A Question Of Honor

BY : KogasAngel
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Kagome sighed and stared at the ground. Everything was such a mess lately. Conner and Balthazar refused to speak to each other, but did stop every now and then to snarl at each other. Conner was fighting with his mother and Griffin. Sesshomaru would not speak to Conner unless absolutely necessary and when it came to Balthazar, he refused to speak at all.

Now, she sat in the garden alone and wondered if it would be best if she were to return to her own time. It would certainly solve a lot of problems. But, she knew Sesshomaru. Despite all of the problems, he would never allow her to return, even if she wanted to. He would demand that she stay with him so that he could continue to protect her.

When they were near her, they were very polite, but cold. Even Balthazar, who had become her greatest source of comfort, was cool. Because of her, the friendship between Conner and Balthazar was gone, and the camaraderie that should have been between Sesshomaru and her two guardians was never going to emerge.

Kagome felt alone, in many ways. The males often ignored her, and only spoke when she spoke to them. She didn't want to be a bother, but the dreams had come back, and were getting more violent each night. Each night, she would wake up, sweaty and sobbing, only to find that she was all alone.

She looked up when her maid came to her and told her that it was time for bed and that she needed to take her bath. Standing slowly, her head hung and she quietly followed the girl, praying that on this night, she would be able to sleep.


Balthazar swung his sword and growled loudly when he realized that his swings were off. His mind had been occupied lately with murderous thoughts of how he would dispose of Sesshomaru, and how much pain he could inflict on Conner. Both males were stepping on his toes as far as Kagome went and that was a problem; for both him and his youkai.

When he was finished in the dojo, Balthazar sheathed his sword and walked out of the room, intent on heading to the hot springs. His loins were killing him and if he didn't do something to relieve them, he would be in pain. Well, until he mated, he was free to bed any wench he desired.

Stalking down the hall, he found what he was looking for when he spotted a wench standing beside the door to the hot springs. He saw her glance over at him and could instantly detect her arousal. Growling softly, he made his way towards her, and grabbed her arm before pulling her into the hot spring behind him.

The wench giggled a lot, but that did not matter to Balthazar. He was in a lot of pain and the only thought that crossed his mind was getting rid of the pain that seemed to live within his testicles. When they were both undressed, he led the wench into the water and began to sate his desire.

However, when the door slid open, he snarled at the intruder, and found himself looking into the shocked and hurt gaze of Kagome. Before he could say a word, she slammed the door, and ran down the hall.

He quickly climbed out, ignoring the protests of the aroused female in the spring, and grabbed his clothing. Dressing quickly and cursing underneath his breath, he grabbed up his sword and shot out of the hot spring in search of the young human. He followed her scent and came to her door, but growled when he found it locked.

Knocking on the hard wood, Balthazar said, “Kagome, lass. Open the door.” When he got no response, he knocked harder, and was greeted with silence.

Sighing, he turned and found himself looking into Conner's eyes, and they were tinted red. “I see tha' the lass has denied yer request. Tell me, lad. How does it fell tae ken tha' ye were rejected?” He asked, his tone mocking.

Balthazar's own eyes began to bleed red and he growled. “Tha' is none of yer business. I donna see the lass at yer side, either.” He snapped.

Neither male noticed that Karin and the other lads were coming down the hall, their expressions concerned.

“Canna ye lads no' fight?” She asked, her tone weary. She glanced at both males and sighed. “The lass will decide which of ye she wants when she is ready. Until then, let her alone.”

Ewan nodded. “Aye. Ye are lads. Ye should no' be at yer throats.” He said. When the two males glanced at him, he gave them a large grin, and shook his head.

Conner growled and then turned on his heel, leaving Balthazar to deal with his mother. When he was gone, Balthazar turned and shook his head. “I hae made a big mistake, Lady Karin.” He said, his long tail waving wildly behind him.

Karin cocked her head and narrowed her eyes. “Ye dinna bed the lass, did ye?” She demanded.

“I was abou' tae bed a lass, but it was no' Kagome. I was hurtin', Lady Karin. Damn it, I am a male and it has been a verra long time since I last tupped. I had tae do somethin' and she caught me with a wench.” He replied, scowling.

