To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 13: Courage and the Kitsune


‘It’s now or never, then again never is probably a better chance at survival…’ Shippo was telling himself. 

A few minutes after Sango and Miroku left the area, Inuyasha had woken up. He wanted to know where the missing Taijiya and Monk were, and when he told the inu-hanyo that they had taken a walk he gave his trademark ‘keh’, he grabbed a hold of Kikyo and took off.

So now he was left with only an unconscious Jaken, a beautiful Rin who was currently reading a scroll, and of course her dangerous and very overprotective father Lord Sesshomaru, who was currently staring a hole into the side of his head. The chill of his glare was seriously making him second-guess his choice as Rin for his mate. 

He knew that he’d messed up by letting his arousal slip when she had bent over to tend the fire. The growl the Sesshomaru made at him had his balls flying high up into his stomach in fear! He understood exactly what that meant: touch her and die very painfully. Maybe it was too soon to declare his interest after such a slip up. 

Looking over at Rin, his eyes softened. She was so perfect. Yes, he would tell Sesshomaru. Just not yet. Not after what had happened earlier. Instead he would show him that is a worthy male for her. 

Yea, that’s what I’ll do! I will hunt, find them the best shelters and take up night watches. I will show both of them why I am the one for her! Kagome would be so proud of me if I were to get a mate like Rin. Kagome…don’t worry mama, we’ll save you soon. I promise. Kami here I am thinking about mating when my mother is probably barely fighting to survive Naraku’s evil machinations... What kind of son am I?’ 

“Shippo, what’s the matter? Is everything ok?” Rin asked from across the way. She just happened to look up from her scroll and noticed that he seemed to be deep in thought. His face went from looking determined to looking so broken. 

He gave her a sardonic smile and tried to answer her in a way that didn’t make her worry or give away his plans for their future. 

“I’m just worried about Kagome. She’s just, always getting into these kinds of messes, you know?” 

With a sad smile of her own she thought about all of the times that she as a child had been taken captive against her will, and then about the one time she was captured and Kagome was with her. She remembered how strong she was then, and how she protected her against Naraku fiercely and didn’t let anything ruin her hope of rescue. 

“Yes, Lady Kagome is a danger-magnet. But I remember when I was still just a child I was taken from camp by Kagura when my Lord was out patrolling. Kagome had been taken at around the same time I imagine because when I was being taken to a dungeon cell I was to be kept in I heard her screaming coming from the place I was going. I remember being quieted by something someone said, I don’t know what it was, and when I was right outside the door of our soon to be prison I saw her. She was a few paces down from me and being held by two lower demons, and I can only assume one of Naraku’s allies was the one standing in front of her. She heard the noise that Kagura made upon her entrance, and when she saw me,” Rin smiled

“Kagome lost it. She recognized me instantly and somehow used her reiki to blast the youkai away from her, killing the two lower ones, dazing the other, and Kagura drop me and stumble back. She ran to me, grabbed me, and locked herself and me inside a cell with a barrier. By the time they realized what she had done, Naraku was outside the door. He attempted to break her barrier but I can only assume her mothering instincts alone thwarted his attempts at breaking it. Kami was he furious. She shouted at him and threatened him with evisceration and castration if he were to come near me. Said that when they came for us there would be Hell to pay. She never lost that fire either until Lord Sesshomaru did find and rescue us. It was only about a day later. Kagome is strong, and stronger even now. She will last until we find her. I know she will.” Rin finished with a smile. 

“Thanks, Rin.” Shippo replied, smiling, envisioning the entire scene in his minds eye. It would be just like her to find some hidden power when someone else was in danger. Rin was right. His mother is strong. 

Happy that she could get that charming smile back on his face, Rin rose from her seat, put away the scroll and went to rest near her father. She knew the instant that she saw him that Shippo was the demon for her. Now the trick was to convince her father of the same fact. Smiling up at her Lord, she settled in beside him and not a few seconds after nuzzling underneath his arm against his chest she found rest. 

Shippo on the other hand, was wide awake. ‘Well, that’s one worry gone. But now what I am I supposed to do about...’ his thoughts were cut off my a low baritone. 


With an internal chill he turned to face the owner of the voice. Taking a deep calming breath and stealing his nerves he spoke through tight vocal cords.

