To Give Into Temptation

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************************** Chapter 4: Coming Clean ***************************

It was faint, but Inuyasha was still able to make out the scent trail that led to his pack. He knew that they would have found shelter, but it still took a load off his shoulders now that it was confirmed. He may be hard on them from time to time, but he really did try to see to their wellness. It was just difficult because they were so…human. Shippo was both easier and harder to deal with now that he was older. It was easier for one because he helped hunt to feed the pack. He was all fun and games, but kitsune’s were still predators at heart. For another, he was old enough to fight alongside them as apposed to just sitting on the sidelines needing to be protected. It was bad enough he always had to make sure Kagome stayed out of trouble. He had gotten pretty good at it too by this point and Inuyasha was sure that he was going to find a mate soon to make his growth complete.

The downside was dealing with his new found love of making his life a living hell filled with pranks and mischief, and also blabbering about when he smelt like Kikyo. It made things hard to explain to Kagome. Shippo would also would tell the pack when he smelt like he was lying, so it irritated him to no end. He was a full demon so even though his sense of smell wasn’t as good as a full blooded Inu, it was better than his as a hanyo. Shippo was also strong enough to put up a challenge with. It made things difficult when he tried to get Kagome from her home through the well. He would stand there and not budge an inch until Inuyasha backed down or until Kagome returned on her own.

‘Damn runt. He better find a mate and soon so he can stay the hell out of my business. I wonder how long its gonna take for that to happen though.’

As he ran he was too preoccupied by his thoughts to notice that in the scent trail there was one obvious scent missing: Kagome’s. And though he didn’t notice, Kikyo did. She had sensed her residual energy was not there along the path they were traveling. She wondered if he knew or not, but wasn’t about to ask him about it. He looked way to focused on his thoughts. Kikyo took a deep breath and continued her own inner monologue.

‘I wonder what they will say about this. I hope that Kagome could understand that I am not trying to replace her. I merely wish to be beside Inuyasha for as long as I can be. And the others, what will they think of me after all is said and done? I don’t want to say that they’ll hate me, for I don’t know them that well. But will they accept my presence at all? They have no reason to.’

The undead priestess was so preoccupied by her thoughts that it didn’t register to her that Inuyasha had stopped walking and she crashed into his back in a very unladylike fashion and almost fell had he not turned around and caught her. With a blush and an apology she stood up strait and looked at the sight in front of her. A few feet away from the entrance of a small cave was a campfire with many fish cooking on sticks. What gave her pause were three sets of eyes that regarded both her and her hanyo companion with anger, confusion, and worry.

Sango fiddled with the small campfire using a long stick to move around the twigs and leaves. She had a really rough morning this far, and it was fair to say that she was a little bit…tense…at the moment. She wasn’t angry, no, but after a particularly interesting dream last night she had been on edge. Even as controlled as she was when it came to her emotions, that dream had her about to burst from the seams.

‘Naraku was closing in on them and they were going to be at war the next day with the vile hanyo. She was sad due to the fact that Kohaku had neither been heard from or seen in so long that he might be dead. She began to cry thinking that she would possibly never marry the perverted monk. Then just as the last thought crossed her mind, said houshi wrapped his large, muscular arms around her shoulders from behind. She wasn’t even upset at his forwardness, she only leaned into his embrace. He said nothing to her, only held her.

She turned her head to face him, and what she saw made her weak in the knees. His eyes were lit with a fierce emotion and will. She told him her fears, and still he didn’t respond. He only looked at her with his large violet orbs filled with passion, silently telling her it would be alright. And then he slowly leaned down and stole her lips. From there they were suddenly engaging wildly in the throws of love and passion. He felt so good within her, so right. Like it was meant to be. And right when they were about to hit their peak, he whispered her name in her hear, “Sango…” ‘

She bolted up from her sleeping roll and saw Miroku still soundly asleep, and a blushing Shippo sitting beside her. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her that he woke her up because she was making noises. She took in his embarrassed appearance, and realized that he might have an idea of the kind of dream she was having. Being a demon slayer, she also knew that he must have been able to smell it in her scent. Sango was embarrassed and smiled wryly at Shippo and thanked him.

She got up and walked to the entrance of the shallow cave, figuring that if she was now awake, she should probably start the day a little early. She looked outside and noticed that it was softly raining and estimated that by mid morning the storm should be past. She shivered at the chill in the air and her mind immediately went back to her dream activities and how warm she had been in the throes of passion.

Shaking her head to clear her wayward thoughts, Sango decided that the best way to get rid of her hentai vision was to get on with the day and stay busy. That, however, backfired horribly. Everything that Miroku did that day seemed to give her naughty thoughts. It started when he awoke and said, “Sango, good morning.” But it was his early morning, deep rugged pitch that gave her chills. Then when he disrobed to help Shippo fish she couldn’t stop from ogling at his battle trimmed body.

