To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 6: An Unlikely Meeting Can Yield Good Things

            “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Kagura said out loud to no one in particular. She was just exiting her quarters when a saimyosho had summonsed her to the front gardens of the castle they inhabited. She followed only because other bugs were probably watching her due to her nature of disobedience. If her ‘master’ caught her, he would have a field day with her. She shivered at the remembrance of the last time she disobeyed. Naraku thought it would be fun to squeeze her heart as hard as he could until the point of death for her, then let go only to begin again. With a hard face she made her way to the entrance of the gardens.

Upon arrival she saw that she wasn’t the only one sent there. Hakudoshi stood with Kanna at his side and Kohaku ended up standing near herself. He was hardly controlled by Naraku now, and only she knew that fact. Kagura would not expose it though, because she of all people knew what could happen if Naraku were to find out. The boy had finally come to grips with his memories and his actions recently and had spent all of his spare moments in thought of how to kill the vile fiend. It was that same hatred towards him that made them companions. As for Kanna and Hakudoshi, well, they were the most loyal to Naraku and did everything at the drop of a hat.

The only thing more disturbing about them was the fact that somehow they ended up mated to one other. It screamed of incest, but seeing as they were technically created beings the mating stuck. As soon as Hakudoshi grew in height and build and Kanna had breasts and hips they mated with Naraku’s sick blessing. Disgusting. Worse was that they would fuck everywhere! Hell, she had walked in on them so many times that she for obvious reasons chose to stay the hell away from whatever area they were in. She did have to say though, the only time she had seen Kanna with anything but a blank mask was during those few times she caught them.

While she was thinking about all of those things, she didn’t notice that the saimyosho had gathered in the center of the clearing. Once they did, collectively they began to buzz loudly and the buzzing turned into the voice of the spider hanyo and his instructions. He could have just sent individual saimyosho like he usually did, but apparently he felt like being theatrical. Or he wanted to make sure that his two most loyal servants heard both her and Kohaku’s instructions to ensure that they were caught if they did anything else. Bastard.

It turned out to be the oddest orders she had ever had. Kanna was ordered to be like a chambermaid and prepare his rooms, Kohaku was to hunt like they were going to feed a village, and she was supposed to find a human cook. What the hell?! The only order that was normal was Hakudoshi’s because he was ordered to attack Inuyasha’s pack but not to cripple them; just slow them down. Ok, well maybe it was a little different, but still, that was very weird. The mated pair followed his orders without question but both her and Kohaku spared a glance at one another to quietly agree on that meeting being out of the ordinary. By the time the bugs had dispersed they were all on their way to do their chore.

‘Well, might as well get this over with. There is a village about a thirty minute flight from here. He didn’t say that it had to be a great cook, just a human that could cook. Bastard. Soon, you will go down.’ She thought to herself as she pulled a pristine white feather from her hair and began her flight to collect her assignment. Halfway through her trip she got restless and decided that a walk would do her good. Besides she wasn’t given a timeframe to work with. Smirking with her newfound excuse she strode over to a hot spring and took a quick dip. Once satisfied that she no longer smelled of the damn miasma that Naraku kept around them like a fog she dried herself with a burst of youki and started to put her clothes back on. Kagura was in the middle of fixing her hair when she sensed a youkai coming fast in her direction. She barely had time to enter a defensive stance by the time a large whirlwind burst into the clearing and amidst the chaos stood the arrogant wolf that irritated her so. Koga.

The wolf prince had just been on his way searching for rumors of Naraku’s hideout when the breeze shifted and brought the scent of miasma. He redirected and followed and suddenly the scent was gone.  It was confusing because the wind hadn’t changed so unless he disappeared it should still be there. That was when he burst into the clearing and was even more confused then he was before. Because there ahead of him was Kagura, only she didn’t smell like she was supposed to. She always reeked of miasma but now she didn’t: she smelled like water lilies in a spring breeze. What was going on? Deciding the only way to find out was to ask; he got into his fighting stance and began his questioning.

“Kagura! What the hell are you doing here and why don’t you smell like that asshole Naraku!?”

“Listen wolf, it’s none of your business why I’m here, and I have my own scent idiot but it’s hidden under his miasma. Now why don’t you run along like a good runt before you get hurt.” She said while opening up her fan.

