To Give Into Temptation

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                                    Chapter 10: Traveling Companions

The wind was roaring through their ears’ as the Inutachi traveled at break-neck speeds to what they hoped was Naraku’s current location. Inuyasha ran along the treetops with Kikyo poised on his back while Miroku and Sango rode upon Kirara. Beside them were Rin and Jaken riding AhUn and Shippo ran beneath them all on the ground. They received a tip on the kumo-hanyo’s location by Koga a few days ago, and that encounter was one that no one would soon forget for amusing reasons.


The group had just finished packing their camp and was sitting down around the clearing discussing their next possible direction to continue their search.  Suddenly Inuyasha growled and jumped onto his feet while taking a hold on Tetseiga’s hilt. Before anyone could even question him, a whirlwind burst into the clearing. Without Kagome there to alert them of his arrival, no one save for Inuyasha knew that it was Koga. So it was then when all normality in regards to this visit took a turn for the unexpected.

“Hey mutt-face! Where’s…” Koga began.

Sadly he was never able to finish his sentence, nor the dust around the clearing able to settle, because out of nowhere AhUn charged a large concentrated blast of lightning and spat it directly at the new arrival. The following explosion shook the ground around them, and when the debris cleared there was a smoking crater, a wolf youkai in the top branches of a tree, and an inu-hanyo on the floor dying of laughter.

With tears in his eyes, Inuyasha crawled over to AhUn and patted him on the hoof with ‘Good Boy’ being said in broken laughter.

“Oi! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” The wolf prince shouted while turning to look in the direction the attack came from. When he saw Rin and AhUn he turned an unhealthy shade of white and the sight only made Inuyasha laugh that much harder. Kikyo was unsure of what to make of the situation, but was sure that if her mate didn’t stop laughing and start breathing he was going to pass out of lack of oxygen. Shippo, Sango, and Miroku were also chuckling at the sight of a grown wolf demon stuck in a tree. Rin on the other hand…

“Perhaps if you would’ve announced you’re presence instead of entering the way that you did AhUn wouldn’t of reacted the way that he did, Prince Koga.” she said with a raised eyebrow that would have made Lord Sesshomaru proud.

“O-of course, Lady Rin, forgive me for my words, I had thought, well, I didn’t know, uhm…” Koga stuttered. He knew better than to speak that way to her! Heir to the Western Lands and daughter to Lord Sesshomaru.

With a curt nod, she expressed her acceptance of his apology and wearily eyeing the two-headed dragon he began his descent from the top of the tall tree. Once he got to the ground he dusted and straitened his furs and tried to regain some of his lost dignity.

Miroku, ever the mediator, decided that now was a good time to get to the reason for Koga’s arrival. “What does bring you here Koga? Is there something that wished to share with us?”

“I’ll wait ‘till Kagome gets here, that way dog-turd won’t get all the facts wrong.” Koga said pointing a thumb at a now sobering Inuyasha. Sango took a deep breath and again broke the news of Kagome’s kidnapping.

“Kagome’s not coming. Naraku kidnapped her, and we’ve been tracking him down to get her back.” she said.

Instead of the normal insults, threats and yelling about ‘his woman’ being kidnapped, he grunted and sighed. His reaction, or lack thereof, confused the Inutachi.

“Figures she would go and get herself kidnapped. That’s Kagome for ya. Well then I should tell ya that I found out that Naraku is located directly north of here. Since it’s obvious that dog-breath here can’t keep track of her, I’ll help you all get her back. I’d travel with ya but the smell of dirty dog makes me gag so I’ll go on ahead. See ya!” he said before taking off in a giant whirlwind and leaving a sputtering Inuyasha in his wake.


Everyone had been surprised that he not once referred to Kagome as ‘his woman’ and didn’t over react at all to the situation. It was strange to all but Kikyo because she didn’t understand the history of Kagome and Koga. But what she lacked in background, she made up for with a theory. She said there was a possibility that another woman had all of his usual amorous attention. The group wondered if he finally got his act straight and agreed to mate Ayame, but Inuyasha doubted that. Instead he told them he was still unmated because “The fucker probably likes taking it up the tail” in his words. Regardless of his odd behavior the Inutachi started to head north trusting the lead that Koga provided.

“Inuyasha, I think it is wise to stop and make camp now. We’ve been traveling all day and the sun is beginning to set.” Kikyo spoke up into Inuyasha’s ear.

Inuyasha looked behind him and saw the weary looks of his pack. They would keep going because Kagome was still in danger, but it would risk their health to do that. Kikyo was right, they needed to rest to stay sharp incase they met trouble along the way. He went on for a while longer searching for a good clearing to make camp, and when he found one he slowed down to a stop.

“Why are we stopping Inuyasha? Is something the matter?” Sango asked when they landed beside him.

“No, we’re done for today. If we push too hard we won’t have the energy we need to save her when we find her.” he said as he stared at the setting sun before hopping into a high branch in the surrounding trees.

Miroku nodded in agreement and was surprised at the change in their friend since Kagome’s abduction. A lot of it seemed to be Kikyo’s influence, and it struck him that maybe this decision for him was good even though it was poorly executed. Had he been more honest with Kagome this would have still been painful for her but at least she wouldn’t have been kidnapped. It was a bittersweet conclusion, but what’s done is done he supposed, and all they could do is make the best of what comes. His eyes met with Sango’s and they shared a moment of shared realization and understanding. Then silently they began to set up camp, each one doing their own appointed tasks.

