To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 19 : The End Of The Road Draws Near


Kagura flicked the blood off of her fan. With a groan she realized that she had somehow managed to get ogre blood all over her kimono. This entire ordeal was becoming vexing if she were quite honest with herself.

Naraku was pushing them all to the extreme in the quest for jewel shards, and was not taking failure as an option. No one was even allowed to enter the manor without a shard as tribute. His mood was so foul that not even Hakudoshi was spared from his treats, or at least that’s what Kohaku had told her.

He himself had witnessed their ‘master’ threaten to beat Kanna with a leather whip with glass imbedded in it if he didn’t return with a shard like he had demanded.

All she knew was that it was not safe to be around him at the moment, which was fine by her. She was still residing at her chosen spring most of the time, and with her wolf lover on occasion.

A smile graced her lips in spite of the slime covering her once spotless attire. Koga had stopped by a few times since then and made all of those long days of hunting shards worthwhile. She had ‘accidentally’ killed her Saimyosho the same day they were all sent out with their new orders, so Koga was free to come and go as he pleased.

Well, she was always pleased with him around. They had gotten to know each other so much since their fated meeting, and boy she wished that she could just be with him right now. He told her that he would be there until tomorrow night. She wished they could move forward with their lives together. Unfortunately the whole Shikon no Tama ordeal would have to end, and along with it the life of Naraku.

Although, if they succeeded in gathering these shards she was certain that this whole mess would be close to finally ending. Looking at the shard that was laying in a puddle in ogre ooze, she gave a firm nod to acknowledge what her intuition was telling her. The sooner the jewel was whole, the sooner this would all be a thing of the past.

Scooping it up she pulled a feather from her bun and shot up into the bright blue sky on her way to the manor. She had a shard to tribute, a bath to take, and a wolf to fondle.


‘She’s close. I know it. I can feel the shard in my back reacting to the larger piece of the jewel. Other than Naraku’s piece, Kagome’s is the next largest piece and where Kagome is , Sango is sure to be. Sister, I will be seeing you soon.’

Those were Kohaku’s thoughts as he swiftly dealt vicious blows to a lower level boar demon. He had done this so many times already. So much death, so much blood. His hands would never be cleansed of the deeds that he had wrought. Even so, he knew that his place in Hell wouldn’t be as dark if he were to at least assist in the cleansing of his captor, Naraku.

No one but Kagura knew that he was really sentient. He was able to finally gain control of himself and his mind, and thankfully not a soul aside from her could tell. It was a blessing to have at least one ally in that rat hole. Besides, now Naraku would often talk to himself in his presence and reveal some of his more hidden agendas thinking that he would have no idea as to what was going on.

Oh how very wrong they all were. He had some very important information that would definitely lead to Naraku’s demise, but he had to find a way to reach out to someone with. The only one’s he trusted were Sango or Lord Sesshomaru. Luckily he knew that both were traveling together, and based on the dull pull of his jewel shard to the south, they were nearby.

The only real obstacle to get to them at this point was the Saimyosho that were constantly his companions. That was a problem that he was preparing to rectify. The demon he was currently fighting was really pathetic even with the jewel shard it possessed. When he traveled with Lord Sesshomaru, he learned a few things about combat and how to manipulate your opponent. Right now, he was doing just that.

Just a little more to the left, and with your next move you’ll dispatch those hellish wasps for me and I’ll end you swiftly after…’

Then within seconds it was over. The boar projected venomous vomit towards him, and when he dodged the Saimyosho all received the brunt of the attack and disintegrated into nothingness. He used that moment to strike out at the boar with his sickle and decapitate him. Walking over to the fallen body, he removed the shard from its throat. Obviously the stupid boar swallowed it. Frowning, he put it inside of a small pouch at his side.

He could still feel that small tug on his shard coming from the south, so he removed a hidden feather from his boot that Kagura had given him incase of emergency and took to the skies. He only had so long before he had to return to the manor with the shard or Naraku would suspect something amiss with him. He smashed down the nervousness in the pit of his stomach and determinately made his way to where he knew his sister would be.


Koga was currently skinning a deer that he had caught a few moments ago near his and his woman’s place of solitude. It was quiet, something that if you’re used to a pack of up to 80 wolves constantly surrounding you could be potentially unnerving. To him though, it was not so bad. Besides, the silence helped him to think about what he was going to do when Naraku was dead.

So far he knew that he wanted to mate Kagura. He was already even taking the proper steps to make it happen. His last week was extremely eventful, and thankfully wasn’t as hard as he assumed it would be to begin with.

First, he had to settle the business he had with Ayame. She was sweet and very beautiful but he didn’t love her they way she wanted. She was more like a pack sister then a lover, and he did at one point attempt to make it work but it really didn’t. He had incidentally been running away from her and that entire situation when he came across Kagura that fateful day near her secluded spring.

When he reached his pack after his most recent rendezvous with Kagura, he was prepared to begin the journey to the grey wolf tribe when he realized that it was unnecessary. Ayame and the others were already there. He smelt them just outside of the caves and mentally prepared himself for the apology that she was definitely owed.

Only he was again surprised at the situation that was unfolding. He entered into the main chamber of the cave and saw Ayame’s father sitting across from Ginta and Hakkaku. Ayame was sitting in between them both. It turned out that they were all waiting on his return so that he can dissolve the upcoming mating between he and Ayame. Apparently, she was going into heat when he had up and left her, and one thing led to another and she was now mated to Ginta. As well as Hakkaku.

That was a real shocker, because he had honestly never imagined she was that kind of female or that his brethren would lay with a female that was promised to him. It was unsettling, but it also afforded him he opportunity to cut that tie with her. He forgave his brothers because honestly they solved a huge problem for him, even if what they did was a little shady.

