Love is Torture

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“What?” Kagome asked the now stunned wolf demon standing in front of her as she wrapped her arms in front of her chest. “What if I wasn’t dressed yet and you just come bragging over here like you just don’t care…seriously what are you staring at?” She said loudly while staring back at Koga with a look of confusion on her face. Hearing her voice rise with anger Koga finally snapped out of his trance. 

He pulled his hand behind his head and rubbed the back of his neck and started to stare at the ground instead. “Sorry, I was just surprised by you in my mother’s furs.”

Kagome was shocked. “These are your mother’s? Won’t she miss them?”

Koga looked at Kagome and let out an amused chuckle before his face fell to one of sadness. “No, she won’t miss them. My mother is no longer among the pack. She died a year after my father did.” Kagome’s heart sank a bit for him. Her father had passed away before she was born. She didn’t know him more than what people told her but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

 She still had her mother though and she could never imagine the pain of living without her. “I am sorry to hear that.” She said. Her features softened out of sympathy as she looked at Koga. Suddenly she realized something that she hadn’t before, and her hand came to her mouth as she let out a big gasp.

Koga rushed to her to help steady her. His mind was racing, wondering what was wrong he searched all around the area for anything he may have missed and sniffed the air to see if he could smell anyone who could be hiding from sight. “Kagome what’s the matter?” He asked with the slightest worry in his voice. He didn’t see anyone or smell anything besides the springs and Kagome, so she hadn’t seen anyone and as far as it looked she wasn’t hurt on the outside. He couldn’t smell blood, so he doubted she was newly injured.

 As he was going through a list of checks in his mind Kagome looked up at it with a mix of confusion and wonder on her face and asked, “How did I miss the fact you have jewel shards?”

Kagome felt so stupid to not have seen them before. ‘Why didn’t I see them? Was it because of the loss of energy or because I have been in that dark cave for days?’ As her mind was too busy asking questions she missed the look of complete shock on Koga’s face. Finally, after he found his voice again he gripped Kagome by her upper arms and asked her roughly “How did you know I had shards?”

“Because I can see them, you idiot!” She pulled herself out of Koga’s strong grip and pushed him back a step which caused her to slightly lose the balance she was keeping with the help of the tree she was leaning on. “I can’t believe I missed it I usually sense them even if I can’t see them right away, but I see them now, you have three. One in your arm and one in each leg.” As she was explaining this to Koga, a question dawned on her. “Is that why you took me? Did you take me to help you find jewel shards?”

Koga’s mind was spinning he had never heard of a priestess with this kind of power, one who could not only sense the jewel shards but see them as well. This tiny human girl kept surprising him in every way and at this moment he honestly wanted to admit, it was getting annoying. Her question struck a chord in Koga and angered him. “No, you stupid wench I took you because you know something about the deaths of my pack members. I didn’t know you were a priestess or that you could see the jewel until now and I found the first out after you attacked me with your powers.” He answered gruffly as he watched her legs collapse from under her.

 He wanted to feel sorry for her, but he couldn’t this human had made him forget somehow what he was trying to do in the first place and now his anger was leaving him not very sympathetic.

“I told you before I didn’t have anything to do with your pack members; that was Naraku! As for my so called attacking you, I said I was new to all this and I am not good at controlling it. I believe I even said sorry!” She screamed up at him. “You beat the hell out of me I don’t even know why I apologized. Now I know you deserved it. I should have burned you worse and if I could, I would. You Jerk!” She was angry at him and it was causing her to lose all sense of why she ever thought anything more of him.

 She was trying to stand back up but her still useless legs was making that task very difficult, so she finally gave up and sat on the ground. ‘Stupid legs if I could just get them to hold my weight I could probably get away’ She thought as she looked beyond Koga to the path that led down the mountain.

Koga crouched in front of her and put both hands on the tree on either side of Kagome’s head. “You said that name before and that alone tells me you know something about my pack even if you didn’t have a hand in it. Your scent was there along with those friends of yours and of that half-demon hiding behind the baboon suit. I don’t know how you did it, but you made me forget what I should be doing.”

He couldn’t stop the growl that came from his throat and he could feel the wood splintering under the pressure of his claws as he pushed them into it to try and suppress the rage he was feeling. He couldn’t believe he had been so stupid it was obvious this girl had made him into a fool. “You used some sort of priestess shit on me and made me forget.”

Kagome hated to admit the look of rage in Koga’s eyes was scaring her and causing her to shake. Despite her fear she was madder than she had ever been at Koga’s audacity. “You think I put a spell on you or something?” She asked as she stared straight into Koga’s intense angry face. “Like I said all this is new to me. How do you expect someone who can’t even control her powers to do something like that?” She pushed out her chest determined not to show him how scared he was making her under her fake confidence.

Her voice was shaky no matter how hard she tried to stop it. “Like I said before I thought you were supposed to be smart being a wolf and all.” She stuck out her tongue at him and shocked herself by the action of bravery.

Koga searched her face while she talked and took note of the fact he couldn’t smell any scent that was giving away she wasn’t telling the truth. All he could smell was the fear her body language was trying to hide. As he sat and listened to her he couldn’t help but agree how stupid it sounded to himself to think she had bewitched him into not killing her and he admitted it kind of disappointed him to think that all the regret he was feeling was brought on by himself.

He had hurt Kagome badly and some part of him had made him regret doing so and that made him question more things than he wanted to think about now. Once again, he was getting a headache. Just as he was starting to let his body relax out of its threatening stance Kagome stuck her tongue out at him after once again calling him stupid. His mouth slacked open at the stubbornness of this stupid human girl. Here she was being threatened once again by a demon that could easily kill her since she has no control over the only power that could save her, and she finds the strength to fight her fear and be brave in the strangest ways.

Kagome stared back at Koga’s stunned face. Before she could even find the moment to be proud of herself for putting that stupid look on his face, Koga leaned in and pressed his lips to hers roughly. Kagome found it was her turn to be stunned.


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