To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 12: Sango the Hentai


To say the tension in the air was thick was at this point the understatement of the century. After a very short-lived argument between the Inu brothers, Inuyasha ended up unconscious and it was made official that Sesshomaru would be accompanying them on their journey.


Said demon Lord sat at the base of a large Japanese oak tree and silently studied all of those that were in the tachi. Looking in his idiot half-brother, he noticed that the undead miko was now heavily cloaked in the half-breeds scent meaning that he has claimed her as his mate. The true question in his opinion was how in the world did Inuyasha ever manage to get it up when she smells so highly of death and dirt. It was nauseating to know that the only reason why he was able to tolerate her stench was due to the thick layer of the halflings scent that covered her. He always heard that both priestesses looked alike, but he hadn't seen the miko Kagome in a while so he withheld judgment until he witnessed the likeness for himself.


'Even so, why would he choose death over life? She would never be able to bear him pups and continue his legacy, however insignificant it would be. Well the baka was always just that, a baka.'


Turning his sights to those on his left he saw the slayer sitting on a log polishing her weapon and the monk not too far away looking to be in meditation with his staff across his lap. The firecat was absent however, but when he heard her issue a playful growl he realized that her and AhUn were frolicking in the forest so it explained their absence. The demon slayer seemed to be wound up very tightly due to the effort she was putting into cleaning the large bone boomerang. She smelled of anxiety, frustration, and a thin layer of arousal. There seemed to be no doubt that she was coming into heat and she was unsure of what to do with herself.


The monk seemed completely enwrapped in his meditation, however the way his eyes would open slightly to admire the slayers form as she bent over or moved in certain ways. He definitely smelled of arousal but was putting up a front to seem calm and collected. Quite the rouse, however, the slayer seemed to be on to his trickery because she would look at him and roll her eyes or even physically assault him in some instances. Interesting.


'It seems as if they are dancing around each other, afraid to move. Humans and their strange mannerisms will never make sense to this Sesshomaru.'


Then there was his Rin...and the kitsune. Sitting together on a fallen log, too close together in his opinion, and talking. The fox looks nervous, as he should being in the presence of one such as he while keeping company with his daughter. They were talking about something in regards to their childhood when Rin let out a happy laugh. His eyes narrowed slightly at the familiarity that they showed one another during their conversation and when Rin rose to tend the fire the kitsune made a mistake by allowing his eyes to roam over her womanly form. If that wasn't enough, a soft scent of his arousal was released and a low growl reverberated in his throat warning the kit that grave misfortune would befall him should he allow his eyes to linger or get any ideas about his daughter.


The only people who heard the growl were those of pure youkai heritage for it was that low, and it only took a fraction of a second for the fox to turn his eyes to the darkened evening sky. Rin who didn't hear the whispered warning decided to look back over her shoulder to Shippo giving him a shy smile before turning to tend the fire once more. Unfortunately Sesshomaru caught that as well and his contemplating got that much more complicated.


'She will be the death of me yet.'



Sango just couldn't believe the nerve of that monk. Here he was pretending to meditate and be all holy but already she caught him staring at her more than once! Was that really why she was upset? No. The horrible truth was that she was enjoying the attention he gave her! Every time he looked in that secretive way, she felt a needy sensation begin to manifest itself in between her thighs. She just didn't know what got into her. It really used to be the bane of their relationship, but now it just stirs up desire and she was doing her best to try and not think about it. But try as she might, the thoughts of those very vivid dreams would haunt her and even now they brought a blush to her cheeks. Taking a peek at him beneath her lashes she silently admired his muscular frame that was hardly hidden beneath his robes and wished that she could just run her hands all over His strong jaw, large shoulders, and masculine physique that was hardly hidden beneath his robes. Everything about him was truly robbing her of peace!


‘Kami what is with me! Why can’t I just ignore him anymore like before! It’s like every time I see him I think of those dreams where he is all over me…his strong biceps holding me, his hair loose, and his big…SANGO GET A GRIP!’

