Love is Torture

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Demon Inuyasha laid the passed-out girl on the damp ground of the cave he had stumbled upon. It was small but the trees outside hid the entrance well but building a fire would surely give their location away if someone came to close. He took off the top of his fire rat robe and felt to his surprise that it may be damp, but the cave was well insulated. He looked down on Kagome and bent over her.

 Demon Inuyasha couldn’t get it; he couldn’t see what was so interesting about this human. He had wanted Kikyo as much as his half demon and human side did but that was because she was special. Even though she wanted the soft-hearted side of him to release his demon side altogether. She was beautiful, and her power was unmatched by any priestess he had ever come across.

 Her life kept her locked away from all the human things that could tarnish her and as much as he hated to admit it he like his other half had fallen for her without another thought. He took one of his sharp claws and moved the hair out of Kagome’s face and looked at the scars and bruises she had come to get. Putting two and two together wasn’t hard for him she had been abused by someone more than likely the wolf demon he had found her with. “Shows how weak she really is.” He said to no one, but the other half locked away inside his mind.

He had been silent since finding the cave. Demon Inuyasha found it annoying. The sap had sulked and begged up until now, what has him so quiet at this point. Before he could over think it, he started grazing his claws from the top of Kagome’s collar bone and headed south. He watched as the blood started welling out of the new wounds. He wasn’t pushing hard but with his demon claws he knew if he wanted to, he could easily take off her whole shoulder and he imagined how long it would take her to die from such a thing.

When he started to put more pressure into his movement he was stopped by a booming voice. ‘STOP!!’ He could do nothing but cover his head with his hands and bare the pain. “Now you speak up. You really don’t get it do you? This bitch needs to learn who she belongs to and obviously since you can’t do it, then I will have to do it for you. She carries the soul of Kikyo and that alone makes her ours. Which I will admit sickens me, but it is the way of things. Now shut your screaming and watch how it’s done you weakling.” Demon Inuyasha scolded his intruder as he got up and walked outside to find rope and something to keep the wench quiet.

He couldn’t have her alerting anyone to where they were when she woke up. Also, it would be a plus if she couldn’t use the cursed beads around his neck. He cussed his other half out for letting himself be caught in such a trap by a lowly nothing of a girl. As he searched for some strong vines he could weave into a sturdy rope he was stopped by the sound of laughter directly behind him.

 He turned as quickly as he could and crouched to the ground with his claws extended ready to face whoever was there. He was brought out of his guarded form when the trespasser said, “Come now, even your demon half doesn’t want to hurt me Inuyasha, and I think you know this.” Demon Inuyasha couldn’t stop the crooked grin that swept over his features as he looked Kikyo up and down.

 He felt his other half shake from the sight of her alone. The idiot really did love this dead woman. “How do you know that I don’t want to hurt you? Maybe I should make you eat your words.” He said a bit cockily.

Kikyo laughed again and it sent Inuyasha into a frenzy of rage and lust. “I know because I used to love you. I know all your plans and ways of doing things and it helps me to hate you now. You can’t do anything without me knowing.” She slowly started making her way towards him. Inuyasha watched her every move like a predator.

He saw the way her hair shifted with every agonizing step she took. He noticed the way the shadows of the trees darkened her skin but when she moved into the bits of sunlight it looked as white as ash. Her clothes clung to her every curve when her movements changed with the motion of her walking. He couldn’t help but be stricken by her form. He was pulled into a feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time but of course his weaker self had stopped him from acting on it.

 He crossed his arms in front of him and remained still as Kikyo finally made her way to him. He could tell by the closeness of her and the way she pushed herself into him that she thought she was playing the same stupid game she played with the stupid pup. His pride welled at the thought of finally showing her who was the dominate one here.

