Dirty Life

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Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha, nor make money from this story.

Disclaimer= Don't own squat of Inuyasha the show or any characters in that show.

This is an idea that I came up with from reading The Only Way I know by loveswhore

It will be sexually graphic and there will be male to male sex so be forwarned.

Inuyasha is 15 in this story and he is human with the black hair. If I decide to
put Sesshoumaru in here, he will be human as well. Yes, everyone is human in
this fic.


Inuyasha leaned over the bed and clenched his fists, grabbing a tight handful of
the blanket. Rough hands grasped his hips and pulled him back. The all too
familiar feel of a well lubricated tip pressed against his back entrance.
He swallowed hard and shut his eyes, waiting. All to suddenly, the slick cock
slid into him. Biting his bottom lip, Inuyasha held back the cry of pain. Forcing,
instead, a seductive moan to leave his lips. He tried to relax but it did not
work. So he just delt with the ripping jolts as the painful invasion continued:
pulling out all the way before thrusting hard back in, stretching him, hurting him.
The thrusts became more violent. The man behind him grunted loudly before
finally burying himself to the hilt and gasping. It took all of Inuyasha's
control not to scream as the warmness of the man's seed shot into his insides.

Panting, he man pulled out of him. Inuyasha grabbed his underwear and pants
and slid them up his legs while straigtening. He heard the clink of a belt as
the man fixed the expensive trousers he wore.

Before he turned to his latest john, a hundred landed on the bed in front of him.
Inuyasha stared at it.

With slightly winded words, the man smoothed out in trailing pleasure.
"You did good, boy. I will be sure to tell your boss."

Inuyasha picked up the hundred dollar tip and stuffed it into his worn jeans
pocket. He turned just in time to see the man stroll out the door.

Letting out a tired sigh, he sat on the bed, wincing at the sorness in his
buttocks. The man had been kinda rough but he had been with much worse.
Plus, he had gotten a tip. Not many johns gave tips. Though...that one must
have been rich. Hell, the man had a gold watch and a tailored suit. He must
have been well off.

A good many of his johns were business-men but some were middle class males
who just wanted a little fetish in their lives. Yet that one must have
been filthy rich to leave a hundred. He smiled slightly. The money would
be well used. It would be nice to get some food tonight after he had worked
his evening shift.

Weariness set in as he glanced about the small room, his eyes wandering until
they came to rest on the smudged window. Afternoon light filtered in through
the dirty glass. Inuyasha sighed again. It would be night soon.

An abrupt "ahem" snatched him out of the vacant nothingness. Inuyasha
quickly turned his head to see his boss leaning against the door frame.

The tall dark male smirked and held out his hand. "Hand it over, boy."

Inuyasha dared not hesitate. He dug into his pocket while standing, walked
over to Naraku, then placed the hundred into his pimp's open palm.

The hand closed over the only tip he had had in a week.

"That's for your week's rent, boy." His boss chuckled roughly. "You should be
glad I didn't have to take it out of your ass this time."

Inuyasha merely nodded, keeping his eyes on the cracked tile at his feet.

Naraku turned to stroll down the hallway. "Be ready in thirty minutes. You will
be working downtown tonight at the corner of fifth and Roan."

Knowing he didn't have much time, Inuyasha went to the small dresser by
the bed, pulled out a pair of worn jeans, an old, light blue t-shirt, and
a fresh pair of underwear.

He entered the small, dark, single bathroom then reached up to pull the light's chain.
Dim yellow light barely lit the dank surroundings. He undressed then stepped
into the tiny shower stall. As he turned the faucet knob, cold water shocked
his skin. He shivered while rushing to clean himself.

After the icy shower, he shook off as much water as he could then dressed.
While combing his long black hair, he hoped it would dry before he was exposed
to the night's chill. The last thing he needed was to get sick.

As he stood by the bed waiting, a soft knock prompted him to turn to see
Miroku standing in the doorway. The boy who was the same age as him sported a
black pair of worn jeans and a dark purple long sleeve shirt.
His friend gave a solemn nod. "We need to get going, we have five blocks to
cover in fifteen minutes."

Inuyasha grimaced. "Jake ain't gonna drive us this time?"

Miroku shook his head. "Nope, Naraku says we have to hoof it because we
haven't earned enough this weak to get a ride. He said that Big Jake is already
there guarding Shippoh."

"Shippoh? That street punk? How'd he get in with Naraku? Hell, he ain't but

His friend only shrugged. "He got in trouble with some bad dudes and he
traded himself to Naraku for protection. He's working the corner down
the street from us tonight."

Inuyasha grabbed his ratty coat from the bedpost. Letting out a long, weary
breath, he followed Miroku out the door and into the dingy hallway. The night
was going to be a long one.

