A Question Of Honor

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Sesshomaru glared at the three males that sat before him before saying, “Naraku is a problem that must be eradicated quickly.”

The elder inu youkai, Aramis, glanced at the youkai lord and asked, “Are you doing this for the good of the lands, or because of what the hanyou did to the miko that is now under your care”

Sesshomaru glared at the male, but before he could reply, another inu spoke up. “Yes, my lord. We know what happened to the miko who now resides within your walls. Word that the shikon miko has been defiled has spread like wild fire through all of the territories. They say that the last hope for Naraku’s defeat was dashed due to the betrayal of the shikon miko at the hands of her comrades.” He said, his deep voice scathing as he glared at the youkai lord.

“If you have something to say, Lirasue, say it now or keep quiet.” Sesshomaru growled, his patience stretched thin.

“Fine. I will say what my companions will not. How can you demand that we join you in an endeavor when it is now senseless? The shikon miko is no longer pure. You and your comrades saw to that when you betrayed the girl. Yes, she is human and normally, I would not give a damn about humans, but this girl is an exception. Without her purity, she will not be able to purify the shikon jewel, meaning that it will stay tainted and in the possession of Naraku. The only reason why you need our help is because you recognize that without an army to stand behind you and your group, it will be suicide to go up against him. So, because of everything that we know, I do not feel that placing my soldiers in harm’s way due to a crime committed by you and yours would be beneficial to me. Therefore, my answer is no, Lord Sesshomaru.” Lirasue said, his gray eyes trained on Sesshomaru’s golden ones.

The other two inus glanced at each other and then looked at Sesshomaru. “We, too, feel the same way. We will not assist those who trespassed against the shikon miko. To do so would bring great evil against our own people and we will not risk it.” Aramis said as he stood up with the other inu lords.

Sesshomaru sat back in his chair and watched as the inu lords left his study. He had known this would happen. He and the others were seen as traitors for allowing harm come to Kagome. With a sigh, he turned and faced the window. He could remember that day clearly.


“Inu Yasha, if you do not slow down, I swear that I will say the magic word and you will be eating dirt for the next week.” Kagome yelled, her voice desperate.

Inu Yasha growled. “What is your problem, bitch? We have to find Naraku and you are slowing us down.” He yelled.

Kouga growled. “For once, I agree with mutt-face. Kagome, we are all tired. Can’t you stop your complaining at least for an hour?” He asked, his tail snapping around in his irritation. For the last week, Kagome had done nothing but whine and chatter about anything and everything that came to her mind. She had to constantly stop, her main complaint was that her feet hurt. At night, she would make little jokes, and he was starting to find that her voice was starting to grate on his nerves.

Kagome blushed. “Look. I have to go, um, somewhere. I will only be a minute, I promise.” She said, throwing her backpack to the ground and running off into the woods.

Sesshomaru had snarled, “And why is it that we are allowing a human girl to lead us? The girl has been nothing but a nuisance.” Glancing down, his retainer was bobbing his head up and down in agreement.

Kikyo nodded. “Yes. Kagome is purposely trying to slow us down. I believe that Kagome fears that should we find Naraku, and kill him, then we will no longer have need of her. She is dependent upon us to make her feel important and it is because we have allowed it that Kagome continues to abuse our generosity.” She said, her hand coming to rest upon Inu Yasha’s shoulder.

For a minute, no one said a word. Then, soft grumbles were heard. Sango and Miroku were whispering to each other and shaking their heads. Sesshomaru had folded his arms and offered to teach the miko a very painful lesson in respect. Kouga had snapped his fangs and growled. However, they all went silent when the miko reemerged. She smiled at all of them and picked up her pack.

“Ok, I am ready. Thank you for waiting.” She said, cheerfully. She began to walk past Inu Yasha, but was yanked back. He got into her face and snarled, “I lead this pack, bitch. Learn your place before I teach it to you.”

Kagome blinked for a minute, but then yanked out of his grip. “SIT!” She yelled, not caring if she hurt anyone’s ears.

Inu Yasha went straight to the ground. Sango glared at Kagome. “Was that really necessary? I swear, sometimes, I think that you look for reasons to do that to him.” She said, her eyes narrowing.

“Yes. It was necessary. He did not need to lay his hands on me, nor did he have to yell in my face.” Kagome replied, confused at Sango’s sudden anger. What in the hell was her problem?

