To Give Into Temptation

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                                     Chapter 7: Part Played to Perfection

The Inutachi had just started their trek to the last place that Kagome had been seen. Everyone was apprehensive about the upcoming meeting with her now that Kikyo was traveling with them. Miroku stared at Sango’s rear to keep his mind off of the severity of his thoughts. Inuyasha and Kikyo were walking and talking lowly to one another in the lead, Sango and Shippo were walking in the center and he was at rear. His favorite spot of all he thought. Shippo slowed and began to walk near the monk in hopes of talking to him about something that was really beginning to bother him.

 “Miroku, I need to talk to you.” Shippo said quietly enough for only Miroku to hear.

“What is it Shippo?” he responded in like.

“I don’t know what it is, but something is nagging me at the ends of my senses. Its like I can feel that soon things are going to change, but I can’t put my finger on it. Can you sense anything?”

“I can’t say that I do to the extent that you are experiencing. The only thing that I am getting is that this alliance with Kikyo will not be as accepted as Inuyasha seems to think. I know Kagome is forgiving, but I highly doubt that even one as pure as she can handle this new change. I hope that nothing too serious happens when we see her, but then again, Kagome has always been unpredictable with her decisions.”

“I know, I just don’t want her to be too hurt by…” the Kitsune stopped mid sentence and took a good whiff of scent surrounding them. Miroku noticed that Inuyasha and Kikyo had also stopped. He and Sango were both startled at how fast Shippo flew into Inuyasha and had him pinned against the ground.

“GET DOWN NOW” He shouted and everyone was so stunned by his order they obeyed without question. Milliseconds passed and suddenly a large fireball blasted over them in the clearing. Had they had been standing they would all have been killed instantly. The fireball decimated a large section of the forest to their left before it began to go out and they all heard a deep chuckle along side the neigh of a horse.

All jumped to their feet and turned to their right and saw that in the air was Hakudoshi riding atop of Entei. His long white hair blew in the breeze alongside the burning mane of the beast he rode. Then with a silent order Entei began to charge the group and instantly Kirara transformed and leapt at the horse. Entei barely dodged her burning claws and moved higher into the air. Sango stood beside Miroku, both prepared to inflict major damage on the duo as Inuyasha transformed his Tenseiga and stood in front of an arrow poised Kikyo. Shippo had two electric blue fiery orbs within his hands waiting to be released when he sensed that it wasn’t just Hakudoshi that was near. Kirara returned to Sango’s side and before she could even jump upon her back they heard the all too familiar chuckle of their most hated rival: Naraku.

Internally, Naraku sighed. He wished that there was a better way to announce his presence aside from that dreadful chuckle, but alas, one can only do so much for an entrance. As it was he was more eager to get the unconscious miko within his arms wrapped around his cock again and soon. These fools were only a hindrance to his plans. Besides, there will be plenty of time to plot their defeat at a later date. Preferably when he was done sampling the priestess.

‘Sampling, wonderful choice in words. I think I would like to sample a chocolate covered miko…ah, the pooch finally has acknowledged my prescience. Here it comes: the usual ‘Naraku, you bastard’ greeting. Or maybe he will be more original this time.’ While within his thoughts the spider hanyo had given nothing away, and to all present seemed his usual wicked self. Kagome was still carefully concealed within his cloak and he was within his large bubbled barrier that blocked their scent completely.

“Naraku, you bastard!” Inuyasha screamed up at him.

Mentally giving an anime blank stare, the kumo slowly blinked his eyes. ‘Yes. Very original. I suppose that’s just too much to ask for. Well, let’s just speed this up then.’

“Inuyasha, it seems that you are seeking something that has been misplaced. Or should I say ‘some one’? I wonder, what could have made that particular some one just up and run off? It must have been terrible for her to flee such as she had. Oh, I see. You’ve finally decided to replace the copy with the original.” Naraku said with a smirk.

“Shut up! You’re just talking outta your ass! You don’t know shit and now you’re gonna die for showing your ugly face!” Inuyasha shouted.

“Such insults wound me, Inuyasha. After all, I try very hard to keep up my appearance.”

“I said shut the fuck up!” the inu hanyo said just before unleashing a wind scar directed towards him.

“Perhaps that wasn’t a very wise decision Inuyasha” Naraku said as he moved his cloak aside and Kagome became visible to all in the clearing.

