A Question Of Honor

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“No, Laird Sesshomaru. I willna’ allow it.” Karin said. “She is no’ ready tae be alone with ye for such a long time.”

Sesshomaru sighed. “The meeting is for two days. She will be constantly surrounded by people.” He replied.

“Aye. She will be surrounded by us.” Conner snarled. He glared over at Sesshomaru and said, “We are the lass’s guardians. We guard her and she stays protected. Tha’ is how this works.”

Sesshomaru bared his fangs and sneered, “What is wrong, boy? Afraid that the little miko might be able to function without you? Yes, I am very well aware that you have feelings for her. You and that barbarian over there.” He glanced over at Balthazar, who quickly stalked forward.

“And wha’ does tha’ mean, Laird Sesshomaru?” Balthazar challenged. He stood in a stance that told Sesshomaru that he was ready to draw his sword. Reaching to his side, Sesshomaru’s hand rested upon tokijin’s hilt.

“It means, inu, that I am also aware of the attention that you show to Kagome. Tell me, what are you going to do if she chooses Conner?” Sesshomaru asked, a smirk now upon his lips.

Balthazar’s eyes narrowed. He relaxed his stance and shrugged. “Tha’ lass is emotional and confused. She canna’ make any kind of decision at this moment, but if it be Conner tha’ she desires, than I can only say good luck and congratulations.” He replied.

Sesshomaru regarded the dark inu for a moment but then shrugged. “Fine. You may attend the meeting with us. You can explain to Kagome why you have refused my offer of rest.” He said and he turned his back on the inus.

Karin sighed and walked out of the study. She placed her hand upon her head and said, “This is gettin’ us nowhere. Donna be approachin’ Kagome romantically. Any o’ ye. Griffin, I will be in our chambers. I am needin’ a nap.”

Griffin nodded at his mate and glared at the other males. “She is right. Kagome doesna’ need suitors. She needs friends. Ones tha’ she can be countin’ on.” He said. Turning, he followed his mate and was soon out of sight.

Conner and Balthazar glared at each other for a minute before Conner said, “So, ‘tis true that ye are wantin’ the lass.”

Balthazar shook his head. “Nay. Desire and wanting for keeps are two different things, lad. Aye, she is beautiful. But, I am no’ the kind of male she is needin’. I am a warrior and death follows me like me own shadow. I desire her, but nothin’ more.” He said.

Ewan, Dageun, and Payton watched as Conner took in a deep breath and then let it out slowly.

“So, do any of ye desire her as well?” He demanded. When the other three looked at each other and then shook their heads, he turned back to Balthazar.

“I love tha’ lass. Donna’ interfere with us.” Conner warned. “Ye are family tae me, but she is me heart.”

“Then, ye need tae be worryin’ abou’ Laird Sesshomaru and let me do me job.” Balthazar returned. As far as he was concerned, the conversation was over. He stalked down the hall and when he was out of sight, he slumped against a wall and held his head in his hands. Tha’ was the first time he had ever lied to his lads. He dinna’ just desire Kagome. He loved her, and like Conner, she was his heart. Now, what in the name of Dagda was he goin’ tae do?


The day of the meeting finally arrived and when their carriage pulled up to the front gates, Kagome gasped.

“Ye like what ye are seein, lass?” Conner asked, a lazy smile upon his lips. He was sitting next to Kagome and Laird Sesshomaru was sitting on her other side. For most of the trip, both males kept shooting each other glares, but quickly stopped when Kagome would looked at them.

“Oh, yes. I have never seen anything so beautiful.” She replied. Balthazar leaned forward and said, “If ye think tha’ this is somthin’, then ye should come to Scotland. Lass, the lands are covered with rich grass as green as emeralds and covered with mountains for miles. There is nothin’ more beautiful than me mother land.”

Kagome blessed the dark inu with a grin. “In my time, our lands are covered in stone called concrete. Tall buildings can be seen every where you go and the only way to see a group of trees is to drive out of the city limits or go to the local park. I envy you, Balthazar. I would love to live somewhere like you just described. I have found that I am more at home in this era than my own, simply because it is less hectic.” She said.

Balthazar felt his body grow warm at that smile. She looked so damned beautiful tha’ he was havin’ a hard time keepin’ his body in line. He glanced over at Conner, who was watchin’ him with narrowed eyes and he just shrugged. Damn it, he was no’ goin’ tae feel badly for his body’s natural reactions.

