A Question Of Honor

BY : KogasAngel
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Never before had he felt such fear. He cursed every single god he knew the moment he realized that Kagome had come onto the battlefield. He could see within her hands that she was holding Tensaiga and it occurred to him that she probably thought that he had forgotten it in his haste to get to battle.

Conner's face froze in horror when he saw Kagome climb down off of Kirara. She was looking around, her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked around her. There were men screaming at one another and none of them took noticed that the small miko was now in the middle of the battle. He moved forward and caught his breath.

A large boar youkai was rushing towards Kagome, his sword held high above his head and his eyes glazed with pure hate. Before he could strike at her, Kagome was gone. Looking around wildly, Conner realized that it had been the wolf, the one who had betrayed Kagome, who had saved her and rushed her out of harm's way.

Kagome looked up at Kouga and could see that he was injured. Blood was trickling down the side of his face and he was breathing heavily. “What in the hell are you doing here, Kagome? You should be back at the palace.” Kouga scolded, his blue eyes checking her over for any signs of injuy.

All the anger that Kagome had felt for the wolf youkai vanished as she watched him continue his search for wounds. When he was finally satisfied that she was not injured, he turned and said, “I don't want you hurt. Please, get back on the firecat and go.”

Squaring her shoulders, Kagome shook her head. “I can't. I won't, either. I am not going to walk away until Naraku is dead. Besides, Lord Sesshomaru forgot his sword and I need to give it to him.”

Kouga let out a harsh breath. “Then stay behind me. This time, I am not going to leave your side. I can't apologize enough for what I did, but I am not going to let him get you again.” He muttered. He narrowed his eyes as he saw another youkai move forward, but quickly recognized the youkai as the dark inu guardian that protected Kagome.

Balthazar was furious. He didn't need Kagome on the battlefield and knew that he would constantly be distracted by her presence. He moved swiftly towards her, killing anything that got in his way and when he reached the young miko and the wolf, he growled, “Get yer arse out of me sight.”

Kouga growled, but obeyed. He had seen Inu Yasha being backed into a corner and needed to get over to him to help. He glanced over at Kagome and shook his head. Her guardian was now with her and would watch over her. Rushing forward, Kouga ran towards the hanyou, and never saw the tentacle flying towards him.

He felt a flash of white-hot pain before he fell to the ground and realized that his legs were now numb. When he glanced down, he found the reason for the numbness. Where his legs had once been, there were only stubs. Naraku had cut his legs off. Howling in pain and anger, Kouga began to crawl, but collapsed when the pain overtook him. His world turned black and he realized that not only had he failed Kagome, once again, he had failed himself.


Sango and Kohaku ran around the corner and sighed heavily. The youkai that Naraku had left for them had put up a good fight, but was not as powerful as Naraku had clearly hoped. Now, as they entered the dark palace, both slayers had placed their masks on and readied their weapons.

They walked quickly and quietly, only stopping when a strange sound was heard. Kohaku motioned towards a set of doors and the siblings moved towards them. The sound could be heard getting louder and Sango reached out and placed her hand on the handle of the door.

She pulled slowly, opening the door inch by inch and when it was open, both slayers peeked in and found the room empty, save for a crumpled figure on the floor. Kohaku's eyes widened and he ran forward with Sango trailing behind him. Kneeling down, he noticed that Kagura's body was so badly damaged that they would probably have to carry her from the palace.

Sango bent down, and pulled Kagura up. She quickly arranged the wind youkai on her back and quietly said, “Come. We have got to get out of here. I don't like the feelings I am getting and think that Naraku has a few more surprises for us than just one youkai.”

Kohaku nodded. He, too, knew that his former master wasn't one to go half-assed on anything. Knowing Naraku, he was sure that the hanyou had conjured something horrible.

Both slayers quickly made their way out of the palace and into the deserted courtyard. As they began to move towards the palace gates, a sound made them freeze in their tracks and both turned to look at what had decided to show its face.

Sango paled. She could feel her heart breaking all over again. Kohaku's face held a look of pure disbelief. He had known that Naraku was cruel, but this went beyond cruel. As the men before them moved towards them, Kohaku grabbed his weapon and said, “Get her out of here. It's time that I pay for what I have done. They are here to make sure of it.” He reached behind him and yanked the shard from his back. “Take this to your miko. I will only have a few moments left, but I will take them with me. Goodbye.”

