To Give Into Temptation

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Chapter 15: Aftershock


Inuyasha was the first one to get to Kagome’s location. When he arrived however, he stopped dead in his tracks. His heart sunk in his chest at the sight of her ragged appearance, but it wasn’t the worse part. No. It was the feeling of the knife plunging deep into his gut at her scent.

‘No, Kami please, no…’

His knees buckled and nearly sent him kneeling into the dirt beneath him. He bowed his head in shame with his ears flat against his head knowing that he was entirely responsible for everything. It was then that the rest of their traveling party arrived. When they got to the edge of the clearing they were met with the saddest thing they ever did see. Inuyasha looked utterly defeated as he stood at the side of an equally broken Kagome.

Miroku was no demon, but he was keenly aware of everyone’s auras. When he sensed another’s aura diminishing around hers, he knew exactly what it meant and lowered his head in shame. Sango wanted so badly to run to her and offer her some kind of comfort, but wasn’t sure what to do or even what to say. Shippo’s nose began to twitch and with wide frightened eyes he took the deepest breath possible praying to every Kami he knew that what he’d scented was wrong. But when he looked toward Rin and found a similar expression of disbelief color her features he knew that it was no mistake. His mother, the Guardian of the Shikon no Tama, was no longer untouched.

As they all stood still in their grief, Sesshomaru merely raised a brow. Did they not know that she was no longer a virgin? Interesting. Does that mean that their little rendezvous occurred just before she was kidnapped? It had to of been though, because there was no way that it had happened after she was taken.  He doubted any other scenario was possible. The Lord had absolutely no idea that it had indeed happened just moments after she was announced kidnapped from her group. So in his head, no other possibilities existed. Still, he would stay silent until he could get her alone and question her further.

Kikyo stood in the shadows of the adjacent forest watching all that went on. She could feel the physical change in her reincarnations body, and she could also pick up on a portion of the poor souls turmoil. She sighed deeply and headed back to the campsite. She needed to prepare herself a separate camp nearby for herself. She knew that this was no time to show herself and would wait patiently for that day to come.

The stillness of the moment was finally broken when Inuyasha slowly knelt beside her. Silently he stared at her, waiting for her to acknowledge him. She had a far away look in her eyes, one that he had seen on his mother many times when he was a child. When it didn’t seem as if she had noticed his presence at all he softly, as to not scare her, whispered her name.


When she heard his voice spoken so gently, so full of tenderness and care, Kagome felt like the dam had burst. She turned slowly to face him with eyes still full of tears.


When she saw his face so full of concern, she forgot all about his betrayal and secrets. She forgot about the pain and about Kikyo’s presence in their group. All she saw was her best friend and the silent comfort that only he could ever offer and immediately launched her self into his waiting arms hugging him like a lifeline. Her cries where deep and full of sorrow, edged with pain and a desperation that no one had ever seen from her before. Sango turned into Miroku’s with fresh tears in her eyes, and Rin was pulled into the center of her fathers chest where she let her tears fall silently in sorrow for her friend.

Inuyasha held her close and waited for the worst of it to be over. When her cries began to get softer, he gently rose and picked her up bridal style holding her close to his chest. Shippo was in turmoil seeing his mother in so much pain, he hated when she was hurting and right now she seemed to be so fragile. He wanted to comfort her too, and he knew just how he could do it. When Inuyasha began to carry her, he used his Kitsune magic to transform back into the small fox he was when they first met. She used to cuddle him all of the time back then when she was sad, and she would need him now this time more than ever.

Once in his smaller form he hopped onto her lap and cuddled into her chin. She responded immediately by tucking him into her chest as she continued to sob softly. The entire trip back was silent. Yes, they had finally got their Kagome back, but this was not the way it was supposed to be. No, not at all.


Far away in the darkness of a destroyed sitting room sat a moping hanyo. Naraku watched through a copy of Kanna’s mirror as the group found his Kagome’s location. She looked like a fallen angel with her eyes filled with tears. The reflection of the light on the stream formed a bright halo around her figure sitting so defeated on a boulder. She was beautiful even in her despair. Her disheveled appearance only added to it making her seem more ethereal. He had watched every part of their reunion and witnessed every single tear that was shed.

