Dirty Life

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chapter 24

Sango, sitting on the bed and leaning over Miroku, reached out and gently
pushed aside a lock of hair from his forehead, revealing his brow and closed
eye lids. Now, in the better light of the hotel room, she could see just how
badly he was injured. There were bruises on his temple and cheeks and
his bottom lip was busted. As she observed the damage, Sango was beginning
to realize just how dangerous the big city was.

Eyes still closed, Miroku groaned and leaned into the touch. In a near faint
underbreath, he whispered. "Rin...I'm so tired."

Her eyes heated up, wanting to blur, wanting to cry. He sounded so hurt.

Kagome came up to the bed. "Sango?"

Sango blinked hard once to remove the burning
sensation then turned to her friend. "Yeah?"

Kagome looked at Miroku with worry. "Is he going to be alright?"

Turning back to Miroku, Sango slightly shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

A knock at the hotel room door made both girls turn. Kagome walked over and
opened it.

A much older man blinked big round eyes at them both. "Hello? Is this
Sesshoumaru Takahashi's room?"

Kagome nodded and backed up. "Yes, it is. Mr...?"

He shuffled into the room, looking around, a black doctor's bag in one
hand. "Toto, call me Dr. Toto."

The old man stepped up to the bed. "I need to examine this boy in private."

Sango took the hint, stood, then headed for the door with Kagome.


When they shut the door behind them, Sango leaned back against the wall,
a strange ache in her chest.

"Should we wait here or go find Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru?" Kagome asked.

Sango stared at the swirls of red and tan in the
carpet. Sesshoumaru. Yes. That was the tall man's name. "I want to wait here."
Sango replied. "I want to see if he's okay."

Kagome leaned against the wall by Sango. "So...you really like him, huh?"

Sango could hear the question in Kagome's tone. Kagome wanted to know
why she cared so much. Why? That was a good question, one she hadn't
quite figured out herself. She had only met the guy once. Once. Those few
minutes of meeting him always brightened her thoughts, never leaving her
memory. His cuteness, along with his blushing cheeks is what caught
her attention, but the light in his eyes is what stayed with her.
"Yeah, Kagome, I like him. Really, I never thought I would see him
again...but deep down, I still thought of him and wondered about him."
She smiled a little with a glance at her friend. "Weird, huh?"

Smiling in return, Kagome shook her head, an agreeing hint in her
brown eyes. "I think I know what you mean. I really do." Kagome sighed,
her smile softening as her eyes glazed over. "I met Inuyasha in
that coffee shop last week. After that first moment, I couldn't get him out of my
thoughts. Something kept buggin' me. There was just this...feeling...in
the way he looked at me."

Kagome looked down, her brows furrowing in thought. "Come to think of it, Sango,
I think I remember Miroku. He was sitting with Inuyasha that night in the
coffee shop. I remember. He was the one that spoke to me. He said Inuyasha's
name but I didn't recall it because I was just so nervous at the time."

Sango slid down the wall and sat on the floor. Kagome followed, plopping her
behind on the carpet as well. Both girls sat quiet until Sango, arms resting
on her knees, chin resting on her forearms, sighed and spoke her thoughts
aloud. "I wonder what happened to him."


Kagome glanced at her friend who was staring at the floor with much worry.
She had never seen Sango like this before: troubled, not knowing how
to handle the situation, hesitant and unsure. This one boy had turned her world
upside down...Just like Inuyasha had turned her world upside down.

"He'll be alright, Sango. He'll be okay."


Sesshoumaru let go of his little brother, backed away, then sighed out at the
night. "Inuyasha, I know where you live." At a side glance, Sesshoumaru
gauged Inuyasha's reaction. His back had gone straight and his stance rigid.

"What else do you know?" Inuyasha nearly whispered back with anxious fear.

Sesshoumaru winced, swallowed heavily, then looked out into the night
again, his vision wandering over the city's lights. "I met a man named
Kouga. He told me you worked for Naraku. I went to the Lotus Flower with Kouga's
cousin as a friend of a member. I went hoping to find you or find out anything
I could that would lead me to you. I didn't know what kind of work you
did until...I met...Rin."

