Love is Torture

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Kagome watched as Koga lowered himself into the water. The area of water he was in came up to just under his chest and Kagome couldn’t help but to feel nervous all over again. She knew she needed Koga’s help to wash because she couldn’t even stand on her own legs, but she had never done anything like this before and she really didn’t know if she wanted Koga to be the first person she ever did.

 As she was sitting trying to figure out her feelings and calm herself down she felt Koga’s arms grab around her waist and pick her up off the bank of the springs. “Wait my clothes!” She shirked out nervously. She could feel Koga’s chest rise and fall against her as he let out a small laugh. She smiled at the sound of it.

“What are you laughing for?” She asked him.

“Well, you surprise me is all.” Koga answered back.

“Really, How so?” She was curious to what was running through his head but there was a tiny voice in the back of her mind screaming at her wondering why she even cared to ask. The man who had put her through hell was now trying to bathe her and why didn’t she think this was some trick to torment her further. The thought alone made Kagome start to shake and her smile left instantly.

Koga noticed a shift in her scent and looked at her with one eye brow cocked in the air. “You worry about your clothes when the real worry should be how bad this is going to hurt your wounds.” He found his mind was stuck on the change in her scent more than he would like. ‘Why did she seem so scared?’ Now that he took the time to think about it she was shaking. ‘The water was as hot as any natural spring could be, so there was no way she could be cold. Had he said something wrong?’ He shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked her in the eyes.

 Kagome seemed to be gazing into her own little world. He pulled one hand up and put it to her cheek making her jump and swat his hand away. He was shocked by her actions; maybe he had done something to scare her. Here he thought he had made it clear she could trust him not to hurt her, but his mind wouldn’t let up on how he couldn’t blame anyone but himself if she didn’t believe it.


Kagome couldn’t believe she saw what looked like hurt on Koga’s face. Even though she fought it as much as she could she couldn’t lie that she felt slightly guilty to have put it there. She lowered her head and said in a voice as quiet as a mouse “Sorry.” As her head sank down she felt Koga put his finger under her chin and lift it again to look at him.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He said looking her straight in the eye. “I do not blame you for not trusting me and I don’t expect you to, but right now I need you to believe that I am going to try and not hurt you as much as I can. Can you do that for me Kagome?” Koga wasn’t stupid to think he had any standing with her to trust him because he had hurt her so badly, but he couldn’t shake the feeling he wanted her to regardless. He silently hated himself for all these mixed feelings.


As much as she tried Kagome couldn’t sense any sort of deceit in Koga’s words so against her better judgment she decided to believe him for now. “Ok, I can do that, I think.” Koga smiled at her and started to move further in the water towards a cluster of rocks that sat lower in the water like seats. Koga warned Kagome that there was going to be pain when he sat her down, so she braced herself against it and dug her nails into Koga’s shoulders. Without thinking she felt herself releasing her powers out into her hands and before she could stop herself she was burning Koga’s back.

Koga couldn’t figure out where it was coming from, but his back was on fire and he could feel something like electricity fighting against his aura that was trying to protect him. He couldn’t hold it back when his demon side took over. It was trying to find the source to the pain and once it did its only thought was to kill. His eyes were blood red and his claws extended. As his demon side looked around trying to sense out the aura of his attacker, he settled on Kagome whose face was tensed up from the pain of the water on her lower wounds but what surprised him was the pinkish light she was emitting around her like electricity aimed right at him.

 Before his demonic side could hurt her Koga found sanity long enough to push Kagome away from him gently onto the rocks. As soon as he was a few inches away he could see her turn away as much as she could from him. “You’re a damn priestess!” His mind was reeling so the pureness of her blood, the tingling feeling, and the power mixed in her scent. It was all starting to make sense to him now and why he couldn’t think of it before was beyond him. Koga had only run across one priestess his entire life as tribe leader and it wasn’t necessarily a battle he wanted to recall. His inner wolf was literally whimpering at the thought of the pain he suffered.

