To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 11: In the Mean Time…

After another mindless round of coupling, a dark haired couple lounged in an indoor hot spring. Their breathing had just evened out and Kagome was leaning back into her “captor’s” sculpted chest. Eyes closed, she just enjoyed the feeling of sated contentment. It was quite the situation she had gotten herself into this time.

Over the past few days she had caught her heartthrob with his former, or more accurately, current lover, lost in a storm, trapped in a cave with her enemy, gave up virginity to said enemy, and orchestrated her own kidnapping to continue in her moment of sin. To top it all of she even had relations with Sesshomaru and Naraku at the same time before spending days in his secluded estate going at it like rabbits on every available space he owned.

She would be a rotten liar if she said that she didn’t enjoy every moment of it though. At one point, she even got to relive the experience of having both of her entrances filled thanks to Naraku’s skill with his tentacles. Apparently they become quite sensitive when used in that way, which led to many more tantalizing moments. There was only one real issue though: What would happen next?

Could she really just go back to her group and act like none of this happened? Could she continue on with her quest knowing that its entire cause would be based on murdering the very same creature that has brought her immeasurable pleasure over the last few days? The same one that she has come to understand more than she ever thought possible?

When she was in school she took a psychology class. It was boring at the time but being the studious person she was, Kagome made sure to know the material like the back of her hand. From the time that she had spent here in his lair she was able to put that knowledge to use. Kagome diagnosed his condition as a split personality with a touch of OCD.

She wasn’t saying he was innocent of his actions thought. Yes, he did commit those heinous crimes, but was there truly any choice for him? He’s obsessive, cruel, and compulsive with the need to be in control, but not all the time. While she was with him she noted the compulsiveness was more or less focused on cleanliness, and not on world domination. He had an actual personality, a sense of humor, and was like most other people she came into contact with.

The priestess pretty much decided that his pension for malicious intent was coming from the corruption of Onigumo, and his desire for revenge on all those who had wronged him in his life that he couldn’t get over. But when the new being Naraku came into existence, a whole other person was created with that desire ingrained into his consciousness. The fierce need to hurt people and become the ruler of the world was there, but there was also another side, the one that was ordinary.

That is the side she’s with now. The side that struggled to commit those acts of treachery, the one that just longs for normality just like she does. There was reason in his acts from a twisted point of view, but they were wrong all the same. It even seems as if he really doesn’t want to do the things that he does. The subject has came up on the daily visits from Kagura. When Kagura came, Naraku would leave to go speak with her, but one time he stayed in his quarters and spoke to her through the door. She had just woken up when it happened and he hadn’t realized it.

He looked irritated, and exhausted at the same time. Every time Kagura came he looked annoyed so that wasn’t anything new, but there was also the look of regret and exasperation hidden in his eyes. He didn’t want to do the things he did, so why was he doing them? Perhaps for a sense of purpose so his life doesn’t seem in vain? She couldn’t help but feel a touch of sympathy for his plight. And again the though came back, what would she do now?

‘What has this woman done to me?” were the first thoughts that entered his mind as they settled down in the hot springs. He just felt so different the past few days, so…calm. It was unsettling, and he was unsure if it was because of all of the sex they had been having or if it was from the woman herself. He wanted to assure himself that it was the former but then there was a still quiet voice that would whisper ‘liar’ in his mind.

Another thing that was disconcerting was the fact that he actually enjoyed being something other than what he was before. He liked waking up with her body pressed up against his, eating with her, talking with her, and of course the mindless rutting was also a plus. He had never been so comfortable before. He had never gotten a chance to be himself before either. Well at least the side of him-self that didn’t long for treachery.

Although he never admitted it to a soul, he secretly harbored a self-loathing so deep that none other could ever hope to understand. It was like he was sometimes just a passenger within his body, and couldn’t bring himself from committing the atrocities he had committed. It made him sick to his stomach to feel contentment and joy from those acts. The things he had done…he didn’t deserve to walk amongst the waking world, let alone become their ruler.

It didn’t matter though, the darkness that dwelt within him did. It wanted to world to bow down at his feet and grovel in pity and despair. It wanted them all to feel pain and misery. To feel hopeless and helpless and hear them all scream in agony. Only then would it rest. Only when the world was burnt to ashes at his feet.

He didn’t exactly oppose those feelings either. He simply did not ever question his desires; he acted on his impulses and his need to become the absolute ruler of all. That was all before her though, because now he did ponder. Now he did question the sanity and true reason of all he hoped to achieve before. It was all because of her. Never once did he ask himself why he lived a despicable existence surrounded by enemies, but now resting with her, he couldn’t help but wonder why.