Sango closed her palm around the shard and watched as Kohaku screamed and ran towards the other slayers. She saw his weapon flying towards the man that they called father and watched as her brother's weapon cut him down once more. With her tears blinding her, she turned and began to run, her hands gripping Kagura's arms so that the youkai would not fall off in her haste to leave.

Kohaku could feel the other slayer's weapons rip into his body and knew that his second death was upon him. He watched, with tears in his eyes, as the girl slayer ran, and before the eternal darkness closed in on him, he whispered, “I love you, sister.”


Kikyo's arrows flew true and she watched with satisfaction as youkai after youkai fell before her. She could not summon her sacred arrow, but the plain arrows seemed to be working fine, so she couldn't complain.

She saw the wolf fall and noticed that he had been running towards Inu Yasha. She could see that her former beloved was injured and rushed forward to help him. Yes, she was well aware that Kagome had entered the battlefield and was concerned that Naraku would rush right to her, but the evil hanyou seemed content on striking down those who stood in his way first, so that would buy her some time.

When she arrived at his side, she allowed an arrow to fly and struck down a youkai who was attempting to hit Inu Yasha with its sword. Once the youkai fell, Inu Yasha turned to regard the dead miko with cautious eyes.

“Why?” He demanded, his ears flat against his skull. He watched as Kikyo's dark eyes moved over to where Kagome stood, shielded by her guardian and said, “Because, I realize that there are more important things in this world than vendettas.”

As she moved away from him, she glanced back over her shoulder and said, “For what it is worth, I did love you, and still do. For too long I have let the weight of my responsibilities and then my hatred cloud what I have to do. My path is clear now, and I can walk it with a calm mind.”

As the dead miko wandered away from him, he shook his head and glanced over his shoulder when he heard Miroku scream

The monk was being stung by several of Naraku's flying insects. He was trying to kill them off with his staff, but they quickly overpowered him. Finally, he did the only thing he could do and threw down his staff and held his cursed hand out.

He knew it was the end of the road for him and he was ready. Yanking the seal from his hand, Miroku yelled, “Wind Tunnel!” and allowed the void to open and suck in the insects. Nothing that stood in the way was spared. No enemy, friend, tree, rocks. However, as the insects flew in, their poisons began to take effect and he was too weak to seal the tunnel again.

Inu Yasha knew what he must do. He could not allow his friend to take any other lives and so rushed forward, his beloved sword in front of him and plunged the old blade into his friend's back, killing him almost instantly.

As Miroku's life force left his body, the void closed up. Finally, his wish that the curse on his family would end with him had come to pass. Miroku was gone and had no children to survive him. His wish, it seemed, had been granted, but at a terrible price.

It was clear that they were losing. The guardians had surrounded Kagome, along with Sesshomaru, and it was clear that they were all injured. Suddenly, several tentacles emerged from Naraku's body and he quickly separated the guardians from their charge.

Sesshomaru, Balthazar, and Conner stood up and attempted to get to Kagome, but froze at Naraku's words.

“It would seem, little miko, that you are all alone. Again. It would appear that fate has deemed us to be together.” He sneered, his eyes trained on the young miko.

Kagome's throat tightened and she fought to control her fear. It was the most difficult thing she had ever done, but she had to show him that he no longer could victimize her.

“I am not alone, Naraku. I never have been. I have friends, but then again, I would not expect something as hateful as you to understand the value of true friendship.” She said, her voice quiet, but strong. “I will not run from you. I will not cower before you. You want me, you come and get me. If you can.”

“Miko, when I am done with you, that defiant streak of yours will be no more. I should have claimed you the first time I had you, and now, I will correct my error.” He snapped.

Kagome watched as Naraku's body began to change into his true form. As the spider legs emerged from his body, Kagome's brave front began to crumble. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. Praying for whatever god that was listening would give her strength and help her.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that Naraku's transformation was complete and he was now slowly approaching her. It was now or never. If she didn't make the first move and get in the first blow, she may not get another chance.

Summoning all of her energy, Kagome allowed her miko powers to flow to her hands. She had been practicing with her powers and was now able to call them without problems. The problem that she had was hitting her target. However, she couldn't worry about that now.

She held out her hands and allowed a large blast of miko energy to fire, and was stunned when it hit Naraku square in his chest, but didn't knock him down. The vile hanyou's face was in a mask of rage and he quickened his pace to get to the small miko.