His claws tightened into fists, a trickle of blood leaking onto the floor. It was stifling, this feeling of emptiness. Kami why was he feeling this way! Why was he feeling at all? This was meant to be a means to an end and they both knew that when it started. It was just so they could get their rocks off, not so they could form a bond! You would think with a heart as black as his that no light would eve be able to penetrate it.

Naraku wondered if he were to cut out his heart again if the pain would cease, but quickly discarded the thought. Yes, he was hurting but he couldn’t bear the thought of forgetting the way his heart pounded in his chest when she rode him, the way it fluttered when she looked his way, and the way it skipped a beat at her smiling laugh. No, he would never again do what he did to get rid of Onigumo’s lust for Kikyo.

A brief chuckle escaped his lips when he remembered all he went through to get rid of his attraction for her…only to finally meet her again and gag at her odor. I mean MY GODS, weren’t there any rivers nearby? Yeah, that lust died a quick death. He retrieved his heart soon after and hadn’t thought twice about it until now. It was an inconvenience, sure, but considering the memories of his angel it was a burden he would gladly carry to the ends of time. He sighed. These rabbit trails were getting him nowhere.

Think like a villain Naraku. How can I get her alone while she’s in the midst of others…A DREAM! Yes, I can walk within her dreams. Soon, Kagome, soon we will be together again. A lot sooner than you think.’ He thought to himself with a sinful smile.


The trip back to camp was somber and silent, only the sounds of Kagome's soft sobs could be heard. Everyone was quietly pondering to themselves and unwilling to break the terse atmosphere that surrounded them. Unknown to them they were all thinking of the same thing: What happens now?


Miroku walked beside Sango with his arm draped across her shoulders providing them both with a sense of comfort while Kirara rested nestled in Sango's arms. Rin walked solemnly beside her Lord Father, his presence providing all the comfort that she required. Sesshomaru himself was silent, but only because he hardly spoke to anyone outside of his pack and because he was working out his plan of attack. He didn't care if she never broke from her depressing state, he would get the information he wanted.


Inuyasha had Kagome in his firm grip and did his best to comfort her with a low purr-like growl, knowing that Kikyo had left some time ago. He knew that she would be most likely making herself a separate camp until things calmed down a bit. Shippo did his best to remain calm and continually nuzzled under her chin. He was quite literally drenched in her tears, and every one made him hate Naraku even more than before. Kagome however was still drowning in sorrow. She was mourning the love she will never have, the sad fate that will befall her lover, and the knowledge that she would live the rest of her days hiding what were the best things to have ever happened to her. The anguish of her knowledge caused her to tighten her grip on little Shippo and bury her head deeper into Inuyasha's chest.


When they finally reached their camp, the demonic noses sensed automatically that the faint scent of Naraku had completely vanished. The coward had most likely fled now that Kagome had escaped. Inuyasha looked towards Sango and motioned with his head towards Kagome's giant bag knowing that she would understand his silent plea to get her sleeping bag out and ready for her. Sure, he knew that she'd probably want a bath, but not as much as she needed to get some rest. When the slayer was done with her task, the inu-hanyo slowly lowered her onto the ground, but when he tried to let her go, her grip tightened onto his sleeve and he got the hint. Carefully he arranged himself behind her and held her and began to whisper to her still quivering form.


"It's ok Kags, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, I promise. We're all here for you, get some rest. Shhh, it will be ok, I swear."


Shippo whimpered at her distress and curled up into her chest just like he used to do when he was smaller and when she hugged him close to her he knew that he was doing the right thing. His mama didn't deserve this at all. She never so much as hurt a fly maliciously yet the Kami were so cruel to her. She was even civil to the evil they met, which was insane, but she believed that there was goodness in everyone. He wished that he could have been the one to rescue her. He was an adult now, and he could take care of her and protect her. Just like right now, he was taking care of her by being her living stuffed animal. It was what she really needed, so it was what he was going to do for her. He swore silently to himself that Naraku would pay dearly for this. Yes, he would pay.


