Love is Torture

BY : Coffeequeen27
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Koga could only see her. The fraction of a minute it took for her to be gone. She was stretching her hand out to him and he was cursing his arm for being too slow. The feel of their fingers just barely rubbing together had sent sparks through his body and had frozen him to a standstill. All he could do was watch her. Her black silk hair falling around her bruised face, the water welling in her eyes as she screamed out his name, and the way the wind rippled around her as the demon that held her took off away from him.

His pride was more than broken. He couldn’t stop the rumble of growls releasing from his chest as the wolf inside him was refusing to comprehend he had once again lost something to the hands of someone else. Koga tried to calm himself as he raised his head and let out an ear shattering howl. He knew what he was doing was stupid. He knew the ones he was calling weren’t going to understand any of this in the less bit, but they were the only ones he could trust. He was their leader, their prince and he needed their help. Maybe the details wouldn’t need to be important to them. He knew it was too much to ask of them, but he couldn’t let her go just as he was starting to figure out why just the thought of her was causing his chest to ache.

 He was young, but he wasn’t stupid to know that the human girl had worked her way into his heart since day one. Now the wolf inside of him was craving to be released even more. He couldn’t say he blamed it. It was against a wolf’s instincts to lose and when they felt they have something to protect they protect it with their lives. Koga let the wolf take hold for now and stood clutching his fist by his side as his chest rumbled from the hard breaths he was letting out. He raised his head in the direction Kagome was taken and growled out through his fangs “No one touches what is mine and gets away with it!”


The forest around them was swirling in all directions making it hard for Kagome to pin point exactly which way they were going. Her body was screaming at the pain the trip was causing her. At this point she knew all the progress she had made at standing for a time by force was now a thing of the past because her legs were numb all the way down to her toes. Inuyasha wasn’t releasing his grip on her waist anytime soon and the power behind it was only causing her wounds to reopen given the fact she hadn’t been able to treat them before he showed up.

 Her mind was trying to find a way to stop this but the only real power she had over Inuyasha was the beads and with his speed and how he was holding her that wasn’t a very safe option unless she wanted to fall to her possible death. All she could do was ride this out as much as she hated the fact. She could feel the tears welling again in her eyes making her cry even more as each tear sled into a wound and caused pain little by little. Before she could stop herself, she screamed “Please Inuyasha you’re hurting me!”


Before she knew it Inuyasha stopped. He hauled her off his shoulder and was holding her by the neck against a tree in the blink of an eye. Kagome could hardly breath from the pressure he was placing on her air way. Inuyasha moved himself to eye level with her and stared into her eyes and Kagome could only think how lucky she was that looks really couldn’t kill someone after all because if they could she would surely be dead.

The eyes of her friend were gone and replaced with the eyes of someone with no feeling in them what so ever. They were cold as they stared into the core of Kagome like she was a bug he had found on the bottom of his foot. Just as she was about to lose consciousness Inuyasha took his hand and roughly grabbed a hold of the hair on top of her head and tilted it until her neck was completely exposed to him. He moved slowly towards her and as he did Kagome could only think this is how she will die. Would this Inuyasha seriously be so different that he would kill her in such a savage way? All she could do was pled with him, but her voice sounded so small and ragged even she thought it came from someone else. “Inuyasha please, please don’t”


Inuyasha didn’t stop his movement towards Kagome’s neck even as she begged. “Hurt you?” He said as he took a sniff of the scent on Kagome. Kagome couldn’t help but be surprised, did he smell her? This was far from what she thought he had in mind. She found her voice after a second to answer him “Yes please don’t hurt me.”


Inuyasha let out an evil chuckle that left goose bumps on her skin. “You are so selfish.” The smile left his face as he pulled Kagome’s head away from the tree trunk just to smash it back in place a moment later. “You beg for me not to hurt you, but you fail to see how you have hurt him.”


Kagome was seeing stars swirl around her from the force he had used to hit her head. As she was starting to regain her balance Inuyasha had once again grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back up the tree. “Stupid bitch! You smell like that filthy wolf. He was worried you were dead but no instead he finds you snuggled to a piece of trash. How long did it take you to give in? Did you forget who you belong to?”


Kagome couldn’t understand what he was screaming at her about, but she knew she was at a disadvantage here. He was more powerful than her, by a lot, and the pressure he had on her neck was keeping her mouth well shut. She was trying with all her might to use her powers to burn him, but she was too weak to make it work. She was listening to him yell at her up to where he asked her who she belonged to and although she knew it was against her best interest to say it she weakly said, “I belong to nobody.”


For a split second Inuyasha was caught off guard. His face went slack and he stared at Kagome with disbelief. Before she had the chance to take advantage of his stupor he had regained his grip on her and the anger was back made evident by the chilling growl he let out. “You belong to me you wench! You hold part of the soul to the woman who belonged to me making you mine as well. I can’t see how he lets you forget such a thing. He has been too soft on you it seems his little half breed ways have made him soft.” Inuyasha moved his mouth to Kagome’s ear and she had just enough time to hear his threat before he forced her to lose all consciousness. “Well, seems I will just have to remind you whose bitch you really are.”


Sorry guys had way more than this written until my daughter decided to delete the file forcing me to rewrite the whole thing and from being sick I had to leave you with another cliff hanger (I know I suck) but I promise the next chapter will wrap all this up and then we will be close to the end. Hope you enjoy 


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