“Yes..achm... yes, Lord Sesshomaru.”

“This One assumes that you are aware that nothing passes unnoticed in my presence.”

“Yes, milord.”

“What countenance does the river behold when you glance there-in.”

At the seemingly random question, Shippo quirks an eyebrow in thought before answering. 

“My own, Lord Sesshomaru.”

“No,” Sesshomaru said with a predatory gleam in his eyes, “...what it reflects is the visage of an endangered species. One that will go extinct in the most heinous of ways if it intends in any way to dishonor my pride and joy. Is this in any way unclear, kit?” he finished with a stare that would have had the Kami of Chaos run for cover.

“N-no, milord, I understand.” Shippo said thanking his lucky stars that Rin was cuddled up next to him. If she wasn’t then he could picture this little heart-to-heart taking place with his neck in Sesshomaru’s clawed and poison-filled hand against a tree. 

“Then I would suggest you attempt some rest, for tomorrow we travel my way.”


Sesshomaru, however, took no such rest. His eyes were shut but he was still very much in tune with the happenings all around him. He was awake when the monk and slayer returned to camp and fell asleep in one another’s arms, as well as when the hanyo and his wench returned to rest in the tree above the still sleeping kitsune. He unfortunately was also awake when his innocent little girl whispered the name of that mongrel fox in her sleep. 

In his mind he was still wondering what he would find when they had taken the miko Kagome from her captor. Would she look at him with guilt, or would she seek him out again for pleasure, the possibilities were astounding. He had to soon turn his thoughts to other things as those kinds of thoughts were too inappropriate to ponder while his pup was resting with him. 

He was just getting ready to rouse her when he sensed the kitsune was waking. He didn’t bother to open his eyes and acknowledge him, and when he sensed that he had left the camp he had assumed that it was to relieve himself. When he didn’t return after a few minutes he lost interest in rest and began to rouse the camp, starting with his daughter. He purred and nuzzled into her hair, and like she always did when he woke her that way, she woke up giggling and happily gave him a morning hug and kiss on the cheek before rising and relieving herself. 

Next was Jaken, who would subsequently wake everyone else in the clearing. 

“Jaken.” He said in a commanding tone.

Within seconds the kappa was up and with his grating voice already pulling the others out of their last vestiges of sleep rudely. 

“Yes Milord! What is it that this humble loyal servant can do for you this bright and wonderful morning Milord!?” he screeched. 

Everyone was jolted awake by the obnoxious sounds coming from the toad and not happy about it in the least. But of course, one just had a more forward way of showing it.

“IF YOU DON’T SHUT UP I’LL RIP OUT YOUR VOCAL CORDS TOAD!!” Inuyasha shouted as he landed with Kikyo on the forest floor. Taking a deep breath his eyes shot wide open and landed on Sango and Miroku. They had woken up too, and Sango was about to begin preparing breakfast when Inuyasha noticed their scents were now combined. 

“Huh, so that’s where you guys went last night...” he began to say but never was able to finish his thoughts because he received a large punch in the gut from Sango and a dead arm curtesy of Kikyo simultaneously. 

“They are adults, and what they do is their business Inu, not yours to state in such a crude way.” Kikyo said with a slight frown marring her features. 

Meanwhile, a grinning Shippo stood on the edge of the camp having just returned while Inuyasha made his mistake and scented the air. He couldn’t have been more happy for the two, honestly. It was about time. 

“Well, congratulations guys! I know Kagome will be happy to find out when we go get her!” he said walking up to them with four dead rabbits in each hand. His eyes caught Sesshomaru’s and he nodded in respect to him and gave his catch over to Sango so she could prepare them for cooking breakfast. When he’d woken up he of course went to do his duty first. But then remembering the promise he made to himself to earn Sesshomaru’s blessing, he decided to go on a small hunt to show that he knew how to provide for his own. Besides, today was probably going to be a tough day because he could just feel it in his bones, today was the day they would save his Kagome.

So, that’s where he wen’t this morning. Interesting. Well, if you think that a few rabbits can appease me, you are wrong kit.’ Sesshomaru thought to himself as he watched Rin and Sango prepare the meat for their journey today. Their troop was efficient though. The monk left to procure water while the dead priestess used the water they had to make tea. He would let them have this, a large a decent meal to break their fast, because today he would lead them to Naraku’s hideout. Today would be the day that they retrieved the miko. Not because he cared for her safety, oh no, but because he wanted his answers, and he would get them, one way or another. 