Miroku sighed. “Come. It is getting late. Perhaps a night of sleep will do us some good.” He said. He, too, had been getting tired of listening to Kagome’s endless prattle. He had tried to explain to Kagome that this was serious business and that she should not appear so happy, but her loving and innocent nature simply would not yield to his words. She was very much a child.

After an hour, they had made camp and Kagome announced that she was going to go and fetch some water. After she left, the remaining members look at each other and took the opportunity to talk.

Kikyo looked around and then gave Inu Yasha a soft smile. “Are you alright? I wish that I could remove the subduing spell that she controls you with. It is not right that she can do that to you. She has taken things too far. I am glad that I am not the only one to see it.” She said as her fingers ran through the hanyou’s hair.

Sango sat up straighter. “I wish that there was something we could do that would keep her from being able to subdue him whenever she wishes. It’s like she is punishing a dog, and I, for one, am sick and tired of having to save her ass whenever she gets into trouble.” She grumbled. It was not fair. Inu Yasha only got upset when Kagome did something or said something that might land her in hot water, and the thanks she gave him was to plant his face into the ground.

Kikyo solemnly nodded. “I agree. Kagome does not defend herself because she knows that we will do it for her. We baby her and even though she does not come from this time, she needs to learn how to take care of herself.” She said, giving Sango an approving smile.

Kouga shook his head. “I can’t believe that I wasted all my time chasing her. A damn human girl. What in the hell was I thinking? I could have mated Ayame, a strong wolf youkai warrior, but did I listen to reason? Oh, no. Not me.” He muttered.

“My friend, as all men, you were thinking below your waist.” Miroku replied, his lecherous grin spreading over his lips. A surprised yelp emerged from his lips when Sango slapped him upside his head.

Kouga shook his head. “Well, no more. I am going to tell her that I remove my claim from her. I am a youkai, and she is nothing but a weak woman. I hate weakness, and now, I hate her.” He snarled. He felt used and now, he could see that Kagome had just strung him along. Well, he would show her that it was not nice to mess with a wolf youkai.

Sesshomaru sighed. “I have said it over and over again. Humans, with some exceptions, are not worth our time. As youkai, and even hanyou, we are held to a high standard. This miko, Kagome, is a threat to our success. We need to remove this bane from our group and only then will we be able to defeat Naraku.” He explained, his golden eyes narrowing.

“It is agreed then. We need to take care of Kagome before we deal with Naraku, but how?” Kikyo asked, her face thoughtful. She looked at all of the thoughtful faces before her and fought the urge to smirk. This was going better than she had hoped. They were all naive little fools.

For several minutes, no one spoke. Suddenly, Kagome came bouncing back to the camp and happily said, “I have water, so who wants some ramen?” She did not see the glances from her companions, nor did she notice that they were all glaring at her. To Kagome, all was right in her world.

For the rest of the night, Kagome sat by herself. She was confused as to why everyone was ignoring her. She glanced over at Inu Yasha, but he had his arm around Kikyo’s shoulders and he was talking and laughing with Sango and Miroku. She looked over at Kouga, but he was speaking with Sesshomaru and when she did catch his eye, he barred his fangs at her.

After she went to bed, her companions glanced at each other and then put their plan into action. As Kagome had cleaned up after dinner, they had decided how to deal with the weak, little bitch.

Once she was asleep, Inu Yasha crept over and grabbed her wrists. He yanked her out of her sleeping bag and threw her to the ground. Before she could say a word, a gag was placed into her mouth and she was quickly tied up, bound to the cold ground with no way of freeing herself. Jaken immediately went to her side, his arms crossed and a look of pure malice upon his face. He glanced up and looked at his lord and companions, waiting to hear what they were about to say to her.

When Kagome fully awoke, she looked up with frightened eyes and saw those that she had called friends standing over her.

Kikyo stepped forward. “Kagome, we have been doing some talking and we have all decided that you are a burden to us. Besides being useless, you are loud, and annoying. Therefore, we no longer want you with us.” She said, her tone smug. ‘Yes, fear us, bitch. But, what we do will be nothing compared to what Naraku is going to do. After you break, that will end this silly game.’ She thought.

Kouga waited for Kikyo to step back, before he spoke his piece. “You know, I actually loved you. I claimed you time and time again, but you constantly played me. Well, guess what? Playtime is over. I withdraw my claim from you. I do not want to be anything to you, least of all, your friend. Consider us enemies and I will order my wolves to kill you should you come to my mountain.” He snarled.

