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Inuyasha looked up and down the street. A few cars passed by now and then, and he
took note of each one, wondering which one was going to stop for him. This is the
place Naraku had told him to wait, wait for her, the woman who had paid to
have him for the next three days. He frowned while leaning against the metal
light poll. Somewhat bored, he sighed and crossed his arms. The sun warmed his
shoulders as he offhandedly stared down at his partial shadow
next to his small duffel bag. He then glanced at his worn blue jeans and faded
blue t-shirt.

Just as he was going to worry about his state of dress, a car came to a stop
in front of him. Inuyasha looked up to see a black limousine with tinted
windows. The back door opened followed by a delicate
hand and arm gesturing him forward while a sweet feminine voice
beckoned. "Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha nodded. "Yeah."

"Come on. It's time to leave."

As Inuyasha stepped toward the limo, chill bumps covered his skin. Shaking the
strange feeling off, he grabbed his bag and ducked into the dark back seat.

When the door closed, he blinked, adjusting to the dim light. What he saw made
his heart thump. Only a few feet from him sat the woman he had seen before in
the viewing room: long black hair, elegant features, white silk shirt, and
red skirt flattering long sculpted legs.
His mouth went dry at how much she resembled....

He barely opened his mouth before her small hands were all over him, tugging,
pulling, unsnapping. Her greedy gaze mirrored her impatient fondling.
She laughed and giggled a growl.

At the closeness he could smell her. She smelled heavenly. Only
thing was: all this beauty and ravenous behavior did nothing for him. If at
all, the similarity combined with her aggressiveness made his
stomach turn. This woman looked like....but...it wasn't her. She wasn't
that girl he now fantasized about when he was alone. She wasn't the
one with a shy smile that spoke softly in his dreams. And if he dared to even...
pretend this woman was that girl....the very thought made his insides twist.
No...she wouldn't be...like this...

He felt the car move.

During the next few minutes, he was taken aback and somewhat stunned by this woman whose
hands were roaming feverishly over his skin. He knew he should respond but,
he didn't want to. "I...I have to use the bathroom."

Her hands stopped in mid fondle and she glared at him. "What?"

Inuyasha cleared his throat with a tight cough. "I really have to go."

The woman frowned, sat back on the leather seat, then pushed a button on
a panel next to the door. She let out a harsh, irritated breath.
"Driver, stop at the next quick stop or something. My guest needs to
relieve himself."

By the time he had his clothes readjusted, the car stopped. He smiled at the
woman. "Thanks, I'll be right back."

She grabbed his collar, pulled him to her and breathed a warm breath close to his
ear. "Make it quick, sweetie."

Inuyasha nodded. Relieved, he stepped out of the
car and squinted at the sunlight, suddenly realizing where he was: a very
familiar coffee shop. He went in. Ayame was at the bar.
He gave her a quick wave while hurrying to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Inuyasha sat down on the closed lid of the
commode, closed his eyes, and waited for his body to stop shaking.
"It's not her. Don't think..Don't...pretend it's her. She's just another
paying customer. That's all. She's just another john. No big deal.
No big deal." Finally, after a moment, he gained control, stood, used
the bathroom, washed his hands, then walked out. He smiled at Ayame while
heading for the door. "See ya later, Ayame."

She waved. "Hey, kid, come here."

Inuyasha glanced out the large window at the limo. "I...don't really have the time to..."

Ayame interrupted. "I got something for you from a girl."

He paused then jerked his head back. "Huh?"

While walking over to the bar, he saw Ayame pull a piece of paper off the cork
board on the wall. She turned and handed it out to him with a smile. "A girl
came in here looking for you. She left this note in case you'd show up."

Inuyasha stared at the note, not yet taking it, wondering why his heart was
thumping so hard. "I..."

Ayame shoved the paper at him. "Take it, kid."

He took the piece of paper and looked at it. A name....Kagome....and two phone
numbers: one cell phone and one home phone.

Inuyasha looked at Ayame. "Who?? Uh...what did this girl look like?"

Ayame leaned forward, still grinning. "She was cute with long, kinda wavy
black hair, and a pretty smile...Oh, and she had brown eyes."

His heart nearly stopped. Then, he finally breathed, catching himself, and stuffed
the note in his pocket. "Thanks, Ayame."


