dangerous bridge and in the end, he would fall. Hell, it was easy to see that the lass was easy on the eyes, but on the inside, the lass was more screwed up than any he had ever met before. Shaking his head, he decided to keep his nose out of it. He had said his peace and he would be damned if he involved himself any more than he already had.

Conner watched Kagome sleep and he could not help the smile that crossed his lips. She was a beautiful creature and it warmed his blood when he held her in his arms. He had felt her breath on his neck when he had held her and he could not help but think how nice it would feel to lay beside her and hold her through the night.

But, he knew that he could not make a move on her, at least not until she had faced her monsters and he came to the decision that he would be at her side, facing those monsters with her. He sat back and closed his eyes. However, the thought of Laird Sesshomaru popped into his head and his eyes quickly opened. He could not stand that arrogant bastard.

However, he was a guest in this keep and he could bite his tongue, for now, at least. He sighed and shook his head. It was clearly going to be a long night.

The next few weeks passed by rather quickly and Kagome had finally begun to show signs of improving. However, she quickly fell silent when a strange male would approach her. It was during these times that her new guardians would step in front of her and ask the intruding male what he wanted.

Sesshomaru had started to take Kagome into the gardens after dinner and would often he would be heard explaining the different varieties of flowers. Though she did not reply to him, she did give him her attention and managed to not shake when in his presence.

But, Kagome’s progress was abruptly cut short. Dageun, Conner, Balthazar, and Payton had all decided that it would be a nice day to take Kagome and the wee ones outside for a picnic. Karin had thought that the idea was a good one and would give Kagome a chance to play with the pups.

Rin and Shippo had grown very close and acted more like brother and sister than friends. Kirara was very careful as their guardian and would often be found curled up next to one of the pups.

Rin and Shippo had started a game of hide-and-go-seek and had chosen Payton to be ‘it’. So, as the large inu began to count, everyone, except Balthazar, ran and hid. Soon, Payton said, “Ready or no’, here I come.” He turned and found Balthazar leaning up against the tree in plain view.

“Damn, ye found me.” Balthazar muttered, his eyes narrowing at Payton. “Gave it yer all, didn’ ye?” Payton asked, his tone dry.

Balthazar shrugged and watched as Payton scented the air. Sighing, he slid down the tree and waited for Payton to find the others.

As Payton dashed about, Kagome slowly slid from her hiding place and watched as Payton found Rin. Seeing her chance, Kagome took off and ran towards the tree that would be considered, ‘safe.’ However, she was not watching where she was going and tripped when her foot hit a rock. Before she could fall to the ground, a pair of strong hands caught her and she looked up, a grateful smile on her lips and as she was about to thank her savior, she gasped and turned pale.

The one who had caught her was Kouga. She slowly backed away, her body beginning to shake and she began to look around wildly. Inu Yasha, Miroku, Sango, Ginta, and Hakkaku joined Kouga and watched as Kagome began to fall apart.

Connor had seen the wolf catch Kagome, but what concerned him was her reaction when she looked at the wolf. Racing forward, he quickly caught Kagome by her arms and turned her to him, her face buried in his chest.

“Who are ye? What do ye want here?” He growled, not caring if he was offending the strangers.

Dageun came trotting up to them and eyed Sango appreciatively. “Good day to ye, lass. May I hae the pleasure of yer name?” He purred, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

Inu Yasha growled at the males, but stepped back when two other males, along with Rin, Shippo, and Kirara joined them.

“Who are ye?” Balthazar repeated, snarling. He glared at the newcomers and allowed his hand to rest on the hilt of his sword.

“I will tell you who they are.” Shippo said quietly. “They are the ones who did this to Kagome. They were supposed to be her friends, and they turned their backs on her and let Naraku hurt her.”

Kagome’s sobs grew in intensity and Conner hugged her tighter. “I am takin’ her back to the keep. They are no’ to follow.” He ordered, knowing full well that Dageun, Balthazar, and Payton would follow his directions.

Shippo looked at Rin. “Come on. Let’s go back to the palace. I don’t feel like playing outside anymore.” He said, taking her arm in his. Kirara turned to follow the pups, but Sango’s voice made her pause.

“Kirara, please. It was a mistake and we are sorry. You are my friend. Don’t walk away from me, please.” She cried, her tears streaming down her face.

Kirara turned and hissed at her former mistress before transforming into her larger form. She turned and ran after the pups.

Dageun shook his head in disgust. “How dare ye come to this keep and show yer faces. Hae you no’ done enough damage to Kagome?” He demanded.

Inu Yasha bristled at the inu’s tone. “Listen here, asshole. My brother is lord of this palace and we can come here any time we wish. Besides, we were not trying to see Kagome. It is Sesshomaru who we want to speak with.” He growled.

The Scottish inus glanced at one another before Payton said, “We will go inform Laird Sesshomaru that ye wish an audience with him. Ye will not be goin’ near the keep.”

Inu Yasha and Kouga looked as though they were about to argue, but Miroku stepped forward.

“We agree to your terms.” He said, not caring if the others got made at him. He had done a lot of thinking and he knew what these new inus were doing. They were watching out for Kagome’s well being. He would not hurt their cause in any way.

The inus nodded and turned. The darker of the three inus glared over his shoulder at them and barred his fangs. It was clear that he did not care for them at all.

Once they were gone, Inu Yasha turned and glared at Miroku. “Why the hell are you on their side? They have no right to tell us what we can and can’t do.” He snarled.

