To Give Into Temptation

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*** Chapter 8: It’s All About Perception ***

Perception. Defined as the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand an environment or situation. Perception has played a major part of this perplexing situation thus far. Kagome, the lonely and heartbroken priestess, saw this as an opportunity to feel what she assumes she may never have. Naraku saw it as a much-needed escape knowing that he must sate himself to move on with his goal of world domination. Naraku’s incarnations saw it as nothing but another kind of trap to kill the Inutachi, and the Inutachi saw it as a grievous offence to abduct their friend and comrade. However perceptions can change and be altered if other variables are brought into play, something that both Kagome and Naraku are beginning to find out.


Thick black lashes fluttered under the sun’s harsh caress, and the once sleeping miko was brought out of her slumber. Slowly she opened her honey brown orbs and her brows were knit together in confusion. Wasn’t she just at the spring with Naraku? How’s she end up here…where exactly is here? Her sleep-fogged mind was slowly begging to catch up with her surroundings, and when it did she found that she was probably in Naraku’s sleeping chambers and that she was still as naked as the day she was born. She made the assumption based on the purple and black décor that littered the room liberally and, well, the chest on which she awoke upon. She should have been shocked, embarrassed, or even darn near ashamed, but all she did was close her eyes again and hide her face deeper in his chiseled torso attempting to get more rest.

Honestly, by this point she had woken up in so many odd situations that it was just becoming the norm. After a few moments of trying to regain her blissful rest, she groaned in defeat. Again she opened her eyes and took in all of her surroundings in detail. The silken sheets she was under were black and the pillows were purple. There was one window that was opened and it allowed a slight breeze to enter. A few feet from it were two large doors that led to what she assumed was a balcony or something else outside and two smaller ones on each side of the room. There was only one other door and it was more than likely the entrance and exit. A small desk was placed in a corner with a vanity attached; a small hairbrush on top and grooming supplies neatly next to it. 

It was strange to find his room so…neat. Not that she was expecting a pigpen, but it was just so organized. Nothing seemed out of place, and she highly doubted that he allowed any of his incarnations or anyone else into his private chambers due to the lack of any other spiritual signatures that resided in the room. That meant that he actually kept his room up on his own, and was very particular about its cleanliness. It didn’t even smell bad, which led her to believe that he had a separate chamber for relieving himself as opposed to just leaving a covered bucket in the corner or under the bed like she’d seen at some places. It grossed her out just thinking about that. It was a fact that she truly appreciated. ‘Hmm, I wonder if there is a hot spring or something around here. I can definitely use a bath.’

When she was done with her perusal of the room, she tilted her head backwards wondering if Naraku was still sleeping. Then rich honey clashed with deep ruby and she found herself lost in its depths. They were so piercing, calculating, but even so she could still see softness in them that others would of probably never even thought existed. Taking a deep breath she gave him a timid smile.



Naraku had been awake for an hour or so before she stirred. Both everything and nothing was occupying his thoughts as one of his hands subconsciously combed through her hair. Quite the situation that he had going on right now, and he was wondering how he was going to proceed with it. There was no doubt that he was going to take this little vixen in disguise in every way possible until the tachi caught up with him, but how was he going to go about that when his minions hovered nearby? If any of them knew what his true intentions were for the priestess it could prove troublesome. No, he had to keep this tryst a secret. Not only to conceal the weakness of his flesh, but because if even for only a short time, he was simply a male with no other proclivities or agendas save for that of pleasure.

It was a time when he could throw away his villainous mask for a brief respite, and he would be twice damned before he gave up this little piece of heaven. Because after this he would have to become the fiend, the evil one, the hated one once more. Yet for these short and fleeting moments he was something more. Within her eyes he was a god of carnality, he was pleasure personified, and more simply, he was just, well, wanted. He planned to take these memories and stow them away, hiding them greedily from the eyes of others that way they could never take it from him. Once his reign was established these opportunities would be gone. Hell, once she was gone he had no intention of lying with another. He had to remain a dark kami in the eyes of all. Which brought him back to his current predicament. How is he going to get rid of his minions?

‘C’mon Naraku. Think. What should we do? You can come up with ways to destroy the best of men but you cannot think of a worthy excuse to make your creations leave? Pathetic, old boy. Hm, make them leave?’ Suddenly the light-bulb clicked on in his head and he knew exactly what he was going to do.

