Love is Torture

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Kagome’s head hurt, and her body was shaking from trying to do more than she could. She finally fought through the pain in her head enough to open her eyes and when she did she noticed the headache hadn’t come from falling to the ground like she had thought. No, she wasn’t on the ground but instead wrapped in Koga’s arms. Her instincts were to push him away but her weak body betrayed her, and she used the last bit of strength she had to wrap her arms around his neck to stable herself.

Koga felt her warm arms wrap around him and it make him stiffen. This girl was completely different from any other human he had ever met. She was strong, she was loyal, and if her actions taught him anything it was she cared for demons; or at least one. He looked into her shining brown eyes trying to figure out if she was ok but when he did he got lost staring at her.

 Her hair had dried, and the light was glistening off it, her skin was a bit pale but that could be from dehydration, her face was beautiful if you looked past the bruises which hurt him to even look at, and she felt like a feather in his arms. She was small, but Koga knew that didn’t mean she wasn’t strong. He started to feel sick to his stomach looking at her. He had caused so much damage to her and he felt so sorry for it. Finally, he snapped out of his thoughts to realize she had been talking but before he could register a word of what she said he took in a deep breath and said, “I am so sorry.”

Kagome instantly stopped her ranting. “What did you say?” She had been telling him about Inuyasha and how even though she had stuck up for him that didn’t mean anything. She was telling him about how she cared for him but only as a friend besides he was in love with someone else that she couldn’t even compare to until he had said something that threw her off guard. She wondered if she had heard him right, so she had to ask, she had to know.

“I said I am so sorry. I know that might mean nothing to you but dammit Kagome I mean it. I was in so much pain for myself and my pack and I took it out on you and I am sorry for that.” Koga answered while wrapping his arms around Kagome tighter and moved her, so she was upright again.

Kagome was shocked beyond belief. After everything Koga had done to her he was apologizing. She could do nothing but stare at him as he talked. His eyes looked glazed and they were open wide as if he was giving her a look into his soul and as she looked she had to admit she couldn’t find a speck of untruth in what he was telling her. He really was sorry but that still didn’t change what he had done to her.

The worst part of her wanted to wrap her hands around his neck and show him how it feels to be hurt but the sane part of her knew with him being a demon she couldn’t really hurt him not with her powers so weak. After getting her thoughts together she cocked her head to the side and asked “Do you really think I want an apology. You nearly killed me, and you enjoyed it from the looks of it. Am I just supposed to forgive you just because you say you are sorry?”

Koga knew it was a long shot and honestly, he had said it out of nowhere before he had a chance to catch himself, but he had said it and he was right she had turned him down. “I didn’t expect you to forgive me. I honestly don’t know what I expected but the fact remains I am sorry. My pack brothers were slaughtered and all I knew is I smelt your scent and I let my pain overshadow my judgment. If I could go back and do it all over again…”

“You wouldn’t do it differently.” Kagome interrupted him. “You are being so honest don’t start feeding me lies now.”

Koga let his head drop. She was right, when this all first started all he could think about was answers and revenge. His actions were wrong but if he had to do it again his intentions would be the same. He would do what he thought at the time was right to avenge his pack. “You’re right. I wouldn’t do it differently because I couldn’t.” Koga saw the confusion flash on Kagome’s face as she listened.

 “They were my pack Kagome, and now they are gone, and I am the tribal leader. I fought hard for my position and to protect my people and they were ripped from me. I was hurt, you don’t know how bad it felt when I saw them lying on the ground, the life taken from them. Families left alone for the rest of their lives. The grief I felt wasn’t just mine but that of my whole pack. I didn’t know you and all I knew is that everyone in that field had been there. They knew what had happened and yes, I chose you because I thought you were a weak human. I have admitted I was wrong about that. Anyone who can care for a demon couldn’t have had a hand in that kind of slaughter. I took my pain out on you, but Kagome I just wanted answers, I had to have answers. I know me saying sorry doesn’t mean anything but like I said doesn’t mean I don’t mean it all the same.”

Koga thought he saw tears in Kagome’s eyes after he was done speaking. It took a minute for the smell of them to hit his nose but when they did he couldn’t help but to feel ashamed all over again. He dropped his head away from Kagome’s gaze.

Kagome could feel the tears falling down her cheeks as she looked at Koga. He had been so open with her and from what she could tell none of it was a lie. Part of her was still angry but the biggest part of her knew how he felt. “My father was murdered.” She hadn’t told anyone this and she didn’t know why she was telling Koga now. Her friends knew but only because their parents had grown up together and they had heard the story. “He was at the store where I live, and he was shot during a robbery.” At this point Koga was staring at her with sadness in his eyes. “I was still a baby I never got to meet him but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.” Kagome felt the tears flow faster than before and before she could drop her head Koga put both hands on her face and started wiping away the tears.

“Why are you telling me this?” Koga asked.

“I guess I am trying to say I know what you are going through.” Kagome hated to admit it, but she did. When her mother had told her, what had happened to her father she remembered how it had hurt. For years she believed her father had just left but to find out he was taken from her it broke her heart. She had been mad at him for so long and it was wrong. When she found out the guy who had done it hadn’t been caught she remembered wanting to hurt them. Find out why they did it.

 So, she had to admit she understood why Koga did to her what he had. The only thing different is that someone knew who had hurt his family and that was her, so she took a long breath and looked Koga straight in the eyes and said “Naraku, he is the one who killed them. Well not him his incarnation named Kagura did, but he told her to. They are who you want Koga.”

Koga felt his chest start to hurt as he stared at Kagome. She had told him, she had given the target for his pain. That was something he could work with. All he could do was pull Kagome tight against him and hug her. “Thank you, Kagome. You don’t know what this means.”

Kagome allowed Koga to hug her before giving over to hugging him back and saying, “Yes I do.” As they stood there lost in their hug they missed the fact that they were not alone.



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