Love is Torture

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Inuyasha watched from the entrance of the cave until the dead priestess was out of sight, before turning his attention to his surroundings. The rain was starting to come down hard, which in his mind was a blessing to help wash away his and Kikyo’s scent. As he turned back to the inside of the cave he could feel the power running through him. His body hummed with it. It was almost too much to handle in a way, but he was addicted to the feeling all the same.

As he was lost in his thoughts he heard the girl whimper in the corner where he had placed her. An evil smile rose to his face as he watched the recognition cross her features and saw her struggle against her bindings to sit up and push herself further to the cave wall behind her. The scent of her fear surrounded him and filled his nose. It was hypnotizing him.

He could feel his other half trying to fight for control but with his new-found power he was able to force him back down easily. He looked at Kagome who was physically shaking. Her eyes opened wide, as he crept towards her. Her scent was heavy thanks to the barrier, and he was losing his control because of it. He didn’t want to kill the girl yet, even though now that was the end game plan.

 As he got closer to her another scent that he had forgotten hit his nose. She still smelt like that wolf demon. He knew from their exchange in the forest that one side of her neck was clear of marks, but his instincts told him he needed to see the other before he could be satisfied. He walked faster to her and grabbed a handful of hair at the top of her head and yanked her head over to expose her neck to him. He first bent down to smell the scent there, and it smelt of wolf but as he looked she didn’t seem to have any other mark than a partially healed burn. That looked to be infecting.

He pulled her head back to look at him. “Has that filth claimed you wench?” Kagome’s eyes showed the shock the gag was helping to hide. She thought for a moment before realizing what he was even talking about. Inuyasha watched as she did her best to move her stiff neck to shake her head no. “No, but I bet you wanted him to, didn’t you?” Kagome’s head shook again, answering his question with a no. He pushed her head hard into the rock surface behind her. “Don’t lie to me bitch!” He said through his teeth.

He was beyond angry. He had seen her with the mangy wolf. He knew she had done something with him and he wasn’t going to let her think she could lie her way out of it. “I am going to show you what real torture is like Kagome.” Inuyasha said into Kagome’s ear. Even with the gag in her mouth she let out a gasp. Demon Inuyasha grinned wide as he heard her muffled cry.


Koga felt like he had been running forever when he was stopped by drops of rain, he didn’t have much time before the scent he had been following was no longer strong enough to smell anymore. From the direction of the clouds and how they kept getting darker as he ran, he knew the worse of the rain was ahead of him instead of behind like he had hoped. He felt the rage take him over and he sent his fist into the nearest tree. He could hear Ginta and Hakkaku just a bit behind him and they were complaining as usual.

With the rain he knew the scent ahead was probably gone, so while he waited for slow and slower to catch up he tried to figure out if the scent he had now had trailed off to the side at all. To his surprise it seems the demon had stayed on the same path all the way through. He doubted he had exited the forest, because the rain probably forced him to take shelter. As Ginta and Hakkaku caught up to him they found him trying to think if there was anywhere he could have gone to hide.

“What’s up Koga?” Ginta and Hakkaku asked him.

 “With the rain he probably didn’t get out of the forest.” Koga said voicing his thoughts out loud, doubting that Ginta and his brother could add anything to answer his questions. Ginta looked at the clouds ahead of them and noticed the rain coming down hard and flashes of lightening lightened the dark sky. They had left before dinner, so his stomach was growling to remind him of this.

 “Don’t know, but doubt he made it that far before this came through, and with it gettin’ dark and cooler he probably found some kind’a shelter.” He said over the rumble of his stomach. Hakkaku’s stomach answered him back. He had forgotten how hungry he was while they were running, and he forgot to pack any food for the journey.

 “Well wither he hid or not we should make camp and have dinner. I mean the smell of rain is pretty far off, so he is probably gonna be stuck for a while.” Koga looked back and forth between the two as they rubbed their stomachs from their hunger. With everything he had on his mind he hadn’t even thought to be hungry.