Kagome slowly turned back around with the look of shame on her face. “I am sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to. This is all new to me and I haven’t really gotten it under control yet.” She rang her fingers to the point she knew she was bruising them more than they already were. She didn’t want to feel guilty and everything was telling her she should have taking the chance to do this way soon than now but the look of fear on Koga’s face was stopping her from agreeing with it at all.

Koga’s wasn’t daring to move any closer and all Kagome could see was the shaky rise and fall of his chest. She was beginning to give up on him saying anything and started to pull her legs up on to the rock when he finally came back over. “Dammit Kagome, I almost killed you.” He placed his hands on both sides of her head and Kagome’s breath caught in her sore throat.

 He was searching her face and the look on his wasn’t of anger but regret. Kagome was confused to why he would let his guard down to show her such an emotion but all she could do was apologize again and pull her head out of his gentle hold. Koga then let out a laugh and said, “Don’t be sorry, like I said before you keep surprising me.”

“Yea I am a real mystery!” Kagome said sarcastically. “A real freak if you ask me.” ‘Why did she tell him that? She hadn’t even told her best friend that she had felt that way? Why was she even apologizing?’ Days ago, she would have said he deserved to feel half the pain he had given to her and she would have been proud at herself for doing it, what was wrong with her now? As all these thoughts were going through her head she didn’t even notice when Koga had picked up the cloth and started cleaning her wounds till he was done and asked her to let him hold her while he helped her wash her hair. Kagome nodded her head despite hardly hearing him over her thoughts.

Koga lifted Kagome back up bridal style and told her to lean her head back into the water and as she did, Koga scrubbed her scalp gently with the soap that some of the females of his pack used on themselves. He watched as her eyes shut, and she relaxed in his hold, but he wasn’t prepared for her to groan her contentment and it shocked him to feel his body react to it. His chest once again tightened, and he felt a burn in his groin that he had never felt before. He tried his hardest to ignore these feelings and help Kagome rinse out the soap the best he could.

After he was done he carried Kagome back to the shallow bank she was originally sitting on and lifted himself out of the water. “I have a change of clothes for you if you would like them.” He said while bending down by Kagome who was now shivering from the cool wind that was blowing. “Yeee…yeeesss!” She answered through chattering teeth.

 Koga walked over to the pile of items he had brought to the springs with them and pulled out his mother’s furs he had packed and handed them to Kagome before helping her behind a bush that would hide her from his view while she changed into them. Kagome found it easier to lean on the nearby tree while putting on the change of clothes Koga had offered than it was to try and stand on her own. Koga had told her he was just on the other side if she needed him getting dressed himself, she guessed.

She looked at the bundle of clothes in her arms and noticed they were made of fur like Koga’s, but they were a dark grey in color. She found the bottom and decided it would be easiest to put it on first but when she did she couldn’t help but wish she had tried to keep her school skirt. The fur wrap went to just below her rear end and it was a loose-fitting material that seemed to leave little to the imagination, but she had to admit the material was softer than her skirt any day.

After finally adjusting to the feel of the skirt, she started unbuttoning her top and threw it on the ground while she looked at her bra. “Looks like I am going to have to lose it.” She was disappointed because it was one of her most comfortable bras that she had but it was ripped and stained.

 She took it off and let it land with the shirt on the ground and took the other piece of fur in her hands to put it on. She had to admit she loved the top it was sleeveless, and the neck didn’t dip down but instead wrapped around her neck attached to a piece of cloth that reminded her of how a choker would be. She pulled her hair to the side and started ringing it out the best her pained arm would let her to dry it.

Koga couldn’t help but be tired of waiting so he went around to Kagome’s side to see how close she was to being done but he was stopped in his tracks at the sight of Kagome in the furs he had lent her. “Wow!” was all he could manage to get out of his mouth and his inner wolf seemed to be stunned into agreement.

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