Love is Torture

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Koga couldn’t hold back from smacking Ginta and Hakkaku over their heads. He had told them the story of the past two weeks and he knew they felt betrayed by their scents, but he also sensed they were fighting their own confusion. Trying to explain anything to them always ended in frustration for him. He watched as they stared at him with fogged over expressions. “Get it together.” He said while suppressing the urge to threaten them with a growl.

 “I am sorry Koga, but I don’t understand. You’re telln’ us you weren’t lookin’ for the demon that killed the pack.” Ginta said trying to get a lock on what the situation was.

 “Yea and that instead you were with a human woman, which you have fallin’ in love with.” Hakkaku finished his brother’s train of thought.

 Koga had to grip his claws in his hands to control himself “No you idiots. I kidnapped the human girl to get information, and find what she knew about our tribe being killed, but that she wasn’t a part of it, and just as she was opening up to finally help me, a demon stole her from me and now we have to get her back.” Ginta and Hakkaku shook their heads in understanding and turned to face each other before the look of confusion took them under again

“So, you aren’t in love with her?” Hakkaku asked for the both of them. Koga couldn’t hold in his impatience any longer, he grabbed Ginta and Hakkaku by the collar of their furs and pulled them close to him. The look of shock moved on their faces as they saw the blood red color seep into their friend and leader’s eyes.

 “That’s not the issue and we are wasting time.” He shoved them hard away “We have to save Kagome. I will not lose anyone else. I must protect her. I will do this alone if you will not help me.”

Ginta rushed to his feet and stood in a saluted form followed by his brother repeating his actions. “Koga, you know we will help you.” Ginta said trying to hide the fear in his voice.

 “Yea, we just didn’t understand why you cared so much.” Hakkaku finished.

Koga’s beast was begging for control. He wanted to show these two just what could happen when you question your leader in the way they were, but Koga was trying to keep him in control. He knew with these two you got further with a sweeter tone. They had been by his side as long as he could remember and though they annoyed the hell out of him, he knew they would follow him to their own deaths, if they had to.

He could feel his beast scoff at such an absurd thought of a sweet leader. He believed you didn’t get respect without demanding it. Koga rolled his eyes and continued the conversation before him. “So, will you help me old friends?” Ginta and Hakkaku couldn’t believe their ears he had been nice to them and called them his friends.

After Koga had risen to his position he hadn’t been as close to the brothers as he used to. They still joked around and hung out from time to time but being a prince of a tribe had certainly matured Koga in ways they hadn’t yet come to match up to, but even younger they were behind all the rest in their classes. Koga had always acted like he didn’t notice, and even if he had he didn’t seem to care. The pride they were both feeling lit a fire in both their hearts as they agreed to help Koga no matter what the cost.

 “Good let’s go to the pack. We have to set up temporary leaders and pick up some weapons.” He heard Ginta chuckle from behind him. “What’s so funny?” He asked a bit confused.

“I can just imagine how the pack is going to like this.” Ginta said. Koga couldn’t stop the roar of laughter that escaped him. The pack was already angry with him over not already having killed their pack member’s killer. He could imagine that elder female wolf demon would really have words to say to him now. He would just have to deal with that when he faced it. For now, he was on a mission and no one was going to stop him. He allowed his shards to boost his legs forward as fast as they could to the pack’s hidden den.


As he ran he could hear his number two and three far behind him yelling for him to slow down. He had finally made it to the entrance of the den, when he decided to wipe himself off in the river that was connected to the waterfall that hid the opening. Going into the den with the scent of Kagome all over him wouldn’t help matters much in his case. He pulled the water to his face and stared at the tiny reflection he saw in his palm. He looked tired and as soon as he noticed that he realized he felt it as well.

 He used the cool water to help wake him up a bit before finally using the water to scrub the scent off his arms and chest. Which he realized he still had not replaced his armor plate and top fur. He couldn’t believe he had gotten so caught up with Kagome, that he had left it hanging by the springs. He knew the pack would question why he was so exposed, but he shook his head and said he would figure it out later.

 As he was going over the steps he needed to take next, Ginta and Hakkaku had finally caught up to him. They were both bending over their knees with their heads towards the ground huffing in as much breath as they could manage to get. In his rush Koga had forgotten also that they didn’t have any jewel shards, and he usually tried to keep at a pace they could keep up with when they hunted together, but he had been in such a hurry that he didn’t think about it. 

