A Question Of Honor

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“Inu Yasha, if you do not slow down, I swear that I will say the magic word and you will be eating dirt for the next week.” Kagome yelled, her voice desperate. Sesshomaru glanced over at his brother, waiting for the hanyou's predictable reaction.

Inu Yasha growled. “What is your problem, bitch? We have to find Naraku and you are slowing us down.” He yelled.

Kouga growled. “For once, I agree with mutt-face. Kagome, we are all tired. Can’t you stop your complaining at least for an hour?” He asked, his tail snapping around in his irritation. For the last week, Kagome had done nothing but whine and chatter about anything and everything that came to her mind. She had to constantly stop, her main complaint was that her feet hurt. At night, she would make little jokes, and he was starting to find that her voice was starting to grate on his nerves.

Kagome blushed. “Look. I have to go, um, somewhere. I will only be a minute, I promise.” She said, throwing her backpack to the ground and running off into the woods.

Sesshomaru merely nodded. “Be quick about it. I wish to make camp soon.” He said, and noticed that Jaken was obediently bobbing his head in agreement. He glanced around at the group and could hear the others talking about how the younger miko was holding them back.

Kikyo nodded. “Yes. Kagome is purposely trying to slow us down. I believe that Kagome fears that should we find Naraku, and kill him, then we will no longer have need of her. She is dependent upon us to make her feel important and it is because we have allowed it that Kagome continues to abuse our generosity.” She said, her hand coming to rest upon Inu Yasha’s shoulder.

For a minute, no one said a word. Then, soft grumbles were heard. Sango and Miroku were whispering to each other and shaking their heads. Sesshomaru had folded his arms and kept silent. Kouga snapped his fangs and growled. However, they all went silent when the miko reemerged. She smiled at all of them and picked up her pack.

“Ok, I am ready. Thank you for waiting.” She said, cheerfully. She began to walk past Inu Yasha, but was yanked back. He got into her face and snarled, “I lead this pack, bitch. Learn your place before I teach it to you.”

Kagome blinked for a minute, but then yanked out of his grip. “SIT!” She yelled, not caring if she hurt anyone’s ears.

Inu Yasha went straight to the ground. Sango glared at Kagome. “Was that really necessary? I swear, sometimes, I think that you look for reasons to do that to him.” She said, her eyes narrowing.

“Yes. It was necessary. He did not need to lay his hands on me, nor did he have to yell in my face.” Kagome replied, confused at Sango’s sudden anger. What in the hell was her problem?

Miroku sighed. “Come. It is getting late. Perhaps a night of sleep will do us some good.” He said. He, too, had been getting tired of listening to Kagome’s endless prattle. He had tried to explain to Kagome that this was serious business and that she should not appear so happy, but her loving and innocent nature simply would not yield to his words. She was very much a child.

After an hour, they had made camp and Kagome announced that she was going to go and fetch some water. After she left, the remaining members look at each other and took the opportunity to talk.

Kikyo looked around and then gave Inu Yasha a soft smile. “Are you alright? I wish that I could remove the subduing spell that she controls you with. It is not right that she can do that to you. She has taken things too far. I am glad that I am not the only one to see it.” She said as her fingers ran through the hanyou’s hair.

Sango sat up straighter. “I wish that there was something we could do that would keep her from being able to subdue him whenever she wishes. It’s like she is punishing a dog, and I, for one, am sick and tired of having to save her ass whenever she gets into trouble.” She grumbled. It was not fair. Inu Yasha only got upset when Kagome did something or said something that might land her in hot water, and the thanks she gave him was to plant his face into the ground.

Kikyo solemnly nodded. “I agree. Kagome does not defend herself because she knows that we will do it for her. We baby her and even though she does not come from this time, she needs to learn how to take care of herself.” She said, giving Sango an approving smile.

