Love is Torture

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He could feel the tree limbs barely bend under his feet as he jumped from tree to tree. He could almost see the mountains that marked the line into the Eastern territory. His robe was flying behind him in a vibrant red in the shine of the newly rising sunlight. Inuyasha had taken the opportunity of his friends needing to sleep to go ahead and see if he could sense Kagome anywhere near.


After he had found the small resting area his friends and him had walked for another day until it was like Kagome’s scent had faded without even the faintest hint in sight. He jumped down to the forest floor and took a quick sweep with his nose again. “The bitch couldn’t have just vanished!” He growled under his breath.


He was frustrated beyond anything he had ever felt before. Kagome was gone, and they were spending all their time looking for her. Miroku had made them stop in a village along the way to exorcise some hidden evil, Inuyasha knew that was only an excuse for him to get money and be a pervert but he had humored him because Sango said it would help them all to relax. All it had succeeded in doing for him was getting him stabbed by some drunken samurai who was trying to pick a fight with Miroku over asking his wife to be to bear his child.


As he was turning in all directions he realized he wasn’t as alone as he thought in the dawn lighted woods; as he was moved to the left where he saw a small lake. The sunshine was starting to make the surface sparkle and he could see the tiny reflections of the tiny creatures that were now floating above it. They danced a dance that beckoned to him to follow them, to let them lead him to the one place he needed to be. “Kikyo’s soul collectors.” He said in a forlorn manner.


His heart was soaring at the opportunity to see his old lover and friend, but his mind was yelling at him that she would have to wait he had promised to the others he would find Kagome no matter what, and if that wasn’t enough, it kept reminding him he had sworn to her to protect her. He turned his head back and forth between the three spots his own body was being called to.


East to rescue Kagome, West back to the friends he left in their sleep, who was surely about to wake up and notice he had gone, and ahead to the women he had loved and lost so long ago. He gritted his teeth and felt a wave of guilt wash over him as he bolted forward and growled out a response to his own mind that was screaming at him that this was wrong. “Damn it all!”


Koga was crouching behind a large oak tree watching a lone doe as she stood quietly in the now awake forest munching on grass like she didn’t have a care in the world. He made sure he was silent as possible as he pounced to bring her down. He grabbed his knife that hung to his side and brought it down upon her. After he stood up and picked the small doe up and placed it across his shoulders he started walking back to the cave whistling.


His mind took the quiet of the moment to start questioning him about what had happened this morning. Why did he care if she had hurt herself? Well that one was easy, if she had hurt herself he would never get the answers he wanted. He felt something itching at the back of his mind telling him that wasn’t all it was about, and he just didn’t want to admit it. “What is there to admit?” Koga asked with a half smirk on his face as he answered the unknown questioner aloud. “The girl knows something, if she gets hurt then I may never know what that is and that is the truth.”


Just as he said those words her face came to his mind even bloody and smart mouthed he had to admit the girl was pretty, ok maybe verging on beautiful. If he had took time to think about it then yes, she was intriguing to him for some reason he couldn’t fathom but that didn’t mean anything. “That’s right she is just a girl, nothing more.” He half huffed out trying to sound confident to his own self.


‘One you seem to be thinking about a lot here lately.’ There that tiny unwelcome voice was again trying to challenge him. So what, ok he had had that weird dream in the springs and he would admit he was feeling guilty towards her but none of those things meant anything more than being locked in that cave with only himself and that wench human and the pain he still felt for his pack it was all just messing with his head…. “Right?” Koga allowed a growl of frustration to escape his throat as he quickened his pace back to the cave.


Kagome was sitting there on the dirty pile of furs with her back to the wall directly behind her feeling the cold damp surface causing cold chills to go up her spine at first before she finally settled on putting it out of her mind and trying to relax. She leaned her head back against the same wall and pulled her knees up to her chest. “Stupid, what does it matter?” She asked half exasperated.


She had been playing Koga’s words over and over in her head since he had left. Exactly why did it matter? He was a cold-hearted jerk who had kidnapped her from her friends and beaten her to the edge of death. She could feel her head starting to hurt from trying to figure out what had happened in the last couple days or what felt like it to her anyways. Come to think of it she didn’t know how long she had been gone. When did Koga kidnap her? Why hadn’t Inuyasha found her yet? “Koga probably did something to hide my scent. “She said as she tossed a rock at the wall in front of her with her good arm trying to get out some of the anger she was feeling. “-Jerk!”


What other reason could there be why he hadn’t found her yet? She couldn’t help but feel like she was being too harsh on Koga. “What?” Kagome shouted completely shocked at the own thought in her head. Oh god what was she thinking. “To harsh on him, yea right. That will be the day.” She said while pulling her head forward to rest on her knees.


“What will?” Her head snapped toward the door and found Koga standing there sweating and carrying a small doe on his shoulders. She had to admit he was well built and rather tall. His arms that were raised up to help hold the doe on, was working well to help show off how defined he was in the muscle area. While her mind was looking him up and down she stared into his clear blue eyes and couldn’t help but think of the sky. She shook her head and changed her face to one of a more controlled furious stare. “Nothing.” She said roughly. Koga just shrugged his shoulders and said “Fine, whatever you say.”


He turned his back to her and was starting to head off to the room he had made into his makeshift den when she called out to him. “What is the doe for?”


He craned his head in her direction “Breakfast, You’re hungry right?”


Kagome couldn’t believe what she had just heard. He had gotten the doe to make breakfast for her. Part of her logic brain was screaming not to trust it but before she could make a move to protest to him her stupid empty stomach gave her away by making the most embarrassing sound she had ever heard.


“Ha, that’s what I thought!” Koga said shooting her a knowingly wicked grin as he once again turned his back to her and started back in his original direction to start on making the breakfast. He found he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face no matter how hard he tried.



A/N: I know this is a long chapter but I hope you like it remember to tell me what you think so far. Enojy!

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