Love is Torture

BY : Coffeequeen27
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Kagome’s tired eyes fluttered open. She groaned as much as the gag that blocked her mouth would allow her. Her whole body was in excruciating pain. She felt like she was being ripped apart with every ragged breath that she tried to push through her lungs. She fought her body’s need to rest to look around the cave.

The smell of the food that Inuyasha had cooked earlier hit her nose, her stomach failed her in hiding how hungry she was. She closed her eyes and wished it to be silent. She didn’t want to give Inuyasha any reason to believe she was awake. Her silent prayers went unanswered as a small laugh hit her ears. Her body shook with the fear it enlisted in her. She squeezed her eyes closed tighter as she heard him approach her.

Inuyasha fought against the feeling the smell of her heat made him feel to lean down next to her. Her face was swollen and bruised from the abuse he had rained down on her. He felt pride bloom in him as he watched the shiver her body let off, he could literally smell her fear. It was almost as intoxicating as the smell from earlier. He didn’t know how much longer he could take of this human before her presence became too much. His other half had remained quiet for the most part, but even he could tell he was having a hard time coping with the beautiful scents she was very rudely throwing their way.

Inuyasha roughly grabbed her chin in his clawed hand and forced her to face him. He wondered how long she could refuse to look him in the eyes. He smiled crookedly as her eyes slowly opened and she stared back at him. He could see it. Her eyes were calling out to his other half and he could feel him responding but he refused him any attention. “Finally, the princess is awake. I thought I was going to have to give you a kiss.” Inuyasha chuckled as he shoved her face from his grasp.

Kagome’s mind drifted to the memory of her and Inuyasha.

‘She had come home against the many refusals of her half-demon companion. She had an exam coming up and she still hadn’t studied for it. If things keep going like this, she wasn’t going to graduate with her class. She grabbed her back pack off the floor beside her desk and was about to start studying again. She had been here just a total of two days now and of course the ever impatient Inuyasha had come to drag her back. They had their normal fight of her refusing to go and him threatening her.

Inuyasha was now currently sitting on her bed, his sword was leaning against the mattress next to him. She had given him a book to try and distract him from once again disturbing her. It was an American Fairy Tale book that she had been assigned in her English class last year. “What is this stupid book about?” Inuyasha said before throwing it causing a loud smack to be heard around Kagome’s small room as it hit the wall.

“What did you do that for, that is one of my favorite books.” Kagome scolded Inuyasha who did nothing but roll his eyes and scoff in response. She moved out of her chair and picked the book up from the floor, she quickly checked the pages and spine for any sight of damage. She made her way over to her bed and flipped through the book as she sat slowly down next to Inuyasha.

“Of course, you would like something as stupid as that.” Inuyasha said quickly placing his hands inside the sleeves of his fire rat robe.

Kagome looked at her insane friend with a look of shock on her face that she quickly replaced with anger. “Why is it stupid? You just don’t understand it is all, maybe that makes you the stupid one.” Kagome watched as Inuyasha open his mouth to argue with her, but he quickly shut it and Kagome couldn’t help but notice the slight blush that overtook his cheeks.

“So, what if I don’t understand it. It’s still stupid.” He said as he looked away from her and directed his attention to the blooms that hung on the branches of the tree outside her window. Kagome felt horrible, of course Inuyasha didn’t understand the book, because he had never been taught English. She slowly scooted over next to him and flipped to the one story she knew without a doubt he would love.

Inuyasha acted uninterested at first in the story that Kagome had chosen to tell but as soon as the evil fairy Maleficent turned into a huge dragon form to fight the prince, Kagome saw his ears perk up and he looked over her shoulder excitedly. Kagome chuckled at the gleam that lit his yellow orbs. She heard an audible ‘bleh’ escape his lips when she read the line that told how the prince had to kiss Auroa to break the spell.

Kagome screamed as a shot of pain hit her. It had pulled her away from the beautiful memory she was having. Inuyasha had taken the knife he had used to cut up the boar and jammed it into the soft tissue of her upper thigh. The wound was bleeding heavily and Inuyasha could see the color quickly drain from Kagome. He jumped back as she moved her body to allow herself to vomit on the rock floor beside her.

Kagome was losing her will to hold on to her conscious state as the pain was too much for her already weak body to handle. “Inu-In” She stuttered after finishing the disgusting act of releasing the few contents her stomach held. The pain had made her already sensitive stomach flip and she couldn’t control the actions that followed.

Inuyasha could hear her mumbled words even though they were but mere whispers. He placed his hand over his mouth to stop the smell of the vomit from hitting his nose. He didn’t want to copy her actions. He was about to walk out of the cave to smell fresh air again when his other half finally made an appearance. ‘If you don’t fix the wound, she will be dead in the next couple minutes.’ Inuyasha huffed at his statement.

“That was the point, you half-breed idiot.” He answered out loud.

‘This isn’t what you want, and you know it. This wasn’t your plan.’ The other voice boomed in his head.

“Unlike you, I don’t care what happens to this useless human.” He was rubbing his head gently trying to relieve the headache the other voice had left behind.

‘That isn’t true. You need her alive, Kikyo needs her alive. You don’t want to lose her over your temper, do you?’ Inuyasha rolled his eyes at his other half’s words.

“My temper was not the problem.  She wasn’t listening to me. I am not one to be ignored.” He screamed in response. He had sat there yelling at the girl, telling her the multiple things he had thought about while waiting for her to wake, but he looked in her eyes and saw it, that look that told him she was somewhere other than with him at the moment. He remembered that look well, it was the look that told him he wasn’t good enough. He couldn’t help but let the past creep around him. Being the part of a monster that demons saw as nothing and humans hated.

He couldn’t hold back the hatred she had made him feel. He had taken retaliation without thinking but he couldn’t say he regretted it. The main reason he had the girl was to kill her. He had only kept her alive for that wench Kikyo anyway.  “She can die for all I care.” Inuyasha said as he crossed the barrier, leaving behind the dying girl?

“You don’t want to lose the only chance you have at becoming whole, do you?” His other half screamed in desperation.

Demon Inuyasha stopped in his tracks for a moment and considered his words. 

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