Love is Torture

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Koga couldn’t help but hold the girl in his arms. All sense was gone by this point. He had caused this girl pain because of his hurt pride as a pack leader. He had laid so much blame on her shoulders and to his amazement she had took it and still held her head high against him. Now she had finally let all her pain out and he was the one who was ready to shoulder it for her. He felt her tears falling on his exposed chest and it hurt to admit they burned him. Each small pool of water felt like a dagger to his heart. As he was finally coming to realize why he cared to wonder why her feelings meant so much to him she lifted her head to lock eyes with him.

Blue eyes were staring into her dark brown and it sent shivers up her spine. Why was she allowing him to hold her? Why was he looking at her like that? The look he was giving her felt like it was burning away every smart remark her brain was screaming for her to yell at him. Her body was shaking but it wasn’t because of the weakness she felt earlier if anything her body was more stable now than she had ever felt it. Before she could even move to stop him Koga had his clawed fingers cupping her face and although her mind was screaming to stop him her body just wasn’t listening to her.

 Did she want him to kiss her? How could she? He had caused her to lose her friends, beat her, and caused her nothing but pain but through it all she understood why. He had been nothing but nice to her since and even though her mind questioned it she felt that maybe she already knew the answer. As her mind was reeling Koga only grew closer. Moving slow like the moment would disappear if he moved to fast. Kagome steadied herself for what she assumed would come next when Koga stopped and before she knew it he had moved her behind him in one quick motion that made her already fluttered stomach flip even more.

“Stay behind me!” Her ears registered the words but she was too stunned to say anything as she looked in Koga’s face she noticed his beautiful blue eyes were gone and blood red had taken its place. She could feel the rumble of his growls through his bare back as he held her hard against him. The confusion she felt was gone to anger when she followed the trail of his sight to what he was so on alert about.


A couple feet from them was Inuyasha. Kagome couldn’t believe it was him. Her heart started to pound in her eyes for the time she was gone she had convinced herself he had forgotten about her. He was here; he hadn’t given up on her like she had thought. Before she knew it she threw herself away from Koga and was running as fast as she could from him towards the half-demon in front of them. Fighting her weak legs the whole time.

 She could hear Koga screaming something from behind her but she was too busy trying to make it to Inuyasha to even care what he was saying. All she could see was him. He stood with is fist to his side and his head down and the gentle breeze on top of the mountain was blowing his hair across his face. Before she could even think she had her arms around him, hugging him with all the strength she had left in her body.

“Inuyasha, you came!!” She couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice. Inuyasha was still as stone and though Kagome found it weird she didn’t question it. She pressed herself harder against him and started to cry. “Kagome, please get back behind me!” Koga was screaming behind her.

“No! Why?” Like she would leave Inuyasha now he had finally found her. He had really come for her. Before she knew it she was ripped from Inuyasha and pulled backwards. “What are you doing?” Her anger was boiling over Koga had no right to keep her from the one person who had come to take her back to what he had taken her from.

“Could ask you the same question, what do you think you’re doing hugging this demon?” Koga wouldn’t look at her and Kagome could see every muscle in his body tense up with his words.

“He isn’t a demon you jerk. His name is Inuyasha and he is my friend!” She didn’t care at this point about the pissing contest that Koga seemed to be putting on before he could say a word against it she was in between the two with her hands on her hips protecting Inuyasha from anything Koga might try to do to him.

The words hit Koga’s ears and he realized something wasn’t adding up like it should. He released his anger for the moment and looked at Kagome with confusion on his face. “Inuyasha, you mean the half-demon you told me about?” He asked.

Kagome pulled her arms from her hips to cross her chest and looked at Koga in amusement as she answered “Yea, half-demon, so what?”

The amusement on her face left as she heard Koga answer “Kagome that doesn’t smell like a half anything. The flea bag behind you is giving off a full demon smell.”

Kagome could feel nothing but cold chills running down her spine as Inuyasha came up behind her and dug his claws in either side of her upper arms. He leaned into her ear and let his hot breath slither over it making her shiver. Kagome’s face fell as she heard his words. Words that coming from Inuyasha would be some annoying remark that would normally drive her insane but right now they did nothing but raise the hair on the back of her neck. “Miss me, wench?”

Kagome shakily turned her head to look at Inuyasha and was met with a pair of blood red eyes staring back at her and before she even had a chance to scream he had scooped her up and was running full speed down the side of the mountain leaving a stunned Koga in his wake.

*Sorry it is a short chapter just didn't seem right to go further. Sorry it has taken forever to upload but life has decided to keep me busy. Hoping to have the next chapter up by next week. Hope you enjoyed it.*

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