To Give Into Temptation

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A/N: Hello again everyone! I apologize for the absence but it’s just the way of the world. I do however have an announcement. I have decided to postpone my other story “The End in the Beginning” until I have finished this beauty right here. They are both great and have such a different plot that it has become most of the reason why I have such a hard time updating regularly. So with that being said, ENJOY THIS NEW CHAPTER!

-Mindless Mina


Chapter 9: Of Revelations and Mysteries

Kagura’s eyes were closed while she reclined in her chosen hot spring. She let out a contented sigh while thinking about the past three days. Since she wasn’t allowed to go back to her rooms in the manor she created her own little campsite around the spring. After a wonderful few hours of shopping she managed to turn it into her personal paradise. She bought herself a medium sized tent, complete with a futon and warm furs for blankets. She also got herself some new kimonos and a few hygiene items, but more importantly she found a spell caster who sold her a spell to bewitch the location she was at, making it invisible to the eye while she wasn’t there. It would look as if you were walking through bushes and the spring would look like a large muddy slosh. The perfect disguise that leaves her little paradise untouched by all but her.

She was done with shopping and setting up her home away from home before she was scheduled to return to supervise the cook. Kagura was surprised to not see Naraku at all before she left that first time, but realized that she could count on him not to show up considering the kinds of things he was probably doing to his prisoner. Each day she showed up, she never once encountered him, which was completely ok with her. Although she did feel bad for leaving such a pure girl with an evil incarnate like Naraku she had no choice. She also knew that somehow that idiot half-breed would find her, because he always did. Besides the girl was a force to be reckoned with, and was the kind of girl who knew how to stretch her luck to the absolute limit.

Today after her two scheduled trips the wind youkai felt like just relaxing in the hot spring and enjoy her short freedom while she had it. Kagura was getting ready to exit the spring when she felt a familiar aura brush up against hers. Her heart rate immediately began to increase as soon as Koga emerged from the tree line staring at her hungrily. No words were spoken between the two as he walked closer towards the edge of the spring, losing an article of clothing with each step he took, his eyes never leaving hers his entire way there. By the time he reached the spring their arousals were at an all-time high. Koga took down his hair and flashed a fanged smirk at Kagura before entering the spring, but before she could react to his entrance, he submerged himself under the water.

Kagura was about to swim towards where she last saw him when she felt two strong, clawed, hands pull her thighs apart and begin to feast on her nether-lips. Letting out a loud moan she reached under the water to get a grip on his hair. The things this demon made her feel were unreal and she began to lose herself in her pleasure. Right as she was about to cum, Koga rose out of the water and stole her lips in a passionate kiss. Their tongues did battle until Kagura managed to twist them around so he sat on the rock she had just occupied and impaled herself on his painfully hard arousal.

Gritting his teeth against her tightness he grabbed her hips and together they began a frantic pace. Koga was enjoying the way her breasts were bouncing right before his face and took one into his mouth. Kagura let out another load moan that made Koga growl in appreciation. He felt as she began to spasm around his cock and sped up his thrusts and within minutes they both came to a mind shattering orgasm. Koga didn’t even bother to pull out, he just leaned his head against her chest as she rested her head atop of his. Though this time was quick, it was a whole other experience because this time they were not influenced by instinct, but desire. It heightened their experience to an incredible level, and left their heads spinning.

Kagura was the first to regain her composure and looked down at Koga and again saw that rugged handsome youkai that she saw last time they had an encounter. How she wished that this was her life, that she was just some normal demonness with a handsome mate and their own hut, maybe even a few pups running around. Her eyes lit with her little forbidden fantasy even knowing that it would never happen, but the thought was nice enough. Koga had finally regained his composure and looked up to see Kagura staring strait at him with a soft look in her eyes. One that he couldn’t quite place, but made her look absolutely stunning, but completely sad and vulnerable at the same time. He wasn’t that naive enough not to understand why she looked that way though. Her life was one of a living hell.

After his first encounter with her, he left to find Inuyasha to give him a tip on where Naraku’s whereabouts may possibly be when he found out that Kagome was kidnapped. He was upset, but he also knew that Kagome had a bad habit of being kidnapped. After leaving the group he had a strange urge to go back and see what Kagura was up to. Before he set out though he went to find his pack to let them know he was ok but still hunting for Naraku. Ordering Ginta and Hakaku to stay behind and look after the pack he made his way back to where he last saw her. It took a while even with his speed to catch up to her, but when he did he wasn’t expecting what he saw.