Not a few seconds later did Kagome awaken, and minutes after which she looked up at him. A faint blush painted her features as he greeted her in return.

“Hello back.”


The way he responded to her made her eyelids droop, his morning voice was utterly sexy and boy could he use it. Just the sound of his voice was able to make her wet, and she tried to squeeze her thighs together to relieve herself using the friction. Only when she tried her legs protested their usage altogether. Soreness made itself known between her thighs and hips and though it was annoying she couldn’t have been happier. Could anyone blame her? She had landed not one, but two of Japans most sexiest youkai in the sac! Hell yeah! She was practically on cloud nine as she remembered just what it was like being so full.

The smell of her arousal was beginning to waken his member and he knew that if he didn’t leave right now to go about his plans he would more than likely not accomplish anything that entire day. So to distract her thoughts, he said, “There is a hot spring located on the grounds outside of this room. You are free to use it. I have the water cleansed after each use, so it is clean I assure you. You are also free to rummage through the closets to gather clothing if you so desire, just be sure to put whatever you don’t use back in its appropriate place.”

“Hm, who would of guessed that the Naraku was such a neat freak? It’s a bit surprising if you ask me.” Kagome said with an amused quirk of her lips.

Knowing that he could have gotten away with not responding to her comment, he decided to answer her anyways. I mean, the fact that he actually made plans to kidnap her just so he could continue his prolonged moment of sin had already shown her that he was not immune to all and did have a personality. What harm could being himself do at this point?

“Ah, another one of my many mysteries I assure you. Though I do share a fondness with things of a more…morbid nature, I do not appreciate the filth or the illnesses it creates. My miasma as you are aware is a toxin and despite its foul stench it works to eliminate the causes of sickness. I also require regular bathing for those who serve under me, just as I bathe.”

Kagome looked at him and finally started to realize that there were some definite paradoxes that he encased. First he was a self-proclaimed god, but he proved his mortality by giving in to his flesh. He was supposed to be all-powerful but she had seen the evidence of weariness on his face while he slept. Then he was supposed to be as vile as crocodile vomit but he is actually an undercover germaphobe! What the hell? Apparently there was way more to him than anyone else had ever even imagined, and she was positive that she would be the only one to know about it. And as rotten as it sounded, she intended to keep everything that she had found out a secret from her friends.

Her loyalty hadn’t changed, no, he still had to be stopped and she figured that by the time this was over she could departmentalize and deal with the task at hand. The only thing that gave her pause was that in exposing his weaknesses, her acts would come into the light, and she wanted to keep all of this experience alive in her memory so that she could revisit it as often as possible without the drama attached to it. It’s not like she could go around admitting to getting her jollies from Naraku! And then throw in a Sesshomaru for sport! Yea, that wouldn’t go over so well at all. Inuyasha was going to feel betrayed enough if he ever found out the truth.


Could she ever look him in the eye after this? She was not a good liar, she was terrible in fact. How was she going to even try to keep this a secret from him? Would the others be able to see her lies as well as he would? Even Kikyo, who had at one point betrayed Inuyasha for Naraku, didn’t sleep with him. As soon as that last thought left her minds eye all of her prior arguments within herself about betrayal were tossed right out the window, and chased away with the image of Kikyo standing right behind Inuyasha in their brief meeting during her ‘abduction’. He couldn’t even wait a whole day before he went and replaced her?! He even had the audacity to bring her into their group like nothing was wrong with it at all! Was she that unimportant? Was she that replaceable to him? Apparently yes, yes she was.

Naraku watched as her as her aura once again went through a myriad of changes within minutes literally. First she was seemingly curious due to his responses to her questioning. Then she went through worry, shame, and now she just went from anger to grief. The weight of her emotions made him uncomfortable, just like it did back in the cave, and again he found himself instinctually offering a comforting gesture. He pulled her in tighter to his chest and continued to run his fingers through her ebony tresses. A slight frown marred his face as it dawned on him what he was doing. ‘Damn. I need to control these urges. Better yet, I just have to ensure that her mind stays far away from the thoughts that plague her. The longer they do that, the harder of a time I will have getting inside her.’ He ignored the little spark of something telling him that it wasn’t nearly that simple, because quite frankly he didn’t know what to make of it.