Kagura awoke to a sensation that she was wonderfully unfamiliar with; warmth and safety. Smiling to herself she slowly opened her eyes and looked upon the face of the wolf she was lying with. He was still sleeping which didn’t surprise her, last night was another wild night, and couldn’t help but run her fingers across his face. He hadn’t left since he came to her. The few times she had left to the manor to do her business, he had stayed there and actually waited for her to return. Never did he betray her trust and follow her. He just smiled at her and whispered his promise to her again, ‘I will free you, I promise.’ If only she could stay here with him forever. 

But she knew that this would have to come to an end soon. The Tachi would reach the manor by today, so she had to face Naraku for his orders. Now that really put a dent in things. They never stayed in a place once their location was found out. She did not, with all that she had within her, want to move to another part of Japan away from her sanctuary. 

The anguish she felt within was displayed on her face, and that was the first thing that Koga saw when he woke up. Her eyes had a far away look of despair and fear and he had a good idea why. He began to purr deep within his chest to try to comfort her and pulled her onto his chest while running his hands through her hair. 

“Sshh, Kagura. None of that now. We’ll figure something out, I promise. I know you can’t tell me where he’s hiding right now, or even where to begin looking, but there is something you can do for me.” he said making her look up at him.

“What it is...that I can do?” she asked slowly and with doubt.

“You can stay strong for me, and do everything in your power to stay beneath his notice. I plan on still spending time with my future mate, irregardless of where you will be. That will be hard to do if he finds out about us. And also, when that last battle happens, make me your opponent.”

Startled by his last words she sat up on her elbow and frowned at him confusedly.

“Why would you ever want to - “

“Because, I don’t want to lose you to a battle between Inutrasha’s pack or Lord Sesshomaru’s sword! They would have no mercy and really try to kill you! I will not take that risk, I cannot lose you Kagura!” he shouted now sitting upright, and to accentuate his statement he took her lips in a searing and demanding kiss that broke all of her upset to pieces. 

‘Yes, we will think of something, I know we will.’ she thought to herself as they began yet another rough and passionate dance of eternal love.


The sun was two hours past it’s zenith in the sky when he smelt it: Miasma. Sesshomaru stopped in his place and motioned for the rest of the group to also hold their positions. 

“Hey asshole, what’s the big idea? Why’ve we stopped?”

“This One can smell miasma. We approach his estate within the next hour at most.”

“So again, what the hell are we doin’ standin’ around here like a bunch of...”

“Inuyasha, he’s right.” Kikyo interrupted him. “It would be wise for us to take a quick respite. Just to re-energize. There is a good chance we’ll be fighting so we will need all of our strength.”

After muttering a few choice phrases he went and sat down at the base of a tree, pulling Kikyo into his lap. Everyone else followed his example and took a seat in the clearing. Sango pulled out a pouch full of jerky and took out a piece and passed it down to Miroku who passed it to Shippo and the pattern continued until it again reached Sango and she put the pouch back in Kagome’s large backpack. 

They all sat in their own silent contemplation, wondering about that battle that would surely ensue and the effects that this entire messed up situation had on their beloved Kagome.


Silence filled the front of the manor, no noise could be heard aside from the rats moving beneath the floorboards. But at the base of a long hall, low noises would become audible. Even closer still and the noise became distinguishable as moans, grunts and the slapping of skin. If one put their ear to the door:


Sweat trailed down Naraku’s back as he gave his little toy the fucking of her life. Obeying her he slammed harder into her from behind using his hands to keep a grip on her hips. 

“THERE...RIGHT THERE.....FUUUUUUUCKKKKK!” Kagome screamed as she reached the peak of another mind blowing orgasm.

“...nnngggghhhh...” Naraku groaned as her orgasm triggered his own, spilling his seed within her for the umpteenth time. Taking deep ragged breaths he tried to slow down his heart rate. Pulling out of her slowly he watched his semen begin to drip from her still spasming core down her thighs. He delighted in the sight every opportunity he got . As much as the sight made him want to clean her up with his tongue, he knew that in all likely hood the tach would be there much too soon. 