 Kikyo leaned further into his chest using the one feature of her body that Inuyasha couldn’t resist. She watched as he looked down upon her and by looking him in the eye he had already given away his hand. She could see his very thoughts. She watched as he spotted Kagome with the other demon, she saw as his other half took him over and took her to the forest, and she knew he was planning to hurt the girl. “Poor pitiful Inuyasha. She has turned you into this hasn’t she?” She said with a harmony in her voice. Demon Inuyasha let a flash of shock hit him before he caught himself and grabbed Kikyo by the back of the head.

 He was pissed. “What the fuck do you know about it, you dead bitch?” He snarled at the woman he was holding hard against him.

 “I told you I know everything you do. This is no different. I only ask you, do you think he will really let you harm the girl.”

“I don’t care if he likes it or not. For years I was locked away while he ran us and our name into the ground. I sat on the sidelines while he was torn apart by those humans. He should have slashed all their throats but no, what does he do? He cried to his mother about his pain. I watched him love her and hate our father for what he did to her. Our father was a legend among demons, he should have wanted to be just like him, but instead he followed that human bitches’ every word. He should have killed her and that nothing brother of his and took his rightful place at our father’s side. Then just as he was starting to show potential he ran into you. The idiot fell in love. Do you know how sickening that is, but I could see the intrigue you had power and that is something we both craved.” He gripped her hair tighter and heard Kikyo release a moan of pain.

He felt his southern region vibrate from hearing the pain she was in. Even through the pain Kikyo managed to still speak. “He didn’t love me; he loved the thought of what I could give him just as I do now. I love that you have Kagome and though you may think me an enemy, I have come to help you.” Inuyasha searched her face for any signs of her lying.

 “Now why, do tell, would you do that?”

Kikyo smiled. “Because my dear Inuyasha, I want to be whole again. I want to kill her and take my soul back, but I cannot do it myself. I need help and I was intending to use Naraku, but since you have the girl then you will do. She has the last piece of me, and once she is dead, it will be released, and I will be free to live her lifeline myself. Will you help me?” Kikyo moved towards Inuyasha as much as she could without pulling her hair out.

 “What will you do for me?” Inuyasha had to admit this was a side of Kikyo he hadn’t seen before and his other half was oddly quiet through all of this. Had she done something to block him from hearing this conversation?

 “I will make you whole as well. I will make it, so you are pure demon and I will aide you as much as I can in killing Kagome. I know she is unconscious currently in the cave. I can bind her to the inside and I can pull up a barrier to hide the cave from view. I know the wolf will come for you as soon as he can if he is not already. I will try to slow him down as much as I can.” She was cut short as Inuyasha covered her mouth with his hand.

 “How do I know I can trust you? How do I know you won’t just run as soon as you get your way and leave me behind?” Inuyasha knew this would make what he had planned so much easier. He hadn’t meant to kill the human after but if he could free himself of the idiot, then it would be in his favor.

 He released Kikyo from his grasp. “I will make a blood pact to you.” This was not method a priestess took lightly. To exchange your blood with anyone meant losing a large amount of power in the process. “I will perform the ritual of the binding and barrier before the pact though because after, I will be too weak to do much until my body revives itself. I will call on the oni to protect you before I go into hiding. The rest will be up to you.” Even the demon part of him couldn’t hold himself back.

 He grabbed a handful of Kikyo’s hair and snatched her face to his before crashing his lips over hers. This Kikyo was made for him. The other matched the soft-hearted nature of his other half but this Kikyo was a perfect match to his bolder side. She wanted power as much as he and as much as he tried to resist it his instincts took over. He wanted to claim this corpse of a woman. He wanted to feel their souls being completed by marking her.

He was lost in his animal side as he tossed her back into the nearest tree. He felt Kikyo’s lips part and took advantage of the moment to let his tongue dive deep into her mouth. She tasted of rotted earth but even that didn’t slow him down. She met his need by battling for dominance with her own tongue. Inuyasha then used his hand to turn her head away from him as he started to drag his mouth down her neck and collar bone. He heard her let out a moan of pleasure. The sound hit his sensitive ears and made him rock hard in the process. He used the claw of his other hand to rip open the front of her priestess garb. He pulled back to see the fabric fall open and reveal the clay made breast of the woman in front of him. He waited for his other half to protest but again he was no longer available for comment it seemed.