Again, Sesshoumaru turned to look at his little brother only to find
Inuyasha sitting on a stone bench, head in his hands, shaking.
Had he said too much too soon? Concerned, Sesshoumaru hurried to his
brother and knelt by his side. "Inuyasha....It's...It's okay." He tried to
reach out but paused, his hand hovering near Inuyasha's shoulder. Inuyasha
was clearly trembling and suddenly he realized how stupid he had been. He
should have waited, or...at least...told him in an easier way. But...what
way would have been easier?


Inuyasha didn't reply, only sat there with his face buried in his hands,
shaking with shame.

Sesshoumaru dropped his hand and sighed. "I know what you do. Rin told me
men came to your room and...." He shook his head. "I know that you had no
choice, Inuyasha. It doesn't matter now. All that matters is that I am going
to take you home to live with me...."

Inuyasha jumped up, gasping with a sob as he did so, turning his back
to him, hiding his face and the pain with his long black hair. "Why the hell
do you want to take in a fucking whore? I can't..." He gasped again, catching
his breath. "I can't leave anyway. I owe Naraku. The bastard owns me!"

Sesshoumaru stood, walked to his little brother, then stopped just behind him.
"I made a deal with Naraku. He thinks I want to start a business like his.
I offered to buy you, Miroku, and Rin from him.
I am going to trade something that is more valuable than gold. Only...Naraku
placed a condition on the trade. He wants me to watch the goods before
I trade. Naraku also wants to watch as well...."

Inuyasha interrupted, his tone quivering with tears and painfully
harsh. "What the Hell are you talking
about, Sesshoumaru?"

Sesshoumaru stood there at a loss, sighed heavily, then told it as
straight as he could. "I made a deal with Naraku. I will trade a priceless
jewel with him for you, Miroku, and Rin. Naraku placed one condition on the deal
before it can be finalized. Naraku wants me to sit in a room with him and
watch all three of you have sex."


It was almost too much and Inuyasha felt his insides roll and the world
sway. Sesshoumaru...had made a deal with his boss. He could leave...and...
be free: no running, no looking over his shoulder, no coming back. He would
never have to let another person use him, never have to let another male fuck
him, never have to let another female abuse him. Yet...all he would
have to do is....

"I have to fuck my best friend and his sister...in a threeway. Right?"
The words came out surprisingly flat and cold, quite opposite to the way
his insides were nearly bursting with pain.

"Yes....You will. The viewing and exchange is set for Monday." Sesshoumaru

Inuyasha sucked his tears up and gave a single, firm nod. "I have to be
back at Kikyo's by ten in the morning. Can I crash in your room tonight?"

Sesshoumaru came closer, but Inuyasha edged away from him.

Sesshoumaru stopped. "Yes, Inuyasha, you can stay with me tonight."

Inuyasha wiped his eyes with his sleeve, sniffed once, then turned to see
Sesshoumaru staring at him. There was too much concern in his big
brother's eyes so he looked away with a frown. "I want to see Miroku.
You got a doctor comin to look at him?"

Sesshoumaru began walking to the door that led into the hotel. "Yes. Dr.
Toto should already be here by now."

Inuyasha trailed behind his big brother. As he walked in silence, he
delicately began picking up the pieces that had shattered in the cool night
air, trying to salvage what little he had left of his broken soul.


Kagome stood from the floor when she saw Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha approach.

Sango stood up as well. "Dr. Toto is in there with Miroku."

Inuyasha's eyes were red and his face was blushed. Kagome greeted him at
the hotel room door by taking his hand and squeezing once. "Are you..okay?"

He was frowning and not really looking at her. "Yeah."

Kagome did not believe him for one second but didn't want to press the matter
at the moment.

Sesshoumaru knocked on the door. A few minutes later, it opened and he
walked in. Kagome, still holding Inuyasha's hand, made to follow then
hesitated. "Can we go in?"

