To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 14: A Change in Plans


A man, or rather, a hanyo on a mission. That’s what he was. Naraku knew that if this worked out the way it did in his head, that he would be able to keep the beautiful cacophony of scents and images for a quite a while longer. After giving her a brief but passionate kiss, he had left Kagome in the hot springs and told her to wait there for him to return. She smiled and said that she’d enjoy the water for a while longer anyhow. Committing the stunning image she created while sitting naked in his lap while in the hot spring to his memory, he gave her another soft peck on the lips before leaving.

Quickly dressing into one of his simple kimono’s, he set out to put his plan into action. Knowing that she would take a while yet in the spring, Naraku briskly walked through his manor. Ever crevice, every room, and every surface that they had shared utter satisfaction in or upon was be-spelled to smell like abject horror, disgust, and hate. The only places he left alone were those within his chambers.

‘I believe that chore is done. Hmm, it’s a wonder how so many rooms were ‘blessed’ with our acts within such a short amount of time. At any rate, now that I am finished with that the second phase may begin.’ he thought.

Entering one of the darker sitting rooms that he had just be-spelled, the spider-hanyo took a seat behind a low desk and put his ‘game face’ on. Summoning Kagura was an easy task, but when she didn’t arrive in her usual timely manner he became curious as to why she was taking so long. Just as he was starting to lose his patience her presence was made known by the sound of a large gust of wind settling over where the kitchens were located.

‘Now what on Earth could have kept her from coming as soon as I called upon her I wonder. Strange, if this would have happened before...everything…then I would have made sure that she felt agony beyond her wildest imagination. Well, a small part of me still does, but it’s not as much as it would have. I just, can’t find any fucks to give about it right now though. Interesting.’

While he was musing silently to himself about his sudden lack of rage, Kagura’s mind was going a mile a minute thinking of ways to explain her tardiness. She would have came right away but she had to scrub off all of Koga’s scent in the springs within her campsite. He had left earlier than she did to find the Tachi and join them for the upcoming battle when they came to find Kagome. As she neared the manor she noticed something a little off.  Getting closer she realized that although she had been summonsed, the rest of his brood had not. She didn’t sense Kohaku, Kanna, or Hakudoshi. Was she just the first to arrive? Or was she the only one for a purpose?

That thought just made her nerves go haywire. What if he knew? What if he had planned to destroy her for fraternizing with the enemy? Just what did he have planned? She took a deep calming breath and thought of Koga’s promise to her. She would get through this. If the Kami were kind, everything would turn out all right. Steeling her nerves she began her descent into the kitchen’s small garden. She hadn’t been given permission to enter into any other location so she just chose to go through there to be on the safe side. Kagura had assumed that he was going to just meet her in the kitchens like he tended to do, but when she didn’t see him there she just followed his youki.

Now whatever she expected to find when she began her trip through the manor to find him, this was definitely not it. As soon as she stepped foot into the inner halls the world was turned on an axis and she was assaulted with the vicious scent of Kagome’s terror and hate. She didn’t smell any blood, that was good, but this time unlike all others she truly feared for the young girl’s fate.

Of course she had no way of knowing that said girl was actually in an off white yukata rolling around in the dirt of Naraku’s garden to make herself seem as if she hadn’t bathed in days. She also had no way of knowing that Kagome felt freer now than she would probably ever feel again in her life.

Shaking her head of those horrendous thoughts, Kagura followed the aura of her master and tried to breath through her mouth. When she finally came upon him she bowed down so low that her forehead actually touched the floor. This gave Naraku a shock seeing as she would rather cut off her head before showing her complete subservience. Then again, she did just smell things that were completely heinous to her and probably had a healthy dose of fear already from knowing that she came later than was expected when he called.

“Get up, Kagura.”

“Yes, Naraku-sama.”

“Naraku-sama? I must ask, to what do I owe this new obedient change in you? Could it be that something caught your attention?” he asked her and accentuated the question by taking a deep breath through his nose. “It just smells like a breath of fresh air, wouldn’t you say?”

Kagura wanted to throw up. The viciousness of the scents were driving her insane and she wished more than ever for him to either give her orders or punish her so that she could just get the hell out of there. She wanted to just go along with what he was saying so that it could be done already, but then it would be too suspicious. She always had something smart-assed to say and if she acted too obedient then he may suspect something.

“Sorry Master, but I would have to disagree to that. It’s just not my cup of tea.” she said with a wrinkled nose.

‘Ah, there. She’s back to her normal, spiteful and big mouthed ways. And I was just beginning to wonder. Oh well, on with it I suppose.’ he thought to himself as he reassessed his incarnation. He deigned to just stare at her, knowing that it would make her squirm. When he was positive that enough time had elapsed for Kagome to make her way into the dungeon and break the vile to be-spell that location as well, he decided to cut to the chase.