Kouga shook his head. “I can’t believe that I wasted all my time chasing her. A damn human girl. What in the hell was I thinking? I could have mated Ayame, a strong wolf youkai warrior, but did I listen to reason? Oh, no. Not me.” He muttered.

“My friend, as all men, you were thinking below your waist.” Miroku replied, his lecherous grin spreading over his lips. A surprised yelp emerged from his lips when Sango slapped him upside his head.

Kouga shook his head. “Well, no more. I am going to tell her that I remove my claim from her. I am a youkai, and she is nothing but a weak woman. I hate weakness, and now, I hate her.” He snarled. He felt used and now, he could see that Kagome had just strung him along. Well, he would show her that it was not nice to mess with a wolf youkai.

Sesshomaru sighed. “I have said it over and over again. Humans, with some exceptions, are not worth our time. As youkai, and even hanyou, we are held to a high standard. This miko, Kagome, is a threat to our success. We need to remove this bane from our group and only then will we be able to defeat Naraku.” He explained, his golden eyes narrowing. He watched as Kikyo nodded in agreement.

“It is agreed then. We need to take care of Kagome before we deal with Naraku, but how?” Kikyo asked, her face thoughtful. She looked at all of the thoughtful faces before her and knew exactly what they were thinking.

For several minutes, no one spoke. Suddenly, Kagome came bouncing back to the camp and happily said, “I have water, so who wants some ramen?” She did not see the glances from her companions, nor did she notice that most of them were glaring at her. To Kagome, all was right in her world.

For the rest of the night, Kagome sat by herself. She was confused as to why everyone was ignoring her. She glanced over at Inu Yasha, but he had his arm around Kikyo’s shoulders and he was talking and laughing with Sango and Miroku. She looked over at Kouga, but he was speaking with Sesshomaru and when she did catch his eye, he barred his fangs at her.

After she went to bed, her companions glanced at each other and then put their plan into action. As Kagome had cleaned up after dinner, they had decided how to deal with the weak, little bitch.

Once she was asleep, Inu Yasha crept over and grabbed her wrists. He yanked her out of her sleeping bag and threw her to the ground. Before she could say a word, a gag was placed into her mouth and she was quickly tied up, bound to the cold ground with no way of freeing herself. Jaken immediately went to her side, his arms crossed and a look of pure malice upon his face. He glanced up and looked at his lord and companions, waiting to hear what they were about to say to her.

When Kagome fully awoke, she looked up with frightened eyes and saw those that she had called friends standing over her.

Kikyo stepped forward. “Kagome, we have been doing some talking and we have all decided that you are a burden to us. Besides being useless, you are loud, and annoying. Therefore, we no longer want you with us.” She said, her tone smug. 'I'm sorry, Kagome, for the crimes that I have committed, though you won't remember any of them. Forgive me my sins and let me leave in peace.'

Kouga waited for Kikyo to step back, before he spoke his piece. “You know, I actually loved you. I claimed you time and time again, but you constantly played me. Well, guess what? Playtime is over. I withdraw my claim from you. I do not want to be anything to you, least of all, your friend. Consider us enemies and I will order my wolves to kill you should you come to my mountain.” He snarled.

Everyone took their turn in telling the little miko how they felt, all save for Sesshomaru, who simply chose not to speak. Finally, Inu Yasha stepped forward and crouched down to the tear-stained face of Kagome. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

“Do you remember that I promised that I would always protect you? Well, like Kouga, I withdraw that promise. You are nothing to me. You are a bitch who has to use subduing beads on me, well, let me tell you this…if you ever subdue me again, I will rip your fucking heart out and feed it to you. You have no more friends here. We don’t want you, and you could never be as good as Kikyo. Kikyo is prettier, stronger, smarter, and she is a hell of a lot more interesting to talk to. We will untie you when we return and you will be escorted back to the well, but once you are shoved into the well, I am going to destroy it. I don’t want you in my life, and I wish that I had never met you.” He said. He released her chin and smirked when she began to sob, and never noticed the saddened look upon the dead miko's face. He looked at Jaken and nodded. The toad smirked and walked over to a tree and sat down underneath it.