Sesshomaru felt his youkai rising. Both males were clearly his rivals and the young woman beside him was none the wiser. He managed to suppress his youkai’s first impulse, which was to jump up and challenge both of them to a fight to the death. His youkai had clearly accepted Kagome as his and it did not wish to let her go. Especially not to the two males.

The footman opened the door to the carriage and Sesshomaru stepped out. He glanced around and could see the other nobles staring at him in disgust. Clearly, they had not changed their minds about his guilt in Kagome’s rape.

He held out his hand and watched as Kagome’s slender hand came out to grasp his larger one. He could hear the stunned gasps of the nobles and could hear them whisper that the shikon miko was with him. Good. Let them look. Let them see that the shikon miko had sided with him and stood by his side. Soon, when she had recovered fully from her ordeal, he would them proclaim her as his intended. That should shut those damn nobles up.

Lord Ashitaka walked forward and ignored Sesshomaru. He bowed low to Kagome and said, “Welcome, Lady Kagome. You are a most honored guest in my palace. May I ask who your companions are?”

Kagome smiled at the aging tiger youkai and turned towards Conner and Balthazar. “My lord, may I present, Lord Conner and Lord Balthazar. They come from Scotland and were appointed my guardians by Lord Sesshomaru.” She said and smiled up at the taiyoukai.

Ashitaka nodded slowly. Well, this did change things quite a bit. However, the girl was still without her powers and still defiled. Sesshomaru was just as guilty of that as the others, even if Lady Kagome had forgiven him. He glanced at the two foreign inus and nodded. The darker of the two was clearly a warrior. He could hear many of the females behind him panting and knew that the two guardians had better be more concerned about guarding themselves.

They were led into the palace and Kagome noticed that many of the nobles had looks of disgust upon their faces. She smiled at a few of the females, but they simply turned their noses up at her and ignored her. Confused, she looked up at Sesshomaru.

“Did I do something wrong?” She whispered. Sesshomaru glanced down at her and could see the hurt and confusion in her eyes. Damn those bitches. He patted her hand, a most uncharacteristic gesture for him, and said, “You did not do anything wrong, Kagome. They simply think that since you no longer have your powers, then you are nothing more than a speck of dirt beneath their feet. Ignore them. They are insignificant.”

Kagome’s mood quickly plummeted. She could hear the whispers about her and each time, it shamed her. When Sesshomaru was summoned for a meeting, Conner and Balthazar were cornered by a few of the unmated females, leaving Kagome all alone. She looked around and saw the group of females that she had smiled at earlier staring at her. Already self-conscious, Kagome lowered her eyes. Karin had told her before they left that she should not let other’s opinions of her bother her, but she could not help it.

After a couple of minutes, Kagome looked up and saw that her guardians were still deep in conversation with the females. The women were gazing adoringly at the males and Kagome began to feel envious of them. They clearly wanted to be touched, and all she wanted, well, all she wanted was to be whole again.

One of the females parted from the group and sauntered over to Kagome. She had a smirk upon her lips. She winked at her group and then leaned down to Kagome and whispered, “Isn’t it nice to see females of respectable station capturing the attention of such good-looking males? Once, that could have been you, but now, you are simply used goods, aren’t you, my dear?”

Kagome felt the color drain out of her face. She slowly turned to the female and looked up into her face. The female would have been pretty, but the sneer upon her face made her anything but. Kagome took in a deep breath.

“I am not used goods. I was a victim. By standing here and making such ugly comments shows me that you are far from respectable. Excuse me.” Kagome said, her voice shaking. She tried to go around the female, but the female’s claws dug into her arm.

“Bitch!” The female hissed. “I am Lady Minya. Mate to Lord Kurosai, taiyoukai of the north. Shikon miko raped by the filthy hanyou, Naraku. If you ask me, I think that you asked for it. I bet you got down on your hands and knees and begged him for it, didn’t you, you little whore.”

By this time, both females had caught the attention of the other youkai. Many of the nobles’ faces had turned white at Minya's words and they could hear the growls coming from Kagome’s guardians.

“It would take a whore to know a whore, wouldn’t it, Lady Minya.” Kagome returned, her temper starting to flicker to life. She could feel it. Her hands were tingling. Yes! Just a bit more.

Lady Minya snarled and allowed her claws to dig deeper into Kagome’s arm. “I will teach you how to speak to your betters!” She screeched.

