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chapter 10: Will we ever meet again?


Rin woke to warmth, She couldn't remember when she had woken up to such
a fuzzy feeling. Sighing, she snuggled closer to her brother's warm body, feeling
safe...and loved.

The buzzing of the alarm clock startled her. She quickly rolled over and
fiddled with the small black clock until she hit the right button and
cut the annoying sound off.

She heard Miroku groan and rolled back over to see him trying to wake. His
eyes were clenched shut as he rubbed the side of his head.


He opened his eyes a little. "Yeah?"

"Are you okay?" She asked, worried.

He smiled slightly. "Yeah, I'm okay. Just got to wake up."

Rin laid her head on her brother's chest and listened to his slow heartbeat.
"Miroku, do you remember Momma?"

His deep sigh mingled with his low yawn. "Yeah, I remember her."

Smiling, Rin wrapped her arm around his waist. "Tell me what you remember."

Rin could hear the rumble in his chest as he lightly coughed then cleared his
throat. "I remember she had big brown eyes...like yours...,and she had the sweetest
voice. When you were born, she held you close and said you were the prettiest
angel from heaven and she would tell me I was your guardian angel and that I
had to look after you."

Miroku's arm curled around her shoulders. "She was very beautiful. Momma loved
rainbows in the rain. She said they were the gift of color given by all
rainstorms. She said that every storm had a rainbow...somewhere...and we
should always know it's there even if we cannot see it."

Rin let the single tear fall from her eye to wet Miroku's t-shirt.


Inuyasha woke, turned off his alarm, then got ready. By the time he had
finished tying his shoes, a curt knock made him look up to see Jake
standing in the doorway.

"You and Miroku will be working at the corner of Tenth and Brigham today.
You are on your own until ten o'clock p.m.. At ten I will be by to pick
up your earnings. After ten, you have the night off. Naraku wants you
back here at seven a.m. for business. Got it?"

Inuyasha nodded. "Okay."

The big muscled man left.


Rin sat up and looked down at her brother. He had gone back to sleep and
was now breathing deeply, only those deep breaths seemed more...rasping.
She really hoped he wasn't getting sick.

A quiet rapping at the door made her jerk. As quick as she could, she got
up, hurried to the bathroom and shut the door.


Inuyasha rapped lightly on Miroku's door. Hearing no answer, he turned
the knob and let the door creak open. He entered. Seeing Miroku
still on the bed, sleeping, he moved closer. For a second, he wondered
why his friend had not woken until he saw the bruises. His eyes
widened in fear as he looked at the bathroom door. What if someone had
found out about Rin and....

Inuyasha walked over to the bathroom door and pushed it open. He looked
in to see Rin's small form balled up by the shower stall, her head buried
in her arms. She was scared.

Bending down, he whispered low. "Hey, Rin, it's me."

Rin looked up timidly and smiled. "Hey, heh, guess I got a little jumpy."

Swallowing hard, Inuyasha nodded. "Rin...what happened to Miroku?"

At his question, Rin began to tear up. "Someone...came in last night and they...
hurt him. They said they paid to..."

"Shhhh...It's alright." Inuyasha soothed. "We have got to get moving. I am going
to wake him up and help get him ready to go. okay?"

She nodded shakily. "Okay."


Inuyasha lightly nudged Miroku awake. Dark blue eyes opened, gazing
up at him. "Inuyasha?"

"Hey buddy, we got to get going. Come on, get ready."

Miroku blinked and sat up. "Where are we going to be at today?"

"Jake said we are supposed to be on the corner of Tenth and Brigham till
ten tonight."

While taking clothes out of the small bedside dresser, his friend nodded.
"Good. Hopefully, I can find a place for Rin today. She can't stay here.
Someone might find her."

Rin spoke up. "You're talking about me like I'm not even here. I want to stay
with you, Miroku."

His friend stood and slowly walked passed him to Rin. He embraced his sister,
nearly enveloping her small form in the tight hug. "You can't stay here, sis.
Naraku is bad news. If he finds you here...he might do something bad. You will
be safer once I find you a hiding place. I must keep you safe. I promised."

He let go of Rin and headed for the shower.

Inuyasha stood there with a deep sadness for Miroku and Rin. Yet, he could
not help the wave of lonliness mixed with envy too. At least Miroku had
family: someone to love and someone that loved him. It was a gift he had had
once...a long time ago...one that had been stolen from him in a blink of
an eye...one he would never have again.


When Miroku was ready and Rin's small form was cloaked by Miroku's large
jacket, they cautiously snuck down the hallway and back stairs. Before
sneaking through the kitchen, Inuyasha made sure the coast was clear.

The bright sunshine caused Inuyasha to squint as they hurried out the back
exit and into the warming morning air.

