Love is Torture

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Koga sat with his knee pulled up to his chest and wrapped one arm around while placing his head on top. He stared at the small piece of deer he was cooking over the fire and he couldn't help but think what a waste it was. 'Rare food is so much better.' "Why do humans have to ruin good food by cooking it?" Of all the wonders he had about the humans he and his pack used as food, their habits were the most confusing.

They cook their food, they always smell like fruit and water, they had some odd beliefs, and most important they were weak. No matter how hard they trained or acted as if they were tough they always fell to either death or fear eventually. Koga lifted his head and stared in the direction of the cave cells and wondered if that was the reason he found this human so damn interesting at all.

She was small and not exactly seen as brave. That is why Koga had chosen her to take because she looked easily breakable. "Yea right, she's anything but." Koga said aloud. He had hurt this girl to the point of death and still she acted like he didn't scare her. 'She yelled at you and called you stupid.' His mind added. Koga's face failed him in staying straight remembering her yelling at him like she was scolding a common pet. She was broken and bloodied and still found courage though all of that to yell at the person who made her that way. Koga had never met anyone with such a sense of idiotic courage it seemed to send his head spinning.

The cooking smell of the deer started to shock him out of his thoughts. "Guess it's done." He said as he stubbornly stood up to remove the meat. He took out his knife and started cutting it up into small enough pieces for Kagome to eat, keeping in mind her throat was probably still in a lot of pain. He put it in a wooden bowl and walked over to the small basin of water he had in the corner and retrieved a cup of water. He made his way into the hallway that held the cells.

Kagome's stomach hadn't stopped growling since she started thinking about the breakfast Koga was making for her. A small voice in the back of her head told her not to trust him to not just poison her with it. "He would have done that last night if he wanted to, right?" She berated her stupid paranoid mind. Just as the fight between conscience and inner skeptic started to begin she heard Koga coming into the hallway.

"Still hungry?" He asked in a mocking tone.

"What do you think?" Kagome asked as firmly as she could. "I have been here how many days and you have only fed me one time. Sorry to be such a pig." She moved a strand of hair from her face and removed the fur from over her lap preparing to stand up but failed and stumbled back down to the floor as soon she made the attempt. Her stupid legs were still too weak to try and hold her weight for such a thing as walking. Next thing she knew Koga was beside her helping her back into her sitting position against the wall.

"Careful, you are still too weak to try and walk." He said, and Kagome could have sworn for a second she had seen pure worry flash on his beautifully strong tanned face. He made it disappear as soon as it had shown up.

Kagome pulled her still sore arm from his hold "Why the hell do you care?" She yelled at him.

"I don't; just don't want you killing yourself in front of me is all." Koga's face was as emotionless ever, but Kagome couldn't help but think his eyes were giving away something he didn't mean for her to see. Anger rose up in her. What right did he have to care, he had done this to her. He was responsible for all that had happened to her in the first place.

"Why? Would it take all the fun out of it for you?" She asked him with a venomous gleam in her eyes.

What happened next sent a shock all the way through her body. Koga took her hair in his fingers and pulled the bloody and dirty strands behind her ear, He leaned his perfectly shaped lips right against them and whispered. "Like I said before, if I wanted you dead you would be. Kagome."

Kagome could feel shivers running up and down her spine from the sound of the way he had said her name. She looked at him with shock on her face as her brain was screaming at her. 'Shut your mouth you idiot!' Through the fog of confusion and something else she couldn't place she saw Koga's mouth curl up in a half wolfish smile and felt another wave of shivers shake her as she saw the tiny bit of light hit his one fang she could see.

She couldn't understand what was happening to her. She could feel the heat rising to her face and start to coat her ears with a pink blush and her stomach had stopped grumbling and started doing flip flops. Was she nervous? How could she be nervous he hadn't said anything to threaten her? Her conscience had finally stopped trying to argue with her and she could feel this tiny pull in her chest that made absolutely no sense to her what so ever.

She was brought out of her trance like state when she heard someone chuckling. It took her a minute to realize it was Koga. "What are you laughing about?" Kagome asked trying to be threatening and angry and finding it failing because her voice came out in a raspy and trembling whisper.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Koga said trying to clear his throat and leaning forward more to be face to face with the girl in front of him. He handed her the bowl of deer meat he had fixed and watched as she brought her arm up slowly to retrieve it. "Now, eat. I have to go somewhere but I will be back as soon as I can."

Koga stood up and made his way out of the cell leaving Kagome still shivering and blushing on the floor staring at his back. What had made him do that? He had to go get something, so he told himself he would take the opportunity to head outside and get some fresh air and maybe he could shake this strange feeling in the process.


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