Love is Torture

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‘Kagome was standing the field, her head moved back and forth between the two figures. She knew one would lead her to death and the other salvation, but she couldn’t decide which was which. She stared in front of her as her body started bleeding. The pain was too much to bear. She crouched down and gripped her head in her hands trying to block out her own screams when a voice hit her ears.

“No Prince will save you Princess.” The voice boomed all around her. Her first instinct was to run. She rose from her crouched position and ran straight for one of the figures. She ran into their arms and buried her face in their chest. They stood stiff and silent until an evil laughter drifted to her attention.

She instantly felt she had chosen wrong, but it was already too late. She slowly looked up into Inuyasha’s face. His red eyes sparkled with a wicked gleam as he stared back at her. He grabbed her shoulders before she could even run away. “Kagome, please come back to me.” Another voice pleaded with her.

She wished she could, she wished she could break this hold and run to them but Inuyasha already had her. He picked her up and dangled her from the mountain top. The height alone made her dizzy. She begged him not to drop her, but he didn’t listen. “Who knew you could be so easily broken.” Was Inuyasha’s only response to her as he released her hand from his grip.

As she fell, she screamed for him to come. She prayed he would reach her but part of her knew the voice was right. The prince wasn’t coming to save her but that didn’t stop her from yelling his name as she fell. “KOOOOGGGGAAAAA!”’


Inuyasha sat bored after eating his fill of the boar. The girl showed no sign of wanting to wake up this time. He slowly bent his face close to hers to check if she was still breathing. Just as he did, a scent hit his nose that made him go crazy. He rushed to force himself as far away from her as he could. He hadn’t smelt this scent himself before, the way it made him feel was surely going to complicate things. It was slowly starting to fill the closed cave.

He dug his claws into the rock floor beneath him and tried to calm the desires that were rising quickly in him. She smelt so good that it was making him dizzy. He was fighting with himself. His beast wanted her. Her blood was calling to him, and he was having a hard time denying himself it. He got up and ran from the cave. Inhaling the rain soaked air in his lungs quickly hoping for some relief. “Of course, she would go in heat, but did she have to do it now?” He said to only himself. He was starting to hate how much trouble this human was being.

Koga and his two betas had just finished eating and for the first time since Kagome was taken he felt better. He hadn’t realized just how much energy he had given over to his wolf side. The doe was small, but it served its’ purpose in making all three demons ready for anything that would come their way. He sat by the fire that Hakakku had made and stared into the flames like they held the answers he was seeking.

He sat questioning himself. What was the matter with him? It was true he should be looking for the killer of his brothers, yet he was trying to protect a human. He had told the others he needed her to help find the first, but truth was she had already told him all he needed to know. He knew his wolf side wanted her but what for. He had liked other females before but there was never one that made him forget his duty like this human girl was.

Just as he was trying to figure out what exactly it was he felt for her a scent hit his nose making him stand at alert. It wasn’t strong yet, but it was beginning to be that way. He figured it was just to the left of him but with all the rain fogging his senses he couldn’t quite figure out what it was. He sniffed getting nothing but emotions from his actions. It was a mix of sadness and pure rage, this alone told him it was a living thing.

Ginta and Hakakku had just left for the stream to clean up not too long ago so he knew it couldn’t be them. He quickly tried to hide himself behind a tree but was instantly stopped when a huge board stuck in the bark of the tree just inches from him. He turned on his heel ready to fight when he was blinded by a huge puff of smoke. The smell filled his nose instantly rendering him from smelling anything but the foul stench of the smoke. It filled lungs in a matter of seconds.

His eyes teared from the burn. He tried to look around him, but everything was blurry and faded because of the tears and the fact he was trying not to pass out. Even though his two senses were useless he could hear someone approaching him quickly. He let his instincts take over and quickly dodged whatever it was that had tried to attack him. He prayed his next move would work in his favor as he tapped into the shards in his legs and started running around the area in a wide circle.

The smoke started to dissipate, and the wind helped to clear his senses once more. Once he stopped he heard coughing but from the different tones he could tell there was more than one person. He stood in his signature stance with his legs apart and his hands resting on his hips as he waited for the dust storm he had caused to die down. Once it did he knew who he was dealing with. The first one to be cleared was a man dressed in monk robes. He was crouched on the ground holding on to a woman covering their mouths with two cloths trying to stop the dust from getting in their lungs anymore.