“I for one, happen to enjoy this wonderful scent. So much in-fact, that I plan on keeping it for a long while yet. That cannot happen however if the Inutachi and their companions manage to find our quaint little abode, now can it?” Seeing the confusion on her face, he smiled and continued. “She is in the dungeon now. Kagura, I order you to take her and drop her off near that band of miscreants. They are not to know of our location and you will not give her or them any hints as to where we are or I will gladly dish out a punishment deserving of one who cannot show up on time. Do not take a direct route else she lead them to us. Tell our guest that you ‘saved’ her from her fate at my hands. Have her attack you so that you can have proof that she ‘escaped’ without aide if I were to ask any questions about it. Make her believe that this was your idea. Should you fail, a merciless fate awaits you. Do I make myself clear?”

Disbelief was plainly etched across her face. She knew for a fact that this demon never changed his mind when he came to a decision unless circumstances changed.

Did he just say Inutachi and companions? Does that mean he is with others? What others could that be? It couldn’t be Koga…who else would cause him…worry…wait! Lord Sesshomaru is the only one whom he actually tries to avoid, it must be the reason why! Regardless, I just received a gift that he has no idea that he’s given me. If we stay here, there is a chance that I can still meet with Koga at our springs…this must be the only order I’ve ever received that I am actually going to follow to the letter.’ Kagura thought to herself as Naraku gave her his instructions.

“Yes, Naraku-sama.” she replied with a nod of her head and a healthy dose of fear of what should happen if she failed.

“Then I suggest you go now. Time is of the essence after all.” he said in the most condescending tone he could muster.

Without further preamble she rose to her feet and used her demonic speed to get her to the dungeons as fast as possible.

After she left Naraku let his shoulders sag and let out a deep sigh. This was it. The end of their little rendezvous. What a pity. He was having such fun. Closing his eyes he knew he was just deceiving himself. He wasn’t just having fun. He was in heaven, one that he was sure he would never get the pleasure of experiencing again.

‘It shouldn’t have been this way. I shouldn’t feel this way, hell I shouldn’t be feeling anything at all!

Just as those thoughts passed through his mind, a large gust of wind was heard and the scent of the miko, his Kagome, flew over him through the open window.  It was done. She was gone now, truly gone. Losing his composure Naraku let out a load roar of anger and used his fists to destroy the desk and all of the other furniture that was in the room with him.

His roar of anger was heard by both Kagome and Kagura as they fled although their interpretations of it were completely different. Kagura assumed that it was to keep up this little charade. Kagome thought it was because he found her missing. How angry she was at that moment. Angry because she wanted to go back, because she didn’t want to be rescued and angry because it was now over. She had to go back to her group of friends and pretend that none of that ever happened.

The sudden smell of fury that came from the miko caught Kagura off guard, but again she assumed it was for the wrong reason. For about an hour they flew around aimlessly until the wind demonness felt like Kagome wouldn’t know how to return back to the manor. Redirecting them to where she knew the Inutachi were, she turned and faced Kagome.

“When I drop you off we’ll have to attack each other to make it seem as if I tried to fend you off during your escape. That way he wont kill me. Do it right as I leave. They’ve already scented you and are on their way this minute. I can’t have any witnesses to this.” Kagura said looking into the eyes of the miko, letting her know that she was serious about her request. Kagome just stared back at her, knowing that in her head she was doing the right thing. Not one person would ever assume that she didn’t want to be saved and this woman just put her life on the line to save hers, so to speak. Again, she didn’t know that Kagura was only following orders.

Nodding her head in the affirmative, she decided that maybe the Kami were kind after all. This would spare Naraku’s life for a time. So as soon as she hit the ground Kagura fired a dance of blades at her, and she fired a small ball of pure reiki at Kagura’s shoulder. Honestly she was still surprised that she could wield her powers of purity after the things that she had done the past few days. Then she remembered that Kaede once told her that it was the purity of the heart and soul, not of the body that priestesses derived their powers from. The wind demonness recoiled backwards and sped off in a different direction from whence she came leaving Kagome alone near a small brook.

The priestess mentally exhausted from her day so far took a seat on a large smooth rock. Looking into the water at her reflection she realized that she truly looked like a wreck. She had small scratches all over herself, her hair was completely disheveled due to rolling in the dirt and the long windy trip. Her yukata was filthy as well and torn in some places because of Kagura’s attack.

‘Well, at least I won’t have to worry about looking like a prisoner. I look like hell froze over.’

She wasn’t resting for 15 minutes before a familiar shout was ringing in the distance. She was going to stand when she realized that, well, she didn’t want to. She wasn’t happy right now. She felt miserable. Tears began to form in her eyes and slowly began to fall.

‘What am I going to do now?’

The group was just finishing up their snacks when a distinct scent was caught on the winds. Inuyasha’s ears perked up and within moments he was on his feet running towards her scent and screaming her name at the top of his lungs. Everyone else in the clearing took the hint and bolted into a dead run after him only taking their weapons incase she was in trouble. Even Sesshomaru was curious as to her sudden appearance near their camp, but he was not about to take off like the half-breed in a rush. He wasn’t that desperate after all. Then the memory of what her scent smelled like in the clearing viciously assaulted his senses and he picked up his pace. Well, maybe he was kind of anxious after all.

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