After the lounge in the springs they went back to his bedchambers, each one still quietly contemplating their thoughts. Not five minutes passed before Kagura’s aura became present. Kagome went into the large closet once again wondering how much longer this was all going to last. It had already been several days and there was no doubt that they were all looking for her. Finding a plain blue yukata she pulled it on and sat down at his vanity to pull her hair into a high ponytail. Sighing she brushed out her hair and stared at her reflection. Everything was different now. It was almost like she had some kind of epiphany because she could see things now that she didn’t, or just didn’t want to, before.

Inuyasha, though she loved him, was no longer an option. He had more than likely been with Kikyo behind her back for a while now, and was just leading her on because he was too much of a coward to tell her about Kikyo. I mean yea, it would have been painful but it was better than her having to walk in on them like she did.

Then there were Sango and Miroku. They knew her so well, and there was no doubt that they would question her as to what really happened here and know if I was lying or not. It’s not like she wanted to hide from them, but there was just nothing for it.

Then there was Shippo, her little boy. Well, little big boy. He had grown and was on the cusp of adulthood and all he needed was to find a mate. He was so mature and always looking for ways to make her smile. Luckily she knew that he wouldn’t ask, he would just silently lend her his support like he did every time something happened.

Taking a deep breath she finished her hair and decided that when she returned to camp that she would literally not breath a word of her experience here. She would keep it all inside and be happy that she got to experience this moment of bliss. She knew that once it was over Naraku would be on the hunt again for the shards, but was almost positive that it wouldn’t be so simple anymore.

She thought that she would be able to compartmentalize what had happened, but now she wasn’t too sure of that anymore. She had gotten to know the monster and determined that he wasn’t a demon, just a horribly misguided soul. The messes she got herself into. Hearing the shoji screen open she turned her head to look over her shoulder and saw Naraku standing there with a large platter filled with delicious smelling food and smiled.

There it was again, that smile. The one that would surely haunt him for years to come. It was genuine, that she was happy to see him and even though she has been giving that smile to him for as long as she was here it still caused his breath to hitch. Offering her a smirk in return he went to sit at the low table in his quarters knowing that she would follow.

After his brief meeting with Kagura, he called in his saimyosho to get a report on the group. He expected them to be close now, but what he didn’t expect was for Lord Sesshomaru and his entourage to join in with them.

It would seem as if the Daiyoukai was as smart as it was rumored. Surely the only reason he would travel with the group was to get answers about why Kagome’s scent was upon his person. His personal scent was probably alien to him, so he zeroed in on hers. He must have tried to go to her for answers and found out she was kidnapped. It was a mystery as why he traveled with them though.

Mystery it may be, but it did present a very real problem for him. He had to think of a plan that didn’t involve him being killed when they arrived. During his musing he had taken the platter presented to them for food, Kagura had disappeared again, and he was making his way back to his rooms.

She was sitting and quietly eating what he had brought her while he took a few bites as well. They usually had interesting conversations while they ate, but this time it was going to be more serious.

“They are almost here.” he said while idly swirling his drink in his hand.

She stopped eating and looked him in the eyes.

“How long until they get here?”

“At the rate of their travel, tomorrow. I must say, miko, that you have some very dedicated friends. I must also tell you that they aren’t alone. It appears that our ‘fun time’ with the demon Lord has him seeking answers.” Naraku stated, watching for her reaction. Her brows knit together and her mouth twisted into an adorable pout. She was thinking,

“So then, he probably recognized our scents…or at least mine. You did say that yours is different when not steeped in miasma?” she inquired, and at his nod she continued her thoughts. “So then, he probably went to look for me. Is he there alone?”

“No, his group is with them. I find it quite curious. Don’t worry, I doubt he will try to kill you. His beast on the other hand might want you for…other purposes.” he said with a smirk on his handsome face.

She flushed at the insinuation and remembered how good it was with them three. Then she wondered if he really would try, and what would Naraku’s reaction be? It’s not like they were in a relationship, but she wondered if it would effect him.

Noticing her rising blush, he smirk turned into a mischievous grin. “Of course, it is something I would love to witness…him burying himself within the depths of a race he claims to despise, and the sheer look of pleasure that would be sure to etched across your face…” he said with fire in his veins and a raging hard on. The imagery was in his head, and now he wanted to fuck her again.

She was getting wet at the dirty suggestions coming from this handsome devils mouth. But it wasn’t the time for that yet, they had to figure out the next step.

“But first, we need to handle them taking me back. I think it would be best to leave me here and let them find me. You can lock me up in the dungeon in a dirty yukata or something.” she said while thinking.

Bringing his thoughts back to the issue at hand, he agreed that it would be a good solution. Better for his health that way. He would lock her in the dungeon in a thin yukata, change the scents of pleasure to fear, and make it seem like she was taken against her will. It was a solid plan and he informed her that it was going to work out best. Before she could say anything else she was naked and on his futon again. Might as well enjoy this last day she thought as the first moan was forced from her throat.

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