Love is Torture

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The pain pierced their ears and left their eardrums ringing from the aftermath of their prince's howl. The demon inside him had called to them from deep within and there was no way they could ignore it. Ginta looked to his brother running as fast as he could beside him and wondered where they were being led. The scent was changing the closer they got to it. His feet were being scrapped by the loose rock on the mountain side because of his forgotten wraps back at the den.

Hakkaku could see nothing but the wolves in front of him. Their fur was standing on edge behind their necks. Had Koga found the enemy? Would this be the fight for revenge they had been preparing for? The howling was growing closer as they followed the scent of pure rage that was wafting to them from just ahead. "What could have caused this?" He heard Ginta growl out beside him. He didn't know. 

The aura his leader and friend was letting off was nothing he had ever felt before. It was dark and menacing. Full of hate and anger that he swore it was ripping him apart from the inside out. As they ran to the opening in the trees on the south side of the mountain, the packs hunting grounds, there he stood. Ginta rubbed his eyes as he looked at Koga's bare back. Every muscle was rippling with each husky breath he released and with what he thought was a trick of the damage the wind had done to his eyes while running he thought he could see actual steam coming off his skin.

He had known Koga his whole life being closer than most families, theirs had spent a lot of time with each other. Koga's father had made Ginta's father his beta of the pack just as the brothers now played this role for their beloved friend. Koga's claws were tearing into the tree trunk he was standing by. The bark was slowly being chipped away as his grip grew stronger. The two brothers feared that making a move toward him would spell trouble they wouldn't be able to escape from given the current feel of the situation.

 It was Hakkaku who found his voice first "Koga" he let out shakily. He watched as the wolf demon in front of him slowly turned his head and his hair fell to hide one side of his face the only answer he got back was a low growl. He had seen this before and remembered how his father had handled such a warning from Koga's father many years ago. With the information this memory gave him he slowly began to kneel as low as he could go to the ground and looked at the earth under his knees. It was best if he didn't look Koga in the eyes right now as to not provoke the beast that had taken him over.

He was showing his prince the respect his wolf deserved. As himself he had never asked this of them but before they could find anything out they had to let him take control of them or otherwise there could be a deadly conflict to worry about with him and his brother the victims. Ginta took the hint from his brother as well as the other wolves and bowed before their leader to avoid the threat of a challenge being issued. They could feel the ground shift around them as Koga circled them smelling the scent they were giving off searching for any kind of hostile aura.

 Once he was satisfied in finding nothing that showed they were trying to defy him he stood in front of them. Koga could feel the anger rolling off him in waves. These two were more to him than just mere pack members they were like his brothers growing up of course they had come running at the first sign of his distress, and as himself, he knew he could trust them, but the wolf within him was demanding a show of their respect before it would allow him to calm enough to explain what had happened, but even then. Koga hesitated.

He had known them for so long he had never kept anything a secret from them and, yet he had kept Kagome. He had had a chance to tell them, but he didn't he had told them he was searching for the person who had slaughtered their pack members. He had lied to them, ok maybe just half lied, but it was still a lie of some kind. Koga hated to admit it, but he feared how they would react towards him for such a thing. His wolf was begging for him to let him take the lead. He knew without a doubt he could make them not question him and frankly this side of himself was starting to scare Koga a bit.

The wolf had known how it felt about Kagome before he himself had. It had tried to tell him just what she meant but he had ignored it out of pride and anger. Her face as she was being swept away kept creeping into his mind. He had smelt the scent of the other demon and knew he was full of rage when he took her. He calmed his thoughts and told Ginta and Hakkaku the whole story.


He stood as he always did still and calm in the shadows of the trees. The one he was watching stood a few feet ahead of him pacing back and forth. The creatures’ breathing was ragged and heavy as he moved. He could see a limp female laying just inches from the figure. He could tell by the scent on the wind that she wasn't dead, but she was certainly injured. Inuyasha and his precious humans, he was amazed to see he had hurt one in such a way as he had.

Before he could think any further on the subject the smell of something familiar but different hit his nose. The Inuyasha he knew didn't smell like this normally and he knew this from the memorizing stench his half-brother always let off from the countless times he had run into him. They had not seen each other since he had stolen their father's sword from him months ago. He had stolen not only the sword but Sesshomaru's arm as well in taking it.

He had been in that forest healing for too long. He placed his hand on the other half of his father's fang as he watched Inuyasha kneel before the sleeping human girl. As the half-demon lifted his head and turned in his direction he was slightly taken aback by what he saw. He had markings lining his cheeks as he himself did and his blood red eyes where darting in every direction. Sesshomaru gripped his sword tighter waiting for his naïve brother to notice him but instead Inuyasha picked up the girl and darted off back into the trees away from him.

Sesshomaru stepped into the small clearing and watched as his brother moved from tree to tree as if he was trying to fly as fast as he could. He released his grip from his sword "Interesting." He smelt humans from behind him but with them came the aura he was desperately searching for. "This Sesshomaru will have that fang."


Demon Inuyasha didn't know where the scent had come from, but his other self knew it spelt trouble. As much as he wanted to relieve himself from the hatred the scent sparked in him he had other business to worry about now. He had to find a place that provided shelter in these woods and from always being on the sidelines he didn't know exactly where to find one.

He jumped to the next tree top and as he did Kagome let out a moan of pain, but she didn't wake up. He couldn't ignore the faint screaming in his head. That low life half-breed was begging for him to stop what he was doing. He refused. He had stayed locked away long enough while his other self took control and let them both be betrayed and used. Still he let humans have control over him.

 The thought made him sick and angry. That priestess wench had nearly killed them, but he still trusted this other human girl. Searching for the jewel with her like her friend when he could have just kidnapped her and searched for the jewel for himself. The anger was overtaking him the more he thought about it. The scent around him changed to tell him rain was coming soon and as he looked down to see if he could find any shelter in the trees he noticed a small opening to a cave.

He tightened his grip on the girl and found he couldn't wipe the devilish smile from his face. His other half was begging him now, knowing what was to come and all demon Inuyasha could do was jump down to the cave opening and say "This should work nicely. Now to teach this wench a lesson." He disappeared into the cave leaving the rain to fall silently in the background washing away all scent and sign of them to anyone who might be following.

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