Kikyo could feel every movement like a pin prick through her skin. She had never felt anything like it her body was buzzing with it. As much as feeling it was wonderful, even she knew her dead body could only do so much. Again, she found herself cursing Kagome for having the final piece of her. She wanted to feel alive, she wanted to feel him, but even as he kneaded and licked her exposed breast it was unsatisfying. Before she could stop herself. she grabbed Inuyasha’s head and lifted him to her eye level. “This has to wait. Kagome will wake up soon and will be gone if we do not leave soon.”

 As unhappy as those words made him he knew she was right, so he pushed himself away from her and turned around to force away his problem while she adjusted herself. Then they walked quietly back to the cave where Kagome lay.


Miroku and Sango had been riding on Kilala for what felt like forever. Shippo was complaining about being hungry and screaming curses at stupid Inuyasha for running away and making them find him. After the confrontation in the woods they had finally cooled off enough to find Inuyasha. As they came to the lake where Kilala sniffed his scent at last, they found no sign of Inuyasha besides his sword. It was discarded on the forest floor like it meant nothing. Many things were running through Sango’s mind of why Inuyasha would take off. Maybe he was taken by Naraku?

 She found herself smiling at this thought like he would really let himself be caught. Then the thought clicked in her mind and she felt her heart race maybe Inuyasha had found Kagome. That would explain the reason as to why he had forgotten his sword so suddenly. Before she could shake herself out of her thoughts she felt a shiver run through Kilala and saw the fur in the tuff of her neck stand on end. Miroku leaned forward and whispered. “I think we are being followed.”


Sesshomaru had been flying on his cloud at full speed to catch up to the presence of his father’s fang. He could sense it now just in front of him by a few feet. He let the poison leak into his claws on the only hand he had left. He would fight for what belonged to him. Even though killing humans was not his favorite thing he would do what he had to.

He had everything planned out as the humans and their demon companions came to view. Everything but how to obtain the sword after he had finally taken it from them. He remembered the fight with his half-brother in his father’s grave site. He couldn’t touch the sword with his own hands. The loss of his arm had been a hit to his pride but this trick of his father’s was an even bigger one.

 His mind went through all his options one by one. He could kill them and use their hands as a carrier but that would stain him in their blood and the thought alone made him sick. Humans were nothing beings and to be touched by their blood was a disgraceful thing indeed. As he was trying to think of a method that would work he remembered the young girl that had recently started traveling with him.

He still hadn’t figured out exactly why he had not just dropped her off in the nearest village and left when she wasn’t looking. He wouldn’t have to take care of her anymore, even though he had found her to be very low maintenance overall. Jaken had been delegated to care for any need she couldn’t provide herself. He knew his loyal servant had despised being handed such a job. but the little joy he had in this life was torturing the little toad.

The neko was finally in plain view of him as he lashed out at it with his poisonous whip. Unfortunately, he missed, the demon cat had moved to avoid his strike and he could feel the pain of his pride again. No one could escape his whip when he was at his full strength. As he was getting ready to release another slash the demon dove towards the ground. “Damn.”

 He was seething with anger. He knew in the air he was at the better advantage, but he was still healing from his injuries so a fight on the ground was not in his favor. His father’s words hit him like a force. “If you want to be victorious son you must learn to be calm. Anger can only work against you in a fight.” Sesshomaru calmed himself as he dove to the ground below him and readied himself for the fight to come.


Sango and Miroku watched with baited breath as Inuyasha’s brother bolted to the ground in front of them. His kimono was fight ready as it always was with his armor on the front and shoulders. His white hair swept to the side as the breeze caught it and he stood before them flexing the claws on his one arm. “Give me the sword.” Sesshomaru growled through his teeth.