Turning to face his comrades, he said, “Let’s go. There is nothing here that we need to take with us. Jaken will make sure that she doesn’t follow us.”

Kagome watched in horror as they walked away from her. Soon, they were gone and she was all alone with that creepy toad.

She had tried several times to free herself, much to Jaken’s amusement. Her mind was numb from their verbal attack and she could not understand what had happened to make them want to hurt her so badly.

As she struggled against her bindings, Kagome detected an aura that made her blood run cold. She looked around, but could not see him. She struggled harder, but could not break the hold that the ropes had on her, she did however, manage to spit the gag, which had become loose, out.

“Jaken!” Kagome whispered, her eyes wide with fear. When the toad glared at her, she said, “Please, another youkai is here. Help me.”

Rolling his eyes, Jaken huffed and sneered, “Your tricks won’t fool me, bitch. Shut your mouth and leave me be.” He watched as her struggles with the ropes began anew.

Kagome stopped her struggles when she heard a chuckle. She turned her head slowly and found herself looking at Naraku. He was dressed in his white pelt and he had a grin upon his lips. Jaken had jumped up and quickly made his way over to her side, his staff swinging wildly before him. However, Naraku simply cocked his eyebrow up at the display and then sent one of his tentacles towards Jaken.

The toad yelped and dodged the tentacle. He forgot all about Kagome and ran off into the forest. Now, she was all alone, and she was terrified.

“Kikyo told me that she had a plan to get you out of her way, but I never thought that she would go through with it. I am simply amazed at how resourceful the woman can be when she sets her mind to do something.” He said, stepping towards the frightened miko.

Kagome could not reply. The gag was quickly replaced and tightened and all she could do was whimper. She watched as he began to peel away his pelt and saw that he was nude underneath it. She began to panic and thrashed around, praying for a miracle.

Naraku watched with interest as the miko struggled. “Yes. Keep on struggling. This way, you will be too tired to fight me when I fuck you senseless.” He laughed.

“Follow your own advice, hanyou. This way, you may die with a smile.” Sesshomaru replied, stepping out from behind a large thicket of trees. Before Naraku could react to this unexpected disruption, Sesshomaru darted forward and allowed Tokijin, the weapon forged from one of Naraku's own children, to impale the vile hanyou, thus ending his threat to his precious miko.

Once he was sure that Naraku was no longer breathing, he turned his attention to Kagome, who was lying on the ground, sobbing. Quickly, he moved to her side, cut her bindings, and pulled the distraught miko into his arms and held her tightly against him.

“I will never allow another to harm you. This I swear to you.” He murmured, his claws running gently through her dark hair. “I would walk into the fires of hell for you and will not allow you to leave me. It is my honor for yours and for you, I gladly give it.”

Kagome heard his words and realized that he had been watching her the entire time she had been tied up. He hadn't left her....not like the others. Closing her eyes, she felt her tears streaming down her face as she realized that she had nearly been raped, but the one she had thought who hated her the most had protected her the most viciously.

Rising to his feet and helping Kagome to hers, Sesshomaru noticed that Jaken returned to the clearing and he allowed a perfect eyebrow to lift. “Remind me, when we return to the palace, to punish you for failing to protect your new lady.” He growled.

At that statement, Jaken paled, as did Kagome. His lady? She felt Sesshomaru lift her into his arms and heard him murmur for her to hold on tightly. Soon, they were running, trees rushing past them in blurs and it was not long before they arrived at where the group was standing, waiting for Naraku to show.

Kagome bit her lip and watched as the others moved around, each in their own thoughts. Sesshomaru's arm tightened around her and he held her to his side before moving forward and into the clearing.

At first, the group seemed stunned, with the exception of Kikyo, who simply looked at her reincarnation with eyes that were gentle. Now, her reincarnation could live the life she had never had the chance to have and it would be a happy one.