Kagome for her part didn’t cry, but it wasn’t because she didn’t feel like it. It was because Naraku’s actions startled her yet again. He had pulled her into another kind of hug just like he did before, and he was even petting her. Once again she was forced to ask herself who this guy was and what he did with Naraku. Instead she huddled closer to his form taking refuge against those vile thoughts within his false embrace. He wasn’t really doing it cause he loved her or even cared, but it didn’t matter too much right now cause she needed it regardless. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself down and chanced a look at him again. The spider hanyo was looking at her, and she offered him a kiss in the center of his chest and a small smile of gratitude.

Now it was Naraku’s turn to be baffled. He had been staring at the crown of her head until she turned to face him, and he knew that her face at that moment would surely haunt him the rest of his days. He had long since learned to read the heart and soul through people’s eyes and actions. It’s how he destroyed most lives to be honest, so when their eyes met again he was taken aback by what he saw. She looked positively angelic with her large honeyed eyes and dark hair framing her face, but beneath the grateful façade she provided him he saw the depths of pain and vulnerability she truly held. He always knew that she was insecure about the mongrel; in fact he even used it against her a few times. It never worked though because she was practically immune to his dark will due to her unnatural light.

It was a pity that apparently only he knew the depth of her sorrows, seeing as she traveled with a group of people that were supposed to be her closest companions yet they had never managed to help rid her of the pain. It seemed that they only saw the happy, vibrant and caring young woman. She had had hidden herself from them. Wore a mask to hide her true self from the world. Now he could see that there was so much more than meets the eye with her, and he understood completely. If anyone knew how it felt to hide away parts of themselves to keep up appearances it was him.

As they stared into each other’s eyes, mirroring one another’s thoughts, a type of connection was formed. They each knew what it was to hide themselves from the world. To be something other than yourself in an attempt to appease everyone and meet their expectations. Despite her true alliance at the hanyo’s side and his penchant for world domination, they had come to a mutual understanding and agreement of sorts. They would not tell another soul of what happened between them, or exploit whatever knowledge they gained.


Kagome’s eyes widened and a blush painted its way across her cheeks. She smiled sheepishly and Naraku let out another chuckle in amusement. Rising from his position on the futon, he slowly made his way to an open closet and tied a deep purple sleeping yukata over his shoulders and grabbed a white one and tossed it at her.

“You can use this for now. As I said there is a hot spring outside that door, and a closet full of kimono. Feel free to search for one of your liking, but I warn you,” Naraku said pausing just before he got to the door that led out and looked over his shoulder with a smirk “don’t get too comfortable in what you find, for it won’t stay on for very long.” Then he promptly exited after he chuckled at her flushed cheeks and dazed expression.

The young priestess took his advice and cleaned up quickly so that she could snoop around his room. It wasn’t every day that you get the ‘ok’ to invade someone’s space. She looked through all of the kimono in both closets and wondered why he always wore the same thing if he had a real variety to chose from. After a while she came upon one that she knew would make him foam at the mouth when he saw it. It was all black with wisteria roses and a deep purple obi. It accentuated every curve and the front was even ‘v’ shaped so that it dipped down and made her breasts seem bigger. A mischievous grin painted on her face. Oh yes, she was so going to make him crave her for lunch.


When Naraku left her, his mind finally generated the perfect solution to her staying there and he went directly to his study. Once positioned behind the desk he summoned Kagura with his aura. She appeared a minute later and stood in the doorway leaning against the frame while playing with her fan.

“Kagura. Go and order the cook to make food for my prisoner. You are to supervise him to ensure he doesn’t try anything with it. I want her to be well fed when they find her.”

She nodded to accept his orders, and then her curiosity got the best of her. “Why are you keeping her? She has already proven that she is difficult to taint or even control, so what plans do you have for her now?”

“The truth comes with a price, Kagura, are you willing to accept the cost?” he said with a malicious grin.

Kagura shuddered. “I will have to decline at this time.”

“Good. And as soon as the human is finished cooking you will return him to his cell, and you will leave. All of you will. I want this place to smell of nothing but that wenches scent and mine for when her faithful companions show up. It should cause a delightful amount of fury, I’m sure. As a matter of fact, if I find anyone near I will not hesitate to kill you for disobeying me. Only you will be able to return and it is only twice a day so that the human can cook and you can watch. I warn you against reckless actions Kagura, your usefulness is starting to wear thin.”