Miroku coughed and opened his eyes. Everything hurt but mostly his side
felt the worst. He grunted and sat up on the bed. For a moment,
he sat there, a horrible ache in his chest welled up that outmatched the pain of
his bruised ribs. A faint, helpless whisper fell from his lips. "Rin...."

Holding himself, he stood and went to the bathroom. Maybe a shower would help.
And then...he would go find his sister...and get her out...even if it
killed him.


Rin sat on her bed, nervously twitching. It was nearing afternoon. Ever since that
morning, she had been busy with Kagura. The woman had taught her several things:
how to smile, how to walk, how to move, how to shed her clothes...how to...

Naraku said her first client would be this evening sometime. She closed her
eyes and breathed deeply, willing her nerves to calm. "Okay...breathe...
you can do this, Rin. You can do this."


Sesshoumaru, following Ginta, stepped through the ferned foyer. The sweetest
smells played in his senses, a mixture of flowers, chocolate, and vanilla perfume.
Ginta stopped and talked to a man standing by the door who wrote their name
down on a ledger before showing them in.

As he walked in next to Ginta, Sesshoumaru glanced about. The place was incredibly
lavish: large rooms, exquisite furniture, and priceless artwork, but outshining
the valuable paintings were the beautiful women. They were everywhere; sitting,
laughing, talking to other men, and generally just lounging about. The men
were definitely rich for every one wore very expensive tailored suits.

Ginta slid onto a bar stool. Sesshoumaru sat down next to him and eyed the room,
silently searching for his brother. What would his brother be doing in a place
like this? What kind of job...?

"Good afternoon, gentlemen."

The voice was smooth and deep, almost wicked in a way. Sesshoumaru turned to see a
man standing behind him. He was tall with long black hair that spilled over his
shoulders. His handsome features nearly concealed the dangerous gleam in
his dark eyes.

The tall male spoke again. "Ah, Mr. Ginta. Enjoying your stay?"

Ginta replied politely. "Yes, Mr. Aracne. We have just arrived. Please, let
me introduce my friend. This is Mr. Takahashi."

"Please, Ginta, call me Naraku." Naraku switched a calm gaze to rest on him.
"Mr. Takahashi, I hope you enjoy your stay as well." With a small, pleasant smile,
he raised a hand, gesturing to the open room. "Will you be needing company

Sesshoumaru held Naraku's firm gaze. "Yes. I will."

Naraku bowed his head slightly but did not lower his eyes. "Very good, Mr.
Takahashi. I will have someone show you around presently. Good evening to you both."

Seconds after Naraku left them, Ginta nudged his arm. "It seems Naraku doesn't
suspect anything."

Sesshoumaru, relieved but cautious, observed the women and men flirting
in different places around the room. "No. I don't think he does."


Inuyasha, shirt crumpled and pants unzipped, took in deep resting breaths as
he sat on the leather seat. It had been quick, just messing around really,
but they had gotten kinda rough. The woman sitting on the other
side of the seat reapplying makeup pointed at his shirt. Taking the hint,
he began to fix his clothes. While buttoning his jeans, he looked out the
tinted window to see large condominiums. It was the eastern uptown area,
the richest neighborhood in the city. Inuyasha turned to see her lustful grin.
"You exceed my expectations. I can't wait to get you home."

Inuyasha only smiled and nodded. It was all he felt like doing. He couldn't
really bring himself to... talk to this woman.
She scared him.

When the limo stopped, the woman grabbed his hand. As the door was opened
by the driver, she stepped out, pulling him with her. After giving the
driver a tip, the woman began walking up the sidewalk. While being
almost drug around like a disobedient child, Inuyasha glanced around
then looked up and stared. The place was big. Some people
might even call it a house if it wasn't for the subtle cuteness that
definitely suggested it was an upscale apartment. She unlocked the door
and entered, pulling him in.

The place smelled like sweet lavender. His feet thumped on the hard wood floor
as they walked through a room sized foyer and into a huge living area, complete
with a big screen tv, fluffy couch, and minibar. Tall ferns were placed in
the corners and the far side wall was a bookcase. Next to it was a desk
with a few papers on it along with a cordless phone. A phone...