A female in heat was very hard to ignore, so Koga at least understood why it happened. But…both of them? He knew they shared everything, but sharing a mate was on a whole other level. But hey, who was he to judge?

Then he had a long discussion about the upcoming battle with Naraku, that led to the new development with Kagura. He explained to them that although she was involved in the death of their pack, she was not really the one to blame. Naraku was using others as his weapons of destruction, and they were also just instruments without a choice in the matter.

He told them that Kagura was a victim of circumstance, and actively taking all available and possible risks to end that vile fiend’s life. They were all confused as to his change of heart, but they had all trusted him. If he held no grudge against the wind demonness, they wouldn’t either. He also had to tell them that they had became close since he found out the truth, and the pack rejoiced in the knowledge that they may one day soon have an alpha female to create a stronger, and larger pack.

All in all, things were looking up. The only thing he had to do now was meet up with the mutt and his group. He knew they had found Kagome because Kagura told him finally all that had happened. Now he was more determined then ever to put this whole thing to rest. Stroking the fire, he put the spits of meat over the flame. It would take a while to cook, so he went back into the tent, disrobed and made himself comfortable on the new furs that he brought. Soon his woman would return, and he was definitely going to be ready for her.


As he looked down at the crown of his sleeping mate’s head, he knew that she was hiding something. While he ran his fingers through her snowy white hair he wondered on what it could possibly be that she couldn’t reveal to him. It didn’t upset him, thought, because he knew that she wasn’t always allowed to reveal the things she knew until it was the right time.

It had begun a bit of a guessing game for him, to figure out what was going on in her beautiful mind. Hakudoshi was certain that it had to do with whatever Naraku was planning, and yes, he was definitely planning another heavy attack on the group of miscreants. It was…exhausting really. There was a time in his created life that all he craved was the acceptance of his master and maker, and he learned many things from him.

Then one day his attention was drawn away from Naraku, and towards the maiden lying beside him. She was created, just like he was only she was perfect. She was beautiful, obedient, and very deadly. Her undying loyalty was something that even he didn’t understand. At first he thought like everyone else did. She was a husk, just a walking doll, but that was shot to hell the day he caught her in the forest outside of one of their fortresses.

He thought he was mistaken at first, for what he saw couldn’t possibly be the child of the void. She was sitting in the midst of a small meadow, with a rose in her hand. She gently lifted it to her petite nose and inhaled its intoxicating scent. A small smile lit up her usually stoic mask, and he saw her eyes really come to life. She was in a word, stunning.

He hadn’t noticed up until then that she was no longer a child, but a woman. What a woman she was. It was painfully obvious now as her kimono was still white but hugged all of the curves that her body now possessed. It was the first time he felt the inkling of desire, and ever since that day he made it his mission to get her to look at him that way. To possess her totally in thrall, the way that simple rose had in that moment, and he had won.

It took time, but now he was sure beyond all reasoning that she was completely and totally his. Nothing could sway her allegiance to him, betray her devotion, not even the orders of their master. Oh yes, he was well aware that she always served Naraku faithfully, but now it was different. She was defer to him first, and then get on with whatever task he had assigned her. Also she turned out to be a wildcat in bed. Their mating was in a word, euphoric. They hadn’t tired of one another yet.

Right now the only problem he had with this situation was that they were together, but he wanted more. He wanted a future with his mate at his side, not one were they were beneath Naraku as his hellish minions forever. He wanted to see her heavy with his seed, with a family of their own in a quiet and isolated location, away from the treacherous world they lived in.  They couldn’t do that though. Not as long as this damn jewel was still in pieces.

Perhaps once they’d defeated the half-breed and his group Naraku would dismiss them and they could finally live their lives in peace. But there was always the strong possibility that he was just re-absorb all of them into his body, making him strong enough to defeat them all on his own. That is the only possibility that had him concerned. If only there was a way where Naraku failed and they were free…but he would never say that out loud.

He never worried that his mate would turn on him and tell Naraku, no, but he also knew that their master had ears and eyes everywhere, and the last thing he wanted was to endanger his Kanna. Already he’d been threatened by Naraku because he thought that he was not pulling his own weight in the search for jewel shards. All of the punishments meant for him would belong to his mate, and that is a price that he would never pay.  He and Entei would ride out in a few hours to find any new leads on shards, but for now, he would rest.


When she felt his breathing evening out Kanna snuck a look at her mate. He was so handsome. His long wavy pale hair framed his strong jaw and fell gracefully onto his muscled build. She knew all of his thoughts, because she gained new insight through their bond. He would never know that of course, but she knew exactly what was going on in his mind when she chose to look.

He was rather silent lately and it worried her, and now she knew why. Naraku had used her as a bargaining chip against him. Not surprising really that their master would do such a thing, but it did mean that he was very serious about the Shikon now. Dead serious. It was dangerous to not follow his implicit instructions at this point in time, and so she made certain that she did everything to keep punishments away from her and her mate.

It wasn’t that hard, but it was taxing none the less. Her mate was right about one thing though, that she was definitely hiding something. It was something not even Naraku knew about her because quite frankly he never took the time to ask if she had powers aside from those of her mirror. She would have told him but he never asked. She rarely had visions, but when she did they were very accurate. She recently had a vision of Naraku falling in battle to the young priestess Kagome.

She saw how the fight went, and how it ended. It always ended with the miko and her master in a vicious hug, purity flowing off of her in waves. That would definitely destroy him, and then soon after, she and all of the others would flee to find their destiny. And it was all going to happen soon.

It was all about to end, sooner than anyone would ever expect. 

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