Dirty Life

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chapter 29:


Rin absently gazed out the car window, stroking Miroku's soft hair, his head
resting gently in her lap while he slept. Inuyasha asked her what she
wanted to eat. Rin faintly paid attention to the burger menu. "I'm not
hungry." She tuned Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru out, vaguely hearing them
talking and Sesshoumaru ordering at the speaker. She sighed heavily, feeling
lower with each passing minute. She really was a whore: letting Brian screw
her, joining up with Naraku, fucking her own brother, then enjoying
being screwed by Inuyasha. And she enjoyed it in full view of the one man she
had that kind of feelings for. Her face heated up, and she frowned.
Over and over again she felt her skin burn every time she thought
of what Sesshoumaru had seen: her filthy body being fucked by his own brother.
'Filthy bitch'. Her mind echoed. 'Filthy whore'.

"Rin, here."

Rin looked at Inuyasha who was sitting in the front seat. He was holding
an order of fries out to her.

"You need to eat." Inuyasha urged.

Rin sighed and took the fries. He would bug her till she took it anyway.
She ate one. It did help her insides some. "Did you get me a coke?"

Inuyasha held out a drink. "Yeah. We got you one."

Rin accepted the coke, sipped a drink, then stuck it in a cup holder which
was hanging on the car door. While eating, she glanced up to see the
back of Sesshoumaru's head. Feeling strange, like she didn't have the
right to even look at him, Rin went back to the fries in her hands.


Sesshoumaru, sitting solemnly in a chair in the hospital's waiting room,
looked up when the doctor entered the room.
The old doctor held out his hand. "Mr. Takahashi?"

Accepting his hand and shaking it, Sesshoumaru nodded. "Yes, Doctor."

The doctor motioned for him to sit, and they both sat down. The graying
older man cleared his throat. "Upon your request, I have checked all three
of these kids you brought in: physical examination, complete bloodwork. The
works. The boy called Miroku has a broken rib and a few torn muscles along
with the obvious cuts and bruises. The girl Rin is very healthy but could stand to
put on a few pounds. Now, the boy, Inuyasha, has a few whelts and scratches but
nothing to be worried about. They will disappear in time. Inuyasha also
needs to gain some weight. Actually, all three are underweight."

The doctor paused with a serious frown before continuing. "I must tell you that
I have to report them to the proper authorities. Miroku has been sexually
assaulted. The girl has been reported missing and must be
turned in. I have no cause to hold Inuyasha here. Since you are his immediate
family, you have the right to claim him and take him home."

Sesshoumaru sighed heavily, shaking his head slowly. "They need to be together,
Doctor. Miroku and Rin are brother and sister. Inuyasha and Miroku are best
friends. All three are attached. If you split them up, it would be bad for
all three."

At that moment, Rin walked into the waiting room, absently fingering the
white bandage on her arm. Inuyasha was right behind, a white bandage on his
arm as well. Inuyasha and Rin quietly sat down next to him, both looking tiredly
at the floor.

Sesshoumaru glanced at them then continued with the doctor. "I fully understand
what you must do, Doctor."

The gray haired doctor left the room, leaving them in silence.
He turned to the two teens sitting next to him. "Miroku has a broken rib."
Inuyasha only nodded but Rin's already pale countenance
turned a shade whiter. She did not respond to the news, only stared darkly
at the floor. This bothered him. Rin should give some outward
sign of feeling bad for her brother. He wanted to push the issue but knew he
shouldn't. Ever since they left The Lotus Flower, she wouldn't look or
speak to him. It was a pretty damn awkward situation.

Sighing with frustration, Sesshoumaru rubbed his face. What the hell was he
going to do now? He needed some professional help. Making up his mind, he
took out his cell phone.


Sesshoumaru glanced at the clock. It had been one hour since he talked to the
doctor, one hour of silence in the waiting room. Just as he was about to get up
and find himself some coffee, a man walked through the hospital doors and to the
front desk.


Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha who was warily watching the man standing at the
front desk. "What?"