She didn’t think she could do this right now. Those urges were getting harder and harder to ignore every passing day and she could only polish Hiraikotsu so many times to keep herself busy. Letting her eyes roam over to where Miroku sat in silence and took notice of his masculine features. His strong jaw, large shoulders, and muscular physique that was hardly hidden beneath his robes was truly robbing her of peace. She wished that she knew something to help her get past this other than, well, THAT, but she wasn’t sure it. Then again she could always…that always helped her in the past when she was riled up. Besides, she knew for a fact the demons in the group could smell her pent up desire and wouldn’t think twice to let her alone. Standing she looked at the still unconscious Inuyasha and met Kikyo’s gaze.

“I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back before long.” She said before turning and bending at the waist to retrieve her sword. Before bending she made sure to have Miroku’s attention on her before leaning down, giving him an amazing view of her backside. Why she did it? She didn’t know, but she just felt like riling him up. Maybe he would follow her and help relieve her of her “stress”, as unlikely as it seemed. He hadn’t been too touchy with her as of late, making her wonder if he even wanted her anymore. After taking her time rising she looked at Miroku over her shoulder to see his eyes glazed over and smiled to herself before leaving the camp to find a clearing far enough away that no one could hear, or smell, what she would be doing with herself.

After walking for a while she found a small gap in the trees with thick grass and moss covering the few rocks that were there. The perfect spot for what she had planned. Taking her hair down and closing her eyes she imagined that her hands belonged to a certain violet eyed monk and began to softly caress her breasts through her kimono. Knowing she was alone gave her the courage to let her voice go a little bit. She didn’t want to attract unwanted attention after all. Moaning softly she whispered his name while she pinched her nipples over the cloth and slowly started to undress herself. Throwing her clothing to the opposite side of the small clearing she lay down on the grass and traced the outlining curves of her body softly. One hand massaged her breast while the other made a slow descent to her womanhood.

With her two fingers she teased her slippery channel getting them coated in her liquids before spreading her moisture on her clit and giving a good circular rub.

“Mmmm, Miroku” she said aloud before plunging her fingers into her hot cunt and grinding onto her palm.

‘Oh Kami it feels so good...’ she thought to herself as she sat up and leaned against the trunk of a tree so that she could freely plunge her fingers in and out of herself. Curling them within her walls she knew that she wouldn’t last long. Thinking about that dream again made her even hotter and she pumped her fingers that much faster. Knowing it would do her in she added another finger and within a few more  strokes she came undone.

“Ahhh, ahhhhhh, MIROKU!” She said aloud as her climax hit. Breathing heavily she leaned her head back and tried to calm down from her orgasm. The sound of a twig snapping caught her attention and she snapped her head to the trees dead ahead of her. Her heart raced as she sensed a familiar presence in the tree line, wondering if he had seen her. Half of her mortified hoping he hadn’t, the other half hoping he did and enjoyed the show. The moment he stepped out of the shadows she had her answer and would surely never doubt again.

‘I wonder what could be the problem’ Miroku wondered to himself as he sat silently with his eyes closed feinting meditation. He was actually monitoring the aura’s surrounding him and was caught wondering what could be the reasons behind one in particular’s fluctuation. Of course it wasn’t Inuyasha’s because he was still down and not Kikyo’s because hers always seemed to be in control. There was an agitation in both Shippo and Rin’s and even a minimal one in Lord Sesshomaru’s. Those could be easily explained though. Rin’s was high due to being happy her Lord and father had returned to her and was traveling with them. Shippo because he was in the direct presence of a very dangerous Daiyoukai, and Lord Sesshomaru he assumed had to do with sharing such close proximity with humans.

The one that was behaving rather erratically was none other than his beloved Sango’s. It was completely out of control, and for some reason wouldn’t return to normalcy. The few times he chanced a glance he noted the stiffness in her shoulders, and the strain around her eyes…along with the firmness of her breasts and curves of a goddess…but that is besides the point. She usually became this upset when he was trying to cop a feel on her, but he was being surprisingly hands-free as of late.

Miroku knew that she had been acting peculiar lately but was hesitant to bring it up. After all if could be some 'womanly' issues, but he was almost positive her cycle had just ended based on her conversations with Kagome. Not that he had been eavesdropping or anything.

'It wasn't MY fault if my ears picked up on certain conversations that they were having. Perhaps they shouldn't have sat so close to the boulder I was hiding behind by the onsen.' he thought to himself with a small grin.