Karin slowly nodded. “Give her time, lad. For now, leave the lass alone.” She advised. “For now, go back to yer room and rest. Tomorrow is goin' tae be a long day.”

Balthazar nodded and turned, but his eyes strayed to Kagome's door, and he hoped that he had not just broken a very fragile trust between them.


Kagome felt her body drifting. She knew that she didn't have the ability to fly, but for some reason, it felt as though she were drifting on air, and it felt nice. The cool air and night sounds filtered through her tired brain and cool water hit her legs, making her shiver a bit, but because of the muggy night air, she didn't mind at all. In fact, it felt good.

Suddenly, harsh voices filtered through the night air and she became aware of loud splashing. She frowned, and willed those sounds to depart and leave her to her peaceful dream.

When large hands encircled her waist and hoisted her out of the water, a soft whimper escaped her lips and she felt saddened that her calm dream was being disrupted. This was the first time in several nights that she was resting peacefully, and now, it was gone.

She felt something soft encircle her shoulders and then felt something furry wrap around the backs of her knees as she was hoisted up against something hard. Whimpering again, she turned into the warmth that she was resting against, and reached out to touch the wall, and realized that it felt silky.

A soft growl eased her, soothed her back into her slumber and she sighed. Well, this was better than nothing and she was so damn tired.


Sesshomaru stared down at the miko and allowed a frown to cross his perfect features. Had it not been for the guards alerting him to Kagome's wandering, there would have been a good possibility that she may have drowned.

When he arrived at Ashitaka's lake, he was shocked to find Kagome asleep, and mumbling about how they were disturbing her, and that she wanted everyone to be quiet. He noticed that her guardians were absent, and that meant that they were not watching her.

When handed to him, Sesshomaru quickly placed the blanket that a guard handed to him around her shoulders, shielding her from the curious eyes of the guards who were staring at her pretty, long legs that were on display in her short sleeping gown. But, the most surprising event happened when as soon as he lifted her up into his arm and tail, she snuggled into his chest, her tiny hand placed above his heart and clutching at his silk kimono.

To have the young miko so close to him, trusting in his strength, made him feel more powerful than ever. He noticed that the guards were staring at him and he growled, letting them know that he was still dangerous and would not hesitate to prove it.

The guards moved quickly and followed him back to the palace where they were met by Karin and Ashitaka.

Stepping forward, Karin's eyes were full of concern and she asked, “Where did ye find her?”

In a tight voice, Sesshomaru replied, “She was standing in the lake, and it appears that she was sleepwalking. Tell me, where are her so-called guardians?”

Karin cringed a bit, but straightened her shoulders. “The lads have all been sent to their chambers. This rift between Conner and Balthazar is takin' it's toll on everyone.” She said, her tone telling him that she, too, was feeling exhausted.

He did not say another word. Instead, he moved past the female healer and his host, and walked to the stairs. He climbed the stairs, his eyes moving over the soft woman in his arms. As he walked, he noticed that Kagome's breathing was becoming harsher, and he wondered if she were having a night terror.

His answer soon came when she began to scream, and he soon felt her miko energy burning his skin and he managed to place her on the ground before she purified him. Terrified voices filled the night air and it was then that her guardians decided to show themselves.

Kagome's voice echoed throughout the palace and she began to writhe on the ground, her nails scraping against the hard stone floor. As Sesshomaru and the others watched, her body began to convulse and her eyes opened, revealing a brilliant pink color and telling the youkai around her that should they touch her, they would be purified instantly.

Conner's eyes were trained upon Kagome, and he nervously asked, “Wha' is wrong with her, mother? Why is she doin' this?”

Karin's beautiful face was ashen and she slowly shook her head. “I donna ken, lad. I honestly donna ken.” She whispered.

Kagome's body began to shake, and she slowly turned her head and stared directly at a youkai and narrowed her eyes. When she opened her mouth, her voice was low and rough; in fact, it was the exact same voice that she used when dealing with Lady Minya.

“Never again. Never, ever again, Naraku!” She snarled, and released a blast of her miko energy straight towards the youkai, hitting him in his chest and repelling him backwards and away from her, down the stairs and out of sight.