"That's Rin's foster father."

Rin's gaze shifted from the floor to the man at the desk. Her eyes widened and
he could have sworn she whimpered. Almost instantly, she was on the edge of her
seat, ready to bolt. Sesshoumaru, now tense, sat straight up. Rin was scared of
this man for some reason, and he wasn't about to let the guy leave with her.

The man with dark hair turned to look at them. His features darkened, and he
began walking toward them. Rin stood up, glancing around wildly as if looking
for a way out. Inuyasha stood up too, edging between the man and Rin.
Sesshoumaru stood up, walked forward, and greeted the man who still had
his hard glare fixed on Rin. "Excuse me? My name is Sesshoumaru Takahashi. And you are?"
The man glanced at him then switched his glare back to Rin. "I am Rin's foster
father. I'm here to take her home. She belongs to me."


Rin wanted to run. Brian looked as if he wanted to kill her. She glanced at
the exit, wondering if she could make it, only to see two policemen standing
in front of the door, talking to each other. Seeing no other way out, she
moved closer to Inuyasha then took his arm, hiding behind him and peeping
around his shoulder. Taking a quick chance, she whispered in Inuyasha's ear.
"I don't want to go with him. He made me do something and I don't want to go
with him."

Inuyasha kept his eyes on Brian and nodded. "Sesshoumaru."


Sesshoumaru looked at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha glanced from him to Brian. "Rin
doesn't want to go with him. She just told me so."

Brian suddenly seemed to notice and remember Inuyasha. "Like I'm going to
let Rin hang around a street walker." He took a step closer to Rin and
Inuyasha. "Come on, Rin. We're going home."

Rin shook her head. "No."

Brian's face reddened with his growing anger. "Do you want me to tell those
cops there? I can make them drag you home and when we get there..."

Sesshoumaru cut him off. "I don't think so."

Brian glared at Sesshoumaru. "You have no say in this. I'm Rin's foster
father and I say where she goes."

From the way Rin was acting, Sesshoumaru now had a good idea about Brian and what
was going on. "You will sign over all rights to Rin to my lawyer when he gets here."

Brian scowled at him with disbelief.
"What the Hell makes you think I'll do that?"

Sesshoumaru moved between Brian and Inuyasha. "Rin's brother is in my
care. I will take care of Rin and her brother from now on. I think it would
be in your best interest. I would hate
for this to go to court and we discover just how well you took care of Rin.
Sometimes, it's better to keep skeletons in the closet."

Brian's eyes widened with a hidden fear. He backed up a step, paused, then turned and
hurried towards the door. "Fuck you and the bitch."

Sesshoumaru relaxed. That was close.


Rin watched Brian leave, feeling relieved. She looked at Sesshoumaru who was
staring at the front entrance to the hospital. He was tired. She could tell.
Was he really going to adopt her and Miroku? Legally? If he did, that would
make him her foster father.

Rin slowly sat down on the chair again, her face heating up at the memory of
what happened earlier that day. Would she always feel this way around him?


Through the night, Sesshoumaru had dozed
on and off in the hospital waiting room, not getting much sleep.
Now it was noon. and he was sitting in
the doctor's office talking with the state social worker and his lawyer.
For the past two hours they had discussed all three teens and had
finally come to a conclusion.

The social worker smiled at them both while closing her briefcase.
"From what I have concluded, Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Jaken, this was the
best course of action. In consideration of your monetary status and relationship
to Inuyasha and his friends, I see that it would be in all three's best interest
if they did stay with you. Also, again, Rin's foster father has signed over
all rights this morning in my office. So, there is no need in contacting him, and
he will not be in touch with Rin again either."

Sesshoumaru stood from the leather office chair as The social worker stood.
"Thank you, Ms. Kazuna. I am very relieved that I now have the chance to take
care of my brother and his friends."


Rin smiled at Miroku when he opened his eyes. She was so glad he was
alright. She had slept on the small cot next to his bed in the hospital room
all night and now he was waking up. "Hey."