The cold, late afternoon wind chilled his damp hair all the way to his scalp
as he hurried down the sidewalk, Miroku hurrying with him at his side.

They passed several shops and crossed about five intersections before
they finally came to Fifth and Roan. Breathing hard, Inuyasha stopped
at the corner street post, leaning against it and catching his breath.
Miroku was bending down some with both palms flat on his upper thighs.
His friend gasped. "Whew! We made it in time."

Inuyasha glanced up at the sky, his heart pounding in his ears. Sure enough,
the sun was just about to set. It was close to six thirty. The time they
were supposed to be at their post.

Remembering what Miroku had said, Inuyasha peered down the street, searching for
the new kid. Sure enough, he spotted the frazzly, red-haired boy. The kid was
leaning against the wall of a building, idily gazing around. Big Jake's black
Cadillac was parked across the street.

Inuyasha gestured toward the kid with his chin. "At least the kid has some
protection tonight. That leaves us to fend for ourselves if there's trouble."

He turned to see Miroku leaning back against the brick wall. His friend
nodded with a serious frown. "Yes, this is true. But you can be assured
that Big Jake will be around later to collect our quota."


It soon got dark. The streetlight above them blinked a few times before
casting a continuous light around them, lighting up the sidewalk and part
of the street. As Inuyasha stood next to Miroku, a cold breeze splashed
against them. He shivered, wishing he could zip up his coat, but the zipper
had broken a long time ago. From beside him, he could hear Miroku's near silent
whimper. He looked at his friend, wanting to ask him where his coat was but
somehow knowing that there must be a reason Miroku was here without it.
That reason probably didn't need to be brought out in the open.

Inuyasha side-stepped closer to his friend, blocking the wind, hoping his
body heat would help.

Unfortunately, a dark blue Lexus with black tinted windows parked at the curb.
The driver's side window lowered. Inuyasha had learned to see well in the dim
light of street lamps. A man's large hand waved him over.

Knowing it was for him, Inuyasha walked over to the parked car.
Leaning over, he smiled at the clean cut driver. Need some company for awhile?

Shady eyes roved over his face and hair before glancing down to his
crotch. "How much, kid?"

Smiling seductively, Inuyasha purred. "If you want a blow, it's forty. To fuck,
it's eighty. All kinky stuff is extra."

The male smirked. "Get in, boy."

Nodding once, Inuyasha hurried to the passenger side and got in. After shutting
the door, he sunk into the cloth seat, almost wanting to sigh at the wonderful
warmth of the interior."

He looked at the male who had just finished raising his window. Now in
the car, he got a good look at the man. He was big! Not fat but...built.
If the guy was to stand up, he would tower over him. The man had thick arms
and a huge chest. Somewhere underneath that clean pressed gray suit, muscles bulged.
He just knew it. The man also smelled good. The musky hint of colonge permeated the
air. This guy was a well off business man, and that might mean a big tip if he
played his cards right. A tip he could hide in his shoe. Maybe he would get to
eat tonight after all. Even enough to share with Miroku.

The man turned to him with a lusty smirk. Those dark eyes devoured him again,
taking in every detail of his body. "You look good, boy."

Inuyasha let the heat spread to his cheeks. They always like it when you played

He chuckled again. "Tell you what, I want the works. First, show me what you have
under those jeans of yours."

Inuyasha unbuttoned his jeans then pushed them down his thighs and to his ankles,
bearing his legs and soft member.

The man lifted a brow. "Nice." He reached over with one of his large hands and
began to stroke him. "So soft. Do you like that?"

As the man stroked him, Inuyasha groaned. Some of it was out of pleasure. He
felt himself get hard. "Yeah."

The man's hand wrapped around his long hard arousal and pumped lightly.

Inuyasha groaned again and bucked his hips upward.

When the tip of his erection began to squirt out the small drops of precum,
the man's fingers rubbed over his tip, coating the rest of his hardness
with the slickness. This felt incredibly good.

All to abruptly, the man stopped. Somewhat breathing hard, Inuyasha glanced
over to see the man unbuckling his pants. He then let out his rock hard erection.
Inuyasha stared at it and almost gulped. It was at least nine inches long.

The man reached over and lightly grasped his hair at the back of his head,
pulling his face toward his lap.

Understanding, Inuyasha leaned over, took hold of the massive cock, then
began licking it up and down. Next, he opened his lips and took nearly half
of it into his mouth. Salty precum coated his tongue. The man's hand pushed
on his head, forcing him down lower, completely filling his mouth. He deep
throated, trying not to gag. Soon, the man was pushing and pulling on his
head. Inuyasha complied with the unspoken request and began to suck hard while
stroking with his tongue. He felt the dick get hard with expectation. Suddenly,
the man jerked his hips up, squirting hot seed into his mouth. Inuyasha swallowed.

