Love is Torture

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She moved elegantly through the forest. The rain seemed to fall around her, not a touch dared to dampen her skin. Her ears perked up at seeing her newly formed sister standing just a few feet from her. She smiled a deadly grin in her direction. She moved slowly trying not to disturb the girl who was currently immersed in watching her looking glass.

“The wolf and the others are teaming up to take on Inuyasha.” She said bored of standing against the tree quietly. She brought her fan up to bring it open in front of her. She moved it lightly back and forth studying the weapon she had been given. Her eyes moved to the little girls back. The dim light from the storm clouds made her look so hollow. She seemed like she didn’t belong in such a place.

Her sister reminded her of death and nothing else. She, herself, was made from their master out of a need. He needed someone willing to do the dirty deeds that he was too lazy to do, and she was that someone. She was meant to taunt and break the ones he wanted her to and she did just that. The girl in front of her was made to watch.

This new incarnation was made to spy, nothing more. She was good at her job. She used her object and power to find the ones she should and see what she needed. The only thing that bored her about her was that the small girl did nothing but what she was told. She was made to show or feel no emotions. This made her feel lonely and she hated that feeling.

To top it all, Naraku had brought back the boy. He was a puppet and nothing more. He was supposed to also break people and with the control Naraku had over him, Kohaku was indeed good at following the orders he was given. He had tried to resist a time or two, but the pain was a good motivator in stopping it. Kagura rolled her shimmering red eyes at the silence of her two companions.

“Kanna, did you hear what I said?” He couldn’t help but be frustrated. The girl seriously knew how to get on her nerves. She didn’t know why Naraku had forced her to bare the presence of such annoying parts of him, but she knew what would happen if she tried questioning it.

“I knew it already.” Kanna said ignoring her sister once again. She considered the thick glass of her mirror, the view she saw would make Naraku happy. She watched as the glass fogged and the one she had just thought of came into view. Kagura leaned over her to see his face as well.

“Good work, now come home.” Naraku said. Kagura could hear the dark humor laced in his words. She had no clue what Kanna had showed him, but he found it pleasing none the less. She leaned up once more as Kanna stood beside her, hugging the mirror close to her chest. Kohaku moved beside them and Kagura sent him a small smile. Part of her felt bad for the boy and what was being done to him, but she wouldn’t think on it too much for fear of what thoughts could cause Naraku to do.

She gently reached the feather that hung from her hair and throw it up into the wind. The object quickly grew and started floating down. The three climbed on. Kagura felt one of Kanna’s small hands grip her kimono and laughed. The girl always acted so emotionless but there were times when she would slip, just like now, when she tightened her grip on her showing her tiny fear of falling off.

Not like it would kill her, but Kagura wondered if the thought of pain was what scared the girl the most as she slowly raised the feather up in the air. The wind swirled around her making her feel sad. She was supposed to be as free as this wind but that wasn’t how her life was. She wouldn’t let herself feel the anger she had been suppressing because he would know. He held the one thing close to him that would tell him everything. The one thing that could kill her.

She snaked her head around and saw the boy that was given a second chance at a life. He was laid back leisurely on the back of the feather with his hands resting under his head. She wondered what he was thinking, his memories were intact. She knew this much, but did that piece of shard he had in his neck really hold so much weight, that he didn’t stand up? She honestly pitied him, but at the same time she didn’t.

The feather flew quietly along the wind stream she created to take them to the new palace Naraku had claimed to now hide himself after he so bloodily gave up the last one. She could still hear the screams of the wolves as she was forced to brutally rip them apart. She didn’t want to do it but the grip he had on her was too tight to fight. He had the one thing she needed to finally be what she wanted, her heart. She needed her heart to be as free as the wind she envied so much.

She watched the horizon with a troubled feeling. Things were starting to happen and that meant more work for her. She let a hiss escape from between her clinched teeth as they flew through the barrier that hid the castle and brought her and the other two safely to the ground. The first one to hop off the feather was Kanna, she couldn’t stop the chuckle. Next, the dutiful Kohaku followed slowly behind her. His walk was zombie like and Kagura wondered what the kid would have been like before this Kohaku was brought to being.

She sighed in frustration and made her face void of any emotions as she summoned her feather back to its original size. She slid her fingers across the fan at her side and started towards the castle entrance. She heard the malicious voice from the hall. She pushed her back flush up against the outside of the room she heard the voice and closed her eyes and prayed he wouldn’t feel her presence.

“Kagura, why are you staying by the door? Get in here or I am sure I can think of some way to make you do as I say.” His voice pulled her quickly through the door the fear of the punishment propelling her forward. The shivers hadn’t stopped but she forced herself to look indifferent as she stalked her way over to the nearest window and sat on the sill. She grabbed her fan out and propped one of her legs up on the sill and placed her arm atop it. She laid her head on it looking out the window, wishing she could be anywhere but here.

“So, the wolves and the priestess doubles’ friends are teaming up against Inuyasha, who now has made a pact with that bitch Kikyo.” Naraku couldn’t stop laughing and Kagura could feel it booming in her ears. It felt like it was grinding on her bones making her shutter. “Where is Kikyo?” Kagura leaned a slight bit to see the priestess through the glass. She saw nothing but a tuff of black hair and quickly lost interest.

Naraku stood and asked Kohaku for his pelt. He shrugged the coat on and smiled evilly before moving towards the doors that would lead him outside to the castle yard. He looked at Kagura as she raised her head to meet his gaze. “I am going to see an old friend, and you are going to keep an eye on the rescuers.” Kagura turned her head and rolled her eyes. She was always the one to do the grunt work. ‘If they get close to Inuyasha, stop them.” He stepped out and took off.

Kagura huffed. “Must be nice to do as you please.” She said quietly to herself. She knew who this friend would be, and she hated to admit her jealousy. She stood up and straightened out her kimono. Told Kanna to keep an eye on things while she was gone before releasing her feather to once again do what Naraku commanded of her.


A/N: Sorry guys. I lost my login info to this site, and with being as discouraged as I was too upload it on here I didn't think to upload any new chapters. I gave you two through as an apology. I hope you are enjoying this story. I went back and edited as best I could because I felt this story didn't flow right. I know I have done the most cliche thing and made Inuyasha the evil one but that is kind of how my story goes. Also just a little note I have decided to split this story into two. This book is to focus on Koga's feelings, the next one will be about Kagome's. Anyway tell me what you think. The story is almost over, all the good and bad guys are so close together. Thank you for reading.

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