Miroku looked at her with foggy eyes then smiled a little back. "Hey
yourself." His voice was scratchy and the sound of it made her
insides sink.

At that sad feeling, she started to cry. She couldn't help it.
It all came rushing in. "I'm sorry. God I'm so sorry. Don't hate me."

Miroku grabbed her hand. "It's okay, Rin. I'm okay. Don't do that.
I understand."

Just hearing him say those words made her feel better. "Do you hate me?"

Miroku shook his head. "I will never, ever hate you. Damn it, Rin, You should
know me by now. It's okay. You're my little sister and always will be."
He coughed once, cleared his throat, then pulled on her hand. He wanted her
to lie down with him.

Rin shook her head. "Your side. The doctor said you
had a broken rib."


Miroku looked down at his chest which was wrapped tightly with white
bandages. "Wondered why my chest felt so tight." He glanced around,
suddenly realizing where he was.
"I'm in a hospital? Shit. Naraku."

Rin squeezed his hand. "It's okay. Sesshoumaru has us. We're with him now."

Miroku paused, trying to piece everything together. "What is today?"


"We were supposed to....uh...yesterday...." Miroku trailed off, feeling a
stab of embarrassment.

Rin looked down. "It was just...me and Inuyasha."

Miroku gathered the jumbled memories in his head.
The last few days had been a blur: He remembered some of what
happened in the park, a doctor in Sesshoumaru's hotel room, Sango sleeping
next to him, talking to Sango, being brought back to Naraku's and helped
into his bed by Inuyasha, being carried into Rin's room,
dreaming of Sango.... then... opening his eyes and...seeing Rin,
next to him, crying. That was when she had....

The very thought of him and Rin like that made his stomach turn. He knew
what had happened between them but thinking of it made him sick. Miroku pushed the
feeling away. It was over and done, and now it seemed they were all free of

At the moment though, Rin still had the shine of tears in her eyes and that
was one thing he didn't want to see. He gave her a soft smile. "I'm alright.
Don't worry about what happened. It's over."

Rin wiped her eyes, sniffled, and returned his smile with a small one of
her own. "Okay."


Kagome opened her eyes and groaned. Sitting up, she gripped her lower back.
A sleeping bag was not the most comfortable of sleeping places. She glanced
at the clock. It was nearing lunchtime. After stretching hard, she sighed.
He hadn't called.

She glanced at her cell phone on the night stand, worried. "I wonder if he's

Sango came into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. "Heard anything?"

Kagome sighed again. "No. Inuyasha hasn't called."

Sango sighed too with a sad frown. "I gave Miroku my number but...I'm worried
that he can't call."

Kagome drew her knees up under her chin and hugged her legs. She really
wanted to talk to Inuyasha. "Hope they're okay."

Kagome's cell phone rang and she scrambled for it. "Hello?"

"Hi, uh, Kagome?" It was Inuyasha.

Kagome smiled. "Yeah. It's me. You okay?"

Sango tugged on her arm. "Is that Inuyasha? Ask him about Miroku."

"Sango wants to know about Miroku."

"He's in the hospital. He has a broken rib but he'll be released today."
Inuyasha informed.

"Miroku has a broken Rib and he's in the hospital." Kagome relayed to Sango.

Sango's eyes went wide. "Is he going to be okay?"

Kagome nodded. "He's going to be released today."

Sango got up and began hunting around the room. "I want to go see him."

"But...Sango." Kagome paused, knowing Sango was now on a mission. Of course,
she wanted to see Inuyasha too. "Where are you, Inuyasha?"

"I'm at the hospital right now. They're going to let Miroku leave around
three or so and then we'll go back to the hotel."

Kagome wasn't about to miss him. "We'll be there in a few minutes."


Kagome didn't know what the sound in Inuyasha's voice meant. It was sort of
sad but not. "Bye."


Kagome threw on a pair of jeans and a white, maiden style blouse before grabbing
her purse and phone and heading out the door with Sango.

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