Love is Torture

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Sango woke up when the sun started to shine in her eyes and found she felt oddly warm. Yes, it was summer but in the area they were in it was always comfortable early morning. As she laid still and tried to wake up all the way she realized it wasn't only heat she was feeling but weight as if someone was on her. She lifted the blanket and stared down at the arm wrapped around her stomach and knew instantly who it was so close to her. Before she could think about what she was doing she turned around and connected her hand with the face of the perverted monk who dared to touch her without permission.

"Well, good morning to you as well, my dear Sango." He said to her while rubbing his now red cheek with his wrapped hand. Sango hated the smug look on his face.

"How dare you, you hentai!" She screamed at him waking everyone else up. Miroku moved away scared of receiving anymore of Sango's wrath this early in the morning.

"Please forgive me Sango. I didn't mean anything by it." He begged her forgiveness.

Sango looked at Miroku and felt mildly guilty of her actions, so she only felt it right to forgive him this time anyway. "Fine, just don't let it happen again."

As they were finishing up their fight Shippo hoped up in Sango's lap and rubbed his still sleepy eyes. "Have you seen Inuyasha?" He asked. Miroku tilted his head up to look in the trees thinking he would find their companion there but not finding him after all.

"Hmm." He said scratching his chin. "Shippo I don't think our hot-headed friend is anywhere near." Hearing this Sango jumped up to get dressed in her slayer outfit as quick as she could.

"He went ahead without us that jerk!" She said after she had dressed and started packing up their camp. Miroku hurried to help her and then load their things on Kilala. He sat himself behind Sango on the flying Neko demon with Shippo seating on his shoulder holding on as best his little grip would allow. "Well, he won't get away with it." Sango said as she took Kilala to the sky.

Miroku laughed and answered, "Indeed he won't fair Sango." Knowing what lied ahead for poor Inuyasha once Sango found him.

Inuyasha was dodging trees right and left trying to keep up with Kikyo's soul collectors who had convinced him to follow them. They were going so fast and he was afraid he might lose them at any moment until the forest opened into a small clearing surrounded by dense trees. At the base of one of the largest oak trees he saw Kikyo sitting on the roots running her hand over her soul collecting demon as if he was her beloved pet.

He stood there just staring at her for what felt like ages her black hair was pulled up in the same style she used to wear it so long ago and she was wearing her old red and white priestess uniform. Her bow and arrows were laying a little way from her and she looked just as he remembered her until she looked at him.

Her eyes looked empty, completely drained of the life and happiness Inuyasha had once seen in them. His nose caught the scent of clay and graveyard dirt, which made his insides turn threatening to make him sick. All he could manage to say was just simply "Kikyo?"

Kikyo stood to her feet and started walking towards Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, you came." Her voice still sounded like it used to and even though he knew in his heart this was not his Kikyo, the one he used to love so long ago his mind and body was defying him with a whole other reaction. He stepped up to her and circled her in his arms as she did the same and rested her head on his chest. As she did all other thoughts were forgotten Inuyasha couldn't help but feel complete again holding her in his arms. Memories flooded his vision and his heart swelled with joy that he hadn't felt in years. As he held her he could feel her shaking "Kikyo, what is it?" He asked as worry started to take over.

She lifted her head from his chest and looked him lovingly into the eyes and lowered her voice to a whisper "Inuyasha do you care for me?' She asked him. Inuyasha's mind was reeling. Why would she think he didn't? Was something wrong? As all these questions ran in his mind Kikyo searched his face and waited silently for his answer. As he was about to answer her Kagome's face popped up in his mind and he remembered what he was supposed to be doing and another wave of guilt swept over him and before he could answer or say anything Kikyo reached up and cupped his cheek and gently brought her lips to his in a kiss and asked "Well?"

Inuyasha once again was in a fog from Kikyo's actions as he closed his eyes and placed his forehead against hers and closed his eyes "Yes!" Was all he could manage to say!

Koga walked into the caves and placed all the items in his den and walked down the hallway to check on Kagome as he did the scent of salt hit him dead in the face. He sped up his pace and looked in the cell to find Kagome wrapped in the furs curled into a ball crying silently. Before he could think about his actions he had opened the cell and made his way to her and kneeled beside her "Kagome, what's wrong?" He asked surprised at the sound of sympathy in his voice.

She rolled over and Koga saw the tears staining her cheeks as they made their way to the floor below "What do you care?" She asked trying to sound angry but just causing herself to cry even harder and next thing she knew Koga had lifted her up and placed her in his lap.

He used his claw to move the tear soaked hair from her cheek and used the coarse pad of his thumb to wipe the tears from her eyes "Because I do." He said, and Kagome was surprised to find nothing but seriousness written on his face. She felt oddly comforted and found she couldn't stop herself when she laid her head on his chest armor and allowed herself to cry as he held her.

Koga had never tried to comfort anyone before and at first, he just awkwardly patted her back as she sobbed on his armor but then he heard himself saying "Shhh...It's ok; it's going to be ok." His mind was telling him that he was being too soft, but Koga couldn't find it in him to drop the girl as it was telling him to do. As he was fighting with himself Kagome reached up and cleared her eyes and pushed herself out of his lap and pulled her knees to her chest and rested her chin on them. Her face looked so red and was blotchy from the tears and Koga couldn't ignore the feeling he was experiencing. His chest hurt he had never felt this for anyone other than his tribe before and it confused him why he felt it now. He watched her as she rubbed the place on her arm where the whip had cut her, and he noticed it was a bit swollen and yellow; he knew the first signs of infection when she saw them. He stood up and made his way back to the den and rummaged through the pack to get some items out and went back to Kagome.

As soon as he entered the room before Kagome could blink he had picked her up off the floor and carried her in his arms bridal style out of the cell while placing a bundle of items in her arms. "What's this?" Kagome asked making Koga smile at her curiosity.

"You will find out." Was all he said to her as he took her out of the caves.


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