The hands pushed him away. "Bend over, boy."

Inuyasha tried not to think of what that nine inch cock would feel like in
his ass as he turned and brandished his behind for the man.

The guy rustled around a bit, sitting up some and pushing his pants to his
knees. He saw the large hand open the glove compartment and take out a
tube of lubricant.

A minute later, the man had a hold of him and was forcing his already erect
dick into his tight hole. Inuyasha braced himself. He accidentally let out
a quiet yelp when the huge dick slammed into him. With the sudden motion,
Inuyasha went forward some, almost hitting his head on the door. The man
was now humped over him, his hard cock deep inside him. He stayed like that for
a few minutes. Inuyasha wanted to whimper at the pain but swallowed the impulse,
knowing he had been too careless to yelp to begin with. Hopefully, the man
did not notice.

The man panted hot breath close to his neck. "You are so tight, boy. You're
going to be a good fuck."

Inuyasha's eyes widened when he felt the man's large hand fondling him
again. He did so gently at first, then began to squeeze and knead roughly.
At this, Inuyasha's body betrayed him. He hardened at the continuous contact.
The heavy male began to hump him in time with his strokes on his growing

The man grunted in his ear. "Ohh...such a good fuck...so tight. Your dick
feels good and stiff." At his last statement the hand around his painfully
hard erection began to pump faster, stopping at intervels to squeeze the
base and his pulsing sack.

Inuyasha could barely think. One, he was fending off the pain of nearly
being ripped by the thick cock thrusting harder and harder into him. Two,
he was trying to deal with his own erection, willing himself to hold his
orgasm back.

After several minutes of humping, the man released his erection, grabbed his
hips, then made one final thrust, sinking the full length of his
thick hard cock deeply into him.

Inuyasha gritted his teeth, silently screaming in his head.

The man slowly pulled out of his now aching hole.

Inuyasha, dealing with the throbbing ache in his back and front, pulled his
worn jeans up and carefully eased back into the seat. He looked at the man
who had aready settled and was digging into his wallet. Pulling out what
appeared to be a couple of hundred, the man handed ten twenty dollar bills to him.
"Here, boy. A little extra to tempt you to come back this way again."

Inuyasha accepted the money, discretely stuffing four twenties in his
shoe. "Thanks."

With that, Inuyasha got out of the car and walked around the back end of
the vehicle. His legs were a little shaky, but the more he moved the easier
it got.

He walked up to Miroku. His friend eyed him expectantly. "How much?"

Before he could answer, Big Jake stepped into the street lamp light.
"Yeah, boy, how much?"

Inuyasha looked up at the towering ape while handing him the money.
"One hundred and twenty. He wanted both."

Big Jake then switched his attention to Miroku. "Well?"

Miroku dug into his jeans pocket then handed eighty to the muscled man.

Jake turned and headed down the street, back toward his cadillac.

Inuyasha looked at Miroku. "Did you get one while I was busy?"

His friend nodded. "Yeah, but he made it quick and I was through long
before you got out of the car."

He only nodded to his friend. He would tell Miroku about their meal money later
when their shift had ended.

Six more johns came up during the night. Inuyasha took three while Miroku
took the other three. The glowing clock on the bank a block away read
midnight. Both he and Miroku strolled down to Jake's cadillac and stopped
at the driver side window. As Miroku lightly tapped on the dark glass,
Inuyasha glanced over at the street corner, wondering where the kid had gone.

His answer was given when he heard light sniffles coming from inside of
Jake's car. Ignoring the lump in his stomach, Inuyasha handed Jake four hundred
dollars while Miroku gave him only two hundred. Jake glared at Miroku.
"You aren't doing so well these days, boy. Better start putting out and pleasing
the customers better or you're not going to be able to afford rent."

Miroku nodded solemnly.

Jake grunted in irritaion. "You boys got the rest of the night to yourselves.
Go find something to do and be back before dawn.

Inuyasha and Miroku slowly walked into the cold night. Jake's car started up and
it was soon out of sight.

Miroku wrapped both arms around his body, holding himself for warmth.

Inuyasha smiled at him. "Want to go to the Kaede's coffee shop?"

His friend shrugged wearily. "I guess it will be warm. Too bad we don't have
the money for some food."

Grinning, Inuyasha stopped and pulled out the hidden eighty bucks.

Miroku's eyes went wide. "You have money? You hid that from Jake?"

Nodding, Inuyasha wrapped an arm around his cold friend's shoulders.
"Come on, Miroku, let's get something hot and good to eat.

His friend's look of surprise slowly turned into a grin. "Thanks, Inuyasha."


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