He realized he hadn’t eaten since that morning. He hated to waste the time, but they would amount to nothing fighting on empty stomachs. “I guess Ginta and I will hunt. Hakkaku, you set up the fire.” He wanted to get this over as quickly as possible, so it was better if two of them were hunting at once, and with them already a good way from the mountains they didn’t have to worry about the birds of paradise getting them, but they did have to worry about any demons that lived here.

Koga knew they could sense his jewel shards, if they got close enough. That would spell unwanted trouble for the three of them. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind as him and Ginta set off to find dinner.


Demon Inuyasha had left a few shallow marks on Kagome before she passed out again. Only another sign to how weak she was. She couldn’t even handle a few cuts. Killing the girl should be an easy task in all, but he wasn’t done having fun with her yet. “No, I am just getting started.” He mumbled to himself. His other half had begged for him to stop but it seems the power he had obtained from Kikyo kept him under control, and took away the pain his complaining had been causing him.

He felt like a full demon for once with no one else to fight against. He felt whole and once the screaming was silenced, he would be. He wandered through the forest searching for anything to eat. He knew he had time before the human woke up again. His strength wasn’t down but his stomach couldn’t stop growling regardless. As he was cursing his still human stomach, a small boar ran into his view. He felt his claws extend as he stalked the boar.

As soon as he thought he could, he leapt on top of it. The boar screamed out from fear, and before Inuyasha could blink he had snapped its neck without even putting any power behind it. After he caught his breath he lifted the small boar on to his back and returned to the cave.


He made a small fire, because now that the sun was down, and the earth has been cooled by the rain, the inside of the cave had gotten cooler. As much as he wanted to torture the girl, her getting sick wasn’t in the plan. Somehow that would take all the fun out of it, he thought. He used the small knife he found in his pants to start to ready the boar for cooking. As he was engrossed in his work he heard mumbling coming from Kagome.

He watched her move as much as she could, but given her bindings and her gag she couldn’t move much. He had never known of an unconscious person to dream but he guessed it could be possible. The blood from the cuts he had given her was starting to dry in streaks on her face just barely dripping into her hair. His other half was silently crying at Kagome’s figure, and what had been done to her.

“OOGG----AAHH!!!” His ears perked up at Kagome’s scream. He found his insists had pecked. Before he could stop himself, he was by the girl’s side and started running his fingers across her head to move the locks that had mixed with the drying blood. He looked at her mutilated face and watched as her eyelids flitted back and forth quickly. He wondered what she was dreaming of.

 It looked more to him like a nightmare by the way her muscles were jumping. He found himself by her ear “No prince is coming to save you princess.” When he looked back to her face he could see tears starting to stream down her cheeks.

“Here I thought my fun was over when you lost consciousness. Who knew you could be just as easily broken in your sleep.” Inuyasha couldn’t help but smile at the new revelation as he moved once more to finish cooking.


Miroku was starting to cramp from sitting for so long and the way Sango was making Kilala move in and out of tree tops didn’t help matters much. Shippo had since dug his little claws in his monk robes from fear of falling, and Miroku didn’t have the heart to tell him cloth wasn’t the only thing he was grabbing. His own fear was keeping him silent, until he heard Sango curse under her breath. “What is wrong Sango?” She pulled herself back towards him and tried to speak over the wind.

“Kilala is getting tired and I think she lost Inuyasha’s scent because of the incoming rain.” As she said this the rain started to slowly fall.

 “Maybe we should land…” Miroku started before Sango cut him off.

“If we give up, he could kill Kagome!” Miroku could hear the fear in her voice. He put his cursed hand on her shoulder and gave her a comforting squeeze.

 “I know, but my dear Sango but you must also think of Kilala. She is tired from being in this form all day, and we are all hungry. If this rain comes down any harder, you could get sick and that wouldn’t help us find Kagome at all.” Sango couldn’t admit she hated how right he was.

 Against all her instincts she said “Kilala, land.” She felt Miroku’s hand grip her tighter, silently telling her she had made the right choice, and she prayed to Kami he was right.


After they landed they found a canopy of trees that was keeping the rain from reaching the ground. As Sango sat up camp, Miroku and Shippo ran off to find a stream to get some dinner. Shippo slumped his shoulders as he kicked the nearest rock. He couldn’t believe all this had happened to poor Kagome. She had taken him with her when he had nowhere else to go. She had in ways become like his mother.