“Did you not see that they surrounded Kagome as soon as we appeared. It is clear that they are guarding her. I will not make their job any harder than what it already is.” Miroku replied, his tone sharp.

“I am glad to see that you recognize that Kagome has certain needs as does her guardians. But, the question remains. Why are you here?” Sesshomaru demanded, as he stepped into the clearing.

Inu Yasha felt his face turn red. “We came because we need your help. We cannot seem to locate Naraku and any time we go near a village, we find that Kikyo has already passed through, spreading the word about what happened.” He explained.

Sesshomaru nodded. He leaned against a tree. “Yes. I am well aware that the dead miko has been running her mouth to any who will listen. It appears that both she and Naraku have gotten over on all of us, using Kagome to strike the first blow.” He replied.

Miroku cleared his throat. “How is Lady Kagome? Before we appeared, it seemed as though she is starting to heal from her ordeal.” He said.

“Her progress has been slow, but she is beginning to focus on the pups and that has taken a lot of the burden off of her shoulders. I have had to send for a healer and it has been because of her efforts that Kagome has come so far in her recovery.” Sesshomaru replied.

Sango shifted from one foot to the other. “We have no where to go. We have not had a decent meal in a very long time. Is there any way that you would allow us to rest? We know that we can’t go near Kagome, but please. I am so tired.” She whispered.

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes. Balthazar had passed by him and warned him that by permitting these beings into the palace would cause Kagome to lose the small amount of trust that she had started to gain. He would not risk losing her faith. Not now, not ever.

“I cannot place you in the palace. However, there is a small hut at the edge of my lands that you are welcomed to use. I will send food to you and you may stay there as long as you wish. However, I must impress upon you that I do not want any of you near Kagome, at any time. Her guards protect her viciously and it is nothing short of a miracle that you were not torn apart on sight.” Sesshomaru said.

Kouga huffed. “I could take them.” He muttered, his tail snapping wildly behind him. Sesshomaru’s golden eyes narrowed on him. “No, wolf. You could not. These inus are not trained as we are. They rely on brute strength and are on my level as far as power goes. Each one of them has his own unique talents and are highly intelligent. There is one among them that take pure delight in the suffering of his opponents. Do not antagonize them.” He snapped.

“Where do they come from?” Sango asked, her eyes wide. She though that they were all handsome, but they dressed funny. They wore clothing that resembled Kagome’s skirts, and the only thing that covered their torsos was a strip of colored cloth, the same color that hung around their waists.

“They come from Scotland. Now, just follow that path behind you and you will soon come upon the cottage.” Sesshomaru directed. He turned and began to walk towards the palace. When he was far enough away, he let out a small sigh. This day could not get much worse.

Conner held Kagome in his lap and slowly rocked her as she drifted off to sleep. He had told the other lads that he would take care of her and he had rolled his eyes at Balthazar when the larger inu rolled his eyes. So what? He cared about Kagome, so why shouldn’t he be able to hold her when she was upset?

He allowed his long tail to wrap around Kagome’s legs, his warmth blanketing her, and he sighed. He heard the door open and he glanced up. His mother was coming toward them slowly and the look in her eyes told him that she wanted to talk.

Me son, we need to be speakin’.” She said, her tone soft. She knew that Connor was beginning to fall for the wee lass. One would have to be blind no’ to see. However, Kagome was still recovering and she would no’ allow anyone, her own son included, to ruin her work.

“Speak, mother.” Connor invited. He watched as his mother sat down and he gave her his attention when she began to speak.

“I know that ye are fallin’ for the lass, Conner. But, ye should know that she is no’ ready for any kind of relationship, especially the relationship that ye are wantin’.” She said.

Conner slowly nodded. “Let me guess. Ye have been speakin’ to Balthazar.” He said. He watched as his mother shook her head.

“Nay. Balthazar has no’ said a word to me, but I have see with me own eyes yer actions towards the lass. Ye will no’ let any of the other lads near her, and ye refuse to part from her side when Laird Sesshomaru comes to collect her for their evening walks. Ye must stop this course of action.” She said.

Conner sighed. “Mother, I do care for the lass, I will no’ deny tha’. But, I willna’ walk away from her. She sleeps peacefully in me arms and I will no’ deny her that peace. I will no’ approach her romantically, but I will continue to hold her.” He replied.

Karin nodded. Ever since Conner had started to hold Kagome throughout the night, she had been getting the rest she had so desperately needed. She got up and reminded him that she would speak with Kagome after she had awoken, and once she had seen him nod, she left the room.

Sesshomaru was leaning up against the wall and saw the healer come out of his ward’s room.

“How is she?” He asked, his eyes straying over to where that Inu, Ewan, was standing. He saw Karin flip her hair over her shoulder and shrug.

“How do ye think the lass is? She saw the ones responsible for her predicament, and she reacted naturally. Thankfully, the lads prevented them from following her.” She replied.

Sesshomaru nodded. “They will not be coming up to the palace. They will be staying in a hut at the end of my lands. I will not let Kagome see them, but I can’t turn my back on my own blood.” He explained.

“That is fine, Laird Sesshomaru, but if the time should ever come that ye should have to decide between yer own blood and Kagome, which one will ye choose?” Karin asked as she turned to walk away.

Sesshomaru stared after the female. Heaven help him if he ever had to choose.


Hae- Have

Canna – Can not

Dinna – Did not

The rest, I am pretty sure that you guys can figure out. I swear, this is harder than trying to incorporate Japanese words into the story.

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