He was no longer embarrassed to remove his upper robes due to the shirts Kagome brought him called ‘Muscle T’s’ that he always wore underneath. Sure, it wasn’t exactly modest apparel, but he liked the way he could be free but still able to hide most of his form. But Sango was caught in the movement of his biceps, the flex of his abs, and even the firmness of his rounded posterior as he bent to retrieve his catch. The water wet the already mostly see-through muscle T, and she was able to catch a glimpse of the abs that were hidden away under his haori. She practically salivated while wondering what it would be like to lick them.

Then she almost became undone when Shippo had transformed into a fish and knocked Miroku into the river. Because when he came up, not only was his shirt completely see through, but his hair had become loose. It wasn’t the short little nub that he used to sport, but it had grown to mid shoulder. And now as he arose from the water, it framed his masculine features and made him look like a wild, savage and untamed man. One she wanted to take her in every way conceivable. Then she was saved by the melodious laughter of Shippo, breaking her chain of thought. So now she toyed with the fire, trying to keep her mind off of the Monk across from her.

Miroku watched as Sango poked at the fire, and had noticed that she had been acting rather strange all day. She would hardly look at him, and then when she did, she would turn as red as a tomato and her eyes would glaze over with an emotion that he was all too familiar with. Only he never expected her to experience those kinds of emotions. Then again, he assumed that it was because she was now reaching the age where she was the ripest and most fertile. If her staring wasn’t proof enough, it was also in the tense movements that she made during the day. Before now she had seen him disrobed and it never made her look at him ‘that way’.

This both gave him hope, and made him worried. He knew that she had accepted his proposal as his betrothed, but if he messed up and flirted with another woman, which he hadn’t done in a long time, then her hormones and anger would probably push her into the arms of another man. She was beautiful, and it wasn’t so hard to see that she could get any man she wanted.

‘No, she is my Sango. I will not let her give her heart to another save for myself. She is truly my whole heart, my mind, and has even become my soul. Maybe I should tell her to ensure that she does not fall away from me for words unspoken, and then I should steal a kiss…yes, that will do just fine.’

Smiling softly to himself, Miroku just wondered when would be the perfect time to tell Sango of how deep he felt for her. Shippo stood suddenly and with eyes that spelled murder and stood ramrod strait facing the forest. Sango noticed his stance as well and stood quickly with Hiraikotsu at the ready. The only indication that the incoming aura was friendly was the fact that Kirara still sat unchanged by the fire. Miroku rose to his feet and when he saw two the two figures emerge from the trees, he was not only taken aback, but was slightly confused.

Sango was instantly worried and on edge as she watched the little show of affection between the two. However she went from being worried to being lethal within moments. So fast even, that everyone in the small camp was wondering if they had ever seen her this upset before.

“Inuyasha, where is Kagome?! She ran after you yesterday and we all thought she was with you! But instead you come here with HER and without KAGOME! What in the hell is going on here!!” She demanded to know the answer.

“What do you mean with me? She left me in a crater and just how the fuck am I supposed to chase her when I’m stuck in the fuckin’ dirt?! I though she came back here to you all because you’re closer to the well! You mean to tell me the wench isn’t here!” Inuyasha said, all the while his voice getting harsher as he began to feel panic welling up in his being. She was ok, she had to be ok. Shippo glared daggers at Kikyo and a low growl snaked its way past his lips. Inuyasha picked up on the perceived threat, and growled back. Miroku, ever the reasonable one, decided that now would be the best time to interfere if there was to be no fighting amidst their pack.

“Please everyone, we must calm down and speak rationally. This bickering will get us nowhere fast, and I think that finding Lady Kagome is more of a priority than fighting over something that can be explained at a later time.” Miroku spoke in a commanding voice that seemed to get through to everyone. He grabbed Sango by the shoulders and sat her down by the fire and put a hand on Shippo’s shoulder. It was a silent request for him to stand down to their pack alpha. The not so little Kitsune looked at him and nodded curtly once and took a seat.

Inuyasha took Kikyo by the hand and led her to sit next to him across the fire from everyone else. Again, the houshi spoke and tried to make sense of the situation.

“So, we know that we haven’t seen her since she left us. That was two hours before dusk yesterday. When was the last time you saw Kagome, Inuyasha?”

“It was yesterday around the same time. It started raining only about an hour after she…found me. She ran away afterwards, and her scent was still masked so I wasn’t able to track her.” He replied with a sullen look on his face. He was usually rash about seeking her, but for this circumstance he was all for delaying the inevitable confrontation.