She pointed to the couch. "Sit."

Inuyasha sat on the fluffy cushions and nearly sank into the softness.
This had got to be the softness couch he had ever sat on. Looking up,
he watched the woman who simply left the room without even glancing at him.
He then heard noises: a few bumps as if cabinets were being opened and
closed, and then the tinkle of bottles and closing of a bigger door. Inuyasha
frowned. The last time...when he was younger...he recalled it sounded like...
a refrigerator door being closed.

Seconds later, the woman walked into the living room holding a plate.
On the plate was a large piece of chocolate cake. She sat down on the
couch, placed her glass of wine on the coffee table, then leaned back
and began enthusiastically enjoying herself with eating.

Inuyasha looked away and surveyed the room. He had money in his pocket...
thanks to her... The smell of cake caused his stomach to start talking.
Ignoring it, he turned his head to look at the far bookcase wall and glanced
at the phone.

"Go upstairs."

He switched his attention back to the young woman. She glanced at him
between bites. "Go upstairs and get a shower. I want you clean and naked in
my bed."

Inuyasha gave her a plain nod and stood up. "Okay. Miss..."

She stopped chewing and raised a brow with a lewd smile. Swallowing her bite,
she looked him up and down, eyeing every inch of him like a starved
animal, particularly his crotch. "Kikyo, just Kikyo. When we fuck, call me Kikyo and
say it right."

Those damn chill bumps rose again, bugging him with a weird itchy feeling.
"Uh...okay." He walked out, found the staircase, and went upstairs.


"Mr. Takahashi?"

Sesshoumaru, finishing his first drink of the evening, turned away from
his conversation with Ginta to the soft voice that harkened his name.
A woman with short black hair and very red lipstick smiled at him. She was
well endowed and had curves for days. Even though her dress was skimpy,
her body fit too well in that skimpiness to be considered slutty.
"Good evening. My name is Yura.
I will be showing you around and to a room if you so desire."

She wasn't the kind he normally wanted to be with. He wondered if she would
be the one to entertain him tonight. "Just a room will be fine."
If this was one of Naraku's girls, she might just talk to him...if he worded
the conversation right.

With a light turn and flip of her bobbed hair, she lightly took his hand and
spoke softly. "As you wish, Mr. Takahashi." She led him along,
through quiet rooms and not so quiet rooms filled with music and laughter.
They came to a hallway and began walking down it. She stopped and tilted her
head. "What do you desire, Mr. Takahashi?"

He didn't really know what this woman meant. "Excuse me?"

She smiled a knowing smile. "What do you like in a woman, Mr. Takahashi?"

Sesshoumaru felt a little nervous. It was a personal question, one he liked
to keep to himself but... he needed to talk to someone. He spoke the truth, not
knowing where it would lead him. "I like shy, quiet and petite. Long brown hair,
a pretty smile, and a few years younger than myself. Average build but with

She raised a brow then glanced down the hallway, her eyes going from room
to room before finally settling on one a few feet from them. "I think I have
just the girl you are looking for. Please stand here for a moment."
The woman walked up to the door, knocked then entered. Sesshoumaru stood there for a
long moment, staring at the closed door, perking his ears to catch any
sound from behind it. He heard two female voices then silence. The woman
came out, smiling politely. "You may go in. Enjoy your stay."
She walked back down the hallway, leaving him alone.

Sesshoumaru stared at the door. What should he do? Well, he didn't have to
sleep with the girl if he didn't want to. All he needed to do was talk,
ask some questions and find some answers. Making up his mind, he walked
to the door, took in a deep breath, then turned the knob.

The room was softly lit with candles and low lighting. He shut the door
and looked around. Sweet perfume, the scent of warm, sugared vanilla,
sunk to his stomach...and to his... He loved that smell.

It was well furnished: couch, Victorian chairs, antique table, and...a canopy
bed. Movement on that bed caught his eye. He watched. The movement slid then
began to glide. Small, slender legs stretched forward, sliding. Small feet
touched the floor. He gazed up along those legs to see folds of silky pink
over young hips, a slim waist, small breasts, delicate shoulders, long
brown hair and... The girl smiled at him. Her face was...perfect. Pink
soft lips, cute little nose, and large, beautiful, brown eyes. His
breath caught and another part of him noticed as well. He coughed an ahem
to clear his throat. His words, came out shaky at first and he cursed his
nervousness. "Good evening."

