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Chapter 16: First a Confession…

I AM NOT DEAD. Just a hard working woman. A hard working woman with a procrastinating problem. Please, enjoy this next installment. For your patience, you’ve been rewarded with not one, but TWO chapters! They will be both insightful, and…exciting. - MindlessMina

 ‘Finally my chance has arrived. About damn time…’ Naraku thought to himself as he looked into the mirror. He had relocated from the destroyed sitting room to his private quarters to continue watching the miko’s campsite. He told Kagura to take a hike once she returned to report on her mission’s success. He wanted to contact Kagome before he called his minions to return to the manor. Hours past by before his window of opportunity opened. Inuyasha was with Kikyo, the firecat was gone, Sesshomaru’s ward took off with the dragon, and the Lord himself left the clearing with the kit. No demons that’d sense a change in her scent. It was time.

Reaching into his haori he pulled out a small braided rope. Running his thumb over it his eyes softened. It was made entirely of Kagome’s hair. She’d given it to him to remember her by. He had no idea when she had the time to do it, but somehow the clever girl managed. She had given it to him as he handed her the white yukata she was about to roll around in the dirt with. Smiling slightly he clutched it tightly within his fist and closed his eyes. Using her aura that danced around the braid he created a mind link between them and walked into her realm of dreams.


Darkness. She was sleeping, but her dream was empty. She could feel as her body lay on the cold unforgiving stone of a dungeon. She knew where she was in the dream, but she could see nothing. Strangely she was content with that. Better dream nothing than to dream of what she would never be able to obtain again. Just before her thoughts began to spiral downward, she heard a voice.

‘…Kagome…Kagome…kago no naka no toki wa…’

That voice! She knows that voice. She shoots up from the ground and looks around into the darkness that surrounds her.

‘…itsu itsu deyaru…’

‘Where are you!’ she screamed into the darkness. It was his voice! She knew it was!

‘…yoake no ban ni…’

Her left, it was louder on her left. She ran into the darkness looking for the owner of that voice.

‘…tsuru to kame ga subetta…’

Dead ahead of her is a spot of light that’s growing closer. Pushing ahead with all that she had she ran as fast as her feet would carry her. Soon her eyes were overwhelmed with its brilliance and she stopped running and closed her eyes. Opening them slowly she found herself in a beautiful field of flowers. In its center was a small pool of water full of water lily’s and koi fish. She was so absorbed at the breathtaking scene that when she felt two powerful arms encircle her waist she went as stiff as board. Then a deep masculine voice whispered into her right ear.

‘…ushiro no shoumen dare?’

With a loud gasp she turned in his arms and came face to face with someone she thought she would never see again. She was dreaming, but this was real. She could feel it.

‘Naraku!’ she cried out and threw her arms around his neck and hugged him as close to her as possible. She was crying all over him, she knew, but she couldn’t stop. It seemed as if he felt the same way for his arms were crushing her close to his body as if he was afraid she’d disappear. Well, seeing as she was dreaming it was an actual possibility. Then his grip was released and he pulled her face into a soul-consuming kiss. It was positively filled with desperation, longing, and even a hint of love.

Slowly releasing her lips, he rested his forehead against hers with his eyes closed. He had her small face cupped within his hands still and began to wipe away the trails of tears that were resting on her cheeks.


Slowly they opened their eyes and hugged one another again. Naraku then swept her legs out from under her and carried her to the edge of the water where he sat down and put her across his lap. They sat in silence for a short while, just basking in each other’s presence.

‘I had to do it Kagome. The way that you were delivered to your group had to be that way. It was the only way I could…’ he stopped there unsure of how to continue.

‘the only way you could what?’ Kagome tried to get him to finish his sentence. Honestly she was really upset that he did that on purpose. But he had a reason, and she really wanted to know what it was.

‘It was the only way that I could keep the memories alive. If it went as it should have I would have had to leave the manor, and all of the physical reminders of our time together. Your beautiful scent and the scents of both of us together, all of that would have been forfeit. At first I thought that I could do it, but when the time came, I realized that I wanted those memories for as long as I could keep them.’ he finished looking deep into her eyes.

‘I’m not gonna lie, I wanted it to last longer, so much longer. I still do. I want it so badly that I feel like I’m drowning. When Kagura took me I was furious. I felt like I was robbed of precious moments that I could have shared with you…it hurt more than anything has ever hurt before.’ Kagome replied to his heartfelt confession. With a warm smile he leaned into her and planted a sickly sweet kiss on her lips.

