Love is Torture

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All that was reaching his ears were the distant sounds of Miroku and Sango yelling at each other. Shippo was trying to help Miroku hold Sango’s furious self from hurting Inuyasha any further. He couldn’t understand why they would care he deserved to be hurt. He had completely forgotten about the one person who had never forgotten about him.

No, they hadn’t known each other long but she was the only friend he had in a world full of hate. She had seen all his sides and still she treated him like a human rather than a disgusting half-demon. He had been so mad at her for getting herself caught by some stupid demon and he had called her all these horrible names because of his anger and little did he know he was the horrible one. When she needed him the most he had let her down. He had run off to Kikyo the minute he knew he could. What kind of person does that make him?

Kikyo stood by the root of the tree watching the scene before her. She had come with every intention of bringing Inuyasha to where he deserved but as she looked at him now head hung low and ears firmly pinned to his head. His claws were digging into his own hands so hard they were causing him to draw blood. She couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face because even though she didn’t get to drag him to hell once again little did he realize that because of her he sure was one foot ahead of her already. She leaned against the tree and lifted her head to the sky and let out a laugh that would have frozen hell over if given the chance.

The struggling stopped, and the arguing quit as soon as the laugh hit everyone’s ears. Sango pulled her arms firmly out of her friends grasp “What is so funny?’ Her face was turning 5 shades of red thinking the long dead priestess found her to be a spectacle.

Kikyo put her hand on her mouth and moved gracefully to the front of the crowd. Inuyasha could do nothing but stare at her with a shocked expression. He had never heard her laugh in such a way in all the time they spent together, and he had to admit it made her sound even less human than any of her regular emotions did. She came up beside him and put her hand on his shoulder and said, “I don’t think you would understand even if I explained.”


“Lady Kikyo, I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” Miroku was standing stone still like the others but he couldn’t help but let his curiosity get the better of him in this situation.


“Of course, you don’t monk, that is what I am saying. Inuyasha however does. Don’t you my sweet?” She looked at him with those empty eyes once again but this time he swore he could see what looked like the ghost of amusement on her face.

 She thought that this was all a game and he had been played for the fool this whole time. She had won this round of the one-sided game and he had lost. Inuyasha opened his mouth to say something but all he could do was close it again. This was Kikyo, he had hurt her and caused her death more than 50 years ago and he had no right to fight back. All he could do was lower his head once more and walk back to the river from the direction he had come.

Sango watched in horror as he walked away. “What do you mean by all this Lady Kikyo?” She couldn’t believe Inuyasha had left like that. She hadn’t known the others for very long, but she knew through her bath talks with Kagome just what Kikyo had meant to Inuyasha and how she still did, which hurt Kagome to the fullest even though Sango knew she would never say so out loud.

After hearing the other girl’s question Kikyo released the amusement from her face and stared at the others like a stone “You should go after him.” She said as two of her soul demons drew near her and raised her into the air like a feather.

Inuyasha wanted to run away, he wanted to claw his hair out for his own stupidity. Kikyo was taunting him he knew it and he wasn’t sure how to feel and on top of that it had been almost 2 weeks since he last saw Kagome for all he knew she could be dead and what had he done?

 He had given up on her for a chance to see his former love. Sango and the others had every right to be as mad as they were and if it was in his nature to just let Sango beat him he would. It is what he deserved after all. “DAMMIT!!” He screamed and threw his fist into the nearest tree. As soon as his breathing evened out he regretted it because now it was red and swollen and hurt like hell, but it would heal soon enough he thought. Some part of him wished it wouldn’t so that way he could feel some of the pain that he should.


Sango and the others hadn’t caught up to him yet, so he decided to wash his face in the river and wait for them. He dropped Tessaiga on the ground beside him and leaned over the bank of the river, the sun was fully risen by now, so the water was warm. He couldn’t get Kikyo’s smell out of his nose because he was covered in it from head to toe, the smell of rot and death. “I can’t smell anything else besides her.” As soon as he splashed the water on his face the smell started to fade, it was still there but it wasn’t as strong as before. So as soon as it had faded enough not to hinder any other scents he may smell he decided to stand and stretch. “I wonder why those idiots haven’t found me yet. Miroku must still be trying to calm Sango down.”


As soon as he turned toward the direction he was going before Kikyo distracted him the wind kicked up and blew right in Inuyasha’s face, at first, he just let the cool wind dry his face before he took a deep breath and started running in the direction of the east as fast as his half-demon legs could take him.


Sango and Miroku had stayed behind after Kikyo’s warning for Sango to try and calm herself because even though she hated to admit it things wouldn’t be any better if she treated Inuyasha harshly. Shippo sat ready on top of the fully transformed Neko demon that Sango has had since she was a kitten. They had decided to go find Inuyasha when they bumped into none other than his own brother.

He had been nothing but smug to them of course but he had told them he smelt Inuyasha’s scent in the direction of where he had just come. So, they jumped on to their companion and went to search for him. Only to find his sword abandoned by the river and him nowhere in sight.


Inuyasha felt like his legs would give out on him. He had run such a long distance in such a hurry he couldn’t believe he was even still standing even his body had its limits, but he had to be sure that he wasn’t wrong about this. He knew he had smelt it and the only thought in his head was to get there. As he leapt over rocks and up the hills he could smell the scent getting stronger which just pushed him further to his goal.

The ground evened out and he realized he was now on top of the eastern mountains. “Damn, smells like wolf.” His nose stung in the worse way, but he couldn’t let it distract him he knew he had smelt her scent. The smell of earth and cherry blossoms, it had to be. He came to a line of bushes and decided to look at the situation before just rushing in because he had forgotten his sword at the river like an idiot. He stepped closer to the bushes when he heard someone arguing. From his hearing he could tell it was two people a male and a female, but the female sounded weak and her voice was hoarse.


He leaned closer to hear what was being said when he heard “Inuyasha is just a friend even though I defended him doesn’t mean that I love him. It doesn’t matter even if I did, he loves Kikyo it will always be Kikyo!” He knew who it was now, and his heart leapt in his chest and before he could stop himself he jumped from behind the bush and searched with all his might to find where she was. His eyes scanned the land in front of him before he saw a tuft of fur behind a large tree. There was no one else around and the scent and voices seemed to come from there, so he gripped his claws in and prepared for what he would find.

 He knew Kagome would be happy to see him and he knew she would be glad he was here to save her if he could just get to her. From the scent she was with only one wolf. Even without his sword he could surely take one down easily with his claws if he had to but before he could finish his thoughts Kagome came into view and Inuyasha stopped dead in his tracks.


He could hear his heart beating loudly in his chest. How could she be standing there draping herself on that disgusting wolf the way she was? He stood still as stone just south from the couple standing before him and he was finding he couldn’t fight his confusion of this situation. Kagome was hugging the demon who had kidnapped her, like he was her lover.



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