He caught her scent, her true scent, in a market. She was wearing a new kimono that was burgundy with flowers and made her look gorgeous, but she was wearing a large cloak, no doubt to hide her identity. She had a cart that she was pulling behind her and looked like she was buying the whole market. He watched as she brought them all to the spring that they had shared and set up camp. Intrigued he continued to watch her stealthily, paying attention to all of her mannerisms and habits. At one point when she sat a the edge of the spring and looked into the sunset sky. He will never forget the look of pain and longing that was plain on her face, or the tears that flew freely down her cheeks that coated the air in the scents of salt and misery.

He made up his mind then and there that no one should have to suffer as she did, or be forced to live the sad excuse of a life that she did. Least of all her. It wasn’t her fault that she was created and that she was a slave. She was literally created to be a pawn without the freedom that her soul craved. She was too beautiful, too cunning, and even too fragile in her own way to go on living like she did. And no one knew how beautiful she really was, no one but him. His inner beast was also in agreement that this female was the one that really needed him, and that he was the one meant to take away all of her pain and make sure she never cried again. That her marvelous face would only have a smile, and that he would be the one to give it to her.

He knew he had it bad. But it wasn’t just some mindless fuck that happened that day. Something deeper happened between them, something more primal, more meaningful happened at that hot spring. He knew that she felt it too. Koga made the decision to give up Kagome and focus all his attention on Kagura, because now he knew for sure, that she was meant for him. And come hell or high water, he would do whatever it took to make Kagura his mate for all time, and that all had to begin with the destruction of Naraku. Her movement had snapped him out of his inner revelry and before he could react to follow her, she was gone and the clearing seemed to disappear and turn into a marsh like area. Smiling, he knew that she cloaked the area somehow to keep it safe and decided to try and follow her to get a better location on where Naraku was.

He searched for almost two whole days looking for any trace of Naraku or Kagura when he decided to take a break. Thinking about that little spring that Kagura had made her own, he set out in that direction hoping that he would find her there. And he had. Bathing. Which led to their current positions. He realized that his thoughts had gone away with himself again and that manners were important to the ladies.

“Hello Kagura.” he said with a smirk.

“Hey.” she responded with a small blush due to his deeper after-passion tone.

“It looks like quite the set-up you’ve got going on here. Planning a long stay?” Koga asked playing with strands of her hair that had mixed with his.

“Does it matter?” Kagura responded with a little bit of hesitation. She knew that she couldn’t tell him the true reason behind her being there or it would be her head, or heart as it were. Naraku would know if she did, and she wasn’t able to take that risk, regardless of how different Koga made her feel.

Sensing her hesitation, the ookami decided to re-direct his question. “I just wasn’t expecting to see you here again so soon after last time.”

“I’ve been busy in the area, and I was never told that I can’t make myself a tent.” She said feeling more at ease, seeing as he wasn’t pumping her for information but merely questioning her.

“Well, that tent looks finely made. I find myself wondering what’s in it.”

And with a swiftness that she didn’t expect, Kagura found herself being hoisted up and out of the spring while still attached at the hips to Koga. Gripping onto him for dear life with her legs and arms, she bit into his shoulder with a growl for scaring her with the sudden movement. His response to her attempt of chastisement was a deep chuckle as he walked into the tent. Seeing the fur covered futon, he slowly laid her down upon it without breaking their connection and hovered over her.

Kagura’s position allowed her to see something within his eyes that made her mind and heart go a mile a minute. They shone with appreciation for her form, yes, but also with a possessiveness that she was definitely not used to seeing. Then to her amazement his face softened and he leaned in closer to her and nuzzled her cheek before putting his forehead to hers.

“You look beautiful on furs, but then again, it doesn’t matter what you’d wear, because when I see you, I can’t help but see your beauty. I haven’t been able to get my mind off of you, and if anything my thoughts of you grew more the longer we were apart. I am a wolf, a wild animal, and my instincts have never led me wrong. Right now, all I want to do is take you and make you mine forever, but I know it can’t happen yet. I know that you want it too, I can feel it when we’re together, that spark, the connection, and I don’t care how long it takes, or what I have to do, I will make you my mate. I promise you, now, that I will do whatever it takes to free you from that vermin Naraku, from the root of all of your pain. I know you’re hurting, serving that foul creature, but I promise you, my beautiful breeze, I will free you. Will you let me free you Kagura?”