Inu Yasha, Kouga, Miroku, and Sango glared at Sesshomaru before Inu Yasha snapped, “Why is she here? She is going to ruin everything.”

Kagome turned her face into Sesshomaru's side and sobbed. They were not her friends. That much was clear. However, Sesshomaru's hand rubbed soothingly on her back and she heard him say, “That is enough, Inu Yasha. It is because of Kagome that the hanyou is now dead.”

The group was silent, but then Kikyo asked, “So, you killed Naraku before he could do any harm?” When Sesshomaru nodded, she smiled and walked towards Kagome. Standing before her reincarnation, she reached out and grasped Kagome's hand. “I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for all that I have done. I changed much with my wish, but there is one fact that can't be changed. I give you back the small part of your soul that I carry within my body. It was because of my encouragement that the others left you behind. I knew what Naraku was going to do. I wanted you out of the way, and I got what I wanted, but at a terrible price. I am not asking for your forgiveness, but that you let me return to the Earth, peacefully.” She said.

Kagome stared at the older miko and watched as she turned and began to walk away. However, her words reached Kikyo's ears and made the dead miko's heart lurch painfully. “I forgive you.” Kagome whispered, knowing that even though she didn't ask for it, Kikyo needed to be forgiven.

Walking to the top of the hill that overlooked the clearing, Kikyo ignored Inu Yasha's shouts that she didn't have to leave. However, she did want him to know something. “I love you, Inu Yasha. I always have and always will. I wish that you and I could have had a life together.” She said, turning to glance back at the silver-haired hanyou with tears streaming down her face. “It would have been such a beautiful life.”

Before anyone could stop her, Kikyo reached behind her, grasped an arrow, and plunged it into the spot where her heart would have been. She could hear the hanyou screaming his sorrow, but smiled as she caught her reincarnation's eyes. Oh, her next life would be so wonderful....she just knew it.

Kagome watched as a small orb flew from Kikyo's crumbling body and headed straight for her. When the orb entered into her body, Kagome smiled. She could feel Kikyo around her, and understood that it was not hate that her incarnation held for her, but jealousy. However, she was quickly brought back to the present when Sesshomaru bent down and whispered to her that they were leaving.

The couple turned, and Kagome heard Inu Yasha yell out to her that it was her fault that Kikyo felt that she had to die. Sesshomaru, however, would not allow such a statement to be said without consequences. Kagome found herself alone and turned to see Sesshomaru holding his younger brother by the throat and against a tree. “Never speak to my mate in such ways again. Did you not listen to a word the dead miko said? She planned for Naraku to rape and torture Kagome, and your group here helped. Kikyo used the shikon jewel to bring me back here and save Kagome before it could happen. This time, none shall harm her, not even you.” He snarled.

He threw the hanyou to the ground and walked away, but stopped before the wolf and said, “Kagome never agreed to be your mate. Get over it. She offered you friendship and nothing more. You have no honor, Kouga. If you had, you would have respected her wishes and moved on.”

Kouga opened his mouth to reply, but quickly shut it. Sesshomaru was right. He glanced over at Kagome and winced. He was going to apologize, but upon seeing just how angry Sesshomaru was, he thought better of it and decided to let Kagome calm down before they talked.

As he walked by Sango and Miroku, he shook his head and said, “Some friends. I am sure your fathers would both be very proud of you.”

Sango paled. Her father would have disowned her for what she did. A slayer protected the weak, and she had done the exact opposite. Miroku, too, felt as though he had been punched in the stomach. His father had been a gentleman, though he often got slapped, and would never have approved of his actions against Kagome. In fact, he probably would have used his own wind tunnel against his own son for the crime that was committed.

They watched as Sesshomaru rejoined Kagome and brought her against him once more. The look on Kagome's face was one of total betrayal and when he bent down and whispered to her, she nodded and allowed him to lead her from the clearing.