As her other claw came around to strike Kagome, Kagome’s free hand came up and she focused all of her energy into making a barrier. Lady Minya’s attack was quickly repelled and she was flung from Kagome with such a force that it knocked her through the wall that connected to the study.

The males who were in deep conversation leapt up and stared at the female who was now lying on her back with rubble lying all around her.

Kagome calmly stepped through the hole in the wall, her hands still glowing with her miko energy.

“Stand up, Lady Minya. This is far from over. I am sick and tired of being the damn victim. It was high time that someone took my place and guess what? You are it, bitch.” Kagome hissed, her eyes turning a bright purple as her miko energy began to swirl angrily around her.

Lady Minya whimpered, her courage gone, and quickly crawled backwards to hide behind her mate’s legs. Kagome stepped forward and smiled, though the smile that was usually warm and loving was now long gone. In its place was a smile that would have frozen the hottest of fires. This Kagome was not feeling benevolent.

Conner and Balthazar quickly ran around the infuriated miko and began to try to calm her down.

“Lass, ye hae done all tha’ ye need tae be doin’ tae her. Look at her, wee one.” Conner pleaded. Now, he wished with all his heart tha’ his mother had come along.

Kagome simply shot him a vicious glare. She was so angry. So frustrated. She lifted her hand and though she was sure that it would not hurt the Scottish lord, she repelled him away from her. She focused back on the cowering female.

“You can come out from behind your mate’s legs on your own, or I can blast him away and still get to you. Decide quickly.” She snapped.

Sesshomaru had seen enough. This was not the Kagome he knew. Anger had finally reared its ugly head was now taking its revenge and if it was not stopped, Kagome could possibly wipe out many youkai in one blast.

Stepping forward, Sesshomaru drew tokijin. “Stand down, miko. You have proven your point and as your guardian, I am ordering you to back off.” He said, his voice calm and collected. He would not kill the little miko, but he would not allow her to further hurt herself emotionally by letting her kill out of anger. Such an act would destroy her once she calmed down.

Kagome’s uncontrolled miko power began to rise even further. “After what she said to me? After calling me Naraku’s whore? Never!” She screamed, tears of rage now flowing down the miko’s cheeks.

She lunged for the terrified female and her mate but was thrown away from them by a large blur. She hit the wall hard and fell to the floor. She slowly got up and staggered a bit, then looked into the eyes of the one who had hit her.

“Why, Balthazar? You heard her! You heard what she said!” Kagome sobbed, her power now quickly fading as her concentration broke. She began to slump to the ground and was caught by the dark inu. “Aye, wee one. I heard the bitch. 'Tis no’ true wha’ she said. Ye are no whore, Kagome.” Balthazar whispered, his mouth next to her ear.

As the miko cried into his chest, Balthazar picked her up and slowly turned to the female who was now being helped up by her mate. “Ye are the cause of this. Ye and yer vicious words. Next time yer mouth opens, I willna’ protect ye. I will help her kill ye if no’ do it for her.” He promised, his eyes cold.

Sesshomaru stepped forward. “Take her to our chambers and stay with her. Kurosai, his mate, and I need to have a talk.” He said, his tone promising that the talk would be anything but pleasant.

Conner stood up and shook himself off. When upset, the lass had a strength tha’ would scare any man. He followed Balthazar and ignored the other females who were desperately tryin' tae gain his attention. Had he been doin’ his job, this wouldna’ hae happened.


By the time Sesshomaru arrived at their chamber with Jaken, Kagome had fallen into a deep sleep and was resting peacefully. He told Jaken to leave and then looked at the males.

“Kurosai has apologized for his mate’s behavior and has promised that she will be punished. However, now that Kagome has decided to reveal that she is still capable of great miko power, the counsel has requested to speak with her.” Sesshomaru said.

“Abou’ wha’?” Conner asked, not really givin’ a damn. He was still furious with himself and Balthazar for leavin’ the lass’s side.

“They want to know if she is able to still purify the shards. They were able to retain a corrupted shard and have asked me to bring it to Kagome to see if she can purify it.” Sesshomaru replied.

“The lass is asleep. She will no’ be purifyin’ anythin’.” Conner huffed, his tone hard. How dare they ask her to do somethin’ for them after wha’ she had endured at the hands of one of their own.

Sesshomaru did not say a word. He strolled over to Kagome’s side and gently lifted her hand. He turned it over and then placed the shard into her palm before covering the shard within her fist. After several seconds, he opened her palm and smirked.