“Hell no! You killed my pack and I will have my revenge!” he screamed and lunged at her then the fight was on. She threw her blades towards him but his speed made him a hard target to hit. Koga kept taking swings at her but she was too good at evading. Both were becoming very annoyed because of their inability to land a blow on the other. Finally Kagura anticipated one of his moves and sent a large blade at his side striking him and drawing first blood. Growling he used all the speed he could to strike out at her and grab her fan. She didn’t see it coming, and within moments her only weapon was flung from her palms and Koga had her wrists held tightly in his hands.

“I’ve got you now, witch! You’re finally gonna pay for all of your crimes!”

“I’m not a witch!” Kagura screamed at him and then delivered a vicious head butt stunning him and making him loosen his grip. She was entirely fed up with that reference to herself. Everyone said she was evil; that she was as merciless, that she was just like her maker. Well that wasn’t true, and no matter what specie, when a girl is fed up with everything, they tend to explode. The wind demon used her own great speed to twist away from his grip and shoved him violently into a tree.

Coughing from the force of the blow, Koga righted himself within moments and screamed his anger back at her.

“You are heartless monster! I’ve seen you kill far too many innocent people for me to believe you are anything but a soulless bitch!” he shouted while crouched in defensive mode.

Kagura was definitely tired of everyone assuming that she was one of the true evils of the time. She had on countless occasions given them aid with Naraku and defied him at every turn possible to stop his rein of destruction. As angry as she got at Naraku, she could never lash out at him or say anything out of fear of his punishments. But right here, right now, he was not there. There were also no saimyosho around because their attacks had killed the few that followed her. It was this that gave her the insane idea that she could say and do anything she wanted, at least, for the moment.

“And what would you do if your life was in a sadistic bastards claws every minute of the day! If it was your heart that was kept within the folds of his kimono so that any act of defiance could be swiftly ended by a single squeeze! And how many times have I risked my very life and limited freedom to give out his weaknesses and to foil his many plans! The pain I suffer every time I give out information to the whelp and his brother only for them not to succeed at killing the bastard and for Naraku to know it was me who aided the enemy! Oh, I’ve suffered at the hands of a true monster for justice and freedom wolf! And you cannot judge me!”

The usually brash Koga was in a trance. As soon as she started speaking her aura picked up around her and all of the loose leaves began to swirl around her and he took in waves of her true scent. It also caused her half done hair to spill upon her shoulders and back. Her eyes also clouded and began to leak liquid sorrow. His anger was still there, but the sheer beauty of the scene before him muted it. It was tragic really that such a beautiful demon was trapped like that, and if what she said was true, which he knew that it was because he could scent no lie, then she was not to blame for any of the actions that she was forced to do any more then Sango’s brother was. They were both pawns of the villain.

In that split second that his mind began to wander, she made her move and tackled him against another tree, smashing it to pieces in their wake. Kagura landed on top of him in an attempt to subdue him and hopefully knock him out, but instinctually Koga’s beast lashed out at her attempt at making him submissive. He let out a deep growl and rolled them over to where he was straddling her and again grabbed her wrists and pulled them high above her head. Her inner demon also struggled against being held captive by anything and she writhed underneath him trying to escape.

Instinct is such a bitch in situations such as these. As a male, Koga’s beast naturally tried to dominate any female due to status as Alpha of the Wolves. But as a wind elemental, Kagura’s freedom is everything and submission is the ultimate defeat. Their instincts led their continued struggle, but every wiggle, and every accidental grind were beginning to take their effect on two very adrenaline-infused demons.

Her scent was smothering him and it was oh so good. He pushed his body harder down on her to still her struggle but all it did was press him closer to her heated core. And she tried to push him off of her but all she succeeded in doing is grinding on his semi-hard length. The friction made her shudder and groan and him growl and press harder. Kagura was no stranger to the urges of the flesh being that her first heat had passed and was dealt with years ago, but she had only sought fulfillment during her cycle and could hardly remember exactly what it felt like due to her inner animal taking over. Koga on the other hand had his fair share of females but they always submitted and he had his way with them until he was done. So for both parties this kind of…encounter…was different and erotic in ways even they were unsure of.

