Love is Torture

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Kagome couldn’t breathe; her eyes were open as wide as they could go, and the moment seemed to pass as slow as ever. She had never kissed someone before, well unless you count that time that Hojo surprise kissed her under the mistletoe at the middle school dance a year ago. Even then it was nothing like this. Koga was trying to fight for entrance into her mouth and all Kagome could do was place her hands on his chest and push. Before she could think against it she had burned him again. The burning made Koga come to his senses and he jumped away from Kagome with a look of anger on his face.

“What was that for?” He said through a growl in his throat. He moved back towards Kagome whose mouth continued to hang open. As soon as he got within reach of her Kagome lifted her hand and slapped Koga so hard it stung her palm. Koga was beyond surprised, she had slapped him. He could not do anything more than stare at her with his hand rubbing his reddened cheek. Kagome couldn’t help but feel happiness at the look of astonishment on Koga’s face.

“How dare you!” She screamed at him. “What is your problem?” She asked Koga. Her mind was running wild. This was the first time a boy had ever tried to kiss her and although she was surprised she couldn’t help but admit maybe she had felt something. Had she? She couldn’t figure it out her anger at him was clouding any judgment she had at the moment. All she could really think about was how this would make Inuyasha feel. Then again, why should she care? He had made it perfectly clear he loved Kikyo still and Kagome knew he didn’t feel for her the way she did him. Her heart started to beat faster from the guilt and sadness she was starting to feel.

Koga growled “My problem, you burned and slapped me. I should ask you the same question.”

Kagome was infuriated now. “You kissed me! I had every right to slap you but once again I didn’t mean to burn you. Why would you do that? You had no right to haul off and kiss me like that!” She rambled on with an angry babble that wasn’t only confusing just her, but she could see Koga was as well.

Koga finally put his hands on either side of Kagome’s shoulders “Why are you so mad about a little kiss?” He asked. Then it dawned on him while he looked at Kagome’s face he could see and smell the sadness she was feeling. He really felt stupid now. Before she could start rambling again at him “That was your first kiss, wasn’t it?” He couldn’t believe it.

 He knew she was inexperienced, but he didn’t think it meant completely. He assumed when he smelt the pureness on her it was from the fact she hadn’t been mated but he would have never thought it went further than just that. His head was pounding now, and he honestly was starting to feel guilty.

“So, what if I haven’t kissed anyone before, that’s none of your business.” Kagome said while trying to fight back tears. “Where I come from a kiss is special, you don’t just go around kissing random people you don’t even know. I mean some do but to most it means something to kiss another person. That doesn’t make me weird or stupid.” Kagome realized she was crying now.

As soon as Koga saw the tears he couldn’t stay mad anymore. He had hurt her again. Why this made him feel so bad he wasn’t sure but all he could do was pull Kagome into his hold and hug her “I am sorry Kagome.” She allowed him to hold her while she cried, and Koga had to admit it was nice.

His guilt wasn’t allowing him to enjoy it as much as he would have. “I don’t know what came over me. I didn’t mean to hurt you Kagome. I know that is hard to believe coming from me, but I really do mean it. I don’t know what is going on. One minute I was mad at you and the next, well.” Koga let his thoughts trail off. Why had he kissed her? Days ago, this girl was just a means to an end but now Koga had to admit she was starting to be more than that.

After a few moments Kagome had finally stopped crying but she was still breathing raggedly. Koga continued to run his hand up and down her back. She finally pushed herself away from him and sat next to him under the tree. She looked up at the sky and continued to sit in silence before her curiosity got the better of her. “Can I ask you a question?”

Koga let a small smirk show on his face as he shook his head and said “Sure, what is it?”

“Why did you kidnap me in the first place?” Kagome knew she already had the answer to this question, but she thought it would be the best opener to get the answers she wanted.

“You know the answer to that.” Koga said letting a huge sigh escape before looking at Kagome. She had her head tilted and the look on her face told Koga she wanted him to tell her anyway. “I took you because you looked like the weakest of your pack. I thought I could get the answers I needed out of you the easiest, but you surprised me. You took everything I had to dish out. You are stronger than normal humans.” Koga said while rubbing the back of his neck.

“So, you thought you could find out who killed your pack from me because I was a normal human?” Kagome couldn’t help but be slightly offended.

“Yea, but like I said you surprised me. You took more than anyone would have. Most humans would have told me anything I wanted to know just by me threatening them. You acted as if you knew nothing no matter what I did.” Koga ran his thumb over the swollen burn mark on Kagome’s neck without thinking. He felt her flinch and quickly pulled away. “Sorry.”

“I didn’t tell you anything Koga because I didn’t know what you were talking about.” Kagome admitted while waiting for the pain in her neck to subside.

Koga’s head snapped toward her and Kagome could see his blue eyes start to tint red before he finally turned away from her and took ragged breaths to calm himself. “Like I said you were there I smelt your scent along with that filthy flea bag half demon.”

Kagome let her anger move her and before she could put any thought into it she was up on her shaky legs with her hands balled into fist. “Inuyasha is not filthy. You don’t even know him, how dare you make assumptions about him; you have no right.” As she was yelling at him Koga jumped up and pressed against her. Kagome could feel his demonic aura start to fight against her for dominance. She could feel her legs starting to collapse under the weight of it.

Koga could feel her aura sparking and his demon side was fighting back equally as hard trying to prove to Kagome that her powers were no match to him. He could see her stance start to falter but despite her losing her balance the anger never left her face. He couldn’t help but chuckle. “You act like you love him.”

Kagome couldn’t believe what she just heard. Before she could say anything back to him her legs gave out on her and she was collapsing to the ground. Despite the exchange earlier Koga still reached out to catch Kagome before she could hurt herself anymore. The look on her face told Koga his assumptions were true. “Well, a human cares for a demon.”

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