Love is Torture

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Kagome was once again in the whirlwind of Koga’s speed as he took her up the mountain side. All she could do was hold on as tight as her bruised fingers would allow her. This time at least she wasn’t getting the sick feeling in her stomach ‘thank kami for small favors.’ The wind was hurting her cold tear swollen eyes, so she closed them as tight as she could and pushed her face into Koga’s chest.

Above the howl of the wind she could hear him tell her “Almost there.” She couldn’t figure out where he was taking her maybe it was to throw her off the top of the mountain and be done with her. Her mind was flashing with images of her past. Images of her Mom’s smile, Sota playing video games while Buyo purred and pleaded with him for attention, the look of wonder on Grandpa’s face when he got a new ancient something or other at the shrine, her friends gathered around the fire before going to sleep, laughing and talking, Shippo and Kilala playing together, and finally Inuyasha, her first love, the half-demon she had come to care about very much.

Just as her heart was clenching in the grief that she may never see any of them again Koga came to a complete stop. Kagome raised her head up to look him in the face and saw him staring at her with what looked like concern for her. She opened her mouth finally after searching his face for some clue as to what he was thinking and asked, “Is your plan to kill me now?’

Koga let his slight smile drop he didn’t know what had possessed him to do what he was doing but he found it hurt him for her to think he meant her any harm. Another part of him was telling him he deserved this girl not to trust him, but it didn’t make his guilt feel any better. Now that he had Kagome outside in the sunlight the consequences of his actions were as plain as day. Her face was thinning out and covered in purple and yellow bruises from where he had grabbed her, her once red lips had now paled and were severely chapped, she had dark circles around her eyes from the lack of sleep, her neck was much the same with the addition of dried blood and swollen cuts from his claws, the burn mark was healing slightly to his surprise but looked infected and the skin around was peeling horribly, and her arms and legs were swollen and bruised all up and down.

Koga’s stomach twisted. How could he have done this? As he looked Kagome in her deep brown eyes he noticed he didn’t see any life in them. As his heart was constricting his voice gave away to the tone of his sadness when he finally told her “No Kagome, look around.” He watched as she moved her head around to take in her surroundings.

“It’s so beautiful. Where are we?” She asked Koga after finally letting her eyes adjust to the light and the views around her. She realized instead of being on the top of the mountain like she thought she was instead met with a flat spot of land that was surrounded with large walls of rock that was covered in moss and beautiful flower vines. At the top of the wall was a beautiful waterfall that the sunlight reflected off making it possible for Kagome to see every ripple of water as it fell calmly.

 As her eyes followed the waterfall down she saw nothing but steamy calm water below and it finally hit her how bad her body was hurting. If her throat would allow her she would probably scream from the ache her muscles where finally giving her. Not to say she didn’t already know her body was hurting in the first place. Koga could smell the fear leaving her and being replaced by the sent that he found so intoxicating and as hard as he tried he couldn’t stop smirking from the happiness it brought him. He stared at Kagome as she turned to look at him and said “My pack’s private hot springs. Do you like them?”

“It’s breath-taking.” Kagome answered truthfully. She had never seen anything so pretty in her life. “Why did you bring me here?’ She was overly curious to hear his answer.

“Your wounds need to be cleaned before you get a worse infection, and am I wrong in thinking you would like to change clothes?” He couldn’t believe he had just said that and his face couldn’t hide the shock of his own mouth’s betrayal because Kagome was staring at him with a look of confusion and wonder on her face until she finally found her voice to say something.

 Koga was equally surprised at her words “Yes, thank you.” She gave him a slight smile. Koga couldn’t help but feel good in that moment when she smiled at him and he couldn’t understand why he was feeling so pleased he had made her happy.

Koga walked forward towards the bank of the springs. Once he reached it he gently placed her down on the edge of the bank and put her legs in the water. Kagome winced at the pain of the water hitting her battered legs and Koga automatically said “Sorry this will hurt at first. Are you able to handle it?” Kagome sat with her legs in the water and her whole body was tensed up as she nodded her head in answer to him. Koga was sure she was in pain by her body language alone but the smell she was radiating was the best clue. She smelt like a swirl of emotions and Koga decided then and there he would have to help her to keep the pain to a minimum.

 He stood up and started undoing his chest armor and placed it on the ground beside Kagome, and then he took his shoulder furs off, and his leg wrappings. Kagome looked up to see Koga only in his fur pelt and felt a blush rush onto her face. Koga could smell something like the scent of lavender flowers being cooked in spices and noticed the smell was coming from Kagome herself. ‘Is that what I think it is? No couldn’t possibly.

He stared at her for a moment listening to all the questions running through his head. Finally, he bent down and stared into her eyes as they were locked on him like a deer in a trance. Koga felt the pride swell in his chest at the scent of what he took to be arousal all around her and let the wolfish grin spread across his face as he leaned close to her and whispered “Let’s get you washed up.”

Kagome snapped out of the trance she was holding on Koga. With his armor now stripped off she could see his muscular chest for the beauty it was. He was well defined and the steam from the water was making him sweat leaving the light from the sun to dance off the sweat beads that were starting to roll down. Kagome could do nothing but look away and bite her lip from shame of what that image of Koga was doing to her before she answered back shakily “Sure!”


 Sango and Miroku had flown on Kilala for half the afternoon trying to search the woods for any sign of Inuyasha but they hadn’t had much luck and Kilala was starting to tire quickly. Sango had no choice but to tell her friends that they needed to land for a break. She was shaking with anger. She knew the direction to the Eastern territory but she ‘unlike some jerks’ knew she couldn’t go unless everyone was with her. She wanted to find Kagome just as much as Inuyasha did, but she still couldn’t believe he went off on his own to find her without a thought to how she and the others would feel.

As her and Miroku was finally getting off Kilala the Neko demon let out a slight growl and started staring to the left of them. “What is it, Sango?” Asked Miroku in a hushed voice unsure if he should speak louder in fear of danger. Sango reached her hand down and gave her companion a pet on the neck to try and calm her down. Before she knew it Kilala took off through the dense area of trees and stopped just before the opening of what looked like a forest bed.

 Sango gave Miroku a cautious look as she started to walk forward and see what was ahead. She wrapped her hand around Hiraikotsu ready to use it if anything should choose to attack. She looked at Miroku who had his staff also at the ready for such an occasion. They both walked silently forward through the trees and both gasped at the picture they saw.


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