All they understood at the moment was that the friction felt amazing, so again, they followed their instincts pull. Koga thrust against her harshly with his rapidly engorging member and Kagura could only moan and thrust back with gusto. After a few minutes of this, she was becoming as wet as she did when she was in season and he could smell every ounce of her juices. Soon they were lost in the fog of each other’s arousal and instinct was all they had left. Her legs tightened around his midsection and he bent his head to nuzzle off her loosened kimono. Then he roughly sucked on her fleshy mounds making her groan and grind against him. He grinned against her when her arousal doubled as he bit down on her nipple.

Kagura could only cry out when her wrists were suddenly freed only to have her hot cunt taken prisoner by his mouth. She fisted his now loose hair pushing him harder against her thrusting hips. He stayed down there for a few moments then decided that his cock needed attention too. With one hand he removed his armor and the other he rubbed her clit in circular motions and reveled in each moan she made. The wind demon wasted no time in touching his chest and feeling all that his chiseled chest had to offer. She responded to his rough caresses by running her claws down his back, and soon their eyes were blood red as their inner beasts came out to play.

Without wasting any time Koga thrust deep into Kagura, and the loud moans that escaped the pair echoed throughout the forest. In a frenzy like no other they had ever experienced, they joined and let their most base desires take over. The wolf was relentless in his movements and Kagura couldn’t get enough of it. It didn’t take long for them to come to a mind blowing climax that had Kagura moaning at the top of her lungs and Koga to release a shuddering growl that he didn’t even know he was capable of. After a few moments of catching their breath, they slowly came back to reality and what they just did hit them like a ton of bricks.

Even slower they made eye contact and were thrown for another loop by what they saw. To Kagura, he looked like a breathless savage with his hair loose and tangled from their activities and for the first time she really noticed how handsome he really was. To Koga, she looked like a dark goddess with her midnight hair framing her flushed face and still half lidded eyes and swollen lips. They managed to untangle themselves from each other with their minds still processing the recent chain of events and thoughts associated.

Kagura couldn’t hide the blush that still tainted her features as she glanced back at the partially clothed ookami behind her. She never saw this happening but had to admit that she couldn’t quite regret it. So instead she went back into the hot spring and removed his scent from her person. Koga was having a similar train of thought but didn’t even bother to try to wash her scent from him. He didn’t know what happened to the vendetta he held against her, but after what they had just experienced he could safely say that he didn’t hate her anymore. He actually wasn’t sure what he felt about her anymore. He only watched her as she washed herself and began to put her kimono back on.

He was a little upset at the state of her attire. It was warn and very thin, hardly enough to keep her warm when it mattered and it sported many patches where it had been mended from previous holes or tears. He wasn’t sure why he noticed any of that but he did. Koga was strangely satisfied that when she looked his way she still was blushing and tried to not meet his gaze directly. With a wolfish grin he walked over to her and stood directly in her path.

“I know that you were being honest about what you said, and although I can’t say that I am not any less angry by the murder of my pack family, I will tell you that my blame is no longer directed at you, but at Naraku.” He said and watched as her head snapped up with wide eyes staring at him in confusion. He guessed that she wasn’t expecting him to say that; or to sound so much like a mature demon. Either way he was pleased that he could inspire these kinds of reactions from her.

She was at a loss for words for some strange reason and couldn’t help but gawk up at him. Everyone hated her, openly, and no one had ever believed a word she spoke. This was new, so new that she was unsure how to respond. Then he grinned and her personality came back and she arched a brow in mock irritation and spoke.

“Well, don’t think I wont attack you the next time we meet just because of this. I still have my orders, and now I have to go. Goodbye wolf prince.” She tried to say as coldly as she could but she saw mischief hidden in his eyes and before she could fly off he reached out and grabbed her, kissing her so good she almost forgot her name. He pulled away just as suddenly and smirked again.

“Then until we meet again, Kagura.” And with his last words, he took off like a tornado into the surrounding foliage. She stared after him for a few moments still in shock and slowly reached up and touched her lips. With a rare smile she fixed her hair and went about her mission to collect a cook. Her smile didn’t even fade when she returned to the fortress and dropped off her charge with Kanna. As she lay on her futon she allowed her mind to drift off and wonder about the meaning of Koga’s last words.

‘Hm, until next time, Koga.’


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