Love is Torture

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He wrapped her hair around his fingers and deepened the kiss between them. In this moment she was her old self, she was Kikyo. The smell of dirt and death wasn't present. She tasted the same as she did when he first kissed her fifty years ago. She tasted of strawberries and herbs it reminded him of a beautiful summer day. She smelt of magic and wildflowers. The thoughts and scents made him dizzy before Inuyasha could stop it he was lost in a dream world.

One he had dreamt of ever since she pinned him to the God Tree and left him to sleep away her fifty-year death. A dream of an empty field full of wildflowers. Inuyasha sat amongst the flowers watching over two little children both with black hair and amber eyes. They are running around causing the pollen to wave through the air as their clothes caught the flowers they go between. He seems happy; no not seems, he is beyond it. For the first time in his life he is happy. He is human, and he is happy.

As he watches the children play he can feel in his heart she is near; the love of his life, the mother of his children, and the one person he had given up everything he originally was for. He stands to meet her, and she wraps her arms around his back and buries her head between his shoulders. "I love you Inuyasha!" She exclaims. He turns around to face her and give her a kiss that he has been waiting for what seemed forever to give her. "I love you, Kagome!"

Inuyasha's eyes snapped open and like that the dream was gone. He looked down to find Kikyo staring at him with a blank stare. Her lips were still slightly swollen from their heated kissing session but other than that there was no evidence of contact what so ever. Her arms were cold wrapped around his body and her skin was pale and void of the flush she used to have in her cheeks. "Do you not love me?" She asked with a suspicious look on her face.

"The dream..." Was all he was able to get out. He had had that dream over and over and it had always been Kikyo who he spoke those words to. Why was it Kagome?

"Inuyasha, do you love me?" She asked again while pulling his confused face to look at her. "Tell me you love me, and you will go to hell with me." Her expression was one trying for sadness but Inuyasha could see the true feelings she was trying to cover. She was hiding her hate and anger that only her soul could feel. The only thing she had gotten back from Kagome when the witch tried to give Kikyo back her life. Again, Inuyasha was fighting his heart telling himself this was not Kikyo in his arms; his Kikyo was dead.

Suddenly he heard a twig snap and a huge gasp come from behind them. Inuyasha pushed Kikyo behind him so he could protect her from whatever danger had stumbled upon them. His claws were embedding themselves in the hilt of Tessaiga. He was about to pull it out and slay who had dared ruin his time with Kikyo when he recognized a very angry Sango being held back from him by a very red faced and scratched monk.

"What the hell Sango?" Inuyasha had the nerve to scream at her. She could feel her blood boil even more than before and Miroku's grip grew tighter on her arm as she struggled even more in his hold.

"Let go of me monk!" Sango screamed at Miroku. She had never wanted to hurt him so badly before. Yes, his pervert ways caused her to slap him constantly, but she had never felt like murdering him before this moment. She turned her head to face him and Miroku could see the flames in her eyes.

"You know I can't let you hurt Inuyasha, he is our friend." Miroku said through a struggled breath he never knew this tiny girl had so much strength in her.

Inuyasha was confused. "Miroku, what is going on?" He asked hoping for any kind of answer as to why Sango was now trying to release her Hiraikotsu from it holder on her back hitting Miroku in the head repeatedly during the attempts.

Miroku had finally calmed down Sango enough by hugging her close to him with her hands restrained to her side but her breathing was still elevated, and he could swear he was seeing steam coming from her ears. "Well, dear friend..." he started saying to Inuyasha while trying to control his own breathing. "You have seemed to have made our dear Sango here very angry." He finished before Sango started thrashing around in his hold again this time kicking her legs out in front of her trying to knock Miroku over to escape.

"Well I see that you idiot, but why is she mad at me?" He said.

Sango's head snapped up to face him and inside Inuyasha wanted to flinch at her stare, it was one that promised death if he dared challenge her. "Why, Why, Why?!" She asked with each why getting louder than the previous one. "I could only imagine it could be because Kagome is god knows where having god knows what done to her and you are here with your dead priestess bitch like she doesn't even matter!" She finally caught her breath and stared him down.

Hearing Sango yell at him, was like having someone hit him over the head. He had completely forgotten about looking for Kagome the moment he kissed Kikyo. The guilt he felt before suddenly hit him fully like a very large boulder. He let go of his swords hilt slowly and his hand moved to grip the material of his fire rat robe. He couldn't remember, why he had forgotten, and he felt horrible for it and Sango stopped fighting the monk as she watched his eyes widen and his ears flatten to his head.

A new anger emerged as she realized the real reason behind his expression of guilt. Her eyes flared again as she quickly stocked over to him and grabbed a patch of material from his upper robe in her fist and looked in to his shocked stare. "You forgot her, didn't you?" She growled out at him.

When Inuyasha didn't answer her, she searched his face and found the answer in his sad expression. One of pure disappointment in himself. As she stood there she looked behind Inuyasha to find Kikyo there with nothing more than a smirk on her face.



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