When her aura spiked highly again his grin was replaced by worry and he peeked open his eyes to catch another glimpse of his beautiful intended. When she said she was going to go for a walk, he wasn't too surprised because she often sought out aloneness when she was going through emotional issues. What he wasn't expecting was for her to gift him with the perfect view of her pert backside while bending over before she walked away from the camp into the forest.


The vision stunned him for a minute as a thin stream of saliva fell from the corner of his slightly parted lips. Several images passed through his minds eye at that moment of the things he could do to her while she bent over that way. He was so caught in his lusty thoughts that he missed the coy smile she threw him before she left camp.


'It's so perfect, and round, and firm and I want to touch it when she gets back. Get's back? Oh, that's right, she went for a walk. Sango hardly ever leaves camp this late however, so what is troubling her so much that she'd risk danger for?'


Blinking out of his momentary stupor he decided to rise and follow her. He knew that she was by no means unable to care for herself but the idea of her being alone made him worry about what was going through her head. It must be something serious to make her leave at this hour. Knowing that she would probably skin him alive for following her, Miroku decided to cloak his presence and follow at a distance. Sure, Sango was no miko or youkai, but she was a Taijiya who was taught at a young age how to read auras and would no doubt pick up on his in a heartbeat.


His curiosity grew that further that she got away from camp and he began to wonder why she traveled so far away from the campsite. She did realize that from this great a distance not even Sesshomaru-sama could sense her presence unless she was downwind from him, which she wasn't at this time, so if anything happened to her it would be dangerous for they wouldn't even know.


This thought troubled him and he walked faster to close in the distance between them. All of the years of traveling alone helped him stealthily catch up to her rather quickly but he was in no way, shape or form ready to see what greeted him there. When he sensed her stop, Miroku slowed down and slowly approached her in the shadows.


He hid behind a large oak tree and silently watched her lay her weapon down, take down her hair, then she closed her eyes and begin to...TOUCH HERSELF! His eyes must be deceiving him, so he rubbed them hard to get the vision from them, but when he opened them once more his mouth went dry. His girth started to stir as he watched her tempt and tease herself while his name, HIS NAME, was uttered from her small yet full lips. He couldn't stop himself from parting the folds of his robes and loosening his hakama to un-restrain his raging hard-on.


'Oh Sango, had I but known that this was the illness that has befallen you, I would have helped you through it in a heartbeat!' he thought to himself as she began to rub her fingers over her slick and juicy folds.


His hand found his shaft as he watched her please herself and he began to slowly pump himself to her rhythm. Her moans filled the clearing and he had to refrain from making his own pleasured noises. Unlike her, his eyes were wide open and wouldn’t close no matter if he willed them to or not. The vision she made was astounding to him and so erotic that he was having trouble not cumming all over himself. He wanted to hold off so that he could see everything and let go of his load when she hit her peak. Then just as he was sure that he couldn’t hold it in anymore she climaxed moaned his name so full of lust that he came all over the tree with a low grunt of his own.


He took a moment to stare at her flushed face, heaving chest and glistening folds still dripping with her feminine juices and knew that he had to have her. Taking a deep breath he released his aura, removed the ruminants of his robes and slowly walked into the clearing in only his loosened hakama. Even though he already came once, he was still hard for her. It had to happen eventually, and now, she was not going to get away from him ever again


Sango’s eyes widened when she realized that it really was Miroku who stepped out of the foliage and her heart rare accelerated. She was still coming down from her climaxed induced high, but as soon as she saw his sculpted chest glistening with sweat and his hakama riding low in his hips, she was heating up all over again.


Miroku saw what his being there did to her by the look in her eyes and knew that this was it. There may not be any official wedding ceremony for a while, but after this night, she was his. His wife, his love, and more importantly HIS. 


She saw it, that possessive look in his eyes, that look that said, ‘you’re mine’.  It sent shivers down her spine and a renewed wetness between her thighs. Blushing profusely she stood up and met him halfway across the clearing. His heart rate skyrocketed as he watched her sashay her way towards him with that innocent yet deviant look in her eyes. Unwilling to wait anymore he reached out and pulled her into his embrace kissing her passionately with all of the pent up love and lust he held for her. She answered back with just as much enthusiasm as she wrestled with his tongue for dominance.