With that Kagura left hastily to rouse the cook and give the orders. Kohaku nodded wordlessly and took his leave while Hakudoshi and Kanna looked at each other with unveiled lust. The sight and the stench of their arousals caused her to gag before she left. As she was getting ready to leave a sudden thought hit her, and she turned to go back to her quarters. In the far corner there was a small closet full of kimono from the previous rooms occupant. She’d never really had free time before but she knew that she wanted to explore a town square. But if she did, she didn’t want to go in what she had on. So she looked at the closet and thought ‘why the hell not?’ and grabbed a burgundy kimono that had cherry blossoms on its sleeves and a white obi to go with it. Then as an afterthought she grabbed a hooded black robe and her coin purse. They had a large amount of coins that they didn’t need to use so she figured they were best spent on merchants. She placed all her items in a small satchel and took to the skies heading East to the small spring to bathe and change. The same spring that her and a certain wolf had their chance encounter. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was there and didn’t even bother to hide the small smile that graced her lips at the thought.


The sun was at its highest point in the day, spreading its warmth with all of the creatures of the forest. Every one felt its comforting gesture, all but the Inutachi. They were still at camp, nursing their wounds due to the most recent encounter with Naraku. It was not only physical wounds that kept them there, but there were emotional ones that needed tending as well. They all felt ashamed by the way Kagome found out about Kikyo’s traveling with them, but that wasn’t going to stop them from saving her from Naraku’s evil clutches. Even if she was going to be mad at them for a while, she was still better off with them as opposed to that monster.

Miroku was finally conscious, if a little weak and lightheaded, and was sitting on the portable futon Kagome had gotten him while Sango changed the bandages on his back. Kikyo had just returned from gathering souls but was still weak from the attack so it would be at least the next morning before they could set out for their friend once again. Shippo sat on a log near the fire practicing his fox magic while Inuyasha sat in a tree branch high above ground moping and thinking about what had happened and how it went so wrong. He should have told Kagome about Kikyo a long time ago. He knew that none of this would have happened if he did. Kagome would be here, Shippo wouldn’t be angry at him, Miroku wouldn’t need Sango to tend his wounds and Kikyo wouldn’t have been hurt.

He was ashamed of himself and knew that his actions had hurt his entire pack, but he also knew that would do everything he had to in order to make it up to them and prove that he is a good alpha to them all. He couldn’t change the past, but he could change what happens from now on, and that is all that mattered. And the first order of business was getting Kagome back.

Inuyasha’s ears began to swivel back and forth as the distant sounds of squawking were being caught by him. He looked down at Shippo and saw that he noticed it too. Jumping down from his branch he stood next the almost grown fox.

“You hear that too Shippo?”

“Yeah, I do. But for some reason it sounds familiar…”

Suddenly the noise was getting close very fast and out of the sky a tiny green and brown blur crashed into their campsite and skid to the outer edge. Everyone noticed right away that he was the little toad that followed Lord Sesshomaru around.

“Jaken? What the hell?” Inuyasha said while looking for his hated half brother’s aura. Then only a few seconds later a giant two-headed dragon made an abrupt, booming landing that shook the ground with its intensity. There upon its back sat a very mature Rin holding Ah-Un’s reigns and looking every bit the daughter of the Lord of the Western Lands. Her wavy hair was in a high half ponytail to the side and side swept bangs that accentuated her features and she wore a kimono that was the exact replica of Sesshomaru’s only that the colors were inverted so that it was all red with a white print on the sleeves and shoulder with a black and gold obi. She also had on armor similar to that of her fathers, but it was a more feminine version where the spiked shoulder was more horizontal and the chest plate accentuated her feminine form like a corset. She even had an all black boa wrapped around herself like he did and a sword attached at the hip.

She dismounted and stalked to where Jaken lay and kicked him once more for good measure.

“Serves you right for questioning this One.” she said over his prone little body.

Swiftly turning she looked around and saw all of the clearings occupants staring at her. She smiled widely and greeted them as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Oh, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you all! Where is Kagome?” she asked while looking around.