Everyone gasped as Naraku lowered his barrier, making them both susceptible to the full brunt of the fatal strike. It wouldn’t kill him, but it would destroy Kagome and they all knew it. The spider wasn’t really going to let it touch them though because for obvious reasons it would put a large run in his plans, but he did it for dramatic emphasis. He just had a flair for thrilling situations he liked to believe. Before he could raise his shield again, Miroku opened up his wind tunnel and it completely changed the trajectory of the attack. Unfortunately he wasn’t fast enough to close it and was struck by a portion of the powerful attack.

The monk flew into hard into a large tree knocking him unconscious instantly and Sango could be heard for miles screaming his name. She ran directly to his side and began to check him over. Tears clouded over her eyes as she had trouble locating his pulse with her shaking hands. After what seemed like years she picked up a weak flutter of his heart and turned her furious eyes at Naraku. Inuyasha’s heart was in his throat as he thought of how close he had come to killing his best friend and Shippo was beginning to see red. His mother was there, knocked out, within the grasp of the vilest beings to ever exist. He could barely keep himself from attacking, and after what just happened to Miroku he really wanted to rip out his guts and hang him with them.

“Naraku, release Kagome at once.” Kikyo said pointing her notched arrow in his direction.

“Let my mother go, Naraku!” Shippo’s shout followed after Kikyo’s.

Naraku wasn’t expecting that quick response from the monk, but hey, whatever works. Now that one was debilitated, their travel will be delayed from the looks of it for a while, but not long enough. Hakudoshi will have to immobilize one more of them it seemed. Well, now that all eyes were on him, it was time for the leading lady to play her role. Unseen by all others, one of his hands began to shake her shoulder rousing her from her sleep. Groggily she became aware of her surroundings and remembered what was going on. Then very softly she heard him whisper to her, “your part is upon you, priestess.”

“Kagome!” She finally was shaken from the last of sleep by the all too familiar shout from her pack leader and then opened her eyes to looked down upon the earth and those in the clearing. The first thing she saw was the barely restrained anger of her kit followed by an unconscious Miroku and a very visibly upset Sango. Inuyasha held such a look of worry and anger at the situation that she was ready to be swallowed whole by grief due to her actions. Then she saw who was standing behind him and all previous thoughts of regret were crushed and replaced with unbelief, anger, and betrayal.

Was he trying to replace her already! She was only gone for a day for Kami sake! And then he brings HER into their camp like nothing is wrong with it?!

‘OH HELL NO! AND I ALMOST FELT SORRY FOR…FOR…for finally enjoying myself and putting my own needs ahead of yours? The hell am I saying? I am sorry for the worry I caused my son and pack, but there will be time to make up for it later. Kami, I’m such a fool sometimes. Inuyasha, you wont rule my heart anymore. No one will but me. And my last chance at thrill is here and as soon as it’s over, I will move on. Someone out there is bound to love me for me, but I guess it just isn’t you.’

After her inner struggle was over, her resolve became iron. So she did what she said she would, and her part was played to perfection.

“Inu..Inuyasha…why? I..I thought that…you loved me…” Kagome said while tears began to cloud her eyes. Yes, she knew how to cry on command. Besides, she felt the need to give him some grief for trying to replace her so suddenly from her point of view. It was cruel, but at the moment she could care less. She decided it was time to play the damsel in distress and turned to look at her ‘captor’ and pretended to struggle to get out of Naraku’s ‘grasp’ while screaming for him to let her go. Every eye in the clearing was watching the scene with anxiety and shouting for her immediate release.w242

Naraku was actually shocked at the validity of her lies. Had he been unable to scent her, as they were unable to, he would believe every word coming from her lips. He had thought that she was going to back out of their deal at first when he sensed her guilt, but then her anger swelled and a sort of acceptance happened. Now she smelled heavily of deception and determination and it was turning him on. Who knew that she was such a good liar? Mentally grinning he thought that he should add another dimension to her supposed struggle.

Unseen by all, he gave her butt a good pinch making her squeal, and then he slid a finger into her and she about leaped from his arms. Yes, that made it way more believable. Inuyasha drew his sword again and began to shout threats about disembowelment, dismemberment, etc and just as he jumped in the air to attack, Hakudoshi and Entei darted in front of them to fend him off with his staff. Summoning some Saimyosho Naraku ordered that they remind Hakudoshi that he is only to injure and not to kill and if he were to disobey then his mate would suffer.