‘It will be hard to find the time, but I promise you that this won’t be the last time I hold you close to me. One day, when I find a way, I will hold you and never let you go.’ Naraku said with the most searing look he had ever given her. It was filled with so many emotions that her heart skipped a beat. He didn’t say the words, no, but he didn’t need to. Somewhere along the line, he must have been falling for her as deeply as she was falling for him. So with the brightest smile she had ever given to another living being, she pulled his face closer to hers.

‘And I will be right here waiting.’ she said with a fierce kiss that showed him how she truly felt about his proposal and his heart jumped out of his chest and over the moon. The spider-hanyo could feel her dream coming to an end so he pulled away reluctantly and looked at her angelic face. Then in a move that she wasn’t expecting he smacked her ass hard and grabbed a hold of it.

‘In the meantime, I will have my eyes on you. I will be watching you Ka-go-me. There is nowhere you can run from me, and whatever…activities…you engage in I will be watching. Solo activity would be very much appreciated, but I have to say the sight of your sweet little cunt being driven into by that demon lord would be just as entertaining.’ he said with a lustful growl and lick to the neck. With a shudder she turned and grabbed his hardening cock over his clothing. Just before they could get any further she felt herself begin to wake. Knowing they only had moments they shared one last kiss as she entered into the waking world.


Blinking her eyes slowly, Kagome reluctantly entered into the waking world. She still felt a little like shit cause she was filthy and not where she really wanted to be, but other than that she felt oddly refreshed. All thanks to her ‘dream man’. She saw Miroku and Sango speaking to each other quietly, probably so they wouldn’t wake her. She wondered where everyone else was. Shippo would usually not go far when she just had a near death experience and as far as they knew that’s exactly what had happened to her. Inuyasha would also be usually…oh yea, that’s right. Inuyasha wouldn’t be here, would he? That’s right, Kikyo was with them all when she pulled her disappearing act with Naraku. It was like she fit right in with the group.

It hurt. Strangely though, it didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would. She supposed that the simple explanation would be that the Inuyasha was evicted from the special place in her heart and another was now taking up residence. Still, to know that he had been leading her on had done some real damage in trust points. She wanted to be furious about everything, she wanted to be unreasonable, and she wanted to make him regret doing what he did to her heart. The only problem with that is that she just couldn’t muster up the emotions to back it up. Kagome had thought about it a lot while she was with Naraku, and knew that had she never caught them two in the act, she would have never gotten to know the real Naraku.

She made peace with the idea in theory, but now that she is back with them she had to learn how to really cope with what had taken place. Her friends had allowed Kikyo to travel with them. Why? Shaking her head mentally she knew that they  love her and would never do anything to hurt her intentionally, especially her Shippo. There had to be a good reason. So steeling her courage she sat up and set on her first mission. Finding out why Kikyo was with them that day.

“Kagome! You’re finally awake!” Sango said while rushing over to her side and enveloping her in a fierce hug. “You have no idea how much we worried about you,” she said with tears in her voice, “and we are so relieved to have you back.” Kagome hugged her back, sorely needing the comfort for the hard times that would be up ahead.

“Oh Sango, I’ve missed you, too.” Kagome said before sitting back on her sleeping bag. “I can’t explain what it’s like to be back here.”

“We truly did fear for your life, Lady Kagome.” Miroku said sitting beside them both. “There are so many thoughts and questions going through your mind right about now,” he said while pulling her into a brotherly hug. “But first things first…”

Pulling away from Kagome with her hands still on her shoulders, he looked at the priestess dead in the eyes. “…You, sister, need a bath.” The love, worry and crack of humor caused the young miko to realize how much she missed her friends. With a teary laugh she hugged them both to herself and breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe getting through this wasn’t going to be so terrible after all.

After their little heart-warming reunion, Sango and Kagome went out to a nearby hot spring with supplies and a promise of dismemberment if a monk were to follow them. Once they got there they washed in silence and began to relax in the warm spring.  There was so much to say, but Sango knew exactly what question she wanted answers to.

“Kagome, I know that you want answers about Kikyo and why she is with us…” she started only to be softly interrupted by Kagome.

“Please, can we talk about that later? If anyone has any explaining to do, it’s Inuyasha.” the priestess replied.

“Yes, he does about a lot of things, but this is something that you should know. We have a reason for allowing Kikyo into our camp Kagome, and though it may not be the greatest reason, I feel like you should know it.”