Shippo just stared at her, speechless, ever since she landed and dismounted from Ah-Un. She looked like a warrior princes, and that is exactly what she was. He remembered her from when they were children they would sometimes play together when Lord Sesshomaru would leave her with Kagome. It had been a long time since he had seen her, and when he saw her last she told him that her Lord was going to begin her training. She also appeared to have the same demonic markings Lord Sesshomaru had, the only difference was the pink slashes on her cheeks. Looking at her now it seemed as if she had earned a place amongst demons and he couldn’t tear his eyes off of her.

“Keh, none of yer business brat. Why don’t you just beat it already!” said the gruff hanyo.

Rin wasn’t very appreciative of his answer, and her smile went from carefree to malevolent in a second. With a very Sesshomaru like smirk she told Inuyasha just what she thought about his response.

“Is it now. Funny, I would have thought it would be none of yours considering the dead one who sits beside you in her place.”

“You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about wench so get lost!” he shouted.

Before anyone could even blink Rin stood over Inuyasha’s now prone form with a boot on his chest and her sword at his throat. She was also making a very impressive growl for a human directed at said inu-hanyo.

“Call me wench again and I will show you the extent of my father’s training. You only live now because of This One’s mercy and her love for Kagome, Prince Inuyasha.” to emphasize her point she pressed her blade harder upon his throat making it seep a trace amount of blood before letting up and sheathing her sword.

Kikyo was at his side in an instant worrying over his cut while Sango and Miroku merely shook their heads at the situation. Inuyasha never did have a way with words and never thought before he spoke. Thus putting him into situations like this one. Shippo was stunned at her fast reflexes and strength. Where had the little girl he played tag with gone? All he knew is that if her Lord were here right now he would be proud of her display of strength, cause it was sure as hell turning him on.

“Rin, it is good to see you again. Kagome isn’t here right now because Naraku kidnapped her. We battled with his minions yesterday but as you can see we are here recuperating for today before we set out again.” Sango said with a sad smile on her face. She was close to Rin too, but it was more like a fondness of an aunt then a mother. Rin took a deep breath before shaking her head.

“Kagome just cant keep herself out of trouble can she? Well, I’m sure that Lord Sesshomaru wouldn’t mind if I helped to get her back. She was like a mother to me, and I can’t stand the thought of standing idly by and not helping her.”

Inuyasha was on his feet once again yelling, “Keh, like I need your help rescuing Kagome!”

Raising an eyebrow at him, she said, “Because you succeeded yesterday when given the opportunity, right?”

Just before the inu hanyo opened his mouth to retort Kikyo stood and put her hand on his arm.

“Inuyasha, calm yourself. If she wants to help us get her back then I see no problem with it. We can use all the help we can get when it comes to Naraku.”

“I doubt that bastard will even allow her to help us! He hates me and that’s enough just to make him say no!”

“My Lord will not deny my request. I’m sure of it. As soon as he returns, I will ask him.” Rin said.

“Feh! Whatever!” And with those final words he leapt back into the high branch he was in earlier and faced away from those at camp. Kikyo sighed and sat against the base of the tree. Sango smiled at Rin and continued to tend to Miroku’s wounds.

Shippo was just trying to keep his eyes in his sockets. His beast was definitely having a reaction to Rin’s beauty and her dominant behavior. After her little display he made up his mind. He wanted her. He wanted that fire for himself. Never had he felt this way about anyone or anything. He used to have a crush on her as a child, but he was a man now, and she was a woman. What a woman. From that moment on, his goal was going to be making her his mate. His beast chose her, and he was not disagreeing at all. Yes, she would be his. She may make him chase her, but it would be a wonderful chase, he was sure of it. So he allowed himself to let his instincts guide him yet again, because they have never let him down before.

During Shippo’s inner dialogue, Rin saw what Sango was doing and went over to AhUn and got a herbal mixture from her satchel.

“This should help. I’ve used it plenty of times on my own wounds and it makes them heal faster.” she said smiling while handing the herbs to the slayer.

“I thank you Lady Rin. That will be most helpful if we want to get to Kagome as soon as possible.” Miroku stated with a smile.

Sango turned to take the mixture when her face turned a bright red and her eyes went wide.



“Will you ever learn, Lord Miroku?” Rin giggled and shook her head in amusement. Even after all this time, things didn’t change too much with to them. It made her feel comfortable just like it did back then. The only things that were missing were Kagome and…Shippo?