Satisfied that all was as it should be in regards to his self imposed mission, Naraku left the scene and with all of the speed he possessed he shuttled them off to a very secluded area of the forest very far from civilization and youkai population. He just couldn’t wait to get back to the fortress, he had to have her now. Her little act had turned him on so bad that he was already hard before they even left the area. He was absolutely determined to fuck her against a few trees and the ground before returning.

Reaching a heavily shrouded clearing full of vines falling from trees and thick wild grass, he practically flung her to the ground and pinned her there. Catching her mouth in a frenzied kiss, he began to grind his length into thinly clothed core. She moaned aloud at the contact and pushed her hips harder into him earning a deep groan. Unlike the first time, they spent no time ogling one another. Kagome practically ripped the cloak from his shoulders and tossed it to the side and began to kiss and nip his chest.

Naraku sucked in a breath through clenched teeth as she bit down on his nipple and then he leaned up and tore her clothes from her body. The flimsy shirt and bra were tossed carelessly aside, but when he moved to tear the skirt she grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“My favorite skirt does not get destroyed.” Kagome managed to say and wiggled out of the skirt and underwear on her own. Within moments he was feasting upon her cunt and she was moaning without reservation. She came quick, and decided she wanted to try something new again. She pulled him up to her by his hair and kissed him quickly before scooting down further. She stopped when she reached his hanging cock and leaned up to take it into her mouth.

“Kami Kagome…” he managed to get out before he felt her hands grip his ass encouraging him to thrust. He didn’t need any other hints and he started to thrust slowly into her hot mouth. He felt one of her hands move and he looked at her beneath him and saw that she was touching herself while sucking him off. Hell yeah, that was hot. He knew that she was getting close to cumming because her sucking was becoming more fervent and soon he was going to be erupting into her. Then, completely unexpected by both, a large demonic aura invaded their senses. Naraku removed himself from her mouth and knelt beside Kagome as she sat up.

Kagome felt its enormity and was shocked because she didn’t know any demon with an aura that immense save for one, but knew that it couldn’t be that one in particular. Sesshomaru may have been dangerously powerful, but he was always in control, and whatever was headed their way was not. Their aura was all over the place and erratic, something that he just never was. Naraku on the other hand knew good and well who it was, but he also knew exactly why their aura was out of whack. This was to say, interesting, at the least. Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands and Killing Perfection, was in heat. Like all demons, although rarely with Daiyoukai, his heat would literally shut down his more rational part the longer his heat was denied, which was probably why he ventured into such a secluded area of forest far from anything.

The smell of a very aroused and willing female probably is what caused him to find their location. Luckily for them, he hadn’t used his miasma to cloak their location or his logical mind would have connected it to the threat he imposed and killed him and the miko. Then another idea struck Naraku: when in heat, as long as none act dominant over a perceived alpha, they were all too willing to share a female. Smiling to himself, he imagined what it would be like to watch a bestial Sesshomaru fuck Kagome while he did simultaneously. His cock twitched at the idea and he decided that he wanted to fulfill that fantasy. Now.

He moved to kneel behind her and then began to stoke her pearl, eliciting a moan from her. He then used her juices to coat his fingers and began to pump them into her. She leaned her head back against him and let out another moan.

“N-Naraku, but there…is a demon…nearby”

“Yes, and he’s in heat. I’m curious, Kagome, how do you feel about sharing?” he said huskily while continuing to pump into her with his middle and ring fingers.

“W-what?” she said becoming a little confused as her mind was beginning to cloud over with lust.

“The demon is in heat, without inhibitions and rationality, and like that, they are always willing to share. As am I.” he whispered into her ear then licked the shell.

Just as she was beginning to understand his statement, a feral and out of control looking Sesshomaru emerged from the trees and looked upon her with ruby eyes and jagged stripes, breathing erratically. And he was stark naked. Her arousal nearly tripled as she saw his pristine god-like body, regenerated arm and all; and impressive girth and watched as he walked up to her like she was a deer caught in a hunter’s path. Well, technically she was. Without speaking a word, he knelt down between her legs and picked up her hips and ate her out like a starving animal. She almost wanted to panic but Naraku began to whisper into her ear again.

“Shh, Kagome. Just relax, and enjoy. Feel, only feel, as he only can. He is in the height of his heat, and will not remember any of this after he is sated. He wont hurt you, he only seeks to give and receive pleasure. Let him, let us, pleasure you.” Then he leaned into her and then began to kiss her and tweak her nipples.