She stood there, smiling seductive in an innocent way. "Good evening, Mr.
Takahashi." At the formality he shook his head. "Call me Sesshoumaru."
Her brown eyes blinked slowly once and she began to walk toward him with slow, smooth
steps on silent bare feet. "Rin."

That lower part of him did not desist, only became more insistant as she
approached. "Rin?"

She stopped in front of him and looked up. "Yes. That is my name. What do you
wish to do, Sesshoumaru?"

The way she said his name made him want to take her right there. She was
everything he had ever wanted in a woman: seductive yet innocent, wanting
but seemingly timid, beautiful yet...approachable.

At the closeness, he breathed in her perfume. It made him want her that much
more. He took a step forward then caught himself, remembering his mission.
"I want to talk."

For a second, he almost thought he saw relief flash in those big pretty
brown eyes. She gestured to the couch and began walking toward it. "My pleasure,
Mr. Sesshoumaru."

He followed the flow of pink silk and long brown hair. The young woman sat on the couch
and he sat on the other end, as far as he could away from her. Even though
it must have been obvious he was trying to avoid touching her, she didn't
seem to mind. There came a long silence before he finally spoke again.
"So, how long have you...worked here?"

Her mask of seductive pleasantry did not falter. "I started today. You are my
first. Does that please you?" She said the last two words in a kitten-like
purr. It made him heat up in very private areas. Ignoring his
hormones, Sesshoumaru repeated her answer in his head, filtering out the
enchanting allure of her soft voice to concentrate on exactly what she
had said. So...she was new, meaning, she might not know about Inuyasha. No.
He needed to find someone who had been here longer, someone who would
know his brother. He stood, not looking at her. "I must leave."


Rin wanted to kick herself. She should not have told him that. Now he was
going to leave and probably get her in a whole lot of trouble with Naraku.
No. Not her...Her brother would be the one to get in trouble. She had to
think fast, seduce this guy or...Miroku.

Taking rash action, she moved to block his way and gave her ever-so-
best alluring smile. "In a hurry? I may not be very experienced but..."
She eased up to him, raised a hand, then slid her finger up the buttoned
edge of his black leather trench coat. "...I can make you feel good." At his
collar, she rested the tip of her pink painted fingernail. Raising her
eyes to him, she held his gaze. "Won't you...please stay?"

Rin put the softest edge to the last two words, trailing them in a whisper.
It was her best shot. All he had to do was agree and she had the consent
to lead him to the bed. After that...

His gaze was not one of consent, more now one of caution. Right then, Rin
knew he was going to turn her down. If she didn't do something....
Delicately, she leaned against him and slid her arms around his waist.
He went rigid. "I..."

If seduction didn't work, Rin hoped begging would. She could beg, in a most
needful way. She lightly laid her cheek against his chest, feeling the top
of her head touch his chin. "I want you. Please. Won't you stay?"
His breathing suddenly quickened along with his heartbeat: a sure indication,
along with the familiar pressure against her belly, told Rin that she was
having the desired affect. She just had to get him to act on it. Hugging his waist
tighter, she moaned with need. "Please, Sesshoumaru."

Pressure on her shoulders pushed her back. She looked up to see him holding
her at arms length, desire in his hazel blue eyes fading to determination.
"I am sorry but I must leave now."

Rin was not going to take that as an answer. She pushed forward, thinking his
arms would allow her to touch him again. Only thing was, he backed up...
and tripped. Strangely enough, he grasped her hand, an unthinking response
to steady himself. In this course of action, Rin, letting out a small squeak,
was pulled into him, falling on him as he fell on the couch.
Both surprised, they sprawled for a moment then froze in a very awkward
position: eyes locked, her hips straddling the hard bulge in his pants,
her breasts against his chest, his breath so close to her lips.
Rin, forgetting all she had been taught that morning, did not move. She
couldn't move for what she saw in his eyes stole something from her.
It was as if the world moved in that one second of an eternity. His eyes
were so....deep... a dark blue welcoming sea of....


