Dirty Life

BY : Rasberries
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Sesshoumaru watched the large man dump Miroku on the floor.
Pissed but not wanting to cause trouble, he merely nodded and waited for
the big man to leave.

When he was sure the guy was gone, Sesshoumaru walked over to the boy.
As he got closer, Miroku slowly turned to his side away from him.
He shook his head. "Damed thugs."

Sesshoumaru removed the blindfold. "What did they do to you, boy?"
He then removed the gag. Miroku let out a cough and licked his lips.
Untying the boys hands, he grimaced. "I didn't want them to do this to

He gently pushed the boy to his back. The kid groaned and looked at him.

The boy's eyes widened in fear. He tried to edge away and sit up
at the same time.

Sesshoumaru raised a hand. "Hey, kid, I'm not going to hurt you."

Miroku stared at his hand then looked at him with disbelief.
"What are you going to do with me?"

Standing, Sesshoumaru shook his head. "I paid Naraku enough money to keep
you through the weekend." He walked over to the hotel room sofa, giving
the kid some room to breathe and think while he explained. "I didn't want
you going all nuts at Naraku's again. If you decided to barge in and take
Rin away, it would ruin the deal I've made with Naraku."

The boy, who had been watching him warily, frowned with a darkened brow.
"Deal? What deal?"

Knowing this would not be easy, Sesshoumaru sat down and sighed. "It's a long



Inuyasha, sitting with head in hands and hands on knees, heard the light
female voice. It was a quiet tone, one laced with softness, one that had
entered his dreams on more than one occasion. Only, now, it was real and
directly above his head. Sniffing once, he rubbed his eye. While slipping
his hands down and crossing his arms in front of his chest, he cleared his
throat and grunted out a hoarse reply. "Yeah?"

"Can I sit here?"

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders. "I guess so."

Grass rustled as the girl sat down beside him. Several minutes passed in
quietness. Inuyasha had yet to look at her. Why she was here he didn't know but
he knew she shouldn't be. She shouldn't be around him at all.
Nervously, he picked at a blade of grass.


His throat felt tight. "Yeah?"

"You okay?"

He allowed a quick nod. "Yeah."

"Can you say anything else but Yeah?" There was a tinkle of humor in her question.

Inuyasha pulled another blade of grass, opened his mouth, then shut it.


Kagome waited for him to answer. After a few moments of silence, she leaned
toward him a little and touched his arm. At her touch, he flinched, a near
imperceptible jolt.

Concerned and wondering why he would be so jumpy, Kagome tilted her heard
to the side, trying to get a better view of his face which was
turned away from her. "Inuyasha?"


She decided to chance it. "It's hard to talk when you're looking away."

He didn't move.

Kagome smiled softly. "I went for a walk awhile ago... I...needed to
think about some things. When I came back, Kikyo didn't answer the door so
I came around back and found you....sitting here..." Words froze at that
moment for he turned and looked at her. In that instant his cheeks flared
a light red as he smiled a little before looking shyly down and away.

Even Kagome could see the gesture had taken a good deal of courage. It

Kagome knew what he was, and somewhat knew about his and Kikyo's
relationship, but she needed to hear it from him. "So, uh, are you and Kikyo,

Hazel blue eyes glanced at her then shied away again before he replied
in a low voice. "Not really."

"Then...." Kagome picked at a blade of grass between them, absently glancing
at his blue jeans while doing so. "....why are you here?"

"You don't want to know." The reply was flat and hard.

Kagome looked up to see his frowning profile, the shadow in his eyes staring
out at nothing.

"I want to know."

He cut her a look from the corner of his eye then slowly turned to fully face
her, the frown in his features was laced with puzzlement.
"Why? We ain't together. I done told you that. I just..." He trailed off,
his cheeks splashing red. Looking away, he let out a short breath and
continued. "You don't want to know about me. If you're smart, you'll
stay the hell away from me."