Kagome thought that maybe she had died and gone to heaven. She was right now with not one, but both of the deadliest and sexiest males on the planet, and they both wanted her. Damn, even if she died from the ecstasy she would never rather die any other way than this. Sesshomaru was wild with his long and somewhat rough tongue and even though he just started to eat her out, coupled with the rough pinches to the nipples she was at her peak within moments. Never, in her life, did she ever imagine herself with two men at once, but now she could definitely see the advantages.

Right as she hit her climax she was allowed no recovery. She was roughly pulled to her hands and knees and the feral inu youkai practically shoved his cock into her mouth. He was lucky that she didn’t have a gag reflex or she probably would have choked to death on him. He heard him growling and looked up at him and saw his eyes were clenched shut and remembered what Naraku looked like when she did that to him and realized that the growl was probably his way of groaning. She glanced to her side and saw that Naraku was actually stroking himself while watching her take Sesshomaru into her mouth, and well, seeing that actually turned her on.

She began to suck on him with enthusiasm and felt it when the kumo hanyo’s tongue slide from her clit to her slick folds. She didn’t even notice when he knelt behind her but instead split her attention on what she was doing and what she was feeling. She heard Sesshomaru begin do growl deeply and took a hold of his balls with one hand and gave a few gentle tugs and suddenly he roared and she had a mouth full of his seed. Again, it tasted spicy but she liked it nonetheless. Then moments after she heard Naraku groan and felt him spill himself on her lower back.

Before she could even think she was spun around without any warning the massive length of the Daiyoukai was plunged into her depths. At this moment she realized that his name was as accurate as it could ever be, because somehow when he entered her he hit every right spot in one thrust and she came instantly. She threw her head back and moaned out loud as he continued his assault on her and wasn’t the least bit upset when she felt another large member introduce itself into her oral cavern. She only opened her mouth and throat and let him have some of the pleasure that she was being given.

Naraku was absolutely sure that he had probably had died and gone to heaven for some miraculous reason. Because here before him was one of the most erotic scenes that he had the pleasure of being a part of. Kagome was being plowed into mercilessly by none other than the most aloof and dangerous being in existence and dear Kami above it was so sexy. To make it even better he had his cock down her throat at the same time! He knew that at this rate he wasn’t going to last long at all, and soon he recognized her zeal in sucking as the telltale sign of her soon coming orgasm and concentrated on his own. Then he heard the Western Lord roar again and Kagome moaned loud against his desire and the vibration made him climax as well.

Kagome was sure not sure why she was still horny after cumming three times, but by all the Kami’s above she wasn’t complaining because it seemed like she wasn’t the only one still not satisfied. She was quickly turned around found herself straddling the still heavily aroused demon lord. He wasted no time in pushing her to grind against him and she obeyed without question. It felt too amazing to do anything but that at the moment anyways. She soon began to feel Naraku’s hands on her ass, spreading it apart and then she felt something very new.

Naraku had completely moisturized his finger and while she was so focused on riding Sesshomaru monstrous girth that she didn’t expect it when he slid said digit into her puckered entrance. She seemed to stiffen slightly, but soon relaxed again into her previous rhythm allowing the digit to remain where it was. Encouraged by this he began to pump it into her and was delighted to see that she tried to pop her ass out further to give him better access. He continued to stroke himself in rhythm to her movements and in no time he managed to coax three fingers into her forbidden entrance.

At first she was a little shocked to feel something going into, well, THERE, but soon she found that it wasn’t as bad as she had once thought. Not that she had ever really thought of it before anyways. The miko just relaxed and let herself feel, and soon she was greedily aching for both of her holes to be completely filled. Her unspoken plea was heard and soon the fingers were replaced by Naraku’s shaft. The friction was unbelievable and she cried out at the sensation of fullness. She could no long move freely but it didn’t stop the two males from moving at all. Sesshomaru kept driving into her from beneath and Naraku kept his pace above. Cumming together again, Naraku removed himself so that Sesshomaru could readjust. If he didn’t then his beast would probably assume that he was trying to take the lead and that would be bad for his heath. No, Naraku had no questions of his own strength, but to go against Sesshomaru without any kind of aid was suicide, and he felt like living for a while longer.