“I know that you all would never do anything to hurt me. I won’t lie, when I saw her with you guys…it was hard. But I believe that the one who needs to explain the how’s and why’s is Inuyasha.”

“It’s just, we,” Taking a deep breath, she continued. “All of us at one time or another started out as an enemy to you. Shippo tried to steal your shards, Miroku tried to steal you, and Inuyasha and I both tried to kill you. We’ve all changed since those first days. She told us some things, and Shippo told us that she didn’t lie about any of it. She says she  knows how she’s hurt you and wanted to clear the air between you two if it was at all possible. We believed her, and decided that she could travel with us until we found you. It would have been you to decide where we’d go from there.”

Looking deep into Sango’s eyes, she saw the pleading for understanding in them. Her story did take the sting out of that situation, and now she knew why the dead priestess was with them. Still, there was Inuyasha to consider and that conversation was one she was sure would last a while. Giving a small smile to her sister-friend she shook her head.

“Of course, you guys have big hearts. Thanks, it did help to hear that.”

Sango then set out to tell her everything that’s happened since she was kidnapped. From Inuyasha and Kikyo showing up claiming to be mates, Koga’s run in with AhUn that had sent Kagome into peals of laughter, Rin and Shippo liking one another and Sesshomaru showing up to join them in their quest to destroy Naraku.

“Thanks for the info, sis. I needed a recap, and now we really need to get back to camp before they send out the scouts.” the priestess said with a grin to the slayer.

“Actually, before we go, I have one more question for you.” Kagome said looking suspiciously at her friend.

“What is it?” she replied in curiosity.

“How long.”

“How long what?” Sango asked now beginning to be confused.

“How long have you and Miroku been ‘together’” she asked with a lecherous smile and wagging eyebrows.

“Kagome!” she screamed in a high pitch and turned a bright shade of red.

“Oh come on, like I didn’t notice those lingering, hungry stares you guys threw at each other. Please, now spill!” the miko demanded to an extremely embarrassed demon slayer.

“Well, it all started the day you went missing actually…” and spill she did. No stone was left unturned, not her naughty dreams, how she tried to seduce him but got mad and stomped off, how he followed her and caught her in her very private act. She even gave up the juicy details about their first time together and how they would be married as soon as they could find a monk to perform the ceremony. Kagome was so happy that she threw her arms around Sango and told her how excited she was and the slayer returned the hug wholeheartedly.

“It’s about damn time you two stopped beating around the bush.” Kagome said releasing Sango. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear good news like that.”

“I am still getting used to it, the idea of being the only woman he gropes, but I can’t really say that I don’t like it anymore. Not anymore anyways.” she finished with a blush.

With a chuckle, Kagome shook her head. She was so happy for her friends, but at the same time she found herself wondering if she too would ever have that kind of happily ever after. In no time the women were out of the spring and back at the camp. It seemed as if while they were gone everyone had returned. When she walked into the clearing she saw Shippo sitting next to a very grown-up Rin.

Sango was SO right! She’s gorgeous and perfect for my little kit!’ she thought to herself. Inuyasha was sitting with his eyes closed and arms folded in a high tree branch. ‘Typical.’ Ah-Un was having his hooves worked on by Jaken, and sitting with an arm resting on one bent knee while the other was stretched before him was none other than Lord Sesshomaru.

“Kagome!” Shippo shouted before he ran to her and gave her a crushing hug. When she was finally released she saw Rin standing about an arms-length away from her and offering her a bow.

“Lady Kagome, I also am overcome with joy to see you.” Rin said like a proper princess.

“So, are you too regal for hugs now little Rin?” Kagome asked with a raised brow.

With a giggle Rin practically tackled her. Thankfully she had removed her armor or it could have seriously hurt Kagome. “I missed you so much! I was so worried when I found your group but you weren’t here. But my Lord has agreed to accompany me as I join your group to defeat that vile fiend.” she finished with a strong conviction.

Kagome did remember Naraku saying that they had joined her group, and it looks like her “kidnapping” inspired Rin’s assistance with Naraku’s destruction. Interesting. Especially when the Ice Lord himself was there within the camp seemingly uninterested in anything going on around him. Patting the young woman on the shoulders she let her go and made her way towards Inuyasha’s tree.

For his part, Inuyasha knew that she deserved answers. He could feel her getting closer to him, and opened his eyes when he sensed her near the base of the tree he was resting in. It broke his heart all over again seeing her, that wounded and betrayed look was etched across her beautiful features. The worst part was that he was the one who put it here. Before she could say anything, he dropped down from the tree and stood before her.

