Love is Torture

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**Chiho-knowledge and protection**

Kagome stared at the bowl of meat that Koga had left her with, wondering what was wrong with her. No one had ever made her feel like this and he hadn't even touched her but no matter how much she told herself to stop shaking her body just wouldn't. The hair on the back of her neck was still standing on end and the goosebumps where causing her to feel like she had been electrocuted.

She had attempted multiple times to pick up a piece of meat and eat it, but her stomach was too knotted up to let her. "What is going on with you?" She asked aloud to herself. Secretly she hoped someone would answer her or even better Inuyasha would show up and take her away from all of this. "Bet he will be here soon." She said finding a mild tone of confidence in her voice but once again her inner self was going to stomp all over that. 'Do you really think he cares?' Her brain berated her.

"Of course, he cares, how else will he find the shards if he doesn't have me? I am sure he will be here soon. Koga…" and before she could even get that sentence out, her mind decided to chime in. 'That's right you are his little jewel detector, why wouldn't he care? Without you he can't find the jewel and make it whole and then he couldn't be with Kikyo.'

Kagome huffed and put the bowl down on the floor then she balanced her chin on her fist. "Stupid Kikyo, why did I have to think of her?" She knew the answer, but her mind still found it better to say it out loud 'Because you know she is the only thing that jerk cares about.' Now Kagome felt her heart drop and couldn't help to admit it to herself that she didn't know how long she had been here but even so if Inuyasha was really looking for her wouldn't he have already made it here?

She knew it couldn't have been more than 2 weeks, if that, but still when Inuyasha was about finding something he wanted he never let anything stand in his way. A tear fell on to her fist and she lifted her other hand to find she was crying.

Koga ran along the mountain side until he came to the waterfall that hid the entrance to his tribe's den. He had gone to the springs knowing everyone would either still be asleep or in the dens having breakfast, so no one would disturb him. He wanted to wash the scent of Kagome off him, so no one would know he had been around a human. 'Why they would care is why you were in the first place.' The voice in his mind said mockingly.

He was really starting to hate his conscience. Ok so he had gotten her scent off him because he wanted to hide her from his pack but was there really anything wrong with that? It wasn't like there was anything to hide, but he knew if they knew he had a human prisoner they would want to have her for dinner and he had plans for her. She had the answers and he needed them. That was all this was and after he got them then his pack could do what they wanted with her. "Hell, I will even feed her to them myself!" He said as he puffed his chest out trying to sound bigger than he was feeling. Turns out he couldn't trick himself when his mind let out a loud burst of laughter 'Whatever you say.'

As Koga was walking toward the entrance through the haze that is mind was he thought he heard a familiar voice shout his name. He looked toward the upper rocks of the waterfall and found his two friends and loyal officers Ginta and Hakkaku waving. "Come down here you idiots!" Koga yelled in their direction and they started fumbling over each other to do as he said.

Koga couldn't believe these were the men he had chosen to fight by his side and he rolled his eyes at himself knowing that the one reason he had chosen them was because they were the closet thing he had to immediate family. They had grown up together and learned to fight beside each other and no matter how bad they were at it Koga knew they would put their lives before him if need be. Ginta and Hakkaku finally made it to him and asked, "What's up Koga?" at the same time.

"Where ya been?" Ginta asked.

"Been trying to wrap my head around some things. How have things been while I was gone?" Koga asked.

"Fine, besides the fact that the pack has been worried about you." Hakkaku answered this time.

"Yea ya just took off. We tried to calm everyone down, but some just weren't havin' it." Ginta chimed in after his brother.

"Well, guess I am going to have to talk to them and explain myself." Koga was feeling a bit guilty. He had just run off and left everyone who depended on him in their time of mourning and he hadn't done what he set out to do. They had a right to be angry and scared, first their pack brothers are slaughtered and then their leader just takes off. Koga stood as tall as he could and made his way into the caves. As soon as he stepped in the entrance the common den was full of people and wolves alike.

They all turned in his direction and came running to his side. The cubs of the pack were all hugging him and jumping up and down in excitement, some others were yelling questions at him, and he could see a few just standing on the outer walls looking at him with nothing but anger in their faces. Everything was getting to claustrophobic for Koga. so he stuck his hands in the air and growled out "BACK OFF!" Instantly everyone quieted and stood away from him. "I am sorry I yelled" He said mostly to the children but still meaning it for the others as well.

"I know you all have been worried and angry, but I am here to explain." Koga walked over and sat on a high rock that most of the wolves liked to lounge on because a little bit of sun leaked in from above. As he sat down a grey-haired woman stepped forward and crossed her arms in front of her and looked in Koga's direction as she angrily said "Well, explain."

Koga took this as his cue to start that everyone was listening, but he sat there for a moment as quiet as he had ever been in his life. He couldn't tell them the whole truth because it could make him seem weak if they knew he had left to escape his pain. So, he answered them the only way he could "I left to seek answers to who it was that killed our brethren. I still have not found out who it was yet that is why I came to check on you and I will be leaving again shortly." He heard a roar of voices rise and once again he found his head filling with screaming.

Next thing he knew the room quieted and the same female seemed to speak for everyone. "You're leaving us again. Do you not realize we have lost half the pack? Our numbers are low, and our defense is down. Yet you are planning to leave again."

"What is your name?" Koga asked. He was feeling guilty and angry at this woman's words and part of him wanted to rip her apart but she, like everyone, deserved answers so he would answer them.

"My name is Chiho." She said while giving a slight bow in Koga's direction.

"Well, Chiho, you are right, I am leaving again but do not worry I will be back, I am close to finding the bastard who killed our family and when I do I will bring him back for justice to be served." He said feeling his pride being challenged a bit.

"What does that leave us to do with you gone?" She asked.

"The females are to do what they have always done, and the males will do as they have been taught which is to hunt and protect. I will leave Ginta and Hakkaku here in charge of everything while I am away and if anything happens I am sure they will find me. Does that please you sister?" Koga was kind of getting bored with this woman, Chiho, but he had to admit she was rightfully named. He dropped himself down from the rock and stepped up to her trying to look as dominate as he could to tell her not to question him any further and if the look in her eyes was telling the truth, she had gotten the hint.

Her voice came out shaky as she answered "Yes."

"Good, now I have things to get for my journey. Ginta come here." Ginta took no time at all to be by his side and everyone else seemed to go about their business. "I need you to find me some new fur pelts, the thicker the better." Ginta stared at Koga with a look of confusion on his face.

"But Koga, its summer wouldn't the thinner pelts be better?" As soon as he said it Koga gave him a low throaty growl warning him not to make him mad and he made a 'yelp' sound and ran off to do as he was told. Next Koga had Hakkaku go to the healer and get him some healing equipment like wraps and ointments. Koga himself went to his private den to gather some new clothing. As he looked around he noticed the chest that use to belong to his mother and something made him decide to open and find some of her furs in the bottom.

He didn't know why he cared to pack them, but he was sure it would come to him when it was supposed to.

He packed up all the supplies, waved goodbye to his pack, and started heading back to the southern end of the mountains all the while whistling to himself.

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