He whispered quietly, as if it was a secret he was entrusting her with, so sweetly that she didn’t know what to do. She had never heard those words being said to her before, and his aura radiated truth so he wasn’t lying to her. That simple fact made her eyes well up with tears and knew that there was hope for her. She knew Koga was right about her feelings. She had never felt this way before, the longing to be with him, to be free, to have a real future. This connection to him, she didn’t understand when it happened, but she realized that even for the short amount of time it was formed it was strong. Her heart in her throat, she realized that she couldn’t speak, so instead she answered him by latching onto his mouth and giving him a kiss of a lifetime while crying simultaneously.

Koga broke away from her kiss to lick away the stray tears still falling from her face. His beast purred lightly to calm her down, he didn’t want her to cry while he was around, and began to lay light kisses on her neck. Kagura responded to his purrs and calmed down, but the sweet kisses he was giving her was making her body heat up again. This time their joining was slower and more sensual, and they fell asleep with her curled up tightly within his arms with a tender smile on their faces.


Deep within a thick jungle a lone hot spring housed a predator. He had just woken up from a post-heat sleep, and was unsure of how long he had been away. The sky was darkening and with his superior vision allowed him to see the location of the stars, and to his surprise he had been away from his pack for eight days. That was unusual for a heat. His heats only lasted five days at their worst, including when his beast would take over. That thought caused the demon Lord’s eyes to widen a bit. Did he encounter a female and rut while in heat?

He prodded at his inner beast looking for memories of what happened during the time he lost control, but all he could get was tiny flashes of how he got to the spring. It was like he was chasing after something and was lead to the spring he was now resting in. Other than that, he noticed that his body for the first time in years felt spent, and unusually relaxed to the point of complete contentment. It was to say unnerving for the most part, because the only times he felt that way were when he thoroughly rutted a female to his content, and most times it ended in the females death because his beast was a force to be reckoned with. Sighing he realizes that the only way for him to maintain control of his beast and stay out of these situations was to be mated.

Internally snorting, he thought to himself, “As if I have need of a mate. I am still young and women are nothing but trouble.” Thinking about trouble, his minds eye flashed to that of a dark-haired, once human, young woman who was specially gifted with creating chaos and attracting every available male in a twenty-mile radius. “Hm, where is Rin and Jaken I wonder. I have been gone longer than I anticipated, but Rin would know to obey. Jaken on the other hand…I had better find my pack. If Jaken has allowed any harm to pass it will be his head.” Even knowing that she was a warrior princess and could take care of herself, very well in-fact, he couldn’t help but worry about her welfare and still see her as the child running around barefoot with a missing tooth and a never ending smile on her face.

After a thorough cleansing in the spring, Sesshomaru backtracked using his own scent. He noticed that whatever scent he had been chasing to the spring had been lost to the elements because all he could find was his own scent even though he knew that he’d been following something else’s to the hot spring. After a while of walking, he entered a fairly large clearing and was viciously assaulted by a plethora of different scents that immediately told him exactly what happened there. There were three different scents in that clearing. One was a male he couldn’t place or recognize and another was his. It was the last one that made his eyebrows shoot up into his bangs not only because it was absolutely mouthwatering, but it was clearly and undeniably that of Inuyasha’s wench.

The Daiyoukai was at a complete and utter loss, because never in a million years would he have thought of rutting with the young priestess. Sure, it had been a long time since he had seen her or his half-brother at that, but he still remembered her as a woman-child. Yet from the scents that he picked up, she was all woman now, and highly aroused if her scent was anything to go by. His and the mystery males scents were also highly spiked as hers. Sesshomaru knew that it had to be good long rut for such a large amount of bodily fluids to still hang heavily in the air. He tried to block out the heavenly scent as he looked around hoping to find his discarded kimono, swords and armor, but it was just too tantalizing, too tempting. He felt his member stirring to life and quickly left the clearing trying to focus his attention on his own scent to find his clothing.

He found another clearing a few minutes from the other one where his belongings were scattered but all accounted for. He tried putting on his fundoshi but realized that he was still very aroused and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get that smell out of his nostrils. It was inflaming his already struck lust, and he just knew that he had to take care of business before he even thought of putting his clothing back on. So he closed his eyes and took a firm hold on his throbbing member and called forth her scent. Stroking himself he concentrated on that scent and within minutes he came hard. Wiping his hands in the grass he grabbed his belongings and went back to the spring to wash the scent of his seed from his body. He made up his mind as he rewashed himself that after he found his pup and retainer that he was going to look for the miko wench to find out what exactly happened.



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