Everyone took their turn in telling the little miko how they felt, all save for Sesshomaru, who simply did not care. Finally, Inu Yasha stepped forward and crouched down to the tear-stained face of Kagome. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

“Do you remember that I promised that I would always protect you? Well, like Kouga, I withdraw that promise. You are nothing to me. You are a bitch who has to use subduing beads on me, well, let me tell you this…if you ever subdue me again, I will rip your fucking heart out and feed it to you. You have no more friends here. We don’t want you, and you could never be as good as Kikyo. Kikyo is prettier, stronger, smarter, and she is a hell of a lot more interesting to talk to. We will untie you when we return and you will be escorted back to the well, but once you are shoved into the well, I am going to destroy it. I don’t want you in my life, and I wish that I had never met you.” He said. He released her chin and smirked when she began to sob. He looked at Jaken and nodded. The toad smirked and walked over to a tree and sat down underneath it.

Turning to face his comrades, he said, “Let’s go. There is nothing here that we need to take with us. Jaken will make sure that she doesn’t follow us.”

Kagome watched in horror as they walked away from her. Soon, they were gone and she was all alone with that creepy toad.

She sat still for several hours, and had tried several times to free herself, much to Jaken’s amusement. Her mind was numb from their verbal attack and she could not understand what had happened to make them want to hurt her so badly.

As she struggled against her bindings, Kagome detected an aura that made her blood run cold. She looked around, but could not see him. She struggled harder, but could not break the hold that the ropes had on her, she did however, manage to spit the gag, which had become loose, out.

“Jaken!” Kagome whispered, her eyes wide with fear. When the toad glared at her, she said, “Please, another youkai is here. Help me.”

Rolling his eyes, Jaken huffed and sneered, “Your tricks won’t fool me, bitch. Shut your mouth and leave me be.” He watched as her struggles with the ropes began anew.

Kagome stopped her struggles when she heard a chuckle. She turned her head slowly and found herself looking at Naraku. He was dressed in his white pelt and he had a grin upon his lips. Jaken had jumped up and quickly made his way over to her side, his staff swinging wildly before him. However, Naraku simply cocked his eyebrow up at the display and then sent one of his tentacles towards Jaken.

The toad yelped and dodged the tentacle. He forgot all about Kagome and ran off into the forest. Now, she was all alone, and she was terrified.

“Kikyo told me that she had a plan to get you out of her way, but I never thought that she would go through with it. I am simply amazed at how resourceful the woman can be when she sets her mind to do something.” He said, stepping towards the frightened miko.

Kagome could not reply. The gag was quickly replaced and tightened and all she could do was whimper. She watched as he began to peel away his pelt and saw that he was nude underneath it. She began to panic and thrashed around, praying for a miracle.

Naraku watched with interest as the miko struggled. “Yes. Keep on struggling. This way, you will be too tired to fight me when I fuck you senseless.” He laughed.

Kagome tried to scream as the hanyou stepped closer to her, but the gag muffled all of her attempts. Suddenly, he was on top of her, and Kagome’s world went black. The last thing that ran through her mind was, ‘They did this to me! They betrayed me!”

When they had reached the clearing, Inu Yasha turned to Kikyo. “Alright. We are at the clearing, so where is the bastard?” He asked.

Kikyo shrugged. “I am sure that he will be here. Use this time to get ready.” She said, her eyes narrowing.

Miroku took that opportunity to turn and walk over to a tree. His stomach was in knots and he could not help but feel guilty over what they had done to Kagome. He knew that she was not a threat to them, but what they had done to her went beyond cruel. He had not participated in the confrontation with cruel words, but he did tell her that her immaturity was going to be her damnation one day. All that girl had ever wanted to do was comfort them. He had to wonder if the blow that they had delivered to her innocence had been a fatal one. Would she look upon them with those loving eyes of hers, or did they do their job well enough to make her shy away from them and others? He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the tree. Oh, yeah. He felt incredibly dirty.

Sango watched as Miroku delved into his thoughts. Her own thoughts turned to Kagome. She looked down at the ground as her hateful words came rushing back to her and she sighed. She had no reason to attack Kagome the way that she did, and had it been her, if Inu Yasha had called her a bitch, she would have punched him, so perhaps Kagome had a right to subdue him after all. When they returned to where Kagome was, she would apologize and hope that Kagome forgave her. After all, they were sisters, and sisters stick together. Besides, she could argue that they were only concerned for her safety.

Kouga glared at the ground. Damn it, he was not going to feel bad. No, he was not. He had said the truth. But, while he knew that Kagome never offered him anything more than friendship, he still felt that she owed him something.