Inuyasha led the way through the back alleys with Miroku and Rin close
behind him, his tennis shoes splashing in the puddles of water left by the
previous days rain.

After making sure they had run far enough, Inuyasha slowed then stepped out from
behind two buildings and onto the sidewalk. Miroku and Rin halted at his
side, breathing hard.

Inuyasha caught his breath as well. "We need to get something to eat."
He looked at Miroku. "We also need to find Rin a place to stay."
Taking off his shoe, Inuyasha removed the two hundred and fifty bucks.
As he slid his tennis shoe back on, he handed it all to his friend.
"There's enough there to get us some breakfast and to pay for a room at that
motel a few blocks from Brigham street. It's a cheap place, fifteen a night
but with this she can stay there for at least a week until we can find her
another place."

Miroku stared at the money in his hand for a moment. "Where did you get so

Inuyasha glanced at the IHOP across the street. "I got a big tip last night
from one of Naraku's special clients."

With a slow nod, Miroku looked at Rin. "Hungry?"

Rin's big brown eyes widened. "Yeah, Are we going to get something to eat?"

His friend smiled at his sister. "Sure. Let's go to the IHOP across the
street and get you some pancakes."

She smiled. "Sounds good to me."


While sitting in the comfortable booth, Inuyasha glanced around as he sipped on
a hot cup of coffee. He felt strangely calm for some reason. It was rare that
they had a day without Jake hovering over their every move, but it did happen
from time to time. Jake had others to look after other than them. However,
at the end of such rare days, the big oaf was always there when he said he was going to
be to get what they had earned.

Inuyasha looked at the girl sitting across from him and raised a brow. She was
inhaling her food and on her second serving of pancakes as well. "You keep
eating like that and you are going to get fat."

Those brown eyes sparkled up at him. "A girl can only wish."

"You want to get fat?" Inuyasha teased.

She smiled with a mouthful of food. "Yep."

He had never heard such a statement come from a girl before, not that he talked
to many. "Looks like you got some work to do, you ain't nothin but skin
and bones."

The girl merely shrugged. "I haven't eaten this good in awhile."

Miroku jerked his head, glaring at Rin.

Rin froze in mid chew, slowly looking to her right at Miroku without
turning her head. "Ooops."

What do you mean by that, Rin?" Miroku's tone was stern and very serious.

She sheepishly switched a pitiful look his way from under long brown lashes.
For a second, Rin smiled as if she was going to joke, but then her smile fell
at Miroku's glare. She grabbed her orange juice and took a long drink
before answering. "I just didn't eat much at the Morrisons."

Miroku's serious glare didn't falter. "Why? Tell me the truth, Rin. You know
I can always tell when you are not being completely straight with me."

Rin sighed and began to absently play with the last few bites of her
pancake. "Brian sometimes kinda wouldn't let me eat on weekends. He said
he didn't want me getting fat. I haven't eaten since...well since...friday
at school. A boy gave me his sandwich at lunchtime. His mother had packed
peanut butter and jelly and he said he hated PB and J so I asked him if I could
have it."

A strange glint sparked in Miroku's eyes. "What else has Brian said to you?"

Rin let the fork fall to clatter on the plate as she set her gaze out the clear
glass window. "I don't want to talk about it. Can't you just...drop it?"

Miroku grimaced, his voice fell lower. "For now, I will, but later...we will

Rin's solemn gaze fell to the table. "Okay."

After eating, they trekked the five blocks to the Day Break motel, got
Rin a room then gave her enough money for five more days and food.

Hugging Rin, Miroku told her to be careful and keep the door locked and not
to open it for anyone but them.

Somewhat tearful, she told him goodbye and they left.


Kagome sat at her desk, chewing on her pencil eracer, idily gazing out
the window, her mind far from the current history lesson being taught
by the teacher standing at the front of the classroom. She normally listened
in history class but for some reason her thoughts were wandering.

She had spent most of weekend with Sango, laughing, shopping, and gossiping.
Yet the entire time she was at Sango's one thing had nagged at the back of
her thoughts. That thing was an image mixed with a feeling: an image of
a certain boy with long black hair and purple hazel eyes and a feeling so
pure it lingered like a snow white cloud on a sunny day. That feeling was longing.
Yes. That is what is was...longing.

It had bugged her so much that, after leaving Sango's, she had stopped by
that coffee shop again, entered, sat down, and waited...waited for him.
Why she had done something so...strange...eluded her. Thinking the guy
would show up there had been...ridiculous.

Kagome mentally shelved her past foolishness. Next week was spring break
and she was going to spend it at Sango's. Though, on her way to Sango's
friday night...she might...stop by the coffee shop again...just to see...
if he would be there...