They didn’t seem to be mad as they finally both caught their breath enough to speak. “What now, Koga?” They asked in unison. Koga dreaded what was about to happen, because the pack hadn’t taken it to great when he said he was leaving by himself, now to take his second and third in command with him as well, will not blow over as nicely. He wasn’t sure he was ready to face the challenge ahead, but he didn’t have time to second guess himself, he had to get to Kagome before it was too late.

 Unwanted images of what that demon could be doing to his Kagome flashed before his thoughts, and as bad as they were, the one of him taking her as his was the one that spurred him forward to face the wrath he knew was about to come. “We hurry.” Was all he could answer as he jumped the rocks to enter the den behind the waterfall.

The pack was in the middle of cleaning meats for their dinners, when the three of them walked into the main part of the dens. The females all stopped their work and the men ran ahead towards their leader and his betas. All of them were asking the same question to him. “Have you returned victorious? Have our brothers been justified?”

Koga couldn’t keep the shame from showing. He had come back empty handed and they wouldn’t be happy once they learned as such. Koga pushed past the crowd to sit on the rock he used to address the whole pack at once. Ginta and Hakkaku stood beside him trying to quiet the mass of wolf demons. Koga was getting a headache and before he could stop himself he let out a loud roar that told all of them to shut up or he would show them how.

He hated treating his pack in such a manner. His father had ruled over them with an iron fist and Koga had tried to use the opposite of such forces in his time as their ruler. He looked over them and saw the hurt in each of their faces. Even the wolves had coward from him. The pups of the pack, were hiding behind their mother’s legs or backs, and the females where desperately trying to comfort them. The men were shocked and confused at such a move from their leader. It was too late to apologize now. So, he decided to ignore the subject altogether and start the work he needed to do.

 “I have stopped here to pick up Ginta and Hakkaku. I have yet to find the enemy.” At these the voices rose again. This time they were all asking different questions. Koga found the rage was taking him over again. His eyes swept the crowd below him before they landed on the elder wolf demoness that had questioned him the last time he was here. He watched as she stared at him with a look of hate in her eyes and saw the smile of joy pass over her face as she sensed the anger towards him from her fellow members.

Koga’s beast was telling him how this will all end, if he didn’t stop wasting time and take control of his pack. So, against his better judgment he relinquished control to him. The crowd was once again shocked into silence as Koga’s beast roared “Shut up!!!” After getting their attention, the whole den noticed the red in Koga’s eyes and realized they were no longer dealing with their soft-hearted leader. “Now as I was saying. I have come to pick up Ginta and Hakkaku. I have found someone who can help me find the demon, but they were taken by another enemy before I could find out. I will appoint new temporary leaders for while we are gone but I do not have time to explain further. Hopefully, I will not be gone long, then we will finally get the revenge you are seeking with the help of the person I have found.”

 The pack was as silent as he had ever heard them before, but he knew none had the guts to question him in their positions. He let his gaze fall to the woman he had noticed earlier and made eye contact with her begging her to speak against him but all she could do was lower her head in defeat. “Now Ginta appoint the leaders and Hakkaku help me get the weapons we will need in case.” He knew as a wolf demon, it was instinct to fight with your claws, but they always carried a weapon of some sort for just in case.

Ginta ran off to do as he was told while Koga and Hakkaku went to the weapons den. “Koga do you really think that was the way to do this?” He heard Hakkaku ask him. He hated to admit he was right but then again if he had done things his way, they would still be talking.

 “It may not be how I wanted to do things, but it was what had to be done.” Hakkaku sighed at those words, he knew Koga was right, but that didn’t change the fact he didn’t like it one bit. He hoped they found this human girl soon because he feared what might happen to Koga if they didn’t. There was silence between them as they gathered sharper swords and readied themselves to leave as soon as Ginta was done with his task.


With everything done they needed to do, they set off to find Kagome. The three of them stopped by the springs to let Koga pick up his top furs and his armor. The brothers refused to speak to Koga from fear of setting him off again. They found the silence alone was deafening. Koga was dying to run faster but he knew he couldn’t lose his companions.

Kagome’s scent was strong, and he was finding it easy to follow it, but the scent was sending shivers up his spine. She smelt of flowers, fear, and tears and Koga could only hope that didn’t mean what he was thinking. Surely the demon wouldn’t be that rash. Then again, Koga knew what anger could bring out in a demon.