With that last word, he began fishing in his pocket.
Pulling out a piece of paper Kagome recognized, he balled it up and threw it
at her, hitting her on the thigh.

A little hurt, Kagome picked up the scrunched paper ball then slowly began
to unfold it. "I left this for you."

"And I'm giving it back."

Kagome glared at him, ready to growl but stopped. Taking a deep breath, she
leaned against the tree while holding the piece of paper in both hands.
"I guess...since you want to be such an.... Well, anyway. I guess it doesn't
matter now if I tell you. I remembered you from that night I got lost and
went to that coffee shop. I went back there before I went home that
weekend to see...." Clearing the crack in her throat, she continued. "I...
thought about you every day. That's why I left the note."

Kagome stopped, her own face burning. Swallowing a lump that had decided to
lodge in her throat, Kagome neatly folded the piece of paper. "I guess...I'm
gonna go."

She glanced at him to find him turned away, left ear resting on his
pulled up knees, long black hair falling to brush the grass. He was obviously
ignoring her. It made her chest heavy with a strange hurt.

After a long moment, Kagome sighed and shook her head. Just as she was about
to stand, a shrill voice stung the air, making her jump.


Kagome looked at the apartment house. Standing there, glaring at them both was

Kikyo gave her a short smirk. "Sorry Kagome, but, Inuyasha and I have some
business to take care of and he needs to get his tail back in here." The last
few words were loudly directed at Inuyasha.

Kagome turned to Inuyasha who was standing. Immediately, she
noticed the small wet patch on his knee. Not even glancing her way,
he began walking to the house.

Kagome stood. "Hey, Inuyasha."

He paused in his steps but did not turn to look at her. "Yeah?"

Determined, Kagome hurried up to his side, stopped, then held out the piece
of paper. "Take it."

He glanced at it from the corner of his eye but did not move.

Even more determined, Kagome grabbed his hand, held it, then slid the
crinkled paper into his palm. "Please?"

His hand slowly curled around it.

"Call me. When you get a chance. Please?"

He nodded once then continued walking. Kagome watched him trudge along the
grass and up the wooden steps to the white washed balcony where Kikyo was

Kikyo waved at her before following him into the house.

A lonely feeling welled up inside. Kagome hoped he would call.


Miroku, sitting on a chair by the sofa, forehead resting in the palms of his
hands, gruffed out a defiant and very angry reply. "I ain't doing it!"

Sesshoumaru, emotionally drained, leaned back on the sofa. "It is the
only way to get all three of you out of Naraku's hold. You know as well as I
that Naraku will honor this business deal. If you do this, all three of you
will be free. I want my brother out of there, Miroku."

Sesshoumaru stood then slowly walked to the large curtained window. Standing
in the waning sunlight, he sighed. "I was never there for Inuyasha. I left
a long time ago in search of my independence. I left him, thinking that
he would be safe with our parents." He paused then began again. "When I was
sent word that our parents had perished in a car accident, I almost came
back. But then I heard Inuyasha had been placed in foster care. Thinking
I couldn't take care of Inuyasha as well as a foster family could, I
didn't come back. Only recently, after I attained my wealth, did I return,
only to find that he had vanished several years ago without a trace."

He turned to see Miroku frowning, darkly staring forward.

"This is the only way I can insure the safety of all three of you. If you
do this, Naraku will set you free. You don't have to worry.
I will take all three of you in. You can live with me."

Sesshoumaru walked back and sat on the sofa. "Rin doesn't deserve to be
treated like a..... If you don't agree, Rin will remain a..."

Miroku stood up, interrupting. "Fuck you! I ain't doin it! I ain't touching my
own sister like that!"

The kid paced around red faced with pained anger until he
halted in front of the wall. "I ain't doin it!" His voice fell to whimper
as he banged his head and fist against the wall once, then softer again, saying
the words over and over. "I ain't doing it.....I ain't doin it....."

Sesshoumaru looked away, unable to watch the young man cry.


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