Miroku covered the trio with another blanket and then left to sit beside his wife. He knew that Kagome and Sango were like sisters and to see her so broken hurt his love a great deal. The monk kissed her temple and just held her close, knowing that it was really all she needed right now that he could provide. The rest would have to be settled with Kagome. Rin couldn't bear the depressing sight anymore. She was sad by the implications of what happened, but more than that she was angry, furious even. No one deserved this, least of all Kagome. She was the sweetest person she had ever met, and she swore that Naraku would pay dearly for this. All of her anger was building and she turned away to face her father.



"Otou-sama, may This Rin be excused, she feels the hunt calling to her."


His eyes softened minutely, he knew what was wrong with his pup. Of course he would oblige her, for it pleased him to no end knowing that the hunt is where she placed her anger and emotions when they were overloaded and not into drink and carnal activities. Then again, any male foolish enough to attempt to touch her in that manor would rue the day his father met his mother. With a brief nod of approval he followed after her into the forest, knowing that she would want to speak about what was on her mind after her thirst for blood was quenched. They hunted for hours, carefully stalking their prey and occasionally playing with their food. When their bellies were filled they hunted one last time for a deer to take back to their temporary camp. They were washing up at a small stream when she finally began to speak.


"Father, I don't understand. She is such a good person. Why would anyone want to hurt Kagome? She has always been kind to anyone she met, regardless of how they treated her at first. I remember how she used to braid my hair and tell me silly stories. Just like an older sister would if I ever had one. She is a strong woman, but if Naraku..." she trailed off not wanting to say out loud that her Kagome had been raped. Instead she took a breath and continued. "...then even someone as strong as her could be broken. I want him dead, Otou-san." Rin finished looking at Sesshomaru dead in the eyes to show him how serious she was being about the situation.


"Hn." He didn't agree with her because he actually felt remorse for the miko's predicament. He had no thoughts on that subject, but her wanting to help defeat the hanyo will give him a good reason for sticking with the group. Looking at Rin he realized that his pup was indeed growing up into a capable female. He would never say it out loud, but he loved it when she was upset. The angry face she made reminded him of a kitten thrown in a river. He couldn't help it, he raised her since she was child, so naturally he found it hard not to see her as a feisty little thing stomping her foot at Jaken for crushing a flower she found interesting. Her becoming of age reminded him of another subject that was occupying his mind. That damned Kitsune. Beating around the bush was never his style, so he just went ahead and jumped right in.


"Rin. What relation do you have with the Kitsune."


Her angry scowl softened into a small smile and blush at the mention of Shippo, and she couldn't help but giggle at the way Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed at her reaction.


"Oh, Papa don't look at me like that. He was my best friend as a child, and he and I would play all of the time when you would leave me with Lady Kagome for your patrols. We spent every moment of everyday together then."


"And now?" He said with his eyes still narrow and an eyebrow raised.


She couldn't help but laugh again at his expression. Scooting closer to him, she hugged his arm and leaned her head against his boa-clad shoulder.


"Please don't give me that look. I will always be your pup, and you will always be my father, no matter who I want to mate. I...feel an attachment to him father. I won't lie to you about it, but as soon as I looked at him, I felt it. Like if our souls knew one another, and in reality they do, but in a deeper and more primal way. It felt like his spirit was calling out to me, trying to pull me into the depths of his emerald eyes. I am drawn to him Otou-san. In a way that I have never felt about any other suiter that has been presented to me. He is also a great hunter and warrior..." Rin felt him turn his head to get a better look at her with his brow raising once again.


"This Sesshomaru believes you are flattering his personality with merit now."


Another laugh, "No, not at all. We went on a hunt together before you arrived. He is very quick and adept at using his fox magic as well as his strength. We were attacked by a group of snake demons controlled by dark magic and before I could even unsheathe my fang he was on them with his twin blades moving like he'd done it his entire life. Well, I guess he has though, hasn't he? Any female would be happy with that kind of male."




"He has been very considerate. He even let me have the first kill. So I know that pride isn't an issue that his heart contains. He also is smart enough to have a conversation with and answers with what he thinks, not with what he thinks I want to hear."


Sighing dramatically, which for him was sighing audibly, he leaned down to nuzzle the top of her head. "You seem enthralled with him already, pup. I will take your words into advisement."