 He said a silent prayer for her to be safe. He tried to stop his thoughts from traveling to the things that could be or already have happened to her. Miroku heard a huge sigh come from the little kitsune following behind him and knew this had to be hurting him. Kagome had brought them all together in some way shape or form. For him, he was a lonely traveler who was seeking revenge.

 At this memory, he looked at the wrap covering his wind tunnel. Naraku had cursed every generation of his family, since his grandfather, and the curse had passed down to him. He watched the curse take his own father from this world and knew what the future had in store for him. Kagome had given him the chance to finally get to the demon he had been searching for. She gave him a chance to change this future.

Same went for Sango and Kilala. She had saved her from a tragic fate and gave her a chance to take back her future. Sango was alone, aside from her demon companion. By being with Kagome they had found a family, albeit a dysfunctional one, but a family all the same. He could feel the same pain that he was sure Sango and Shippo were feeling.

“We will find her.” He didn’t mean for the statement to be for anyone but himself but Shippo jumped on his shoulder and hugged him around the neck.

 “Thanks, Miroku.” He hadn’t meant for his words to be comforting to Shippo, but as he considered the pain evident in his small, round eyes, he wouldn’t have taken them back for the world. He lifted his hand and patted him on the head. Causing him to finally crack a small smile. The rain was starting to come down harder as they found the stream. Shippo jumped from Miroku’s shoulder to clear his mind from his worries by catching fish for them all.


Ginta and Koga had managed to capture a small doe for their dinner and as they walked back Koga found himself staring at the clouds above. From this angle, the rain seemed to fall around him, but he could feel the cold drops when they hit him. To be truthful he was thankful for the rain. The coldness of it was helping to calm the fire the beast was trying to reset inside him. He wandered why. How had this all happened and more importantly what did it mean?

 He knew he could ask all these questions over and over, but he would never get an answer. As he was lost in his thoughts Ginta interrupted him. “Koga, ya know I believe in you, as a friend and leader, but I can’t help but wonder what is going on really.” Koga was thrown off step hearing his childhood friend and loyal member speak this way. Ginta and his brother were never ones to question anything let alone think.

 Koga couldn’t stop the small smile that crossed his lips. “I don’t really know either to be honest.” Koga finally answered back after sighing.

“Well I just mean shouldn’t our priority be finding our members killer, but instead you are chasing some human.” Koga couldn’t stop the growl that escaped his lips. He knew that Ginta didn’t mean to question him as a leader and he was in no way challenging him, but the way he was calling Kagome some human, in a strange way, made him angrier than he would like.

 “She isn’t some human. Her name is Kagome, and she is in danger because of me. I know it makes no sense, but I just must get her back. Who knows what can happen to her. You didn’t see the fear in her eyes.” Koga was stopped dead in his tracks as Ginta ran in front of him and stuck his face in his.

He was so close; their noses were nearly touching. Koga quickly pulled his head back and stammered “What the hell?”

 Ginta stepped back and looked Koga up and down while running his finger over his chin. “You say it don’t mean nothin’, but I think you are lyin’ to yourself.” Shock moved over Koga’s features.

 “What the hell does that mean?” Ginta couldn’t help but doubling over in laughter.

“A wolf demon in love with a human!” He said through his laughing fit. Koga felt like smacking him into the next life.

“You don’t know what you are talking about.” He said trying to contain his cool. His anger was growing by the minute watching Ginta laugh at him. “She can help me find the bastard that killed our pack, that is the only reason I am doing this.” For some reason, even the beast inside was laughing at his answer.

 Koga couldn’t take it anymore he huffed and walked eagerly past his laughing friend back towards camp. Ginta after almost losing all hope of breathing again, finally came to his senses to see his leader walking away. “Poor guy, doesn’t even understand his own feelings.” He said to himself before jumping up to catch up to Koga. He slapped him on the back and said, “If you say so, then that is how it is, I guess.” Koga rolled his eyes as they walked back quietly together.


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