The beast inside him tried to shake the thought before it could cause any damage, but it was too late. His chest felt heavy like something was sitting on it. He had hurt Kagome so much already because of his own selfish anger. She didn’t deserve the things this other demon was doing to her. He hadn’t known she was already part of someone else’s life, this train of thought made him question if his Kagome was possibly already marked.

 He had to admit she smelt pure but that could have just been the power he smelled. Then again, she didn’t smell of any other demon when he had taken her to begin with and the fact she hadn’t even kissed crossed his mind. His thoughts were leading him in a direction that wasn’t good, until Ginta’s cough brought him out of them. “What?” He asked through the haze of anger and confusion.

He had almost forgotten he wasn’t alone. “I was just sayin’ these clouds don’t look good, do they?” Koga admitted he hadn’t paid attention to the weather and by keeping only his mind on Kagome’s scent, he hadn’t noticed that rain was coming. Realization instantly struck him. If it rained the scent would start fading and he needed to get as far as he could before that happened. Companions or not he had to do what he had to.

 “I am going ahead.” He said before leaving a confused set of brothers behind him that stood still for a second before setting off to catch up to their leader.


Kikyo was finally done with her spells and already her power was little to nothing. She was starting to regret making the promise of a blood exchange with Inuyasha’s demon half. She was tired and ready to rest, but she was sure this Inuyasha wouldn’t care one way or another. With her advice he had gagged and bond Kagome’s hands, because although the barrier would keep her and the noise from reaching the outside, she could still use the beads against Inuyasha if she was able to speak the word of subjugation.

Inuyasha watched as she gathered the items she used for the spell. After discarding it all she started towards him with a piece of cloth in her hands. He could see she was already tired and a feeling pulled at him. He pushed it to the back of his mind “So what now?” He had never done a blood exchange before, but he knew that most the time the ones that received the blood became strong but the one giving was made to be very weak.

 He didn’t care what happened to her, all he could think was what power he would feel after the ritual was over. “I will have to do this the best I can, given that it is not the normal time for it, but it will work like it is supposed to.” Kikyo started to explain as she took the cloth wrapping off the ceremonial blade she carried on her.

 “So, what do I need to do?” Inuyasha asked.

“I will need to bind our hands together with this cloth after we both have made the cuts. You will have to suppress the need to heal yourself until the ritual is over. You will feel my powers burn at first, but once the ritual gets started the power will adapt to you quickly.” Inuyasha didn’t want to admit the sound of pain wasn’t ideal, but the power was taking that thought from his mind altogether.

 “So, will I gain powers like you?” He couldn’t fight the curiosity of this question.

“No, you will not, but your strength will close to double.” Kikyo said with a smirk on her face as she ran the blade across her palm she watched as the blood spilled off her hand to the forest ground below. She then did the same with Inuyasha and forced his hand in hers as she quickly tied the sash around their entwined hands. It was more to hold him in place while she recited the incantation than anything, but she ultimately decided he didn’t need to know that. Inuyasha instantly fell to his knees, the power her blood held felt like it was ripping him apart. Before he could stop it, his vision went dark.

 Kikyo started speaking when Inuyasha’s other hand gripped her arm. She looked down at him and saw the eyes of the other Inuyasha staring back at her. “Please Kikyo. Please don’t do this.” He begged her. The one part of the soul she had back, pulled at her at his pleas. For a short moment she second guessed herself, but then she bent to eye level with her Inuyasha and put her finger to his lips to silence him.

 “Shh, my dearest. I do not make this pact with you, so please do not try to interfere.” She said before speaking her incantation louder trying to help Inuyasha’s demon half to take back control. As she spoke, she saw the purple swirl of her magic surround their palms, and Inuyasha’s eyes glazed over with that blood red color once more as she finished the spell. She went to untie their hands when Demon Inuyasha grabbed her by the collar and crashed his lips upon hers.


Moments later Inuyasha had found his composure again and released Kikyo before he did something he would regret doing at a time like this. With their hands finally untied, he shoved Kikyo away from him and headed towards the cave. “Thanks for the help, my pet.” Inuyasha said with an evil glint in his eyes to match the wicked smile on his face.

 Kikyo felt low and very drained. The words from Inuyasha had struck a chord in her. He thought he had used her so easily, little did he know it was the complete opposite. She chuckled at the idiot and called for her soul demons to take her into hiding. If he wanted to play a game, she would show him how it was played. As soon as she recharged she would use the power that ran through his body now against him. As she was being lifted in the air she smirked toward the entrance of the cave “See you soon, my pet.” She laughed to herself for her victory. “Hell will be our next meeting place.”

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