Closing her eyes she leaned into him and took a deep breath of his own unique scent. He smelt like grass and sandalwood with musk. In a word: home. He smelt like home. Sesshomaru knew what she was doing and smiled softly to himself. She had a habit of smelling him ever since the ceremony. It made him smile every time. He was always reminded of when she was running around barefoot smelling every, and I mean every, flower she came across. Her little button nose would crinkle and she'd sneeze on Jaken, then run to him smiling about what she'd found. How he missed those simpler days. Now was not the time to dwell though. It was getting late and the deer wasn't getting any fresher.


"We should be going now, young one. The hour grows late and this beast will rot if not laid out to roast."


" I am not so young anymore father." She said with her brows slightly furrowed.


Rising up to leave, he offered his hand to his little princess. “Reach your 300's, then you can tell me you aren't a pup any longer."


Laughing again, Rin took his hand and followed Lord Sesshomaru back to camp, glad to have spent time with him alone once again. She always loved those moments because they were completely unguarded and open between them. It was their secret time, between father and daughter, and it always left her feeling happy. That and coupled with the idea of returning to camp and seeing Shippo once again had her smiling the entire way back. It wasn't a good situation back there, but now she was confident that come hell or high water Kagome's injustice would be avenged.




When he was sure that Kagome was finally asleep, Inuyasha carefully detached himself from behind her and arose. He hated to leave her when she obviously needed him, but he really needed to talk to Kikyo. He didn't think she was angry at him, but still she needed his comfort as much as Kagome did. She was his mate, and she needed him to tell her what was going to happen next. As he walked through the thick shrubbery he had plenty of time to contemplate all of the actions that led up to this. He knew that it was his fault for hiding his relationship from his pack. He's sure that if he would have just come clean about it when it began to happen that this kind of fallout would have been completely avoided.


Everyone was judging him for his actions, for picking Kikyo over Kagome, but they didn't get it! Yes, he slept for 50 years before Kagome unsealed him from the tree, but to him it all happened in a manner of minutes. One moment an angry Kikyo shot an arrow into his heart, and one blink later Kagome was in her place. There was NO TIME in-between. Everyone wanted him to just forget about Kikyo, his sweet and gentle Kikyo, to replace her with her own reincarnation like it was ok! It wasn't ok! The only thing that they really shared was their appearances, and now even that is beginning to change. Where Kikyo was of slender build, Kagome was full of curves. Kikyo was like the ice: Always so cool, calm and collected. Kagome was like fire! She's loud, stubborn and passionate, nothing like his mate. It was always what separated them from one another. He never saw them as the same person. Ever.


He should have told Kagome that he never intended to give up on Kikyo. Maybe then she would have give up on him and looked for her own happiness. But he had been a coward, and hid everything. He took out his frustrations on his pack and Kagome, and that was wrong too. He made so many mistakes, and they are all coming back to bite him in the ass. How could things have gotten so messed up?


By the time he reached his mates new campsite, she was already cooking two rabbits over a fire. She noticed the slump in his posture and sighed. She already knew what was on his mind, and knew he was blaming himself for everything. When he sat down beside her, she automatically pulled his head down on her lap and began to run her fingers through his thick mane of white hair. He always relaxed when she did that. She also had some good news to impart, but knew some consolation was needed before she told him of it.


"My love, I couldn’t begin to fathom the burden you hold on your shoulders, but I know that although we played a part in this, it is not your fault. Yes, our actions drove her away, but it was Naraku that has broken her. It was him who captured her, and him who has caused her to return in this way to your group. Not you, you were the first person she reached for."


"...Kikyo...I can't leave her right now. Even if she hates me, I can't leave her side. Who knows when that bastard may come back to get her again."


"She doesn't hate you, love, I feel it in the spirit that we both share. I know that you must go back to be with them, and it’s all right. There is something that I must do as well that requires my leave."


"What? Where are you going, and why? That bastard has gone back into hiding and no matter how hard we look we can't find him. There's no point in looking right now."


"That foul hanyo is not whom I seek. Three moons ago I sent a shikigami in search of an old spell. They have found it, and I must go and possess it now before it falls into another traveler’s hands. Trust me, mate, this is important for us, and as soon as I retrieve it I shall return."