“Well none of this is even helping us find her! All we know is that we don’t know where she is and if she is even safe! The Kaimi only know if she was probably kidnapped and tortured or trapped at this very moment!” Sango yelled, completely unaware that somewhere deep in the forest she was indeed trapped, only it was between the hard rock cavern floor and the hot body of a sex-crazed hanyo.

“Actually, I can assure you that she is alive and well.” Kikyo said making everyone silent and turn towards her.

“How is it that you can know this. You are here, and my mother is not. You can’t tell me that she is not at the mercy of some fiend, if not Naraku himself.” Shippo said directly to her, paying keen attention to her answer to evaluate it as a lie or not.

“I know because we share the same soul. I can feel her soul, and it still feels. It is not pained, but wherever she is, she seems to be relieving her stress as I can feel her soul becoming lighter.” She answered unwavering and stared truthfully into two large pools of calculating emerald.

‘Hm, she doesn’t lie. And I can tell she is being sincere. Something is…different about her.’

“She’s telling the truth. I can’t sense any deception in her aura.” He said to Miroku and Sango.

“Kikyo, do you think you could track her? To find out where she is since you have a connection to her?” Inuyasha asked.

“No, it isn’t like that at all. We can feel a small amount of what the other is feeling, and that is how I know that she is alright at the moment and in no danger, Inuyasha.”

“Hn. I cannot say that I am ungrateful for the assurance that she is unharmed, but I find myself curious about your reasoning in telling us anything about her at all. The last time we encountered you, you stole a large portion of the jewel and gave it to our enemy.” Miroku had always had a way with words, and was able to ask Kikyo the question diplomatically even if a little forward.

“She can do whatever the…”

“Inuyasha, please, let me explain to your pack our reasoning. They deserve to hear it.”

“Keh, fine.”

“I must warn you that you may not like what I am about to tell you all, but I will tell you the truth. I’m sure the Kitsune will be able to assure you my words are honest and the truth.”

So Kikyo and Inuyasha came clean about everything. They left nothing untold and she surprised them all with the very visible emotions on her face as she told them the whole truth. She even got glossy eyes when she said that she would leave if they would not have her, but she would never go far because she would not leave Inuyasha’s side again. She felt terrible for Kagome’s plight, and knew that her presence could cause issues with her and hoped that when she returned they could work something out.

Sango was upset at Inuyasha’s leading Kagome on, and was surprised to know that Kikyo hadn’t any idea that her hanyo was keeping her on a hook. Miroku was surprised when Kikyo became upset at Inuyasha for leading Kagome on for so long even after they had began to see each other once again. Shippo was amused about the fact that it seemed Kikyo had the same power over Inuyasha that Kagome did. Only her choice word wasn’t ‘Sit’, but ‘Down’. Shippo realized that she was being entirely sincere about everything.

He looked Miroku and Sango in the eyes and nodded, affirming that all she spoke of and did was genuine. What had them all interested was that even though Kikyo was more reserved and refined, her mannerisms were just the same as Kagome’s would be in a similar situation. Especially when she faced her upturned face towards the opposite of where Inuyasha was lying in a crater. They each looked at one another and Miroku was the one who relayed their opinion on her presence within the group.

“Kikyo, I for one do not understand what could have happened to change you so much from who you were, but we find that we cannot hold that against you since you have never truly committed a crime that was unforgivable against us. Even when you stole the jewel fragment, it was not unlike some of the things we have done in the beginning. But we are now here together despite the past. I do not know how Kagome will react if she were to walk into camp and find you two together, but we do accept your confession, and harbor no ill will against you, or any opposition of your remaining with us. However, the final decision lies with Kagome, seeing as out of all of us, she was the one most wronged by you in the past.”

Just then her dark brown eyes grew just a little bit wider and a smile formed on her face. She stood and bowed low to them.

“I truly am grateful for your decision, monk, kitsune, and slayer. I am forever in your debt for this, and know that you have gained an ally. If Kagome returns, and she is adverse to the decision, I will take my leave but my alliance with you will still hold nonetheless.”

“Oi, wench! Tha hell ya doin’ bowing like you’re in a fukin’ royal court? Stand up will ya!”

Without leaving her bowed position, she lifted a her arm to her bow and whacked him behind the head with it, knocking him down. Standing gracefully, she raised a single brow at Inuyasha.

“In order to gain respect, love, you must show it and earn it. Your pack deserves respect, and therefore I will give it to them. Don’t you agree…” she said while glaring at him. He gulped and shook his head in agreement. The mood was considerably lightened by their little display, and soon they were all eating the fish in companionable silence. They had decided to search for Kagome after they were done with their meal. And though no words were exchanged, all of their thoughts were in a similar place: What is Kagome going to think?

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