“I need to talk to you,” he said. Jerking his head to the right, he started to walk out of the clearing. Kagome took a deep breath and followed him.


They walked for about ten minutes then he stopped by a fallen tree and took a seat, motioning for her to do the same. Kagome was feeling very conflicted at this point. She missed her best friend so much, and yet she was so hurt by his actions that she didn’t really know how to even begin this next conversation. She was saved thankfully when he decided to take the lead, surprisingly.

“Before ya’ ask me anything, I have some things I have to say. They’ll probably answer most of your questions. Honesty is more important that feelings at this point so I’m just gonna be as honest with you as I can.” The inu-hanyo rubbed the back of his neck worriedly “You know I’ve never been good at this ‘feelings’ thing.” Inuyasha started softly. Looking at her for any kind of acknowledgement, he continued when he saw her head nod. Taking a deep breath he continued.

“Kagome, I never meant for any of this to happen like it did. But I won’t lie and say that if it didn’t happen this way, I’m not sure how it woulda’ happened at all. I’ve always known how you felt about me, but had hoped that over time it would go away if I ignored it. I know that sounds stupid, and hell, it is when it comes down to it. I also know you don’t like Kikyo, and hell after all she’s done I can’t say I don’t understand your point of view.

“It’s just that for me, one minute the love of my life and only companion in this fucked up world I’d ever had, pinned me to a damn tree, and the next there was a skinny little woman-child who looked exactly like her setting me free. It was like I blinked and the two of you switched places. I was so fucking confused, and angry because I didn’t understand what the hell was going on. It was some shit you only hear old women telling their kids about when putting them to bed, like those fairytale stories in your time. I had no time to process what happened, no time to grieve, no time to move on. 

“Hell, I am not trying to be an asshole here, but you were her kami-be-damned twin at the time. Every time I saw you, I saw what I was robbed of. I only saw Kikyo. Then as time went on, you were so completely different and I began to love you too, only as something else all together. As my first true friend, and the first to accept the parts of me that even Kikyo couldn’t in life.

“You had become a foundation in my pathetic life with your caring and devotion, and you’ll probably never understand how much better off I am ‘cause of it. I have friends now, a pack, and you are the heart of it. Dead in it’s center. I care about you so much, just not the way that you want me to. You’re my sister, companion, and even my conscience. I’m sorry, Kagome, for leading you on like that. Maybe one day you’ll forgive me. Maybe you wont. Either way, I promise to never abandon you again, no matter what you chose.”

Kagome for her part was already in tears. That’s the most he’s ever shared with her about, hell anything! It hurt, sure, but for once he was being honest, brutally honest, and she was grateful in spite of the pain. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she felt his immediate response of him hugging her into his side. “There’s still a few things I wanna say, then we’ll go back to camp.” he said, and when he felt her nod against his shoulder he continued.

“I probably would’ve been fine eventually. Maybe even found a mate one day, but then the Kami cruelly allowed her back onto this plain. It wasn’t my Kikyo that returned to the world that day. No, what came back to me was full of hate, hurt, and anger. She was broken, so broken by our betrayal. But I knew that I could fix her. Kagome, I never stopped going to see Kikyo. Not even when she did all of those terrible things, but I know that you probably already knew that, too. It wasn’t because I promised I’d go to hell with her, but because I knew that the woman that I loved still had to be in there somewhere. It took a long time, but patience and attention finally brought her back.

“She’s the one that I’ve been with, and have chosen as my mate. I know that her life is artificial, and how she keeps it is unnatural. I will probably burn in hell for being selfish enough to know what is going on but accepting it just so that I can keep her beside me. I love her. When you caught us, I was devastated. I felt like a fool, and knew that I had to give you time to cool off before I could talk to you about any of this.”

He turned her around and stared into her teary gaze making sure that she was paying attention to what he was about to say because it was from the depths of his heart.

“I am so sorry, Kagome. I felt lower than dirt when I found out that you never made it back to camp, like a fool when I realized that Naraku had his hands on you, and I felt like I died the moment I caught your impure scent when I found you…Kami, I am so sorry because everything that happened to you was my own fault...we almost lost you and it was all my fault…” his voice gave out on him as tears pooled within his golden depths.

The priestess couldn’t bear to see him like that. GODS he was crying because of her, he really did feel remorse, he really did care! He really believed everything that she and Naraku had planned. Kami, he believed that she’d been raped and was drowning in loathing because of it. No, she couldn’t do this…she couldn’t let him destroy himself that way.