Rin's breath caught at the all-too-familiar voice. She turned her head to see
Miroku standing in the doorway. His bright blue eyes flared as he shut the
door. "Get your hands off her, you son of a bitch."

Rin, startled, scrambled off Sesshoumaru, stood, then glared at her brother.
"You aren't supposed to be in here now."

The next few seconds happened so fast. Miroku rushed toward them. As Sesshoumaru
was standing, Miroku thrust his fist forward. Even though he was somewhat
disoriented, Sesshoumaru dodged the punch and moved to the right. Miroku
followed and landed a weak blow to Sesshoumaru's side, pushing him over to
the floor.

Rin, scared, pleaded. "Miroku! Please stop. He didn't touch me. We'll get in
trouble. Please stop!"


Sesshoumaru did not know what was going on, but he did not want to be in
the middle of a fight. Unfortunately, at the moment, he had little choice for the
boy was attacking him. After a minute of scuffle, he wrenched the kid's
arms, twisting them into his back. The boy let out a pained yelp and fell
to his knees. Sesshoumaru, still holding the kids arms into his back,
growled. "I don't want to fight with you, boy."

"Please! Stop! You're hurting him!"

Puzzled, Sesshoumaru looked at Rin. Tears were falling down her cheeks
as she fell to her knees in front of the dark haired boy who was now breathing
hard with his head bowed.

She reached out and held the boy's face. "Please let him go. Please."

Sesshoumaru, seeing that indeed he did have a near bone breaking grip on
the kid, let go. The young male fell forward into Rin with a groan.
She held him and stroked his hair, whispering sorry over and over again in
his ear. She looked up with brown eyes full of pain and
worry. "I'm so sorry. Please don't tell Nararku.
I'll do anything if you don't tell."

Sesshoumaru looked at the boy. He hadn't hurt the kid that much. "What's
wrong with him?"

She began to cry harder. "Some guys beat him up."

This was not something he wanted to get involved in. Letting out an
annoyed sigh, Sesshoumaru moved to sit on the couch. He sat solemnly
watching the girl sniffle into the boy's shoulder. He needed
to leave and go looking for information but he didn't really...want to.
Her tears....made him want to help. "I won't mention it to Naraku. You
needn't worry."

The girl nodded into the kid's shoulder with a muffled thank you.

Sesshoumaru glanced at his watch. It was only four in the afternoon.
He looked at the boy and girl. The way she held the kid made a small part of him...
irritated. Pushing the strange feeling away, he sighed.
"Do you need any help?"

Rin gazed up at him with hope. "Could you put him on my bed?"

He nodded and stood. Taking care, he eased his hands around the boy's waist
then carefully picked him up. It only took a few quick steps before
he was able to gently lay the semi conscious young man on the bed.
Rin moved with them then sat on the bed next to the kid. She gazed worriedly
at his face and sniffed. "Hey, it's me: Rin. You okay, brother? Come on.
Wake up. Tell me you're okay."

Sesshoumaru did a double take. Brother?? By the way they acted he was sure
the two were.... So...it was her brother. Big brother to the rescue. Only
thing was, the kid was in no shape to be a hero.

The young male let out a groan and held a weak hand up, touching Rin's

Rin smiled and nodded, seemingly glad for a response. She looked up to him
again. "Can you...help me?"

Why he was doing this, he didn't know. "What do you need me to do?"

The girl bit her bottom lip, glanced down at her brother, then looked back up
at him again. "Naraku can't find him here. He needs to be taken back to his
room. Will you carry him?"

Sesshoumaru, knowing this might cost him valuable information concerning
his brother, gave a reluctant nod.


While he carried the near unconscious young man, Rin snuck around in front of him,
making sure the coast was clear until they were at the stairwell. He followed
the beautiful petite young female until they reached a third floor.
The moment he stepped into the hallway, his vision darkened at the appalling
conditions: dirty wooden floor, peeling dingy wallpaper, and several
raggedy wooden doors.

Rin led him all the way to the last door and opened it. He walked into
a dark, very dirty room. A small twin bed was in the corner. Next to that
was a broken end table serving as a dresser.

He carried the boy to the bed and laid him down. Just as he was about to
leave, the kid mumbled a word. "Inuyasha?"

Sesshoumaru froze in mid step.









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