Inuyasha pulled her with him into the room. "Yeah."


Sango rushed in behind Inuyasha and Kagome, wishing she had gone in after

She glanced at the bed to see Dr. Toto closing his bag and handing a small
bottle to Sesshoumaru. He spoke in his ancient but wise way. "Give him two
pills every four hours." The old man then glanced at her, Inuyasha, and Kagome
before turning to Sesshoumaru once more. "I need to speak with you in private,

Sesshoumaru nodded then followed the old man out the door.

Sango hurried to the bed then gently sat upon the covering. Not caring
who was watching, she reached out while looking him over and touched Miroku's
cheek. She was glad it was warm.


What is it Dr. Toto? Sesshoumaru asked the old family doctor.

The old man cleared his throat. "The boy has a fractured rib. He doesn't
need to move for the next three days then take it easy for the next four
weeks while the bone mends. That is the worst of his
injuries. He has bruising on his stomach, sides, chest and face."
Dr. Toto cleared his throat again, then set a hard, very serious frown
on him. "The young man has also been raped. His anus is tore. There was what
appeared to be semen on most of his body. From what I have seen, the boy
was raped then severely beaten. Another blow to his chest and he would have
died of a punctured lung. This is serious, Sesshoumaru. I would suggest you
alert the authorities, but I have a feeling it would be more dangerous
for the kid if you do so. While examining this boy, I came to realize his
body has been though too much trauma for someone his age. He is from the
street, and that means he belongs to someone on the street."

Sesshoumaru, who had been standing there quietly, now gave a brief nod.
"You are correct in that assumption, Dr. Toto. If I take him to a hospital,
the boy is as good as dead. But I can assure you that nothing else like this
will happen to him again. I will take care of him."

Dr. Toto shuffled past him toward the elevator. "Yes, you take care of that
boy. Take care of them both."

Sesshoumaru rubbed his forehead and groaned.


Inuyasha walked to the bed and set a solemn gaze on his sleeping friend.
Bruisers were not uncommon but getting raped and nearly killed was.
Deep down, he hoped his friend lived. Inuyasha really, really wanted to
know what the Doctor told his brother. Not waiting for Sesshoumaru to
return, he dashed to the door in search of his older brother.


Inuyasha found Sesshoumaru standing in the hallway alone. "How bad is it?"

Weary eyed, Sesshoumaru sighed. "Miroku doesn't need to move for three days.
After that, he will have to take it easy for the next four weeks."

Inuyasha breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn't too bad. Only...
"Monday..." He trailed off, knowing Sesshoumaru took the hint.

Sesshoumaru did. "Yes...Miroku is in bad shape. The viewing is set for Monday.
I...can't...force him to go through with it. I'll just have to renegotiate
the deal with Naraku and hope that he is in an agreeable mood."

Inuyasha leaned against the wall. "It's not Miroku's decision. Naraku will
make him do it Monday. Even if Miroku is hurt, Naraku will make him do it."

With nothing else to say, Inuyasha went back into the hotel room.


Inuyasha went to the couch where Kagome was sitting. He sat down beside her,
sunk into the softness then closed his eyes.

"You okay?" Kagome asked in a soft whisper.

Inuyasha, feeling better with Kagome next to him, took her hand in his.
"Yeah, I'm okay."

Her warm hand gripped his and lightly pulled. Inuyasha, tired,
complied and let her ease his head to rest in her lap.
Light, delicate touches caressed his temple and hair. The sensation was one of
the nicest he had ever felt. Her touch was like an angel's in a dream, and her
scent was warmer than a new summer's sun. Almost instantly, he was lost
to sleep.


Sango waited until Sesshoumaru entered the room. When he walked to the bed,
she turned to him. "Is he going to be alright?"

The tall man with long black hair gave a brief nod. "Yes. He will be."

Sango watched the man walk to the other small sofa and sit down.
Seeing Kagome and Inuyasha so comfortable, she turned back to Miroku and boldly
settled in, lying next to him. She whispered into his ear. "I'll watch over you."

Sango then fell asleep.


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