Inu Yasha moved to stand beside Kouga, and watched as Miroku and Sango came to greet them. “Well, it would appear that something happened and that a second chance was given to correct it.” Miroku mused.

Sango nodded and bit her lip. “We had better catch up to them. Now that Naraku is dead, I want to find Kohaku and deal with him.” She said, lifting her weapon up and placing it on her back.

The others nodded and hurried to catch up with Sesshomaru and Kagome. The tension in the group was much different now and four pairs of eyes watched as the normally cold taiyoukai cuddled the small miko against him, shielding her from the cool night air.

The next few days were filled with activity and Kagome found that Sesshomaru was a very attentive suitor. He didn't interfere with what she wanted to do, but would stand watch over her to ensure that nothing harmed her. They found Kohaku and freed him. It was an emotional time for Sango, and though she and Kagome were not as close as before, Kagome comforted her and held her hand as the shard was taken out of Kohaku's back.

Kagome managed to find forgiveness for the group, but would not allow herself to be as friendly with them as before. Sesshomaru finally sat her down and explained his intentions to her and she gulped. Being his lady was going to be hard, but worth it if she could give Shippo and Rin the family that they both deserved.

A month after Naraku's death, a mating ceremony was held as Kagome and Sesshomaru joined together. Every noble in Japan was in attendance and Kouga had arrived with Ayame on his arm. Both decided that it was within their respective tribe's interest to mate, and so, they joined, but didn't have a large ceremony to celebrate it.

Sango and Miroku married and while it was a happy union, Sango complained that she was bored and decided to begin training new slayers. Miroku worked as a monk at a local shrine and counseled the local villagers. They, too, were in attendance for the mating ceremony.

The only one who did not appear was Inu Yasha. He decided to stay and protect the village while Kaede attended and didn't want to stray too far from Kikyo's graveside. He knew that one day, he would have to move on, but for the moment, he was content to mourn her, just as he should have done long ago.

He did send a mating present. It was his beads, save for one bead. that Kagome took off of him right after Naraku's death and he wanted her to know that by him having that one bead, they were still connected. Now, he wore that one bead around his neck as a reminder of Kagome and he realized that knowing that Kikyo had loved him and was happy when she died again made the loss bearable.

Now, as Kagome and Sesshomaru stood before their peers, they proclaimed their pledges to one another and were soon introduced as Lord and Lady of the Western Lands. As the cheers rose from the spectators, Sesshomaru led Kagome down the long isle and out of the ballroom.

The celebration would last for exactly three days, and in those days, he and Kagome would be expected to produce an heir. And, they did not disappoint.

As she grew bigger with their unborn pup, Kagome could often be found, late at night, on the balcony and staring up at the sky. Often, he would join her, allowing his claws to gently rub her extended belly as he held her to him.

Finally, the curiosity of what she was thinking about got the best of him and he asked her what she was thinking about one night. At first, all she did was smile as she stared up at the moon. Finally, she turned to him, her eyes twinkling brightly and she said, “Friends. Friends that I have never met, but who I know care for me greatly.”

Sesshomaru slowly nodded. Yes, he remembered her friends and knew that though they were in Scotland, if they should ever meet again, they would come to care for her just as much as they did before. Reaching down, he grasped her hand and gently tugged on it.

“Come. It is time for you to come inside. You and our pup need rest and I won't have you tiring yourself out. At least without my help.” He said, his tone suggestive. He heard her giggle and watched as she moved past him and into their chambers. He glanced up at the moon and for once, was grateful for all they had gone through. He now realized that life was fleeting and he would have to hold onto his family with both hands or else they could be taken away.

He heard his young mate call out to him, and he turned, but before he left the balcony, he wondered what the scots were doing. It was because of them that Kagome had found her way again. He owed them much, and wished them nothing but the best.

Entering his chambers, he slowly closed the doors to the balcony and joined his mate upon their bed. His family, lands, and honor were all in tact. This is how it should have been all along.

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