Sesshomaru watched his companions as they all came to terms with how they treated the little miko. He knew that they felt guilty. For the moment, it had felt good to see her in such pain, but now, all he could see were those sorrow-filled eyes as she listened to their harsh words. Damn it, he was turning into his father. Why should he care about a stupid little miko? After all, she was only human.

Inu Yasha took in a few deep breaths. He wanted to be ready and calm before he dealt with Naraku, but his mind kept going back to Kagome. In all of their travels together, and all of the times he had broken her trust, she had never turned on him the way he had just turned on her. However, he was being serious about her subduing him. No. Now was not the time to feel badly over what he told Kagome. It was better this way. He could send her back to her own time and forget her, and he could have his life with Kikyo.

Suddenly, he snapped his head up and saw Naraku standing in a tree across the field. He was not wearing the baboon mask, and he wore a satisfied smile upon his face.

Leaping down, Naraku turned his red gaze to each one of them before looking at Kikyo, who had separated herself from the group.

“I must say, Kikyo. Your plan was perfect. She was a tasty, little virgin.” Naraku cooed, his eyes darting over to see Inu Yasha’s reaction.

Inu Yasha stood dumbstruck. He had heard Naraku’s words. His eyes widened as he began to understand what Naraku was talking about. He glanced over at Kikyo.

“What is he talking about, Kikyo? What did you do?” He choked out, tears filling his eyes. Please, please don’t let them have done to Kagome what he thought was done. Please let her be safe.

Shrugging, Kikyo replied, “I needed her out of my way, and all of you helped me tremendously. I thank you. Now, I must take my leave. Naraku, remember your end of the bargain and don’t forget that you now owe me.” With those words, her soul collectors appeared and wrapped themselves around their mistress. Soon, she was gone, leaving them all behind.

Naraku nodded. He glanced over at the group. He could see that nearly everyone sported horrified looks on their faces. The only hold out was Sesshomaru, who was simply glaring at him.

“Tell Kagome that I enjoyed our little romp in the woods. Do me a favor. The next time you decide to leave her bound, could you tie her so that her legs are spread? I had a hard time prying her knees apart, but don’t worry, with some work, I managed to get my prize.” He sneered. Miasma began to flow around the hanyou, and it lifted him into the air. He was still laughing as he disappeared from sight.

For a moment, no one spoke, but then Kouga turned and began to run. He knew that with his speed, he could get to Kagome quickly. Silently, they all followed him, the need to return to their friend overwhelming them.

It took nearly three hours, but they finally made it to the area, only to be greeted by the sight of Kagome lying in Kouga’s arms, her clothing ripped away from her body. Gashes were everywhere on her body and it was clear that Naraku had done more than just rape their friend. He had violated her in every single way that he could and from the looks of things, he had also beaten her. Sesshomaru found his damn retainer sitting a few feet away, rocking back and forth. As he approached, the toad trembled and turned pale. He had allowed a woman, a defenseless woman, to be raped and he had run off like a little coward. He deserved all of the pain that his master could give to him.

Kouga lifted his head and howled. He had used his claws to rip away her bindings and now he was slowly rocking her back and forth, tears streaming from his bright blue eyes, and his youkai’s aura overflowing with pure rage. He kept whispering to her that he had lied and that he did still love her, that she was still his intended and that if she would allow him, he would make up for this crime against her. It was hard for Kouga’s two underlings to see their leader so distraught.

Inu Yasha’s face was pale. He stepped forward and picked up a piece of Kagome’s uniform that lay upon the ground. It appeared to be the only piece of material that had not been stained with her blood. He glanced over at Kouga, who was now surrounded by his two lackeys. They were desperately trying to calm their leader down, but he snarled at them and hugged Kagome’s limp body closer to his armored chest.

Sesshomaru wanted to close his eyes. He had seen many sights that had been worse than this, but to him, this sight made him ill. He saw that his brother was slowly approaching the wolf and he followed, along with Sango and Miroku. At first, he had thought that she was dead, but when his eyes saw her chest move, he actually felt relieved.

Kneeling down beside Kouga, Inu Yasha softly said, “Kouga. We need to get her to the river and wash her off. Then, we can assess the damage done to her.”

Kouga growled savagely and snapped his fangs. Inu Yasha sighed and motioned for Kouga’s henchmen to stand behind him.

“You will need to hold him. Once I get Kagome from him, you will need to keep him from coming after her. She needs to be cleaned.” He said, his golden eyes trained on Kagome’s battered face.

