To Give Into Temptation

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A/N: Alright friends, here is the second chapter to what will be a VERY different kind of plot than anyone has seen. This is also goes to say that I will be adding in several lemons and scenes of shameless smutt. Can’t help it, I love the stuff!

As always, I do NOT own Inuyasha, however I do own this plot and I will take full responsibility for its awesomeness!

“Miroku, they should’ve returned by now. Besides, the rain will probably get Kagome sick with the way she was dressed today.” Sango said to the monk sitting across from her. When both Inuyasha and Kagome left earlier that day, they had been setting up camp about a days walk away from Edo. Kagome needed to return to restock on supplies since she no longer needed to go to school. Of course the Inu hanyo had to berate her for no good reason and ranted on with another of the ‘if it were Kikyo’ speeches, and now they were both gone. One cause he always fled at the scent of the priestess’ tears, and the other cause she felt bad for making Inuyasha run away. She wouldn’t have been so worried had Shippo not mentioned that he could sense a storm coming soon, and they had to leave to find a cave.

“I’m sure they are fine, Inuyasha would have smelt out the storm and taken them both to safety. He would be to upset if she were to become ill.” He replied with a small smirk to his face. It was never usually in him to be extremely serious when it came to these kinds of situations because if things were too serious, Sango would begin to worry. He didn’t like her to suffer any more than she already has. True, it had been some time since they had met, but every day he saw the sadness in her eyes and knew that on some level it was his fault for his lecherous ways. It was why he had practically given up on womanizing; the only exception being the wandering hands that frequented Sango’s luscious, firm and taut backside.

“Monk, I see that look in your eyes. Get rid of it unless you’d like to be reacquainted with Hiraikotsu in five seconds!” Sango said as she glared daggers at the perverted houshi.

“Sango, my sweet, you wound me. I was merely thinking of how wonderful it is that the kami saw fit to gift me with your presence.” He said feigning innocence with a hand clutching his heart.

“Can it, hentai! Shippo, do you sense them at all nearby?”

“No, I can’t. I’m sure they’re alright though. Inubaka should be returning soon anyways and mama is usually with him by then. She always knows how to deal with him. He always gets mad if you guys get sick, but it’s cause he’s too dumb to realize that it’s his fault for being so hard on his pack.” Shippo, who was once the tiny companion of the bunch, had grown into late adolescence. His Kitsune nature had finally come into play a year after Kagome was introduced into his life and his growth rate had dramatically increased. He had gone from pint sized to five foot nine inches in four years. He had matured much faster due to his lifestyle of fighting against evil and the tragedies that came along with it. As it is, he only had one event left before he became a full-grown Kitsune. That was taking a mate. He wasn’t really prepared for that though, at least not yet anyways. He enjoyed his pack family and his mama too much for that.

“Well, let’s just hope they don’t take too much longer. The rain will wash our scents away soon.” The slayer said out loud but not to anyone in particular. Kirara mewed and sat in her lap as silent comfort for which she was grateful, but she still couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going on, and they were all in for a change.

Shit, I knew I should’ve done something about this sooner. But I just can’t help it, I love Kikyo.’ This and many other thoughts were going through his mind as Inuyasha poked at the small fire in front of him. He knew that his pack probably moved to from their prior location to take refuge from the storm, and had a good idea where to find them when it was over. Kagome he knew probably ran off back to them and used Kirara to take her back to the well. He wasn’t sure what he was going to tell everyone when he returned. As it was his concentration was cut in half due to the cargo he currently held in his arms. She was sleeping still, trying to recover from the incident that occurred a few hours prior.

He and Kikyo had mended their relationship, and although it was rough due to the circumstances, they were finally back to where they left off 50 years ago. Only now they were able to be intimate. She wasn’t like how everyone said. Kikyo was cold, yes, and she did have a certain odor, yes, but she had let go of her hate and was now almost back to being the person she once was. She even helped with retrieving some of the jewel shards, but no one knew about that. He had to keep her a secret cause he knew his pack would not understand. Especially not Kagome. He sighed deeply knowing that this situation was his fault. He should have been more honest with her about he and Kikyo, but he didn’t even know how to begin that conversation.

On top of that, she was his best friend, and he was harsh on her sometimes, but he only wanted to protect her, even from himself. Inuyasha knew that it would hurt her to know about his relationship, so he just delayed telling her. That was all blown to hell earlier today though, and he was unsure if the damage was irreparable or if she would forgive him like she always does. It doesn’t matter anymore, he supposes. He was their alpha, and he needed to come clean about his status with Kikyo. They would’ve all found out eventually and with this, well, they probably already know.

He leaned down and took a deep inhale of her hair. It smelled the most like her. He disregarded the scents of death and decay and zeroed in on the dirt and lilies. ‘They’re alright. I know it. Tomorrow, I will come clean, and Kikyo will join our pack. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but it doesn’t matter. Everything will turn out for the best. Kagome, I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I will explain everything in the morning. I promise after this, to never hurt you again.’ Closing his eyes, Inuyasha leaned his head back and for the first time in days, indulged in some much needed sleep. He was going to need all the help he could get for tomorrow’s meeting.

Looking up at the face of her beloved hanyo, Kikyo wondered what was going to happen now. It was really terrible what happened earlier, but she couldn’t find herself able to put hatred towards Kagome for that. After all, the poor girl was helplessly infatuated with Inuyasha. This she knew well because it was her reincarnation after all. Her feelings for him were so deep that even Kagome couldn’t resist the pull they had on her. How she wished she were like the others. She wished for a heart that would beat and heat her flesh, that her scent would no longer betray her as the living dead, that she had tears to shed for this hopeless conundrum she now called life.

It was his love for her that led her to the light. She knew that she should have embraced death once her hate had abated, but she couldn’t deny that she wished to live again. To breathe again. To love again. She had done all that she could to help him in his search for shards, and once she gained his trust back, their old love had been rekindled. Only this time it was not an innocent attachment, but an adult one. She blushed at some of the things that they had shared together since then, and although they tended to be a little deviant, it wasn’t anything that they were ashamed of. She was also very glad to know that her anatomy was working, or at least to the extent of heating and self lubricating during their more intimate encounters.

Kikyo closed her eyes as she took in the warmth of the body that held her so close, so gently. Tomorrow would be hard no matter the circumstance, but she would remain by his side. Nothing would dissuade her from her course. As she fell into a light slumber, a small smile graced her features. ‘Who would of though that this golem would be able to feel again. Kamis be kind to maybe once again grace me with a real life.’

And so we have a quick insight on those involved with the Inutachi. I am obviously not always a Kikyo basher, and this story will be one of her finer moments, although I will admit she is a monster in many of my other writings. Lol. Well, next we will see just how this encounter goes!! Don’t forget to Read and Review!


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