"I don't it really that important Kikyo?"


"Yes, it is. Do you remember me telling you about a potion that can restore life?" she spoke to him softly.


His heart rate began to speed up. No, could it be possible?


" that what you've found?"


"Yes, Inuyasha. I've found the ingredient list and spell. I will have to leave in the morning to begin the ritual. Soon my love, we will be true mates. Mates in mind, body, and soul." She said smiling while looking into his honeycomb eyes. Leaning down she graced him with a gentle kiss that promised so much more. They spent the rest of the evening taking comfort in one another for the trials that were looming just ahead.



Shippo was still lying with Kagome when Sesshomaru returned to camp. Rin gave a deer over to Sango and Miroku to prepare, and then she bid her Lord a farewell before mounting Ah-Un along with Jaken and taking to the skies. His heart sunk a little watching her fly away. He had assumed that she would be staying a little longer, but apparently he was wrong. Before he got a chance to think on it any further a low and authoritive voice broke the silence of the clearing.

“Kitsune. You will follow This Sesshomaru.”

Somehow he felt like he was just sentenced to death. He thought about saying no and using his poor mother as a good reason to stay, but he was a fan breathing and to tell this particular demon no would be like giving up the right to life. So stealthily he disentangled himself from his mother’s arms and transformed back into his real size. Quickly straightening out his clothing, he followed after him into the forest. They walked in silence for about a quarter mile before Shippo got the courage to speak.

“Lord Sesshomaru, is there something that you require my assistance for?” he asked with a confidence that he wished he really had.

Sesshomaru didn’t answer at first, but about half a mile later he stopped and turned to face him. 

“What are your intentions towards my Rin.”

‘Well, what a way to just go for the throat. I was kinda’ hoping to ease into that but I forgot that it’s not really his style.’ Shippo thought to himself while face-palming mentally. ‘I guess sugar coating it will only end in disaster, so here it goes. Goodbye Kagome, Rin, world. It’s been nice knowing ya…’

“I am thoroughly entranced with her and would like to ask permission to court her with every intention of making her my mate.” he said with his back straight and looking into the Ice Lord’s eyes. Before he could even blink, Sesshomaru was upon him. Barely dodging his claws, Shippo drew his twin blades and blocked his poisonous acid whip before it tore off his leg. Narrowly missing another punch, he ducked beneath a rock and using his powerful legs he kicked it in his attackers position. A good plan if it were a normal demon. Too bad for him that it wasn’t. Appearing in front of him seemingly out of thin air, the Daiyoukai grabbed him by the throat and threw him through a tree. And another, and another, and then a boulder was where he make his final impact. Rolling out of the way of Sesshomaru’s incoming boot he used his blades to slash upwards at his attackers legs. Of course it missed, but he wasn’t going down without a fight.

‘Hn, brave this one. No matter how many times I throttle him or break the forest with his body he still attempts to fight me off. I couldn’t say as much about all of the other suitors that have searched out her hand. Perhaps I shall give him a chance.’  the demon lord thought to himself.

Walking slowly to the now bruised and bleeding Kitsune that was trying again to rise to his feet, Sesshomaru cracked his knuckles and allowed his poison claws to leak over the forest floor and destroy the earth that they touched. Staring the Kit in the eyes the demon lord spoke.

“Know this, kit. Should any harm, be it physical or emotional, come to my pup and you are it’s cause, these claws are the last thing you will see. For they are what will rip out your eyes just before they tear your heart out through your throat and your bones are used to sharpen my fangs.” He said with a little bit of red bleeding into his eyes. And once all of that was said, he calmly raised himself to his full height and walked away.

Once Shippo felt that he was indeed out of the area he slumped face first into the ground. He was alive. He felt like a walking throb, but he was alive. Even the pain in his body didn’t wipe away the silly grin that was plastered onto his face. Because the fact that he was still breathing meant one very important thing: Permission was granted. Rin would soon be his. With that very wonderful thought in his mind, he drug himself to his feet and made his way back to camp. Things were looking brighter already. Now he just had to make sure that he got his mother back to her old self again and everything in his little world would be perfect, just like it should be.


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