It wasn’t like they hadn’t ever gotten that far before, but this time it was different because both knew that this night would change everything about their relationship. Pulling away from her lips he began to kiss down her neck and she moaned at the sensation.


“Sango, my beautiful Sango” he whispered across her skin before he bent low to take one nipple into his mouth. She gasped and her eyes shut tightly at the sensations he was creating within her. Her hands weren’t idle either, they were tracing his arms and back, and with one hand she pulled out the ribbon that held his hair back and ran her nails through it. Miroku was just getting ready to lay her down on the thick grass when she suddenly pulled away from his touch.


He was concerned at her departure at first thinking that she would run away, but then he realized that she was on her knees before him and pulling out his thickened member and removing his hakama. He was about to tell her that she didn’t have to do what he knew she was about to try, but that was all blown to hell because she didn’t hesitate before wrapping her mouth around him. All he could do is let his head fall back and enjoy the feeling of her tongue rubbing against his sensitive head.


It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy what she was doing because by Kami it was amazing, but he would rather spend his time claiming her as his and only his. Gently pulling her away he knelt down, held her face in his hands, and kissed her hard while leaning her back on the grass. Settling himself between her thighs he reached one hand down to ensure she was ready for him.


Sango opened her eyes and stared into his violet orbs that were full of need and love. She knew she should be nervous about this but she just couldn’t be. This is what she wanted, what she had been craving. Her only concern was what would happen tomorrow. Would he still want to marry her? Would he still be interested? Her concern must have shown in her eyes because took a moment to bend down slowly and lay a slow lingering kiss on her lips.


“My love, don’t be scared. You are all I want in this world, and all that I can ever thing of and everything I don’t deserve. But I love you still, and from this day forth you are mine and only mine just as I am only yours. Yours to hold, yours to have, and yours to love. Now and forever. You are my bride, and soon we will have a true wedding. But now, my love, I will make you mine for the rest of our lives.” he said with such sweetness and sincerity that tears spilled from her eyes.  Leaning up she captured his lips in another slow and sensual kiss.


“I love you, Miroku.”


“And I love you, my Sango.”


With those words being said, she slowly slid his large girth into her until he was in to the hilt. She had no barrier, but that was to be expected with the lifestyle they lived. She was still tight though and he had to stop just to be sure she was in no pain.


Sango on the other hand was in utter bliss. She felt so full and so right, there was a little bit of pain but honestly she killed demons for a living so it didn’t even register to her senses.


He expected her to want him still for a moment, but when she began rolling her hips against him he got the hint: she needed him to move. So he did. Slowly at first, but as her moans got louder and louder his pace picked up until he was taking her swiftly and as deep as he could go. Sango just was in heaven and wanted it to last forever. She also wanted to know what it was like to be on top, so she used her strength to flip them over.


He was not expecting it, but honestly he was not about to complain about watching her bounce with enthusiasm on top of his length while gripping her own breasts. His hands gripped her waist and he helped her bounce hard on his cock until he knew she was at her limit. Then he wrapped his arms around her as he sat up and flipped them back over so that she was on her back again. She may be a fierce slayer, but he was still a man, and he’d be damned if he would let her think she was in control. No, he was going to show her why he would be all she ever needed. He picked her legs up behind the knees and pounded into her with all that he had and then sparks flew.


Sango’s eyes shot open as she screamed his name out into the heavens and Miroku groaned as he finally came hard into her welcoming walls. He collapsed onto her and rolled them over to the side, him holding her close to his chest. Kissing her temple Miroku made her lean her head back and looked into her happily sated yet tired eyes and knew that he would never be able to let her go. She stared right back and knew that she was lost to him now, that if he were to travel to the ends of the earth that she would be right there following after him. Nothing would ever take them away from one another.



A/N: Hello everyone! No, I’m not dead! Just very preoccupied. I hope you enjoyed this little bit and look forwards to giving you all so much more! On another note, yes it is true that when women do go through severe physical traumas or are very athletically active they will not always have a hymen. I didn’t want to mention that in the beginning because, well, it would ruin the San/Mir surprise lemon!


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