“Gentlemen, it would seem that Naraku’s attempt to destroy Kagome has failed. Even in her sleep, she has the ability to purify. The shikon miko lives on.” He announced and held up the purified shard.


“No! No! No!” Naraku screamed when he was safely away from the palace. He dropped his illusion of a hawk youkai and began to pace around. After all his careful planning, it had all been for naught. The bitch still had her powers and now, he was probably going to be targeted by the nobles.

He felt his body shift and knew that it was nearing the time when he needed to allow his youkai out. He growled softly and glared back at the palace. Kikyo had lied to him. A miko obviously need not be of pure body. So, he had to hit her somewhere else. He would use her anger to his benefit.

He allowed his miasma to cover him and was quickly lifted from the area. He retreated back to his domain and called forth his spies.

He listened to one little insect that he had left behind at the palace. His features turned dark and he bared his fangs. So, Kikyo thought to betray him, did she? Well, perhaps it was time to return the favor.

“Oh, Kagura. Come into my chambers with me. I have something to show you.” Naraku said and turned to lead the traitorous witch to her demise.

Kanna was sitting out in the courtyard and was startled when the air was suddenly pierced with a scream. She moved to get up, her lifeless eyes finally showing a spark, but was held back by Kohaku.

“If you value your life, stay where you are. The insect told Naraku that Kagura ordered you to tell her things and it reported to Naraku what Kikyo and Kagura were talking about. If you go to her, you will die as well.” The handsome teenager warned. He turned and went to lean up against the tree beside the bench that Kanna was sitting on. For nearly an hour, Kagura’s screams echoed throughout the palace until they finally stopped.

Kanna allowed one solitary tear to slide down her cheek. Finally, the void felt something besides emptiness.


Kikyo stared at the angered female for a moment before saying, “I simply wish to speak with you. I have not come to see Kagome nor have I come do disrupt your work.”

Karin growled and shook her head. “Ye hae no business here, wench. Go back tae the depths of hell from whence ye came.” She snarled.

“Yes.” Kikyo agreed. “I do wish to return. But, I want to try to make amends, even if Kagome doesn’t know about them. Naraku is going to go after her again. He has become obsessed with her and now that he has had a piece of her, he wants her for keeps.”

Karin stopped growling and glared at the woman. “How do ye ken this?” She demanded. “Besides, ye are the one who gave Kagome tae him in the first place.”

Kikyo grimaced. “Yes. I did. Naraku promised me that he would give me the jewel so that I could purify it and give it to Inu Yasha so that he could be a full youkai when I took him back to hell with me. I wanted him to be happy when we descended together, but now, I am going to go back all alone and that is the way it should have been from the beginning. I can’t apologize enough for my part, but what I speak is the truth. I have been speaking with a youkai by the name of Kagura. She is one of Naraku’s creations who longs to be free of him and together, we are hoping to bring about his death, but now that he had betrayed me, I want to make sure that he doesn’t get what he wants.” She explained.

Karin regarded the female with a critical eye. Aye, she ken of this Kikyo. It was clear tae her tha’ the creature before her was nothin’ more tha’ a shell. Shaking her head, Karin turned and said, “I will give ye message to me mate and he will deliver it tae Laird Sesshomaru. Leave this land while ye still hae a head attached tae yer body, wench.”

Kikyo watched as the refined female walked away and she felt a twinge of envy. What if she had a teacher like her? Would she have turned out the way she had? That female obviously cared for Kagome and acted like a mother protecting her child. In the end, Kagome would always have it better than she. Her time was over and she now knew it. Turning, Kikyo was about to leave but found herself looking into a pair of very angry golden eyes.

“Hi, Kikyo. Going somewhere?” Inu Yasha asked.


Kagome awoke and found herself alone in the chambers that had been given to Lord Sesshomaru. She slowly slid to the edge of the bed and sighed. Never before had she ever lost control of her temper like that, and it felt…good.

How ironic that something so terrible could make her feel less vulnerable. She got out of bed and walked to the door. When she opened it, she found Balthazar standing off to the side. Smiling, she reached out and touched his arm.

The dark inu’s eyes slid over towards her and he turned to face her fully. “How are ye, lass?” He asked. His voice was softer than it had ever been and for the first time, Kagome could see the male underneath the tough exterior. He had actually been worried about her.