Sesshomaru was silent as he watched the scene. His brother was obviously struggling with his demonic side, but was managing to push the beast back so that he could give the miko the care she so desperately needed.

Ginta and Hakkaku slowly nodded and took their positions. When given the signal, they reached down and grasped their leader’s arms. Once they held him, Inu Yasha took Kagome from the wolf and gently lifted her into his arms. He did not care that her blood was dripping onto him. He did not care that she was nude. He simply wanted to care for her, just as he should have done in the first place.

He walked slowly down to the river that Kagome had visited the previous night. He knew that the others were following, but it did not matter to him. When he came to the river, he did not hesitate and proceeded to step in, fully clothed.

Kneeling in the cold water, Inu Yasha slowly lowered Kagome’s body into the water. He washed off the blood that had dried around her vicious wounds and he washed off the semen that Naraku had left behind after his assault. Every single time that he touched Kagome between her legs, she moaned in pain, and he quietly hushed her, whispering that he was nearly done.

Once the blood that had covered her was removed, he stood up and looked her over. His eyes locked onto her inner thighs, and he could see the black-and-blue bruises that covered her soft skin and the bite marks that were upon her breasts. He closed his eyes and tried to block out the sounds of Sango sobbing and apologizing for her part in this entire mess.

As he was about to walk onto dry land, Kagome stirred and opened the one eye that had not been swollen shut. Without a word, she reached up, her hand trembling, and grasped the beaded necklace that lay around his neck. She gave it a slight tug and he watched as the beads fell away from his neck. His subduing spell was now broken. Kagome had freed him and broken the tie that had bound them together. He watched as her eye shut once more and she relaxed in his arms.

They had all seen it. They had all seen her free Inu Yasha, just as he had always wished. As tears coursed down his face, he stepped onto the grass and gently eased her to the ground. Sango quickly moved to her side and began to care for her wounds.

Miroku was beyond furious, with Naraku and with himself. In his training as a monk, he had been taught that mercy was to always be shown. He had failed Kagome. He had failed Buddah. He had failed his father. He had failed himself. Once they returned to the village, he would remove his robes and never touch them again. He had no right to wear them. He had broken his vows.

Stepping forward, Sesshomaru had drawn tensaiga. He waited for the familiar pulse, but it did not come. His golden eyes turned to the sword in his hand and he narrowed his eyes. Why would the sword not work? She was an innocent touched by evil. The sword could not fail. It had to heal her. However, the sword did not. Sighing, the sword’s master sheathed his sword and shook his head. Tensaiga, too, had failed the tragic little miko.

After Kagome’s wounds had been bandaged and she had been clothed, she was placed into her sleeping bag. Once she was settled, Miroku calmly said, “It would be in Lady Kagome’s best interest to return to the village and let Lady Kaede take care of her.”

Inu Yasha’s head snapped up and his ears flattened on the top of his head. “Good. Then I can inform the old hag that I intend on returning her sister to hell. Alone.” He snarled.

Kouga growled. He had regained his control and had moved to sit beside Kagome. “No. She is not going to that human village. She will return with me and I will have our healers care for her.” He said, his blue eyes hard.

“Lady Kaede has cared for Kagome ever since she came to this era. It would be best for Kagome to go to the woman who knows her best.” Miroku explained, his tone soft.

After some bickering, Kouga finally relented, but warned that he would be visiting the village as often as he could to check up on her. Nodding, the group agreed to put their search for Naraku on hold so that Kagome’s needs were met.

End flashback

A soft knock at the door drew Sesshomaru’s attention and he noticed that it had grown dark. When he called for the person to enter, Sesshomaru saw that it was Kagome’s handmaid.

“I beg your pardon, my lord. The lady is refusing to eat again. This will be the second meal that she had refused and she will not leave her room.” She explained, her violet eyes trained upon her lord.

Sesshomaru stood up. “I will deal with her. She will eat for me. You may take some time to refresh. I am sure that tonight, just as the other nights, you will have to sit with her. But, I will sit with her until she falls asleep.” He said as he walked towards the door.

The handmaid, Sayuki, nodded. She followed her lord out of the study and watched as he walked up the stairs. Quietly, she made her way to her lady’s chamber and heard Sesshomaru’s quiet voice ordering the miko to eat. Soon, the sounds of her lady’s sobs reached her ears and the quiet murmurs of the lord followed. Clearly, he had to take it upon himself to force her to eat, and it had caused Lady Kagome to become distressed.

Shaking her head, she walked back down the stairs and headed to the servant’s dining room. It was going to be a long night.

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