 Sango undid the tie on her outer clothing revealing her slayer outfit already below. She moved her hand to touch Hiraikotsu on her back ready for any attack that might come. Miroku beside her had his staff placed squarely in front of him. Shippo sat on top of an irate Kilala who was bearing her teeth at the enemy in front of them.

 Hearing Sesshomaru’s words forced Shippo to grip the sword tighter and he could do nothing but answer back shakily “This is Inuyasha’s sword. You can’t even touch it.” He had heard the story from Kagome a few times when he couldn’t sleep on their journey. It was a funny story that would make him fall asleep without another thought.

Sesshomaru grinned at the little demon and found amusement in him thinking he could match him. “Inuyasha is no longer worthy of such a thing.” He watched as confusion broke on the faces of both demon and human alike. His smile grew wider realizing that they didn’t know what had happened to their friend. “This Sesshomaru can see you know not what I speak of. Annoying humans.”

 Sango chanced a question to the great demon lord of the west. “I assume you will tell us, right?” Miroku looked at her with shock written all over his face. He couldn’t believe she had spoken so casually to a being like the one they were facing. Sesshomaru cocked his head to the side and Miroku couldn’t tell by the expression on his face if Sango had angered him or not because he was keeping all emotion off it.

Before he could contemplate it further Sesshomaru opened his mouth to speak. “The sorry excuse for a half demon brother of mine has no right to the sword any longer because he no longer is a half demon. He has lost his human side to his demon side and as my father told me many years ago if such a thing was to happen this Sesshomaru was to set it right.”

This time Miroku was more confused than he had ever been in his life. Sango spoke up again “What does that mean?” As Miroku saw the demon lord’s face become annoyed the answer clicked in his head.

 “So Inuyasha has turned full demon and you plan to use his own sword to kill him?” The thought was disturbing alone. He heard Sango gasp beside him and move her free hand to cover her mouth. Sesshomaru used their human emotions against them as he flinted past them to the little fox demon holding the sword.

He was using more strength than he wanted to, but this was the only way things could be done he told himself as he used his good hand to swipe the demon off the cat’s back and knock them both to the ground and the sword up in the air. Before Sango and Miroku could move the sword was caught in Sesshomaru’s grip.


Sesshomaru smiled at his own victory and with so little power used. He turned back to the humans and saw the shock on their faces. Before he could celebrate too much he started to feel a searing pain course through his palm. The curse his father put on the sword was starting to take effect. The poison was stronger than his own and before he could stop himself his hand let the sword go.

 All he could think was how could the other demon hold a sword he couldn’t touch. Once again, the anger was evident on his features. Of course, the sword had been wrapped in a cloth which was now nowhere in sight. All Sesshomaru could do was stare at his father’s fang and he could feel the familiar pain of hate in the pit of his stomach. His father was known as the greatest demon of his time.

 He was praised for his power and his ruling, but little did they know the true downfall of such a great demon lord. A pitiful human had been his only demise. His mother had forgiven him and Sesshomaru had later hated her for such a thing. As he looked at the sword the answer came to him, before he could consider anything else he knew what he had to do. He would have another chance to take the fang but now was not the time and a fight would only weaken him further. He would have to retreat for now.

 Defeat was not something he took lightly, and he hated it even further that he was about to help humans. He turned to leave but before he did he decided to tell them his new revelation. “Your friend is in the woods, to the south west and he has that human priestess with him.” He grew quiet as he started to walk slowly away before one of the humans spoke to him.

 “You mean Kikyo and Inuyasha are together?”

Sesshomaru turned his head back “No the dead one was not around. This Sesshomaru believes she will be as such soon though, if you don’t get our father’s fang to him.” Before they could ask anything else of him he summoned his cloud and took off at full speed.


Miroku saw nothing as Sango gripped his hand tightly in hers and pulled him on top of Kilala with her. Above the wind he could hear her whisper out her threat. “If he hurts Kagome, I will kill him myself.”

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