Like a switch going off in her head, she turned around and that’s when she saw him.

‘Oh my…’

Sitting on a log across the fire was Shippo, only he wasn’t the cute little fox that she remembered. His hair was a curly dark auburn and hung loose down his back and face. His eyes were are piercing a green as could be and his fangs could be seen peeking just below his parted lips. He kept the colors of his old kimono, only that it was bigger and his tail was longer and had thinned out a bit. He also seemed to lose his fox-like feet because he was in regular black boots. He wore twin blades, and she wondered how well he could use them. Shippo had turned out to be one real hot fox, pun intended, and unlike any male before, he had her full attention.

Shippo noticed her taking perusal of him, and it gave him a boost. Then he smelt the beginnings of her arousal, and he knew that he had a real chance. He gave her a charming half smile flashing a fang.

“Hey there Rin, long time no see.”

“Shippo, it has been a while, hasn’t it?” she said with a small smile of her own. Then she sashayed her way to the log and sat down beside him.

“So what brings you out here anyways? Are we that close to the Western Lands?”

“Actually yes, you’re right on the border in fact. We were actually making camp about a days travel further east when my Lord left. He told us to head a day towards the west and he would meet us there. That was almost a week ago, but I know that he must be dealing with something important so I trust him to seek us out. Jaken did not and tried to trick me into searching for him. He said there were better hunting grounds out here in this area, and it wasn’t until a little while ago I realized why we were actually headed here. I told Jaken that Lord Sesshomaru would keep his word and return when he was ready, but he didn’t listen and I had to remind him of his place.” she said with a malicious smile.

“Well that answers the question of why he came sailing through the trees like he did. Nice touch.” the kitsune said congratulating her on the entertaining display. He liked that she could be so troublesome, I mean, he was a fox. Deviance was in his nature.

Sango had finished patching up the now unconscious monk and sat near the fire across from Shippo and Rin and began to clean and sharpen her Hiraikotsu.

Rin, I have to say that I was quite impressed by your quick movements earlier. You are human, and I am fast, but I am not that fast and I’ve been training my whole life.” Sango asked while polishing.

“Actually it’s because of a ceremony that my Lord and I went through. When he officially adopted me I had to drink a kind of potion that contained many things, including his blood and poison. It made it so that my blood could have a portion of his, so that my bloodline will be recognized as his and mark me as his heir until he has a male of his own. I am still human technically, but now some of his blood runs through my veins.”

“I don’t think I have ever heard of anything like that before. Is that why you have his markings now?” Sango asked, intrigued.

“Yes. The moon shows that I am of his bloodline, and the slashes are because I am now considered poisonous. I don’t have any of my Lords abilities with the poison of course, but if my blood is spilt then I can will it to become toxic to anyone. I also inherited some of his strength and speed as well as some healing abilities and vitality. I wont age like normal humans anymore either.”

Shippo was thrilled to hear all of that information because it meant that she was a perfect choice as a mate. She even smelled perfect, like fresh flowers in a large open field after a rainstorm. Rin noticed the intense look she was receiving from her childhood friend and knew that he might just be the one to win her over. But he was going to be on a merry little chase if he wanted to get her. So with that in mind, she thought it would be time for the games to begin. She stood and stretched in an innocent, yet provocative way and went to put logs in the fire. She felt his eyes on her and knew that she had to keep him on the hook, so she bent a little further than necessary to add them to the fire. She was raised around demons, so in essence she had their mentality. She saw Shippo as a strong male, and wanted to attract him just like a female inu would. Standing she straightened out her kimono and looked to Sango.

“It’s getting late. If we’re to hunt for dinner we should probably head out.” she said looking at Sango.

“I agree. I will go with you to show you how it’s done.” Shippo said with a grin.

“We shall see about, my friend.” Rin said with a smirk of her own. Then together they made their way out of the campsite and into the surrounding foliage. Sango had a knowing smile on her lips the entire time.

“’Bout time that runt found someone to mate with. If their scents don’t give away their attraction their body language would. I don’t know what my asshole brother will have to say about it though.” Inuyasha said out loud as he watched the two racing away.

Sango nodded in agreement but couldn’t help but smile. She knew that Rin would probably have Shippo running in circles, but it would sure make an interesting show.


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