“Oh, Inu…” her shaky voice cried out as she threw herself into his arms. Their hug was a desperate one filled with tears. A steady mantra of  ‘I’m sorry’ passed through the Inuyasha’s lips and Kagome steadily answered with ‘It’s ok’ and ‘Its over now’.  When the tears dried Kagome felt such relief that she didn’t know what to do with herself. She cleaned the wet streaks off of her hanyo’s face, and offered him the best response she could. He deserved something! Hell, he thought that she was beaten and raped! They all must think so, that was the plan all along. But look what it’s done to her friends.

‘I can’t tell them the truth, but I have to say something. Hell, I didn’t think the rape part of our plan would be so devastating to all of them. I saw the way they all looked at me, with guilt and pain in their eyes. I can’t do that to them. Well, it’s not like it matters what I tell them. It would have been a lie anyways. What I can do is agree that I was beaten, what I won’t do is say that I was raped. I’ll just say that it happened by chance, willingly and unpredictably before I was kidnapped. Then they would believe me because that is the truth, just not all of it. Alright then, lets get this ball going.’  Kagome thought to herself.

“Inu, that’s all over now. I’m still hurt about all of this. I wish you hadn’t done to me what you did, but that’s something that we just can’t change. One day, I’ll trust you again like I used to, but it might take a while.” Taking a deep breath, she pushed on.

“I’m not ready to talk about everything that happened to me there, but…but I will tell you something, and for Kami’s sake don’t ask me anymore or I will never speak of it again.” He nodded an affirmative and she went on.

“I wasn’t…Naraku didn’t…rape me. No one did. Something else happened, before I was kidnapped. Something I’m also not really ready to talk…”

Before she could even finish her sentence Inuyasha had her in a bone-crushing hug. “Thank Kami! You have no idea how…oh wench, as long as you tell me it wasn’t the flea bag I wont ever ask you again!” he said pulling back and looking at her now laughing face.

“No, it wasn’t him I swear.” she said giggling with a small snivel from her earlier tears.

Hugging her softer this time, he breathed in a little easier knowing that she hadn’t been deflowered by that evil bastard. Of course, he still wanted to know who the fuck thought they could just lay with her without making any serious commitments to the wonderful female in his arms. He wasn’t about to ask her though. She’d been through enough already with his confession and deserved privacy. She was a grown woman now, and although what she did was seriously reckless he had absolutely no right to judge her. Instead, he just held her close, relishing the fact that he didn’t lose her to his seriously misguided sense of self-preservation. After a while she decided to speak again.

“So, is Kikyo going to stay with the group now Inu?” the priestess asked timidly.

“That’s all up to you, Kags’. She’s agreed that if you don’t want her there, she’ll travel away from us.”

“Won’t that make it hard for you guys, being you’re mates now?”

A sad look crossed his eyes before he answered her. “Kagome, we aren’t true mates. She’s dead. I can’t mark her like a normal mate, so it’s a mating in name only. Either way, it’d be hard, but I’ll figure something out.”

“Where is she now?”

“She went on a journey. I don’t know when she’ll be back, but she did want to speak to you herself when she did get back.

Shaking her head, she weighed her options. It was her decision whether or not Kikyo joined them. Of course her first answer was admittedly ‘HELL NO’, she still couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud. Figuring it would be a while before she had to make a decision about it, she just let it fall to the wayside of her thoughts for the moment.

“Let’s get back to camp, that asshole actually hunted game for us all. It should be ready by now.” Inuyasha said.

Nodding her head, she assumed that the asshole in question at this time was Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru. Now, she wasn’t the sharpest arrow in the quiver, but she was sure that he wasn’t there out of the goodness of his heart. He wanted something, and it wasn’t the fang. Oh no, not with the way he was looking at her. He wanted answers and boy, was she going to have a grand old time trying to avoid having to do that!

Then the still small voice popped up in her head, saying how Naraku would appreciate a showing of her and the demon lord…No! None of that while she walked alongside Inuyasha! Looking at him from the corner of her eyes, he seemed unaware of the hentai thoughts that were beginning to plague her mind. When they got back Sango was passing out dinner to everyone and the only one that didn’t eat with them was the same person who’s eyes hadn’t left her person since her return: Sesshomaru. Sighing, he mentally prepared herself for an interesting time of juggling avoiding his questioning and thinking hentai thoughts about the large tool between his thighs…oh Kami, why her?


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