Love is Torture

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******Ok guys so this is my very first fanfiction and this is Chapter 1. I kind of have an idea of where this story is going but it might change a bit here and there. So I would love to hear what you think of this first chapter so hold nothing back. Thanks guys!!!!!******



He could hear it playing in his head repeatedly. The ear shattering screams of his brethren. His tribe mourning the loss of all the ones that they loved so much. The ones he called brother. They had so many questions, all wanted revenge. That was his job and he knew it, he was their leader. His head hurt, and he couldn’t think straight so he did the only thing he knew how to do…he ran. He had three jewel shards and he could feel the power they were giving him, as his feet barely hit the ground from the momentum they were helping him get, it was like running on invisible clouds on top the earth. He could hear nothing, but wind surround him drowning out the sounds around him and the ones in his head that were causing all this pain. The running was good it helped the world disappear for a while and it was only him and the rush. This was all part of who he was. He was a wolf demon, and this was his refuge. The rush of the adrenaline, the quiet of the woods, and the isolation of the wild.

As he ran from the questions and the screams for revenge that his own heart was tormenting him with. He stopped and sniffed the air. Koga growled because he knew those smells they were the same ones mixed in the blood of his fallen pack members. His beast side was screaming for him to go and take his vengeance no questions asked and kill all the ones he would find, but Koga knew he needed to play this smarter than that. Nothing would be gained by going into this as hot headed as he was. So, he ran downhill from the ones he smelt so he could look at the situation first. He knew from the smell there was three humans and maybe 3 or 4 demons. But for some reason one was giving off a funnier sent. They smelt of demon but also of something else altogether.

As the clearing came into view Koga could see 7 people. One was a human woman standing beside a huge demon cat, but she must have been more than a regular human because she was wearing what he knew to be a demon slayer outfit. Koga was surprised. He had dealt with demon slayers before, but he never had seen a woman be one.

He smiled wide and laughed “Ha, piece of cake. The slayer should be no problem for me.”

The person standing next to her was a man dressed in what looked to be a monk’s outfit. Using what looked like a staff of some kind as a shield in front of him and the slayer. He was letting off the smell of spiritual power. Koga took note of this incase he needed it. Next to them was a demon dressed in all red, with silvery white hair and dog ears on top of his head. He held a sword in front of him.

“Wait, he isn’t full demon. Ha, he is only half-demon. What a joke, Not even worth my time.” Koga growled.

As his eyes moved along the swords’ path from the half-demon, they landed on someone dressed in a pale white baboon pelt.

“That is the one giving off the funny sent. The one who was mixed most with my tribe members blood. What is he?” Koga could feel his whole body shaking. His blood was boiling for the need to rip apart the demon a few feet away from him. He could feel his eyes going red with the wrath he felt in his heart. He wanted to come out of hiding and make all of them pay for what they had done to his brothers. As these thoughts were fighting within himself a light caught his eye and he noticed that he had missed someone.

There with a bow and arrow pulled tight stood a strange looking girl. Her black hair was flying behind her and she was wearing a weird outfit of some kind. He took note of how the skirt was much like his fur pelt, but it wasn’t like anything he had seen before. He looked her up and down and even with how strange she looked Koga could tell that she was indeed human but as he took another sniff of the air that floated from her direction he realized maybe there was more to her than he first thought.

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