Kagome's bravery fled as she realized that he was now closer than ever and she placed up a barrier in hopes of gaining herself more time. She looked around frantically, searching for something or someone to aid her, but her guardians as well as Sesshomaru were hurt badly and could not help her.

Suddenly, Naraku reared back, screaming in pain and began to reach behind him. As he turned, Kagome's eyes widened as Kikyo's form came into view.

“I knew if I got close enough to Kagome that I could draw off of her miko power to fire my sacred arrow. It's time to die, Naraku. However, it will not be Inu Yasha who joins me in hell. That honor is reserved just for you. Onigumo.” She sneered.

“Don't fucking call me that!” Naraku bellowed. He moved forward, and was repelled backwards when Kikyo notched and fired yet another arrow. He could feel his life force draining as the sacred arrow's energy began to destroy his body. However, if he were to die, then he would take someone with him.

Looking around, his eyes settled on his target. For too long this youkai had been the source of great headaches for him and now, he was weakened. His eyes were steady upon the still form and he didn't notice that Kagome had dropped her barrier and was also looking at the still form.

Finally, the form began to stir and his head lifted in time to see Naraku rear his head back and scream before sending one of his miasma laced tentacles towards him, intent on ending his life. His eyes closed as he prepared to leave the world, but suddenly, the air grew quiet and only the sounds of gurgling could be heard.

There was never any hesitation on her part. Kagome saw the tentacle heading straight towards Sesshomaru and her body and heart reacted. Lunging forward, Kagome got in the way of the tentacle and felt it pierce her body, filling her with the poisonous miasma.

Kagome's gasps could be heard throughout the battlefield and as allies and enemies looked up, and took in the sight of the small miko dying, they laid down their weapons and watched silently for her soul to pass.

Naraku began to laugh. Despite everything, he managed to get her. The miko Kagome's life was his to claim and there was not a damn thing anyone could do about it. As her head lulled forward, Naraku looked at the group of guardians and Sesshomaru before whispering, “She belongs to me, now. She is forever out of your reach.”

As his laughter grew, he was unaware that Kagome had lifted her head, her eyes a brilliant pink and she began to laugh with him. “I am not yours. I never was. It will be you who die before me, Naraku.” She said, her voice rich with power.

Grasping his tentacle, she allowed all of her power to flow through her and watched as Naraku's mouth opened in a silent scream. His body began to crumble and the tentacle that had embedded itself in her body turned to dust. Soon, all that was left of Naraku was nothing more than a pile of dirt and the incomplete shikon jewel.

Sesshomaru rushed forward to catch Kagome as she fell to the ground. Everything that he had wanted for them was fading before his very eyes and there was nothing that he could do about it. He heard her guardians come up behind him and he snarled, his inu mourning at the loss of its mate, for she was his in every single way but one.

Balthazar wanted to reach down and yank her from the taiyoukai's grasp, but as he moved forward, Conner grabbed his arm. “Nay, lad. 'Tis him tha' her heart calls for. The fact tha' she put herself in harm's way tells me tha' she loves him as he loves her. Donna take tha' away from them.” He whispered, his own heart breaking with his words.

Kagome's eyes slowly turned back to their original color and tears shone in them as she looked up at Sesshomaru, a thin line of blood trailing from her mouth. She slowly reached up and touched one of the magenta strips that adorned his cheeks. “I'm sorry that we won't be able to take our walks anymore. I really wanted to learn more about the flowers.” She whispered. She felt his claws dig into her shoulder as his grip on her tightened. As her vision began to blur, she smiled and said, “I will miss you so much....so much....”

Sesshomaru watched as her hand slowly fell away from his face and to the ground. The light in her eyes was now gone and so was her soul. A howl ripped from his throat as he tilted his head back and let all of Japan know of his loss.

Kikyo stood beside the remains of Naraku and reached down to grasp the jewel. She had noticed the slayer walking towards the group and walked up to her and held out her hand. She knew the slayer had the shard from her brother. She accepted the shard that Sango placed into her palm and then went to collect the other shards from Conner.

Once she had all of the shards in her possession, she put the jewel together once more and turned her back to the group. It was time to right a wrong that she was responsible for. This time, she would ensure that the past did not repeat itself.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes and heard the dead miko chanting. His head felt funny and when he opened them, he realized that he was no longer injured, nor was he on the battlefield. Instead, he realized that he could make everything right.

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