“I’m ok. I’m just…embarrassed. I am sure that Lord Sesshomaru, Conner, and you are angry at my outburst.” She said, her eyes moving down to the ground.

Balthazar’s claw came underneath her chin and he lifted her face until her eyes met his. “Hear me, lass. Ye will do many things tae make me angry, but never because ye fought back. Ye were attacked for no reason, and she had it comin’. Nay, I am no’ angry with ye, but proud.” He said, his face now very close to hers.

Kagome sighed and closed her eyes. She was happy that at least he wasn’t angry at her. When she opened her eyes, Balthazar had as of yet to move from his close position and she bit her lip.

“Are you ok, Balthazar?” She whispered. The way he was looking at her was both scaring her and causing her stomach to do flip-flops.

“Nay, lass. I haena’ been ok since the day I met ye.” He replied. He reached out and gently grasped her hand, then brought it to rest on his chest, over his heart. “Do ye feel me heart? It beats quickly when I am near ye. Ye are the cause for me lack of concentration and ye are the cause of many of me many sleepless nights.”

Kagome felt a blush spread across her cheeks and saw Balthazar leaning closer to her. His lips were only inches from hers when Conner’s voice rang out.

“Ah, wee one, ye are awake.” Conner exclaimed, his eyes dancing. He had clearly not seen what was about to happen and did not see Kagome’s hand slide from Balthazar’s chest.

“Hi, Conner. How are you?” Kagome asked nervously. She glanced over at Balthazar, but the dark inu had turned away and now had his back to her.

“Fine, lass. Ye are a spitfire when angered. Come, Laird Sesshomaru wishes tae speak with ye and I think that ye are goin’ tae like wha’ he has tae say.” Conner said, a broad smile across his lips. “Are ye comin’, Balthazar?”

“Aye. I will be there in a minute.” Balthazar growled, his breathing finally under control. When Conner led the lass away, Balthazar finally straightened up and sighed. Another couple of seconds, and he would have kissed the lass. He growled angrily at his lack of control. Where in the hell was his famous iron will?

He grabbed his sword and heaved it over his shoulder and began walking down the corridor to the stairs. He finally arrived at the study and heard quietly stepped inside. He saw Kagome sitting before the nobles and listened with attentive ears.

“Lady Kagome, please accept mine and my mate’s deepest apologies for her behavior. It will never happen again.” Lord Kurosai said. He bowed down to her and then glared over at his mate, who was still clearly frightened of Kagome.

Kagome nodded and then focused her attention on the counsel. Lord Ashitaka stood and said, “Lady Kagome, allow me to explain to you what this counsel desires.”

Kagome held up her hand. The rage she had helped her stand up to the stupid female was still there, but not as strongly. She watched as the male shut his mouth and then stood up.

“Lord Ashitaka, I appreciate your hospitality, but I really don’t care to hear what you people desire. Let me tell you what I demand. I want your full cooperation in hunting Naraku down. I want you to back the hell off of the western lands, seeing as that is now my home. Finally, I want you to make it very clear to every damn noble here that I won’t be anyone’s victim anymore. Cross me and I will strike back. Work with me and I will be your best friend. This is not up for negotiation. Now, what is your answer?” Kagome said, her eyes trained upon the hosting lord.

Sesshomaru nodded in approval. Kagome had just sealed her fate as his bitch-to-be. Only the recognized lady of a land would speak with such authority. Now, the counsel will harass her about mating with him and knowing her, it will only be a matter of time before she gives in.

Ashitaka looked behind him at the other nobles. They, too, were stunned, however, the shikon miko had made a request, or rather, demand, and they would not back down.

“Lady Kagome, you have our full cooperation. Appoint your general so that we may begin to plan our attack.” Ashitaka said, his body humming with excitement. The tides were now turning against Naraku. The shikon miko would be their greatest weapon.

Kagome stood before the counsel and lifted her head proudly. “My general will be my lord. Lord Sesshomaru of the western lands.” She announced.

The counsel murmured in agreement as Sesshomaru rose to stand beside her. However, Kagome was not finished. “And, I also choose Lord Conner of Scotland. Together, they will avenge me and Japan.” She said, a smug grin appearing on her face.

Conner and Sesshomaru glared at each other. It was bad enough that they had to be near each other, but now, they had to work together as well. Balthazar, on the other hand, felt his body heat. With Conner and Sesshomaru workin’ with the other nobles, Kagome would be in close contact with him. This was goin’ tae be interesting.

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