Kagome was lost in a fog of pleasure and had stopped keeping track of her orgasms because it was a pointless endeavor with these two…demons…taking her as they did. She felt it when Sesshomaru picked her up and when he sat down against a tree and leant her back against his chest. He picked her up again, but this time instead of just entering her, he rubbed his cock against her dripping wet center. She wondered what he was doing, but when he positioned himself at her rear entrance she understood his actions. He slid into her slowly, growling the entire way and nipping at her neck and ear.

Naraku stood in front of her and watched as Sesshomaru entered her ass, and knew that this round would probably be their last because he could sense fatigue in the demon lord’s aura, and being that he was just inside that sweet morsel’s forbidden passage, he knew what joys it held. Kneeling he made contact with Kagome’s glazed over eyes and slowly eased his way into her still somehow tight pussy, and groaned at the fact that she was watching him enter her with fascination. He they both began to pound into her relentlessly and just as he suspected, they all came to a shuddering climax spilling their loads into her without reservation.

Quick on his feet even after all of that, Naraku grabbed Kagome from Sesshomaru’s grasp as the Western Daiyoukai began to fall unconscious. At the abrupt move, Kagome was left confused and the next thing she knew was that she was sitting in an onsen alone. At fist she thought that she was dreaming, but then Naraku came into view with her partially shredded outfit and his cloak and she knew that it was all real. And if that didn’t convince her, the soreness between her thighs was proof enough of what had happened. Strange that she still couldn’t find it within herself to be upset or ashamed about it at all. But she did have questions that were needing to be answered, and when she felt herself be sat upon Naraku’s lap still in the springs she decided to ask.

“Naraku, did you know who it was as soon as you sensed him?”

The kumo youkai had just had a monumental experience and was feeling rather generous with information at this time, so he answered her without pause. Besides, it was nice to converse with someone who responded with what they actually thought as opposed to what they assumed he wanted to hear.

“Yes.” He said simply, but at the same time knew to be careful with words or she would get upset and ruin his mood.

“How were you so sure he wouldn’t kill us?”

“Because when demons are in heat, and deny themselves, they will eventually lose their rationality and become ruled by their blood beasts. Their blood beasts are solely focused on reliving their pent up lust, and don’t usually care how its done, only that it’s done. Once sated, they pass out and allow their more logical side to regain control.”

“So you moved us quickly so when he came to he wouldn’t kill us?”

“I don’t expect that he would waken that quickly, but I do know that post rut demons tend to cuddle, and for obvious reasons I didn’t plan on waiting for him to awaken to himself holding his hated half brothers alpha female and me.”

Giggling at the thought, she let herself relax but just before she fell asleep she had one more question.

“Why was he already naked?”

“His beast would of thought of the clothes as a hindrance and removed them. He probably stayed in that part of the forest because of no one usually being there. His logical side must have anticipated his beasts unshackling and moved himself to a place far away from anything enticing so he wouldn’t give in to his lust. We just so happened to travel into his sanctuary.”

“Oh, ok.” Kagome said before she started to slip away into a much needed sleep. Naraku saw that she was falling asleep, and took note that while he was away she managed to clean herself of all the evidence of their experience. He sat her down and did the same before donning his cloak once more and picking her and her clothes up. He was feeling tired himself and knew that it was finally time to take her to the room she would be ‘imprisoned’ in for a while. Forming his barrier, he used what was left of his energy to travel at his highest speeds and soon he was entering into the gardens connected to his chambers. No one was allowed anywhere near his rooms aside from Kanna, and even then she was only to stay for brief periods of time to clean or bring something to him.

Her scent was stale, telling him that she was no longer there and he went into his chambers. He carefully laid Kagome down upon the black and purple silk sheets and summoned the Saimyosho to his side. He gathered all of the information from them telepathically and found that Hakudoshi had managed to wound Kikyo but not mortally, only enough to slow their progress to his hideout. He also found that Kanna had prepared all his rooms as asked, Kohaku had taken down several venison, boars and rabbits, and Kagura had even followed orders and returned a cook.

That was a surprising that she complied the first time she was ordered to do so, but when he tried to call the Saimyosho that followed her, he realized that they were dead. He wanted to question it, but realized that at this moment, there was really no one she could have attempted to ally with and that she probably met resistance and the bugs were in the way. Dismissing them, he put his barrier around his quarters and stripped of his cloak once more. He slid into the western style bed beside the deeply slumbering miko, and for the second time, allowed himself the luxury of a peacefully blissful rest.

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