So picking up the exhausted woman, for she was all woman now, he took her to his hot spring and sat her down gently in the water on his lap sideways. Gentle. A word he had never personally associated with himself, but the way he had touched her and treated her ever since the first time they lay with one another. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was supposed to be days filled with lustful bliss, not that they weren’t, but somehow that changed. Something happened between them, something completely out of nowhere. The lingering looks they shared, the secret smiles, the way that they were free to They had become a haven for each other. Naraku closed his eyes and took a deep breath of her scent smothered by his before it was washed away and thought of their conversation yesterday after lunch.


After a quick but pleasing round, Kagome and Naraku lay naked side by side on the floor near the small table where they had began but never finished their lunch. Kagome turned onto her side, and took a strand of his hair and began to twirl it around on her fingers. 

“You know, I would have never expected...well...any of this to happen. Ever.” she said with a small chuckle. 

Turning his head to face her, he took in her ravaged state and again felt something that he couldn’t explain when he noticed that she was playing with his hair. 

“Yes, well I hardly ever imagined doing any of this to begin with myself. It wasn’t in my agenda. Not that I am complaining with the results.” He finished with a light smirk that made her heart flutter. 

It was just so mesmerizing to watch him, to listen to him speak, to see the real him. How she now realized that the Kami were cruel if they had a hand in his creation. To trap this amazing new soul with that of a monster was barbaric, and she wished with all of her might that it was something she could change. That there was some way to save the part of him that she was beginning to fall for. Tears began to form in her eyes, stinging with the awful truth that life was truly unfair. 

Seeing the sadness that was beginning to cloud her eyes, Naraku also moved to lean on his side with his brows knit together. What had he done to set her off this time? No, this couldn’t happen while he was around. It was his job to keep her smiling during their time, damn it! Wiping away the trail of tears from her cheek, he was about to ask her what was wrong when she covered his hand with hers. His eyes softened and his heart sped up. A part of him was disgusted by this weakness he had begun to feel for her, but a larger part was starving for the small shows of affection she had given him. 

“Sorry, I think too much.” She said sniveling. 

“You aren’t alone in that, Kagome.” Right after he said it, he knew he’d slipped and messed up. He’d been careful not to use her name if at all possible so that things didn’t get too personal. His inner reprimanding died a quick death when he saw something soft in her eyes light up with the same weakness that he was doing his damnedest to keep hidden, and then he knew he was lost. He was hopelessly and utterly lost to the angel at his side. And when that same light was reflected back at her, she smiled the most sad and brilliant smile he’d ever seen.

He inwardly cursed the Gods that this beautiful creature was damned to be alone in a world where she would happily sacrifice all she had without a thought. He wished he could be the one to fill the void she felt within, and he cursed them twice. For the first time in his entire existence he wanted to care for her, to give her the heavens and all that she desires. To be the one to free her from the false half life she lived, but the fates were cruel and would never answer his silent prayer.

She saw it. She saw that look, the one that told her that he felt just like she did. She could sense it, could feel the truth behind it. 

“How did...this...happen?” she whispered.

“I couldn’t answer you if I tried, for I don’t know myself.” he replied leaning over her and slowly moving down towards her lips in the most caring kiss she had ever experienced. It made her heart pound and his race to know that she reacted so well to his touch. He released  her mouth to trail small butterfly kisses down her jaw, neck, and the valley between her full breasts. Repositioning himself above her, he gave her a slow soft kiss as he entered into her again with infinite care. He took his time as he took her passionately, and together they escalated onto a different plane. 


Yes, things were definitely different now. Not only had that changed his entire perspective of the woman resting in his embrace, but he changed his plans for her ‘rescue’. He did have another place ready for his occupancy, but the thought of leaving behind the place that they’d shared themselves in, well he didn’t think he could bear it. He wanted to enjoy the memories, the scents, for as long as they lasted.  Again the darker part of himself was raving with fury, but he couldn’t care less. He was doing what he wanted for once. Taking another look at her he kissed the top of her head and prepared to put his new plan into action.


Back from the dead! Ha, sorry for the very long leave of absence. Again. But, life. What can ya do? Nothing sometimes. But here’s a good piece of pie right here!

- MindlessMina

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