The youkai tumbled down the stairs and landed in a heap at the bottom and didn't move. Kagome stood up, swaying dangerously and attempted to go after him, but before she could take another step, she abruptly stopped and her eyes shut, then she fell silently to the ground without uttering another word. The pink glow faded and soon, all that was left behind was a young miko, shivering and whimpering.

Balthazar quickly stepped forward and despite being warned to be careful, he stooped and picked the whimpering young female up, ignoring the growl from Sesshomaru and snarl from Conner. Head held high, he walked by the youkai that had gathered at the top of the stairs and ignored their whispers.

As he walked to her chambers, he allowed his tail to wrap around her, effectively wiping away Sesshomaru's scent from her body and replacing it with his own. Once they were securely inside of her chambers, he walked to the bed and didn't stop until they were both upon it, nestled together. Her whimpers had stopped and she was now breathing evenly, calm.

Locked in his arms, Balthazar watched the miko and allowed a frown to cross his face.
What had set the lass off? She attacked a youkai for no reason, but perhaps that particular youkai resembled or smelled like this Naraku bastard. Either way, in the morrow, he would begin his research of this hanyou named Naraku. He would find a way to defeat the one who took away Kagome's light. He would slay the monster who haunted her and then, when she was free, he would claim her in every way that matter; as his mate.


Walking down the stairs to lend aid to the youkai whom Kagome had attacked, the remaining youkai were stunned to find that there was no body, but a small wooden statue. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed. That statue was something that Naraku used, but this puppet didn't have his scent. Was it possible that Naraku found a way to mask his scent?

Picking up the broken puppet, he examined it and then turned to show it to Lady Karin. “Naraku uses these wooden puppets as a way of escaping battle. I have encountered many of them, and they are just as dangerous as Naraku, himself. He has managed to get one past us, and has clearly found a way to disguise his scent. Kagome saw right through him, and showed herself to him. Now, he knows that the shikon miko is still a threat, and now, he will try harder to destroy her.”

Karin nodded slowly. “Aye. She willna' be left alone, but ye and I need tae be talkin'. The wench named Kikyo spoke with me, and I think tha' ye need tae be hearin' wha' she had tae say.”

Sesshomaru nodded and led her to the study and closed the door behind them, cutting themselves off from everyone else; including Karin's protective mate. Snarling, Griffin turned and stormed up the stairs and walked into his and Karin's chambers. He didn't trust Sesshomaru and he didn't like his woman being alone with the cold laird. He would have to explain tae Karin his concerns.


Naraku screamed as he stomped through his dilapidated palace. He didn't acknowledge the dead guards, nor did he care to look at Kanna or Kohaku. Instead, he thundered down the stairs and headed straight for the cell that held his favorite toy: Kagura.

He glared at her through the bars and watched as she tried to lift her head, but failed miserably. Clearly, he had made his point about betraying him, but he was far from done. He would not stop with just beating the bitch. No. He had something more devious in mind. He would make sure that the slut never rode the wind again. She was always going on and on about how one day, she and the wind would be one, but for now, she would know pain. And, he was about to strike.

Reaching over, he grasped an ax handle, but noted that the blade was missing. Shrugging, he entered the cell and sneered at the pitiful witch. “It's time for another lesson, Kagura.” He snapped, raising his arm over his head and when she finally looked up at him, he allowed his arm to fall, using the handle to strike her legs with deadly accuracy.

Because her throat was so sore from the last time Naraku beat her, she could not make even a whimper, but instead, allowed her mouth to fall open in a silent scream. As the blows continued to fall, she blacked out and allowed the merciful darkness to sweep her into oblivion.

While Naraku dealt his blows, Kanna was kneeling at the door, listening to the violent assault that Kagura was enduring. She had always believed that her loyalty should lie with Naraku, but now, she decided that it was time to make him fear.

Standing up, she walked past Kohaku, who simply stared at her, and didn't say a word. Like her, he was also fed up. She walked into Naraku's private chambers and walked to the the back wall and fell to her knees in front of a small panel at the bottom of that wall. Sliding the panel open, she reached in and grasped a box, then closed the panel and walked quietly from the room; the box secured underneath her arm.

She took with her only the box and her mirror. By the time she got done with Naraku, he would rue the day he laid his hands upon her beloved sister. He would find that Kagura's big sister was going to teach him the hardest lesson of all: Payback was a bitch.

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