They had just got the fire going when suddenly Inuyasha jumped down from his perch and pinned his ears back and growled menacingly into the trees. Seconds later a very large and familiar demonic aura hit them full force. Kikyo held her bow at the ready beside Inuyasha, Miroku held out his staff, and Sango gripped her Hiraikotsu tightly behind her back. Shippo was standing defensively as well but then Rin jumped up from her spot on the log beside him and put a steadying hand on his chest with a look on her face that reminded him of the little Rin he used to play with. It was then when he realized just who was about to join their camp: Lord Sesshomaru, Daiyoukai, ruler of the Western Lands, and more importantly, Rin’s father.


Said Lord had been following their scent for a short while now, and knew that he was going to come upon them shortly. He could have found them the moment he chose but he decided to take the long route to filter the new turn of events. Even now he had trouble keeping the miko’s delicious scent out of his mind and his loins. His bestial nature was dying for a repeat of previous nights events, and it was unfamiliar territory. His instincts were usually on the backburner, but now, they were there just beneath his skin. His curiosity of the male whom he shared her with was also taking time to sort out. Was he from another land perhaps? All these thoughts kept going in circles in his head along his journey.

It wasn’t until he closed in on the scent of his pack that his mind put all those wanderings on the back burner. He was not expecting them to be in the same location as his half-brothers pack. How fortunate for him, he thought. He would collect his pack and get the miko to clarify their…interaction…further.


Regal as always, Lord Sesshomaru emerged from the foliage and upon seeing everyone’s defensive stances raised a brow. Jaken was the first to rush up to him as AhUn let out a growl of happiness at his masters return. Rin also couldn’t contain her excitement any longer and walked quickly towards him. Kicking a rambling Jaken into a nearby bush, she bowed at a customary two-foot distance. She missed him so much, and even though she would never admit it, she feared for his safety while he was gone. She just didn’t know what she would do without her surrogate father.

“Welcome back Otou-sama.”

His eyes softened minutely just for her because he could feel her anxiety, relief, and happiness in her aura. She had grown so much, but she was still the toothless little girl at heart.


Upon hearing her name, the young woman’s control slipped and she rushed at him and hugged him tightly. Nuzzling under his chin she breathed in his scent deeply and enjoyed her fathers embrace. Sesshomaru likewise held her and nuzzled the top of her head and purred his contentment for being reunited with his pup. It was normal for the two of them to show affection when they were separated for long periods of time, but it was definitely not normal for everyone else in the clearing.

Inuyasha, never having seen his elder brother show any sign of emotion other than hatred, anger and disgust, felt like he just ended up in the twilight zone, while Kikyo remained impassive at the public display of affection but did lower her weapon. Miroku and Sango shared a questioning glance and followed after Kikyo’s example and lowered their weapons into a casual yet prepared stance. Shippo, poor Shippo, realized at that very moment just how hard he was going to have to fight to get a chance with Rin. Straightening his shoulders he took a deep breath and set his eyes upon the new challenge: getting Lord Sesshomaru’s permission to court and mate Rin.


Noticing all of the attention that was directed at him, Lord Sesshomaru gently let go of his pup with one last nuzzle and raised an eyebrow at the incredulous look on Inuyasha’s face.

“Perhaps you would like to wipe that idiotic look off of your face, hanyo. Although it does seem to suit you quite well.” Sesshomaru said.

“Fuck off ya bastard! What the he…” Inuyasha was cut of mid-rant by a firm grip of Kikyo’s hand on his forearm and a look that promised punishment.

“Lord Sesshomaru, to what do we owe the honor of your visit?” Again Miroku to the rescue.

Sesshomaru ignored the question. Instead he focused on one main issue: the miko was not here.


A sputtering Jaken came out of the bush with loose leaves in his cap and twigs in his little brown kimono.

“Y-yes milord!”

“This Sesshomaru expected you to be in his lands.” It was not really a statement, but a question as to why, when he left them in the Western Lands and told them to await his return there, they were far north.

“W-w-well Lord Sesshomaru, your humble servaaaaaaahhhh!!!!” and again the poor little kappa went flying, only this time it was his Lord’s boot that sent him sailing. A glance at Rin showed her that he wanted answers that didn’t include groveling or lying.

“Otousan, after a few days went by Master Jaken stated that he knew of good hunting grounds. We followed him and realized too late that he was truly searching for you and used that as an excuse to travel. When I realized that he was lying, I kicked him off of AhUn and we just so happened to end up in the center of their Kagome’s camp. Only Kagome wasn’t there. She’s been kidnapped by Naraku, my Lord, and I fear for her safety. I beg leave of you so that I may assist in getting her back from his grasp.” Rin finished in another former bow.

He thought about this, and an idea formed. So the miko got herself caught after their little rendezvous did she? This could definitely work to his advantage. With a nod at Rin, he sat himself at the base of a nearby tree with crossed legs with no intention of leaving. Rin was positively glowing with happiness, because not only was she given permission to help find Kagome, but Lord Sesshomaru was going to go with her! Then…


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