He knew exactly where he had seen them before. They were Kagome’s friends, the monk and the slayer, and they seemed to have a small kitsune with them who was asleep, likely got caught in the smoke by accident. He was too busy paying attention to the friends of the girl he was trying to find to notice the neko demon that was slowly stalking his way. Kilala moved forward quietly waiting for the right moment to pounce until two figures rushed in front of her making her jump back.

Koga smirked at the cat demons’ failed attempt at a sneak attack as he looked at Ginta and Hakakku. They had taken their time, but he was glad they had showed up when they did. The dust had all cleared by now and he turned his gaze towards the two people who were now regaining their composure. “I knew that Inutrasha was nuts, but Kagome didn’t tell me that went for all her friends.” He said taking pride of the look of shock in the two’s faces the minute they heard Kagome’s name.

“You took Kagome.” Sango shouted turning to free her Hiraikotsu from the tree trunk behind her. She readied it to throw once again as Miroku stepped in front of her effectively stopping her in her tracks. She was fuming. What was the monk thinking stopping her from hurting this demon? “Miroku, move.” She hissed through her teeth. If she wasn’t already mad enough, Koga let out a howl of laughter bringing her temper up a few more notches.

“Yea, I took her.” Koga said wiping the tear from his eye that had formed in his fit of laughter.

“Do you know where she is?” This time it was the monk who spoke. Koga watched the slayer behind him grit her teeth and part of him wanted to fight her just relieve both their stress but that would get him nowhere.

“Your crazy friend kidnapped her.” He screamed in their direction.

“Are you talking about Inuyasha?” The monk seemed to be level headed at least Koga thought. He felt he could get the answers he was searching for from him if he played his cards right.

“Yea the demon went nuts and carried her off, have you found her yet?” He asked hoping that was enough to get the monk to open up and maybe give him a clue to where he need to go. Instead it angered the slayer more as she pushed past the monk and started to walk quickly his way. He hadn’t prepared himself for her to hit him. The swing threw him back as she took the advantage and climbed over him.

‘No, you jerk, we haven’t found her but if it wasn’t for you none of this would have happened. Do you know how much danger she is in now?” The girl on top of him couldn’t continue to mask her emotions any longer as the tears started falling. Ginta and Hakakku stood stiff unsure of if they should be saving Koga or not as they watched the slayer become a crying mess in front of them.

Koga felt the pain and guilt rip through him once more as he heard the slayers sobs. He never guessed his own painful action could cause such a pain to someone else and the new-found fact was eating him to his core. He let his pride drop as the monk slowly pulled the crying girl off him and wrapped her in his embrace. He wondered if he would ever hold Kagome like that and for once he didn’t question the thought.

“I know she is in danger, that’s why I am trying to find her myself.” He said letting a couple of his own tears out. He would never dare to full on cry in front of humans, but he allowed them to see some of his own pain. Ginta and Hakakku thought were a sobbing mess just seeing their leader let his guard down. They held each other as they cried. The slayer stopped crying immediately.

“What did you say?” She asked him, her face of nothing but a cloud of confusion.

“I said, I am trying to save her.” Koga roared at her causing both humans to jump in shock.

“Why would you want to save her after kidnapping her and doing nothing but cause her pain? I am sure you hurt her.” The slayer said. Koga felt each word hit him like a knife. She was right, what right did he have to be Kagome’s rescuer? Even though he knew she was right, his wolf wouldn’t stand for it. Before he could stop himself, he felt his beast take over and stand up to the slayer that threatened to question him.

“I hurt her horribly, that is true, but she is mine to save because she is mine.” The words came out as a roar making the monk hide the fearful slayer behind his back.

Ginta stood in front of him to try and calm him down before he did something he would regret later before turning to the two humans and giving them a smile. “In a nicer way, that means he has fallen in love with her.”

Sango’s mouth flew open at the demon’s words and Miroku couldn’t stifle his laugh. Once Koga was calmed down he turned a gentler gaze towards the two. “Yes, ok, I have fallen for Kagome.” It felt so good to finally get that off his chest. Ginta and Hakakku beamed brightly at him. He knew they loved being right and now he would never hear the end of it. He let his head hang in his own embarrassment. Suddenly a clothed hand grabbed his shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze.

The monk gave him a small smile “Maybe, then, we can help each other.”  Koga returned the smile and felt his happiness sore again. With her friends helping him he was sure he would find Kagome in no time.

The figure watched the exchanged from the shade of one of the nearby tree where they were hidden. ‘So, they were teaming up against Inuyasha, this should be interesting.’  They quietly took off before their presence could be noticed. 

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