Sesshoumaru entered the emaculate office room. The man sitting at the desk
stood and offered a hand. "Hello, Mr. Takahashi."

Accepting the older gentlemen's hand, he shook it before sitting down.
"Hello, Mr. Lee."

The graying male sat back down. "Tell me, Mr Takahashi, what can I do for
you today? My secretary informed me you had some private business to discuss
with me."

Sesshoumaru nodded. "I desire information on my younger brother's whereabouts."

"Younger brother?" Mr. Lee asked.

"Yes. His name is Inuyasha Takahashi." Sesshoumaru replied.

"Is he in foster care?"

Again, Sesshoumaru nodded. "Yes, I had heard that he was placed in foster care about seven years ago."

The man leaned forward and began typing on the computer keyboard while
studying the monitor. After a few minutes of pecking and reading, the older
man turned and looked at him over the black rims of his glasses. "Mr. Takahashi,
my database tells me that...Inuyasha Takahashi disappeared from foster care
four years ago."

Sesshoumaru leaned forward. "What do you mean by disappeared?"

Mr. Lee let out a long breath. "At age eleven, Inuyasha ran away from his
foster parent's home. We alerted the authorities but the police couldn't find

"The police...couldn't find him?"

The older man looked down with a sigh before raising a serious gaze back
to him. "You must understand, Mr Takahashi. We have over twenty thousand teen
runaways in this city every year. Some of those are from foster parents. Some
are found but some seep into the city's cracks. They become part of the streets,
either take up with gangs or drug dealers, or...

"Or what?"

"Or...pimps." Mr. Lee concluded.

A helpless feeling began welling up in his chest. "What am I supposed to
do now?"

The man's green eyes softened some in sympathy. "If your brother is still
alive, he would be about fifteen and a half now. You can try the police
precincts and see if his name turns up. If that doesn't work then the only
other alternative you have is to search the city streets yourself but...
in a city with a population over five million, it would be like looking
for a needle in a haystack."


Sesshoumaru sat in his car staring at the two story brick building in despair.
The social worker had given him very depressing news indeed. Letting out
a heavy breath, he started the engine, his destination, the local police
headquarters. Hopefully, they would be able to give him some information.


Discouraged beyond belief, Sesshoumaru angrily unlocked his car, opened the
door, got in, then slammed the door shut. After taking out his rage by beating
his palms on the steering wheel and shouting a few choice obsenities, he calmed
down. His experience with the police had left him with nothing, no information
and no leads to go on. Now the only route he had left was to search the city
streets on his own. The fact that he didn't know anyone in this damn city would
make it that much harder.

Sesshoumaru forced the despair and anger away. "I won't give up, Inuyasha.
I will find you."


Monday morning found her wanting...from the time she rose out of
bed to the time she ate breakfast to the minute she stepped in the shower.
In the shower, she barely doused her burning need by playing while
fantasies of the dark haired male fueled her lust.

Her activities in the shower did not help. She still burned for him
even as she dried off and dressed.

She couldn't wait..It had only been two days and she was already needing
to see that delicious male again. She had prepaid to have him
for the weekend but that was four horribly slow days away. Too long for
her to wait. She wanted, no, needed to see him again.

Wondering how much Naraku would charge for a privately reserved viewing,
she picked up the phone. It rang twice before a feminine voice answered.
"Yes, This is the Lotus Flower, may I help you?"

She plopped down on her large couch. "Yes, can I speak to Mr. Naraku please?"

"May I ask who is calling?"

"Yes, Tell him it is Miss. Shikon."

"Just one moment, please hold on."

She waited f few few mintes, listening to the line's silence before Naraku's
deeply smooth tone answered. "Yes?"

"Hello, Mr. Aracne."

"Ah, Miss Shikon, how nice it is to hear your voice. What can I do for you?"

She bit her bottom lip, grinning. "I was wondering if you do viewings on request.
I really want to see another show with my favorite male in it. Is there any
way possible you can arrange it? I am willing to pay. Money is no object."

Naraku's deep voice smoothed a reply.
"Yes, my dear. I can have a showing set up for you by tomorrow evening, say
around one p.m.?"

"That would be great!"

"Miss, Shikon. The price for a reserved viewing is two thousand but you do
have the choice of what you would like in that viewing and what you would
like to see our performers do. Do you have any special requests in that

Kikyo smiled to herself. "As a matter of fact...I do."












I guess that clears up who is going to get Inuyasha before long maybe
sooner than you think. I want to thank all of you that gave your opinion
on my scrapping the story. It was all of your imputs that did sway my
decision. Ts tos to everyone for their compliments on my writing.
It was very appreciated.

I didn't see many questions that weren't already answered by this chapter.
so I will forgo the responses this time.


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